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The 45 Best Leggings Business Names & How To Come Up With Your Own

The 45 Best Leggings Business Names

From a 60s trend to a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, leggings have gone through almost as many reincarnations as the little black dress over the years. They’ve triggered an ongoing global debate about whether or not it’s a wardrobe malfunction to wear them in place of pants and eventually, their modern version made it into men’s wardrobe as well.

Leggings are a versatile fashion accessory yet few brands are known to specialize in this product niche. If you’re looking for leggings brand name ideas, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit and enter this lucrative market! Try our Leggings Business Name Generator specifically created for creative business owners like you. Just enter a word or expression that comes to your mind about your leggings brand and browse amongst thousands of leggings brand names suggested for you.

We’ve also gathered some sound advice from our experts about how you can choose the perfect leggings business name. Read on to get inspired by brand name strategies and leggings company name ideas!

The Best Names For Leggings Brands

15 Sports Leggings Brand Names

Leggings are perhaps most commonly worn while doing sports. Due to their form-fitting nature, they help people check their form in the mirror while doing specific postures during their exercise routine. They also come in handy while riding horses or being outdoors when it’s particularly important to avoid loose clothing that might get stuck in gear or branches. If your leggings brand sells activewear, here are some names you can consider.

Yoga Leggings Brand Names

  • Asana Leggings
  • Namaste Leggings
  • Yoginis
  • Downward Dog
  • Yoga GRL

Brand Names For Outdoors Leggings

  • Wild Thing
  • Thermowear
  • Rocky Road 
  • Adventurer Pants
  • Outdoorsy

Names For Riding Breech Brands

  • Ryderwear 
  • Born4Saddle
  • Wild Rider
  • Breech Bay
  • JodhCool

Tips For Naming Your Sports Leggings Brand

Every type of sport requires a different type of leggings with its own distinct features. When you name your sports leggings brand, you can either highlight these features or directly speak to the fans of these respective sports. The activities we do are a great part of our personal identity so if you use a language yogis, hikers, or horse riders resonate with, you’ll definitely catch their attention.

15 Loungewear Leggings Brand Names

One thing that even fashionistas can’t debate is that leggings can be one of the most comfortable pieces to wear at home. Many brands sell leggings as loungewear but few highlight their key features that may appeal to their customers’ liking. Here are a couple of names that do just that.

Plus Size Leggings Brand Names

  • Curvy Queen
  • Allsize
  • Perfect Fit
  • Biggings
  • BodyLove

Colorful Leggings Brand Names

  • Vivid Tights
  • LegInColor
  • Rainbow Leggings
  • Kicks ‘n’ Colors
  • Artsy Leggings

Super-Soft Leggings Brand Names

  • HomeBody
  • Feather Feel
  • Plush Pants
  • Comfeel
  • TightHug

Tips For Naming Your Loungewear Leggings Brand

Loungewear leggings are more likely to stand out on the market because of a great material constitution that makes them comfortable or a creative design. However, if you’re specifically selling plus size leggings, make sure that your language is body positive and affirmative.

Stand out on the market!

15 Streetwear Leggings Brand Names

Yes, leggings indeed are a legit form of streetwear. From athleisure pieces to edgy leather leggings, we’ve seen many different designs in this product category over the years. While some of them turned out to be a fad, jeggings seem to stick around and most recently, meggings (leggings worn by men) are becoming increasingly popular too. Here are some creative leggings brand name ideas for styles made for the streets.

Meggings Brand Names

  • Meggin’
  • Iron Legs
  • GymBoi
  • Armor Leggings
  • Mr. Athleisure

Fashionable Leggings Brand Names

  • Legs In Prints
  • Flauntable
  • Girlfriend Material
  • LeatherSoft
  • Prints & Fits

Jeggings Brand Names

  • Push Up Leggings
  • Better Than Denim
  • StyleSecret
  • Backpocket
  • SkinnyFit

Tips For Naming Your Streetwear Leggings Brand

You wouldn’t wear leggings on the streets unless you want to highlight your figure and go for a tight fit. Whether your leggings have a denim texture, a leather feel, or the perfect push-up cut, your audience wants to know about it so show it in your brand name. If you’re entering the meggings market, you might want to use a language that’s more masculine and doesn’t scare away male customers who might experiment with this style for the first time.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Lightweight Leggings
  • Fast And Easy
  • Slide On Slide Off
  • Slide On Leggings
  • Max Comfort Leggings
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Comfort Control
  • Luscious Leggings
  • Live More Leggings
  • Move More Leggings
  • A Hint Of Prints
  • Under Anything
  • Lifestyle Leggings
  • Style Staples
  • Love Of Leggings
  • Legs 4 Days
  • Legwarm
  • Winterlegs
  • Winterheat
  • Sweatsweet
  • Ankle Cuddles
  • Design Divas
  • Thigh High Buys
  • Pleasies
  • Hotlegs
  • Comfort Babes
  • Sizzle Sweet
  • Inspirate
  • Sol Calm
  • Relove
  • Legolution
  • Lovely Legs
  • A Leg Up
  • Threads
  • Paisley
  • Meander
  • Boho
  • Liberty
  • Mad Motifs
  • Cadmium
  • Leg Pods
  • Lazuli Legs
  • Bentonite Bay
  • Gravity
  • Gemini

The Best Real-Word Leggings Brand Names


How RunwayShape Got Its Name

RunwayShape is a brand that specializes in body shaping underwear and leggings that help emphasize an hourglass shape for women. The premise of their brand name is that anyone can feel like a runway model if they wear undergarments that bring out their best features, no matter their size.

Why RunwayShape Is A Great Leggings Brand Name

The unique selling point of RunwayShape leggings is their sculpting ability. This is what differentiates them from all other leggings on the market and so their brand name puts great emphasis on that. Besides the main product feature, they’ve also incorporated an aspirational image in their brand name for women to feel like a runway model (without the need to starve or get into shape) and beautiful in their own skin.

Identify your unique selling point!


How Oysho Got Its Name

Oysho was originally founded in 1977 in Spain and named Confecciones Noite. Later, the founders wanted to take the homewear brand to the international market so they ran a creative exercise through their team and came up with the name Oysho. The word Oysho doesn’t have any specific meaning but it has an easy pronunciation that can be used worldwide and that embodies one of the core values of Oysho, simplicity.

Why Oysho Is A Great Leggings Brand Name

Oysho proves that even if you don’t have a leggings company name with a specific meaning tied to your brand and products, you can achieve international success. The founders of Oysho recognized early on that their original name would not work in other languages so they decided to involve multiple perspectives through a creative exercise and rebrand the company.


How Commando Got Its Name

Commando is an American underwear and leggings brand that sells “raw cut” undergarments with no seams or trims on the edges. Their garments are effortlessly flattering and extremely comfortable. The name Commando comes from the slang expression to “go commando,” meaning to not wear any undergarments. This hints at the fact that their products are so comfortable that putting them on will feel like wearing nothing at all.

Why Commando Is A Great Leggings Brand Name

Commando makes a bold statement with their name choice that immediately invites attention and curiosity. Brand names that capture a key product feature or brand promise are highly memorable and they position the company clearly on the market.

How The Most Successful Leggings Brands Got Their Names

The Most Successful Leggings Brands Got Their Names


How Calzedonia Got Its Name

Calzedonia is an Italian undergarment and homewear brand with over 5000 shops worldwide. Their name comes from the Italian words for socks or stockings (calzino or calza) combined with a common ending that many cities or countries use. This creatively signals that Calzedonia is the place where you’ll find everything your feet need.

Why Calzedonia Is A Great Leggings Brand Name

Calzedonia carries the meaning of what the brand is about while it works perfectly fine abroad too where this literal meaning might not be understood. It’s easy to pronounce and the Italian-sounding word represents a sense of quality and fashionable style, attributes that we most often associate with this Mediterranean country.


How Squatwolf Got Its Name

Squatwolf is a premium gym wear brand that works with athletes from different backgrounds to develop ‘True Athletic Fit’ workout clothes. Their name is a combination of a classic gym workout routine (squats) and an animal archetype associated with strength, courage, and leadership.

Why Squatwolf Is A Great Leggings Brand Name

One of Squatwolf’s taglines “lead the pack” perfectly ties in with the brand personality they represent. They are built for people who are living an active lifestyle and take proactive initiative both during their workouts and in other areas of their lives.

Alo Yoga

How Alo Yoga Got Its Name

Alo Yoga, as the name says, is a brand that sells leggings as well as other types of yoga wear and accessories. They take pride in the fact that influencer yogis and celebrities are often photographed in their garments, which shows that their leggings aren’t just made for yoga studios but stylish enough to be worn on the streets. The word Alo means “spiritual guide” in Native American.

Why Alo Yoga Is A Great Leggings Brand Name

Alo Yoga specializes in leggings for yoga studios and so it makes sense that they choose this brand name instead of only the word “alo.” They put a great emphasis on mindfulness in their brand communication which can be tied to the meaning of their brand name. Although the word comes from Native American language and not from Sanskrit used in ancient Indian culture where yoga originated from, from a branding perspective, it’s still able to convey a deeper message related to their values.

5 Tips For Creating Your Own Leggings Brand Name

Your Difference Is Your Strength

If you look around on the leggings market, you’ll see that most products are sold by companies who also sell other workout gear, underwear, nightwear, and so on. This means that if you specialize in selling leggings only (or mainly), then you have a competitive advantage in becoming a market leader, an expert in this category. Take this opportunity to hint at leggings, your main product in your brand name.

Highlight Your Best Feature

There are no two leggings alike. Some are tailored to sculpt, others are absorbent for sweaty workouts, and there are some which are specifically designed for the streets. Brand positioning is all about differentiation so be sure to highlight your unique product feature in your brand name.

Get To Know Your Avatar

Workout is much more than just a routine for most people, it’s a lifestyle and a representation of their identity. Is your product built for flexible yogis, trendsetters who are fans of athleisure style, or gym athletes with a heavy workout routine? The language that resonates with each of these target audience groups is very different so make sure that your brand name fits into it. It’s best to run your potential new leggings company name through a quick survey amongst your audience and see how they relate to it.

Get to know your avatar!

Use The Leggings Business Name Generator

You don’t have to come up with leggings brand name ideas on your own — use our generator to find free suggestions that will lead you to the perfect choice for your business! Enter an expression related to your brand in the search bar and get thousands of leggings company names at a single click.

Don’t Forget To Check Availability

Last but not least, don’t settle for any leggings brand names before you check if the domain name and social media accounts associated with it are available. Nowadays, you can’t really run an apparel business without a solid online presence so this will be key to launching your new brand. Luckily our Leggings Business Name Generator automatically checks whether the domain name is available for the ideas shortlisted by you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of our favorite leggings brand name ideas are Yoginis, Perfect Fit, and Kicks ‘n’ Colors. Use our Leggings Business Name Generator to find the best name for your brand!

Name your leggings after the style elements that make them special or the audience that would most love to wear them.

RunwayShape and Alo Yoga are two of the brands most widely known for selling leggings. Each leggings brand has its own style so what’s considered the best by customers depends on their individual needs.
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