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Best Lashes Business Name Ideas

Are you starting a lash business and want to find a great name for it? You have come to the right place! Creating a memorable lash business name will engage customers with your business and encourage them to buy your products. This guide is here to help you create a brilliant business name using the lashes business name generator. 

One-Word Lashes Business Name Ideas

One-word names are important for drawing customers’ attention to your business. Simple words are memorable and easy to pronounce. Consider using one-word business names to add sophistication to the business. I came up with the root words ‘eyes’, ‘beauty’, ‘volume’, and ‘flutter’ and typed those words into the lashes business name generator!

One-word names draw customers’ attention!
  • Flutterdeck
  • Lashgenix
  • Lashaholic
  • Volumelux
  • Eyetastic
  • Flutteristic
  • Beauteyes
  • Lashque
  • Flutterscape
  • Eyeprism
  • Lashex
  • Eyeworks
  • Volumearc
  • Beauthut
  • Lashy!

Tips For Creating A One-Word Lashes Business Name

Make sure to select ‘beauty’, ‘luxury’, and ‘services’ from the industry list on the filtered options. This will give you relevant names according to the product or services you’re delivering. I chose the ‘one-word’ option on the filters to only show one-word business names that sound catchy. You can decide what names are most relevant for your lashes business! 

Rhyming Lashes Business Name Ideas

Business names that rhyme often sounds pleasing to say. Customers will most likely remember names that sound satisfying and fun. Rhyming words also represent the fun aspects of your business and provide customers with a positive first impression. I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the lashes business name generator!

  • Flutter Finds
  • Lashes Lane
  • Essential Eyes
  • Viral Volume
  • Falcon Flutter
  • Ladybug Lashes
  • Beauty Boho
  • Eyes Emporium
  • Funky Flutters
  • Flutter Fever
  • Elegant Eyes
  • Volume VIP
  • Flutter Fans Only
  • Flutter Fits
  • Envy Eyes

Tips For Creating A Rhyming Lashes Business Name

Before creating a rhyming name, change the filtered options to ‘rhyming’ on the lashes business name generator. This will show you names that have alliteration and similar-sounding vowels. If you can’t find many rhyming words, consider using online websites that list rhyming words for you. You can change the root words if you want more options with the lashes business names! 

Fun Lashes Business Name Ideas

Business names that are fun will give customers the impression that your business is lighthearted and quirky. Think of exciting words that represent your business’s mission and combine those with the root words. I used the root words from earlier and included the word ‘blink’ to create more names. Just apply those to the lashes business name generator!

  • Eye Love You
  • Lash Lash Away!
  • Blinking Beauty
  • Blink Bargains
  • Legend Of Volume
  • Flutter Babies
  • Electric Eyes
  • Eye Look Good
  • Happy Ever Lashes
  • Blink Twice
  • Eye-Ronic
  • Flutter Away
  • Volume Is Here!
  • Beauty Boo
  • Lion Lashes

Tips For Creating A Rhyming Lashes Business Name

Fun names require creative ideas and exciting words. You can think of puns associated with eyes and incorporate that in your business name. I simply researched eye puns and combined some of them with the root words. Of course, you can think of your own puns which will make your business sound original! Consider finding more fun words like ‘charm’ and ‘alluring’. 

Use creative ideas and exciting words!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Longer Lashes
  • Lash Extend
  • Extension Experts
  • Eye To Eye
  • All About Lashes
  • Lash Express
  • Luxurious Lashes
  • Lashes Of Luxury
  • Lash Of Luxury
  • Longest Lashes
  • Eyelash Experts
  • Eyelash Edu
  • Lashes4You
  • Lashes Galore
  • Lash House
  • Eyepop Lashes
  • Lashesonlashes
  • Facefans
  • Eyelash Love
  • Lash Lovers
  • Love Your Lashes
  • Lash Queens
  • Lash Kings
  • Color Me Lashed
  • La Lasha’s
  • Lindy’s Lashes
  • Lavender Lashes
  • Lovely Lashes
  • Lash & Lilac
  • Wake Up Beautiful
  • Pretty Me
  • Pampered Eyes
  • Jazz Lashes
  • Lashed Care
  • Lash Love
  • Make a Wish
  • Cute Lash
  • Candy Eyes
  • Chic Lashes
  • Cocoa Lash
  • Pretty Lashes
  • Q Lash
  • Value Lashes
  • Cool Blinks
  • Lashes Allure

Best Real-World Lashes Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Lashes Business Names

Dream Eyelashes

How Dream Eyelashes Got Its Name

Dream Eyelashes aim to create lashes that give customers a natural look while maintaining the “right amount of oomph”. Their lashes are handmade using fine hair strands to create a fluffy appearance. This business produces a range of lashes for different eye shapes and sizes. 

Why Dream Eyelashes Is A Catchy Business Name

The word ‘dream’ has positive connotations that attract customers to the business. It’s a simple word that conveys a lighthearted nature. Combining that word with ‘eyelashes’ represents what this business sells and gives customers a good first impression of the products.

Spa Lashes

How Spa Lashes Got Its Name

Elmira Dragusanu created Spa Lashes to provide customers with high-quality lashes and comfort. She opened a salon in 2016 and specializes in lash extensions and other eyelash treatments. Elmira wants to make the world “a little bit more beautiful, one lash at a time”.

Why Spa Lashes Is A Catchy Business Name

‘Spa’ might give customers the impression that the business is relaxing and provides calming services. This might encourage customers to visit the salon and experience the laid-back eyelash treatments. The shortening of ‘lashes’ also tells customers what to expect. 

Xtreme Lashes

How Xtreme Lashes Got Its Name

Jo Mousselli founded Xtreme Lashes in 2005 to create semi-permanent eyelash extensions. She ensures that “safety and quality are at the forefront of everything Xtreme Lashes does”. They also deliver eyelash products and aftercare treatment to clients around the world. 

Why Xtreme Lashes Is A Catchy Business Name

The word ‘Xtreme’ is a shortened version of ‘extreme’ and provides a good punch to the name. Shortened words are easily memorable to customers and will create unique branding for the business. Like the previous names, ‘lashes’ state the types of products in the business. 

Most Successful Lashes Business Brands

Most Successful Lashes Business Brands

Tatti Lashes

How Tatti Lashes Got Its Name

Two best friends created Tatti Lashes to provide eyelashes that have an “emphasis on both quality and affordability”. The purpose of this brand is to sell lashes that aren’t expensive and will suit a range of preferences among customers. These lashes are also reusable up to 20 times. 

Why Tatti Lashes Is A Catchy Business Name

‘Tatti’ is a personal name for the two best friends who created the business. It’s also unique, which makes it very memorable. Personal names often resonate with customers, as it shows the dedication and motivation behind making high-quality eyelashes. 


How NovaLash Got Its Name

Sophy Merszei founded NovaLash in 2004 to provide eyelash extensions and treatments. NovaLash is dedicated to providing “safe, beautiful, and flawless eyelash extensions” which enhance natural beauty among women. This business values safe techniques and products.

Why NovaLash Is A Catchy Business Name

The one-word name is effective for grabbing customers’ attention. This is due to the simplicity of the name and how ‘nova’ flows nicely with ‘lash’. Nova represents a bright star, which could symbolize the business’ success and bright future of providing lash services. 

Goo Goo Lashes

How Goo Goo Lashes Got Its Name

Goo Goo Lashes was created to “enhance the inner beauty” of people and encourage them to feel empowered. This business aims to make natural eyelashes for longevity and simplicity. Goo Goo Lashes also prides itself on using vegan and cruelty-free eyelashes. 

Why Goo Goo Lashes Is A Catchy Business Name

The words ‘goo goo’ make the business sound fun and lighthearted. The repetition sounds lyrically pleasing to say and will engage customers with the business. ‘Goo Goo’ can also mean to feel admiration and look at something with ‘goo goo’ eyes. 

Tips For Naming Your Lashes Business

Before creating a business name, you need to think about your business’ purpose and how you can represent your products or services in the name. It’s also important to consider your target audience. For example, if you want to give customers eyelash extensions, you might choose a target audience that prefers to visit salons rather than buy lashes online. Remember to document your ideas and have the lashes business name generator ready to use! 

Tip One: Research Lash Businesses

Looking at other lash brands will help you gather ideas on their names. Some might have one-word names that get straight to the point, and others might have rhyming names that make the business sound fun and exciting. Write these names down for future reference and make a note of what websites you visit. Consider combining some of these names to create something unique or take words that sound interesting to you. For example, if one business is called ‘Pop Lash’ and another is called ‘Flutter Lashes’, you can combine them to make ‘Pop Flutters’. 

Research Lash Businesses!

You can use the lashes business name generator to combine these words. Simply type in the words you want to use and scan through the pages to find suitable names! Don’t worry if you can’t find any at this point – it’s just good to gain some inspiration. 

Tip Two: Find Your Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point is important for your business name, as you want to tell customers what you’re selling. Finding your selling point can help you create an exciting name that highlights your business’ mission. For example, if you want to sell sustainable eyelashes, you might choose root words like ‘natural’, ‘friendly’, and green. You can then apply those words to the lashes business name generator. Some cool names may be ‘Lashgreen’ and ‘Friendly Flutters’.

Tip Three: Use The Internet

The internet will guide you through the process of finding the perfect business name. Consider finding online websites that give you descriptive words, rhyming words, or alliterative phrases that sound captivating. Search ‘eyelashes’ in Google and choose words associated with them. You might discover words like ‘lash’, ‘hair’, ‘makeup’ and ‘curls’. Remember to write those words down so you can pop them into the lashes business name generator. You can also use the internet to find lyrically pleasing adjectives like ‘lovely’, ‘charming’, and ‘glamorous’. 

Tip Four: Plan Different Names

You don’t need to stick with one business name straight away. Document all of your ideas and evaluate the page in front of you. What name sticks out the most? Can you combine names? Do those names represent your goals? Can you find more exciting words? Asking yourself questions will help you determine what names sound the best. You can always change your lashes business name in the future if you change your products or services.

Remember to keep the names short to avoid complicated sounds and phrases. For example, instead of having ‘Lovely Eyelash Products’, use ‘LovelyLash’ instead to draw customers’ attention. You can of course have three words, but try and delete words that aren’t necessary. In this case, you can remove ‘products’ as customers will already know you deliver goods.

Overall, you can create an exciting name that showcases your vision for delivering eyelash products and services. It’s important to have fun during this process and consult with family and friends about your ideas. Remember to plan your name ideas and combine words that may seem unusual! Taking the right steps will ensure you create a fun and engaging business name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Consider a name that means something to you and holds a personal memory. You can use your family name or a special place in your life. If you don’t want to do this, you can find root words associated with ‘eyelashes’ and type those into the lashes business name generator. Some examples of these root words might be ‘blink’, ‘added’, ‘winks’, and ‘dramatic’.

First, you need to think about your target audience and how you want to represent your mission. If you’re providing lash extension services, you can choose root words like ‘extend’, ‘long’, ‘enhance’ and ‘renew’. Simply type those words into the lashes business name generator and pick the best one! Some cool names might be ‘Renew Your Lash’ and ‘Enhance Those Eyes’.

Try using the root words ‘blink’, ‘lovely’, ‘full’ and ‘flutter’ to find creative names. You can also come up with your own root words associated with eyelashes. Apply those words to the lashes business name generator and scan through the pages! You might see names like ‘Flutter Bright’, ‘Blinking Lashes’, ‘Lovely Lift’ and ‘Full Flutters’. Choose a name that grabs your attention and sounds pleasing to say.
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