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Best IT Consulting Business Name Ideas

Many organizations use modern technology in their daily operations. This could be office computers, artificial intelligence, accounting systems and networking software. Of course, these technical developments will require maintenance and plenty of updates.

IT consultants are the way forward in helping organizations achieve their business objectives. However, organizations need to choose the right consultant, so it’s important to create a stand-out business name. Our IT consulting business name generator will help you with that. Just keep reading to see a few creative name ideas that could inspire you!

One-Word IT Consulting Business Name Ideas

Use a single word to describe your services!

You can create one-word names to engage customers with your business. Customers usually prefer names that get straight to the point. There’s no better way than using a single word to describe your services. If you don’t want to use one word, then just combine two words that relate to IT consultancy. For example, the name ‘Consultech’ combines separate words.

Before creating these names, you need to think of root words associated with ‘IT consulting’ and pop them into our IT consulting business name generator. I chose the words ‘tech’, ‘expert’, ‘system’ and ‘advice’. Then, I selected the ‘one word’ option and found the best names! 

  • SystemgeniX                             
  • Techfluent                          
  • OperationExpert 
  • Techaholic                               
  • Expertology                        
  • GeniusAdviceX
  • Expertnetic                              
  • ITadviceX                            
  • Systemverse
  • AdviceoryX                            
  • Systemaster                      
  • Techporium 
  • SystemTalks                              
  • TECHnical                         
  • Expertnest 

Tips For Creating One-Word IT Consulting Business Names

Selecting the words ‘communication’, ‘corporate’, ‘creative’, ‘tech’ and ‘services’ from the industry list should give you more accurate results. The filters are a good way of generating new and creative name ideas. Using the domain checker will also tell if the names are available for website links and custom emails. This should narrow down your list of potential names. 

Rhyming IT Consulting Business Name Ideas

People may not think of rhyming techniques straight away, but they’re very effective for engaging customers. The world grew up on hearing rhymes and patterns among words. It’s why people gravitate towards them the most. Rhymes are known to make words sound fun and interesting. You can use this engagement in your IT consulting business name. 

I used the same root words from earlier and typed those into the IT consulting business name generator. Before creating the names, you need to select the ‘rhyming’ option in the filters. Just keep reading to see what names I thought were best for your business! 

  • System Scouts                          
  • Check Your Tech                 
  • Social System
  • Tech Tigers                              
  • Strategic System                
  • Encourage Expert
  • Examine Experts                     
  • Expert Engine                     
  • Acquire Advice
  • Advice Analytics                      
  • Twice Advice                       
  • Cyber Consulting
  • Computer Consultant              
  • Tech in a Sec                     
  • Tech Talks

Tips For Creating Rhyming IT Consulting Business Names

The internet can help you find exact rhyming words if you can’t locate many on the business name generator. I found the word ‘check’ and decided to combine that with ‘tech’ to make a full rhyming name. You can either use full rhymes or half-rhymes, depending on the complexity of your root words. Alliteration is another good technique to use if rhymes aren’t suitable. 

Metaphorical IT Consulting Business Name Ideas

A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares one thing to another object. These phrases are more descriptive to help customers imagine your services. Metaphors are great for making your name stand out among competitors. If you want to push a positive first impression on people, then you might have a name like ‘Advice Angels’ that refers to respect and positivity. 

Make metaphorical names!

These names often require you to use your imagination. I used similar root words and combined those with metaphorical phrases. Our IT consulting business name generator can still give you creative ideas. Below, you will find strong examples of metaphorical business names! 

  • Computer Brain                      
  • Blooming Systems                   
  • Titan Systems
  • System Bonds                        
  • Digital Minds                            
  • Technical Words
  • Tech Planet                             
  • Technical Quest                       
  • Computer Rulers
  • King Experts                           
  • Expert Eagle                             
  • Digital Conquer 
  • Electric Advice                       
  • Bold Advice                             
  • System Saviors 

Tips For Creating Metaphorical IT Consulting Business Names

You might need to spend longer making metaphorical names. This is because you have to choose words that represent your personality. The name ‘Computer Brain’ suggests your team is smart and can manage technology. It might be worth searching for common metaphors and taking inspiration from them. Just remember – make these names unique and intriguing!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Trusted Consult
  • Careful Consult
  • Computer Consult
  • Computer Pros
  • Proactive Consult
  • Expert Consult
  • One Call Consult
  • Call For Consult
  • Consultation Station
  • Clever Consult
  • Trusted Tech
  • Tech Experts
  • Techex
  • Consultech
  • Technical Consult
  • Info Tech Consult
  • Computer Support
  • Software Systems
  • Bug-Free Consultants
  • Global Consulting
  • Supportive Consulting
  • Seamless Support
  • Ask Us Anything
  • Come For Consult
  • Coding Consults
  • Project Placement
  • Supportive Systems
  • Supportive Solutions
  • Software Solutions
  • Seamless Software
  • E-Web Support
  • The IT Jockeys
  • The IT Specialists
  • Velocity IT Consulting
  • Rush Tech Support
  • Computer Tutors
  • The Ethernet Agency
  • Tech Builders
  • Web Founders
  • Epic IT Consulting
  • Online Grid Group
  • IT Capabilities
  • IT Modalities
  • Network Notions
  • Cyber Systems

Best Real-World IT Consulting Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Researching other real-world business names can help you gain inspiration and guidance for your name planning. Take this time to understand why these names are compelling. Just keep reading to find real-world IT consulting businesses that have intriguing names!

Better Technology

How did Better Technology get its name?

Better Technology got its name from wanting to help clients improve their technology. They can help with web browsers, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and “future-proof” legacy databases. This business also understands that a “one-size-fits-all approach” doesn’t solve all problems.

Why is Better Technology a catchy business name?

The word ‘better’ has strong connotations that clients would naturally gravitate towards. This is because they want improvements for their own technology. Adding ‘technology’ on the end is just a simple way of telling clients what to expect in the business.

Dr Logic 

How did Dr Logic get its name?

Roman first created this business in 2003 to gather “like-minded techies who want to do cool stuff with IT”. They are passionate about helping clients improve their technical operations. This business wanted to put a fun twist to their name by personifying ‘logic’. 

Why is Dr Logic a catchy business name?

The personification of this business name is very effective for engaging clients. It almost sounds like a person that is ready to help others with technology. The word ‘logic’ also ties in with technology, so it would be easy for clients to understand what this business is about.


How did Resultant get its name?

Resultant first began in 2008 when a group came together to help “clients, coworkers, and communities thrive”. They got their name from wanting to achieve valuable “results” for clients and helping them to implement solutions in their technical business.

Why is Resultant a catchy business name?

This business combines the words ‘result’ and ‘consultant’ to make a unique one-word name. Short names often resonate with clients the most, as they don’t need to remember complicated words. Finding a unique name is hugely beneficial for gaining industry recognition. 

Most Successful IT Consulting Businesses

Conducting market research is very important for gathering information on popular business names. You can study how they got their names and why it works in the technological industry. Below, you will find examples of successful businesses that have recognisable names! 


How did Capgemini get its name?

Capgemini is a global leader in digital consulting and technology services. They want to help clients grow their business in an “evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms”. The name came from the two major acquisitions of ‘CAP’ and ‘Gemini Computer Systems’. 

Why is Capgemini a catchy business name?

This name is catchy because it seems unusual for a technical consulting business. However, due to its popularity, clients would understand the history behind CAP and Gemini Computer Systems. The merger of these names shows the founder’s development throughout the years.

Infosys Consulting

How did Infosys Consulting get its name?

Infosys Consulting is a global leader in “next-generation digital services and consulting”. They have over four decades of experience in helping clients on their technical journey. This business got its name from the first few letters of ‘information’ and ‘system’. 

Why is Infosys Consulting a catchy business name?

Using a combination of letters and words is a great way of making the name unique. This business took the first four letters of ‘information’ and the first three letters of ‘system’ to make a short and catchy name. Clients would easily be able to recognise the purpose of this business. 


How did Accenture get its name?

Accenture has a mission of helping clients “become the next and best versions of themselves”. They want to “accelerate” equality for everyone in the industry. The idea of “acceleration” is where they got their business name from. 

Why is Accenture a catchy business name?

According to the internet, the word ‘Accenture’ actually means ‘accent on the future’. This meaning shows clients that Accenture is very passionate about leaving a mark on the technical industry. It could also represent the acceleration they want to give business owners. 

Top 4 Tips For Naming Your IT Consulting Business

You’re at the stage of planning your business name, but you don’t know how to start. Don’t worry, because most people experience the same, confusing thoughts. Naming your business can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the technology industry. You have to think about business names that set you apart from competitors in the growing market. Remember – it will take some time to find a planning method that works for your business preferences. 

Fear not, though, because this section will guide you on your naming journey. We created four tips that can benefit your planning stage. Just keep our IT consulting business name generator open as you progress. All you have to do is keep on reading to find three helpful tips! 

Tip One: Request Name Feedback From Your Family And Friends

Hearing feedback might feel scary at first, but it’s probably the most beneficial thing you could do. Family and friends will offer you honest feedback regarding your potential business names. They can tell you what works and what doesn’t. Some people might suggest you remove words, and others could tell you to scrap the name completely. Honesty is literally the best policy when it comes to receiving feedback. You can use their opinion to adjust or remove potential names.

Tip Two: Choose A Literary Technique For Your Business Name

Choose a literary technique!

Literary techniques are great for enhancing your business name. They add a sense of uniqueness and encourage customers to engage with your services. Some literary techniques are rhymes, half-rhymes, alliteration, metaphors, personification and imagery. Using one of these will certainly boost the effect of your business name. It might be worth researching other businesses that use literary devices, as you can determine how they played with words.

Tip Three: Keep Your Business Name Short And Sweet

There’s no doubt that people prefer short and catchy names. If they want to share the business with family and friends, they won’t want to repeat complicated words. You can use our IT consulting business name generator to find one-word names. Just click on the ‘one word’ option in the filters and you’re good to go. Of course, you don’t have to use a single word. Combining two words like ‘TechTalks’ is another great way of keeping the name short and sweet. 

Tip Four: Think About A Font And Logo For Your Name 

Fonts and logos might not come to your mind straight away, but they’re still helpful to consider when planning your name. Does your name suit certain fonts? Could you fit your name in a business logo? Will the name look too long in a website link? What about your social media username? These are things to think about when creating the perfect branding. For example, if your name looks too cramped in a logo, you might decide to reduce it down to a couple words.


Overall, you should create a fun name that highlights your consultancy services. Customers usually need to see details in the business name. You could use literary techniques to enhance your name, or you can use something more personal. The choice depends on your imagination. Don’t forget – our IT consulting business name generator is there to guide your thoughts! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IT consulting is a range of services that help clients to improve and manage the technology in their company. Consultants will arrange meetings with clients and discuss process strategies for their management systems. This could be regular updates or new evolving software programs.

You need to choose and register a business name first. This will help clients to locate your technical services. Think of words associated with ‘computer consulting’ and type those into our IT consulting business name generator. This will help you find cool and creative names!

The technological industry is highly valuable and often performs really well with clients. You could help small business owners to manage new technical developments. The more help you give, the more likely you’ll feel content with your tech consulting services.
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