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“You can’t handle the truth!” — Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men

Oh but Jacky-boy is so wrong. You lawyers, attorneys, venture capitalists tell us you can handle the truth because we’re about to dish the ugly truth about your company name … It’s not memorable enough.

 Top Brands:

PayPal: A service which focuses on “paying your pal” through peer-to-peer money transfers, their name indicates that they make online payments easy and accessible to all, and are trustworthy and secure.

Stripe: Given that the company is an online commerce toolkit for businesses, the name plays upon a payment feature of a credit card, while also being simple and easy to remember.

Square: Playing upon the phrase ‘fair and square’, this company’s name is simple and memorable while also carrying a degree of cleverness and humor.

Quickbooks: The inclusion of ‘quick’ in their name tells customers that this online accounting service is fast and easy to use.

Expensify: Clear but also quirky, this company’s name gives customers a clear idea of their focus and purpose.

Bonsai: Creative and clever, Bonsai tells customers and clients that they will tend to their business needs with precision and care.

LawPath: A company that offers start-ups cut-price options for legal advice, their name indicates an accessible and easy route to legal services.

Lawcadia: A start-up offering web-based procurement and financial reporting tools, their name is quirky and memorable, while also explanatory.

RobinHood: Playing on the fable of Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, this zero-commission trading platform entices users with humor.

LawDingo: A start-up that lets users hire lawyers online instantly, their company name is humorous and relatable.


Clientele & interests:

A broad and diverse range of businesses and individuals make up the customer base in this market, and they often have different needs and varying levels of expertise and scale. Hence, within this market there are a host of niches catering to the individual, the start-up, the large international corporation and the non-profit.

Money, business, companies, start-ups, technology, legal advice, legal services, finance, sales, accounting, invoicing, freelancing, consulting, management, stock trading, investment, shareholding, director, stockbroker, self-employed, small business

Industry related words:

Money, business, start-up, technology, legal advice, finance, sales, accounting, contracts, expenses, law, transaction, template, invoice, secure, customizable, payments, bank transfer, money transfer, credit cards, freelancer, consultant, automatic, billing, waiver, consignment, manager, management, talent, onboarding, compliance, forms, payroll, performance, spending, projects, traders, stock traders, investors, commission, trading, investing, consulting, freelancing, managing, shares, stocks, director, CEO, company, stockbrokers, brokerage, overhead, security, encryption, confidentiality, earnings, dividends, information, accounts, stock market, financial markets, regulation, legality, wealth, economy, equity, financial institutions, systems, small business, SME, software, self-employer, accountant, bookkeeper, cash flow, outstanding, online, contractors, training, support, data, reports, processing, EFTPOS, EMV, business tools, point of sale, POS, virtual.

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Tiered levels of service and a marketing strategy targeted solely at specific clients within a niche are vital if enterprises hope to be successful in this industry. Certain buzzwords are universal and attractive to almost any type of customer. However, this is a serious industry, and companies would do well to use only phrases and words that portray the seriousness their clients deserve.

Security, encryption, confidentiality, protection, execution, expertise, real-time, exceptional, simplicity, high-standard, trust, robust, wealth creation, customized, training, support, dynamic, faster, tools.

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