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The Best Landscape Business Names

Are you ready to start your landscaping startup but still don’t have a landscape business name for it? Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo this arduous process of producing landscape business name ideas, thanks to BizNameWiz. This free name generator, too, can spit out thousands of name suggestions in seconds.

The BizNameWiz landscape business name generator is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and easy to navigate. To get name suggestions, you simply have to enter the keywords related to your landscaping business on the search bar and click the Generate button.

If you are still in need of assistance on how to pick the best landscape business names for your budding company, you can refer to this guide:

15 Awesome Landscape Business Name Ideas For Your Landscape Startup

Landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of a property and increase its value. Starting your landscape business can be a lucrative opportunity for those with experience in this niche.

Below are some company name suggestions that were produced by the BizNameWiz landscape business name generator:

  1. Visual Landscape
  2. Four Seasons Gardening
  3. The Yardist
  4. Morning Dew Landscaping
  5. Frontyard Keeping Services
  6. Green Thumb Landscaping
  7. Grass Ninjas
  8. Green Acres Lawn Keep
  9. The Lawn Fairy
  10. Kinder Garden
  11. Backyard Artist
  12. Greener Grass
  13. Secret Garden
  14. Planet Shakers Landscape
  15. Grass Mowers

Things To Consider When Creating Landscape Business Name Ideas For Landscape Startup

When naming your landscape business, it’s essential to differentiate it from other construction projects or services.  Hence, it’s crucial to add landscaping or gardening to your business name, especially if you are just starting.

15 Astonishing Landscape Business Names For Landscape Design Service

Landscaping design is another popular service that businesses starting in this niche offer.  This type of service is ideal for architects and landscape designers who don’t want to put out significant initial capital.  

These are just some of the ideal landscape business name suggestions for all the artistic professionals in this sector:

  • Draw Your Lawn
  • Lawn Painter
  • Landscape Artist
  • Garden Virtuoso
  • Green Dream Landscaping
  • Green Grass of Home
  • 24/7 Landscapers
  • Breath of Life Gardener
  • Sketch Your Yard
  • Mrs. Potter’s Garden
  • Garden Canvas
  • A-Z Landscape Design Service
  • Green Ink Landscaping Design
  • Mow Town
  • Greener Pastures

Tips For Creating Landscape Business Name Ideas For Landscape Design Service

The key to naming a landscape design service is to use words that evoke artistry and creativity. You may also add terms such as consultant or specialist to sound more professional.  Furthermore, it’s essential to develop your network of suppliers and contractors to take advantage of more opportunities. 

15 Stunning Landscape Business Name Ideas For Landscape Contractors

The success of most landscape projects usually depends on the skill and experience of the contractors hired to do the job. Hence, a landscape contractor needs to have a company name that reflects their competence and professionalism. 

The following are some company name suggestions created by the BizNameWiz landscape business name generator which you can use:

  • Better Green Contractors
  • Landscaping Crew
  • Eco Warrior Landscapers
  • Jade Tower Gardeners
  • Handiwork Landscapers
  • Triple-A Landscaping Services
  • Trusted Landscapers of Davis
  • Band of Gardeners
  • Front Yard Maintenance Service
  • Dublin Landscaping Company
  • Helping Hand Gardeners
  • Louisville Tree Experts
  • Everything Green
  • A1 Gardening Firm
  • Professor Green Thumb

Recommendations For Producing Great Landscape Name Ideas for Landscape Contractors

The landscape contracting business relies heavily on building your portfolio and earning your reputation from successful projects. Thus, it’s essential to carry a landscape business name that can withstand the test of time and remain relevant decades after it was founded. 

These are just some of the landscape business names we recommend for those who want to be landscape contractors:

  • Garden Specialist
  • Bartlett’s Tree Experts
  • Greenstone Landscape
  • Aspen Grove Landscapers
  • West Park Company
  • Grass Man
  • Save A Tree
  • Greenscape
  • Jupiter Landscaping
  • Trim N Green
  • Spring Yard Cleaning
  • Heartland Contractors
  • Ryan & Jen Lawn Staff
  • Fertile Earth Gardener
  • Jay’s Botanical Care

15 Mind-Blowing Landscape Business Name Ideas for Landscape Suppliers

Supplying materials and equipment for a landscape project can be quite profitable, especially if you have many projects. However, getting a client can be challenging if you don’t have a business name that stands out from the competition. 

Advice For Devising Landscape Business Name Ideas for Landscape Suppliers

As a landscape supplier, your store needs to have a wide selection of materials and equipment. Moreover, the business must also have a name that signals high-quality products delivered on time. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Precision Home
  • Careful Cuts
  • Shrub Specifics
  • Shrub Solutions
  • Careful Cutters
  • Mow Masters
  • Mowing Mastery
  • Sharp Edges
  • Planted Precision
  • Precise Plants
  • Get Growing
  • Power Plants
  • Healthy Roots
  • Grateful Growers
  • Sprinkled Sunshine
  • Garner Growth
  • Rich Resource
  • Fertile Fields
  • Early Risers
  • Forever Fields
  • Gracious Garden
  • Garden Greatness
  • Flourishing Fields
  • Succulent Soil
  • Turfed
  • Green Design
  • Pebble Pushers
  • Rustic Rocks
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Landing Scapes
  • Outdoor Art
  • Yard Designs
  • Yard Play
  • Grass Bandits
  • A Slice of Grass
  • Fast Grass
  • Blades And Roots
  • Naturescape
  • Perfect Scape
  • Allscapes
  • Deft Scape
  • The Greens
  • Naturale
  • Green Thumbs
  • Green Palms

Best Real-World Landscape Business Names

Best Real-World Landscape Business Names

Lawn Doctor

How Lawn Doctor Got Its Name

Lawn Doctor has been in yard maintenance and lawn care services for over 50 years. They are based in Holmdel, New Jersey, and are now one of the most recognized companies. This landscape company has over 450 locations across 40 states in the U.S. Their brand’s name is self-explanatory and is primarily focused on keeping any landscape in tip-top shape. 

Why Lawn Doctor Is A Great Landscape Business Name

When people think of landscaping, the first thing that pops out of their minds is the lawn. This company’s brand name works because they know what goes into the thought process of their customers. Furthermore, adding “doctor” to the name also gives it a sense of professionalism and care. 

The Greenery

How The Greenery Got Its Name

The Greenery corporation is one of the most recognized landscaping companies in South Carolina. They specialize in irrigation, floral displays, and commercial landscaping. Their estimated annual revenue is estimated to be $62 million. The company got its name from “greenery,” which refers to plants or foliage. 

Why The Greenery Is A Great Landscape Business Name

This business name works well since most landscaping projects include planting and arranging plants. The Greenery firm specializes in projects that involve excavating soil and introducing different species of plants to a property. Hence, the brand name gives a hint of their most in-demand service. 


How Weedman Got Its Name

Weedman is a lawn care services provider in Mississauga, Ontario. It is estimated that their annual revenue averages around $170 million. Weedman’s services focus on ensuring that your lawn, mainly the grass, is protected from the elements. The brand got its name from its initial service of weed control. 

Why Weedman Is A Great Landscape Business Name

This brand name is excellent for a landscape business because it’s brief, simple, and easy to pronounce. Weed is also one of the common problems in most landscapes or gardens. Furthermore, it’s also easy to spell and jot down, which comes in handy when trying to type it on their phones. If you want to create awesome company names, try using the BizNameWiz landscape business name generator. 

Most Successful Landscape Business Names

Most Successful Landscape Business Names


How BrightView Got Its Name

BrightView Landscapes is a commercial landscape management company founded in 2014 at Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. This company is considered the highest-grossing landscape firm in the United States and was even listed on the New York stocks Exchange in June 2018. According to the company, the brand name was taken after their optimism on seeing the brighter view of their client’s landscape. 

Why BrightView Is A Great Landscape Business Name

The founder of BrightView got their priorities right when naming their brand. Their landscape business name reflects the goals of most of their customers. Aside from landscape development services, they also offer maintenance programs for residential and commercial properties. 


How TruGreen Got Its Name

TruGreen is one of the biggest lawn care companies in the U.S. According to their firm, they serve close to 2.3 million residential and commercial properties.  Aside from landscape maintenance, they also offer mosquito defense and sprinkler repair. 

Why TruGreen Is A Great Landscape Business Name

Their business name works well for several reasons. It’s simple and easy to memorize, thanks to only two syllables. The word “green” also hints that they are involved with landscaping or gardening. 

The Davey Tree Expert

How The Davey Tree Expert Got Its Name

Davey Tree is one of the pioneering tree care companies in the U.S. They currently have over $1.2 billion per year and have more than 11,000 workers. John Davey founded it in 1873, and its headquarters is located in Kent, Ohio.

Why The Davey Tree Expert Is A Great Landscape Business Name

There are several reasons why this brand name is quite effective in capturing the landscaping market. The company has existed for over a century, plus they also specified what they specialize in their name. Adding the word “expert” is also equivalent to saying that they are the best option. Moreover, you can use the BizNameWiz landscape business name generator to get more company name ideas. 

Tips For Creating Your Landscape Business Name

Use Words That Are Commonly Used In Landscaping

Understanding how your customers look for your service and which channels they use is crucial for a new landscape business. Your customers often use landscaping-related terms online or in the yellow pages when planning to renovate their yard. Some of the words they may use are “gardener” and “landscaper.”

Meanwhile, other property owners may search for tree or shrub services using phrases related to this trade. As a result, they can search for “arborist” or “tree care specialists” in their preferred browsers. Overall, you want these phrases to appear in your company name so that clients can find you more easily.

Limit the Number Of Syllables and Words

Keep each term in your landscaper business name to three syllables or less. This way, it’s easier to read and remember your brand name. As a result, even if it’s been a few days or weeks since they last saw your store or product, your customers will still be familiar with it.

Furthermore, the company name should be no more than three words long. This will make it easier on your side should you want to make store signages or register your website. If you use a person’s surname or first name, make sure it’s brief and difficult to pronounce. 

Check Out If The Name Is Already Taken

After you’ve come up with the perfect landscape business name, you need first to ensure that you can register it. Make sure your chosen name is available and hasn’t already been claimed by another landscape firm, especially by one that operates in your area. 

To find out if the name is still available, you can conduct an online search. You can also reach out to a local yellow page and find out if it’s listed there or not. Finally, you can also go to your city’s business registrar and ask for such information. 

Describe The Kind Of Product Or Service Your Provide

Different stores often have varying specializations because the landscape business is so diverse.

Some companies focus on consultation, while others provide tools and equipment. Then some planners and designers can suggest the landscape’s layout and overall theme. 

Meanwhile, other companies have services that general landscapers don’t offer. If you’re working on a larger project, you may also require the services of an arborist or people who are specialized in handling specific wildlife such as insects. Thus, it’s essential to state in the business name your leading service and whether you are a generalist or a specialist in the field. 

Use The BizNameWiz Landscape Business Name Generator

Making a shortlist of relevant landscape business names for your budding company might be pretty challenging. Use our remodeling business name generator if you need assistance or want to speed up the process. In seconds, the BizNameWiz remodeling business name generator may generate hundreds of name options.

Because you won’t need to engage a consultant, this decision saves you time and money. To create a name for a renovation company, simply type one or more words into the supplied box, such as “garden solutions” or “front yard renovation,” and click the Generate button.


It’s not always simple to develop a creative landscape business name. However, if you follow the instructions above, you are halfway there. You may utilize the BizNameWiz landscape business name generator to cut your work and focus on other aspects of building your company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with a list of business name ideas for your company using various methods.

You can get ideas from existing landscape companies by reading about how they came up with their current titles.

Consider words that are regularly used in the niche or industry. You may wish to mention your business name to provide a specific service, product, or solution. Furthermore, use short, easy to speak, and have a high recall rate among your clients.

BizNameWiz is an entirely free tool for creating a brand name for your landscape business.

It is free to use and easily accessible on any device. On the BizNameWiz website, simply type in your renovations-related keywords, click Generate, and the program will take care of the rest.
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