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Best Lingerie Business Name Ideas

The things we wear underneath our street clothes are very important to keep us warm, comfortable, and looking like our best selves. From socks to undershirts, underwear to tights, there are many options for addition below your outer layers.

But some of the most popular undergarments remain lingerie, whether for wearing out on errands or to slip into while having a cup of morning tea. Lingerie for women has long been an industry of allure and secrecy, leading to its intrigue. 

And if you want to dip your gartered toes into a lingerie business, starting with a name is essential. So, read on for our top tips on how to craft a memorable company title using our lingerie business name generator to help you get creative and just a little bit steamy!

One-Word Lingerie Business Name Ideas 

Opt for a one-word name!

Many successful lingerie companies in the clothing industry opt for a one-word name (think Skims or Intimissimi), as they can be very catchy and still impart the tone of your lingerie business that you want to promote.

I used our lingerie business name generator with some essential keywords that I brainstormed while thinking of all aspects of lingerie, underwear, and intimate wear. These words include “lace”, “silk”, “luxury”, “slip”, “under”, and “bralette”, referring to some fabrics and types of lingerie. Then, I selected the one-word filter and came up with the following:

  • Luxella
  • Lacehut
  • Bralettology
  • Intimateistic
  • Silkomatic
  • Sensomatic
  • Silkry
  • Lingeraria
  • Lacella
  • Braporium
  • Luxster
  • Sensedo
  • Luxjet
  • Lacesy
  • Luxry

Tips On Creating A One-Word Lingerie Business Name 

When coming up with one-word lingerie business name ideas, it’s important not to limit yourself—relying on only a few syllables to get your company across to potential customers is difficult enough!

Make a list of all the forms of lingerie you might imagine your store selling—such as garters, underwear, bustiers, chemises, corsets, rompers, and thongs—and then brainstorm keywords that are typically associated with them. These words can refer to the feeling of sensuality evoked by lingerie, the sensation of fabric like satin on the skin, or even hot buzzwords that will grab someone’s attention.

Then, use our lingerie business name generator to put it all together and craft a one-word title for your company!

Rhyming Lingerie Business Name Ideas 

You can have a lot of fun with naming your lingerie business, particularly when delving into the realm of rhyming company names or those that use literary devices like alliteration, sibilance, or consonance.

I used the lingerie business name generator to come up with some great options. And it was a fairly simple process, too—just like the one-word names, I used a list of lingerie-associated words and ran them through the generator with the rhyming filter on, as well as the industry selections for Beauty, Fashion, Love, and Luxury, and here are the results:

  • Sense Scape
  • Ivory Lingerie
  • Luxury Lookout
  • Lace Linq
  • Lingerie Courtesy
  • Breezy Chemises
  • Showcase Senses
  • Framboise Bras
  • Lytical Luxury
  • Silk Seed
  • All-Day Lingerie
  • Succeeded Sensual
  • Luxury Luminate
  • Bra Brilliant
  • Lace Locker

Tips On Creating A Rhyming Lingerie Business Name 

As previously mentioned, you have a wide range of literary devices at your disposal when coming up with rhyming or rhythmic lingerie business name ideas. Not only can you select from a variety of direct-end rhymes and slant rhymes within your business name, but using poetic tricks can also make a name memorable.

Take the repeated vowel or consonant sounds in consecutive words, for example—Sense Scape doesn’t actually rhyme, but it’s catchy and sounds good to the ear. 

That’s because it uses sibilance, which is a type of consonance that specifically repeats an “S” consonant sound. The same goes for Lace Locker and others, so there are many options for you to use with the lingerie business name generator!

Alluring Lingerie Business Name Ideas 

Sometimes, you want a business name that connects directly to the sector you sell within and that evokes the feeling your products do, too. That’s why many lingerie brands and companies use very sensual or alluring names that not only let the customer know what kind of shopping atmosphere they are entering, but also what kind of clothing is sold.

To come up with an alluring lingerie business name of your own, take the list of brainstormed keywords and narrow them down to the most sensual, mysterious, intriguing, and downright sexy. Then, use our lingerie business name generator with various industry filters like Love, Fashion, or even Creative and Cute to get results like:

  • Velvet Funk
  • Silk Sirens
  • Naked Obsidian
  • Sensual Bay
  • Lapis You
  • Bad Girl
  • Thong Misfits
  • Crave Me
  • Flirt Fits
  • Silk, Strut, & Slay
  • Tempt Me
  • Slip Off
  • Baddy Body
  • Velvet Porcelain
  • Who, Me?

Tips For Creating Alluring Lingerie Business Names 

Lingerie stores can get away with being objectively sexy, it’s true—but you should try to stay away from being completely corny, and lean into the sensuality of what lingerie can represent. 

Additionally, make sure your company name veers out of the realm of what customers might consider gross or overly explicit. Some aspects of mystique and allure are generally acceptable, but going overboard is not! Instead, stick to very physical or sensory imagery to come up with enticing lingerie business name ideas.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Silky Fit
  • Silky Smooth
  • Goodnight Glam
  • Sultry Sleep
  • Sleep In Silk
  • Silky Sleep
  • Thin Threads
  • Sleep In Silk
  • Silky Dreams
  • Living Luxury
  • Sleep In Satin
  • Satin Sleep
  • Bedtime Beauty
  • Beauty For Bed
  • Silk Satin
  • Sweet Nothings
  • Sinister+Sweet
  • Badbod
  • Smokey Mama
  • Keep It Spicy
  • Nobody’S Secret
  • Nude Lingerie
  • Simply Sexy
  • Slay Lingerie
  • Sex’E’Me
  • Sweet Love
  • Goldie Lingerie
  • Dream In Silk
  • Dream In Lace
  • Lacy Dreams
  • Nu-Fashion
  • InstaLingerie
  • Trendy Lingerie
  • Stylie-Lin
  • Lingerie Zone
  • Couture Lingerie
  • Foxy Lingerie
  • PinkWear
  • HoneyWear
  • Comfy Cotton
  • Lin-Buotique
  • Femi-Wear
  • Fleshy Thongs
  • Sound Touch
  • Touchfeel

Best Real-World Lingerie Business Names: What Are They And Why Do They Work?

Best Real-World Lingerie Business Names

Savage x Fenty

How Savage x Fenty Got Its Name
The term “savage” seems to be the brand’s selection for a descriptive word when it comes to their lingerie, and “Fenty” is actually the last name of the founder—legendary singer Rhianna.

Why Savage x Fenty Is A Great Lingerie Business Name
Not only is “savage” a spectacular choice for a descriptor that grabs attention and makes shoppers feel powerful, but using the famous singer’s last name also gives a touch of celebrity appeal to the entire name.

Agent Provocateur

How Agent Provocateur Got Its Name
As a purposeful move to embrace a more alluring and sensual side of lingerie in the mid-1990s, the founders decided to channel French language elegance with a name that refers to a type of daring espionage.

Why Agent Provocateur Is A Great Lingerie Business Name
It’s unexpected, fresh, and sounds good to say—all things that are hallmarks of a great business name that is more likely to be remembered than not by customers.


How Intimissimi Got Its Name
As an Italian lingerie brand, the name draws from the native word for “intimate”, the root for which is Intim. The full word of Intimissimi sounds much better when rolling off the tongue!

Why Intimissimi Is A Great Lingerie Business Name
Using the Italian root Itim is a great cultural locator, and adding “missi” not only makes it sound even more elaborate and exotic but also gives the hint that these products are for the “missus” or a “miss.”

Most Successful Lingerie Business Names

Most Successful Lingerie Business Names

Victoria’s Secret

How Victoria’s Secret Got Its Name
This brand uses some history for the name—because the gowns of the Victorian era used to have undergarments hidden underneath, they were secretive. Thus, Victoria’s Secret was born!

Why Victoria’s Secret Is A Successful Lingerie Business Name
The idea of a lingerie-based “secret” is definitely a great marketing move, and the exclusivity of being able to shop with such a private brand appeals to customers around the world.

La Senza

How La Senza Got Its Name
Though started in North America, this lingerie brand borrowed the Italian word for “without” and took it as meaning not only wearing lingerie without reticence, but also in the sense of being bare. The “la” prefix simply adds a note of femininity to the name.

Why La Senza Is A Successful Lingerie Business Name
As another foreign language name, the allure of the exotic continues with La Senza. It’s a consistent pattern in lingerie names, particularly when the words refer to something intimate or bare, as in this case.


How Skims Got Its Name
Though not the original company name, Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and undergarment line was ultimately branded after her own name, as well as the fitting suggestion of “skin” in the title.

Why Skims Is A Successful Lingerie Business Name
As a one-word business name, Skims is catchy and memorable. Additionally, the direct association with the word “skin” is all the better for a lingerie company to keep shoppers in the right mindset.

How To Come Up With Great Lingerie Business Names  

Now that you have made it this far—congratulations! You are almost at the point where you can name your lingerie business and open the doors to lace and silk lovers everywhere. 

However, before you decide on a name, here are our top five tips for how to make it unique, memorable, and especially, make sure it’s available. After all, coming up with lingerie business name ideas is hard enough, and you don’t want to have to do the entire process again, should your business expectations change.

Tip One: Find Your Lingerie Niche 

As with most companies, and particularly those in the clothing and fashion industry, it’s a good idea to figure out where your lingerie business fits into the wider sector. For example, a lingerie store that sells primarily pink and silky chemises targets a much different audience than one that stocks burlesque bustiers.

Find your lingerie niche!

And while there’s nothing wrong with being an inclusive company that sells a variety of lingerie types and styles, figuring out your niche will not only help with initial inventory but also for narrowing down your best lingerie business name ideas.

Tip Two: Embrace An Aesthetic

In the same vein as the previous tip, on top of the type of lingerie niche that you choose to sell within, figuring out an aesthetic for your company is a great idea. 

And this doesn’t necessarily mean that your business’s tone or aesthetic needs to match the exact merchandise that you sell. Instead, an aesthetic conflict might even draw more customers. Just imagine the street appeal of a store that has plenty of leather corsets and studded garters, paired with a very girly interior with pink wallpaper and neon lights!

Tip Three: Get Crafty With Your Lingerie Business Name Ideas

Now that you have some store ideas, it’s time to pull out a pen and paper and start brainstorming. 

Just like when using the lingerie business name generator previously, try to come up with specific keywords that refer to the niche market, aesthetic, or tone that your company will establish. And don’t worry about the content too much—this is the fun part of naming your business!

Then, start pairing your keywords and creating mashups, feeling out the type of name that you like best.

Tip Four: Ask For Outside Opinions

Once you have a shortlist of possible lingerie business names, the next step is to enlist outside opinions. 

Enlist outside opinions!

Try to gather a small focus group of individuals who can give you honest feedback on the name selections you have, and why they either work or don’t work. This step can be invaluable to helping you see your business the way a new customer would.

Tip Five: Check For Your Lingerie Business Name Availability 

Finally, it’s time to make sure the name is still out there for you to take, and to get on that ASAP. Use our lingerie business name generator and search for your chosen company title to easily see which domains are still available. Then, select it, brand it, and enjoy your new business!

Though running a company can be a complicated task, some of the unexpected work comes at the very beginning with naming the entire enterprise. We just hope that our lingerie business name generator and top tips are able to help you fulfill your fashion sales dream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you are naming a lingerie business or a clothing line, it’s always a good idea to lean into the obvious connotations that come with undergarments, including sensuality, sleekness, softness, and other similar descriptors.

Undergarments in the world of lingerie fall under many names and one of them might inspire your business name itself. These include “intimates”, “underwear”, “thong”, “g-string”, “panties”, “hosiery”, “babydoll”, “pasties”, “teddy”, “bralette”, “brassiere”, and “negligee”, among others.

There are many options for naming your lingerie business, from rhyming to alluring, burlesque to sexy. But one of the main cautions is to stay away from a name that is too corny or “punny”, as most lingerie shoppers are there for the sensual experience instead of a laugh.
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