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The Best Magazines And Newspaper Publisher Business Names

Establishing magazines and newspaper publisher business is still relevant today despite the prevalence of digital media. However, one of the most challenging parts of beginning a publishing house is producing magazine and newspaper publisher name ideas that will attract writers and readers alike. 

Fortunately, you can use a free name generator tool to make the ideation process faster. BizNameWiz is a magazines and newspaper publisher business name generator that everyone can access. You just have to enter your preferred keywords in the search bar, hit Generate, and you’ll have thousands of suggestions in seconds. 

If you want more information on how to name your business, we also compiled this valuable guide to help you in your endeavor:

15 Awesome Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name Ideas For Your Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

Writers and authors are two of the most typical clients of most publishers. However, they also take in publishing projects from other companies and institutions. Hence, your magazine and newspaper publisher’s business name must focus on the pain points of these groups.

Below are some of the name suggestions produced by the BizNameWiz magazines and newspaper publisher business name generator:

  • Magnificent Mags
  • Magazine Mailers
  • Cover Stars
  • Miss Magazine
  • Grab Mag
  • More Than Mags
  • Maximagizine
  • Clever Circulation
  • Better Circulation
  • Prime Publishing
  • ABCatalogue
  • Catalogue Chic
  • Made Well Magazines
  • Mail Order Mags
  • Top-Notch News

Things To Consider When Creating Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name Ideas For Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

As a publisher, you need to establish yourself as a company that can meet your clients’ orders. Part of this business is to produce printed or digital content and promote them. Thus, your business name must reflect your value proposition, such as being well-connected with different bookstores or newsstands. 

15 Astonishing Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Names For Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

Magazine and newspaper publishers also have the role of setting the criteria for the books they will publish. Hence, they may concentrate on a specific topic or activity, such as outdoor or photography reading materials. In the case of publishing newspapers, they may qualify the area where it will be distributed or the target audience who will read them.  

Concentrate on a specific topic or activity!

Below are some of the relevant business names that we recommend you look into before naming your publishing business:

  • Lets Talk Magazine
  • Hot Interviewer
  • Public View
  • WeeklyMag
  • City Pulse
  • News Mailer
  • Dunlop Voice
  • Yorkshire Village Page
  • Global Voice
  • True Page
  • Chic Magazine
  • Ezzy Journal
  • Riverside Echo
  • Tech Today
  • The Curious Guardian

Tips For Creating Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name Ideas For Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

Publishers are in charge of all content development and production. They may supervise teams of editors and designers that examine submissions, revised manuscripts, and layout layouts for print or digital publication. Hence it’s essential to adopt a name that will help establish yourself as an authoritative producer of excellent reading materials or online content. 

15 Stunning Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name Ideas For Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

Another characteristic that writers and institutions look for in a publisher is the latter’s ability to maximize revenue. Hence, you may want to connect with retail outlets to help you sell the magazines and newspapers you publish. 

The following are some of the company name ideas produced by the BizNameWiz magazines and newspaper publisher business name generator: 

  • Facts Gazette
  • Blotted Ink Prints
  • Big Ideas Publishing House
  • Literary Wonder Prints
  • Zenith Magazine
  • Archive Printers
  • New Dawn Publishing
  • House of Ink
  • Gutenberg’s Hut 
  • Peter’s Publications
  • Case Bounded
  • Blue Papers
  • Digital Press 
  • Online News Frontier
  • New Wave Publisher

Recommendations For Producing Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Name Ideas for Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

Whether in magazine or newspaper publishing, you need to have a competent editorial policy. Authors and institutions also consider the staff and performance of your editorial team on past projects. For this reason, it’s essential to build a name that covers this pain point and turn it into one of your defining characteristics. 

15 Mind-Blowing Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name Ideas for Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

If you plan to stick to publishing paper-based newspapers and magazines, prepare to handle cost control seriously. Given the dwindling print media market, many publishers often can’t balance revenue and production. However, the good news is that some unique niches and sectors are still profitable since their printed materials trump their online counterparts. 

The following are just a few relevant magazine and newspaper publisher business names that you can mimic:

  • Updater
  • Headline Facts
  • WorldsPaper
  • Life Feed
  • Urban Report
  • Public Word
  • Message Me News
  • Daily Notifier
  • News Now Magazine 
  • The Gossiper
  • People Do Magazine
  • Yakult Mag
  • People’s Paper
  • Atlanta Weekly
  • Digital Observer

Advice For Devising Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name Ideas for Magazines & Newspaper Publisher

It’s essential to focus on one topic!

When starting a magazine and newspaper publishing house, it’s essential to focus on one topic. After acquiring experience and clients over the years, you can expand your portfolio and venture into other industries. Hence, your publishing company’s name should also focus on the niche or industry where you want to get your first set of clients.

Some name ideas for you:


  • More To Mag
  • Magnificent Mags
  • Magazine Mailers
  • Mailbox Magazine
  • Curious Catalogue
  • Mail Order Mags
  • Magnetic Magazine
  • Top Notch News
  • Clever Circulation
  • Circulation Situation
  • Grab Mag
  • More Than Mags
  • Well Printed
  • Send To Print
  • Magazine Dreams
  • Cover Stars
  • Miss Magazine
  • Magazine Queen
  • Megamags
  • ‘Zines On The Scene
  • Pro Publishers
  • Media Magazines
  • Magazine Media
  • More To Magazines
  • Circulation Creation
  • Better Circulation
  • Prime Publishing
  • Mega Mag
  • Max Mags
  • Maximagizin
  • Maximize Mag
  • Perfected Pages
  • Purposeful Pages
  • Paper Product
  • Paper Producer
  • Original Output
  • Print Loyalty
  • Abcatalogue
  • Catalogged
  • Catalogue Chic
  • Catalogue Catch
  • Print Pages Now
  • Type Edition
  • Weekly Publishing
  • Daily Business

Best Real-World Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Names

Reader’s Digest

How Reader’s Digest Got Its Name
Reader’s Digest is one of the most prominent U.S. magazines in terms of circulation. They have been in the business of publishing reading materials since 1922. Its founders, DeWitt Wallace and Lila Acheson recognized the public’s hunger for information during their time. Hence, they named it the reader’s digest to reflect that need and feed people with fascinating facts and stories.

Why Reader’s Digest Is A Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name
The founders of Reader’s Digest were ahead of their time and were one of the earliest content creators. A century later, the public’s demand for stories and facts worldwide is still relevant in their daily lives. The brand name also qualifies their customer, the “readers,” and a solution to “digest” information from their printed materials.


How Newsweek Got Its Name
This New York-based publisher is also the owner of one of the most recognized newspapers in the United States. Their company started in 1933 and was founded by Thomas J.C. Martyn. The newspaper got its name because it covered the most important stories in a week. Today, Newsweek has several main sections, including National & International Affairs and Arts & Entertainment.

Why Newsweek Is A Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name
Newsweek is a perfect name for a newspaper publisher because it sums up the brand. They are a news presenter that brings the top stories that happened in a week. Today, they also bring in the latest developing reports across the globe and publish them on their websites and other online channels.

Good House Keeping

How Good House Keeping Got Its Name
This publishing company has primarily targeted the female demographic since its inception in 1885. Their publication’s primary docs are stories about running a home and other literary offerings. Today, the magazine has over 4 million readers in the U.S. alone.

Why Good House Keeping Is A Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name
Good House Keeping’s name has weathered the test of time because the name is synonymous with one of the functions of women in the family. Furthermore, the magazine’s name is also brief and easy to memorize. Over the years, the magazine has also added several topics that its readers found interesting. If you ever run out of name ideas, you can employ the BizNameWiz magazines and newspaper publisher business name generator.

Most Successful Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Names

Hearst Communications

How Hearst Communications Got Its Name
Hearst is a New York-based multinational mass media company that owns newspapers, television channels, and newspapers. They own several newspapers and magazines today, including Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and San Francisco Chronicle. The company is named after its founder William Randolph Hearst III, a mining entrepreneur during the 1880s.

Why Hearst Magazines Is A Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name
Part of the publishing and media company’s success comes from its catchy name. Hearst is a concise brand name that’s easy to memorize. While it’s not that easy to spell, it has a certain ring that makes it easier to recall. Furthermore, its involvement in different media has also paved its influence.

Time Inc.

How Time Inc. Got Its Name
Without a doubt, Time Inc. is one of the most recognized mass media brands globally. It’s often quite an honor to be featured on the front cover of their magazines. They also give out a “person of the year” award for people that have contributed significantly to humanity. The publisher got its name because the founders wanted to emphasize that people take “time” to read the critical stories in their magazine.

Why Time Inc. Is A Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name
There are plenty of reasons why Time is a great name, especially for a magazine publisher. Everyone can relate to “time” because this concept always influences us. Furthermore, the brand name is short but can easily appeal to the thoughts and emotions of their clients.

Meredith Inc. 

How Meredith Inc. Got Its Name
This American media conglomerate is one of the best publishers in the world. Their publications have around 120 million readers, while their website has about 135 million monthly unique visitors. Edwin Thomas Meredith started it in 1902, hence the name.

Why Meredith Inc. Is A Great Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name
While Meredith adopted the name of its founder, it’s a great move for two reasons. First, it’s proof of ownership and a signal of putting the founder’s reputation on the line. Second, the company can bank on the competency and experience of the owner and his team whenever they are pursuing clients. You can use the BizNameWiz magazines and newspaper publisher business name generator if you want more name ideas.

Tips For Creating Your Magazines & Newspaper Publisher Business Name

Define Your Niche And Integrate It Into The Name

If you are a new player in the publishing industry, you must take small steps before growing your business. Choosing a niche or a topic that you want to specialize in can help you grow your reputation as you amass success over the years. 

Define your niche and integrate it into the name!

For example, National Geographic magazine started as a nature magazine. It has then expanded to include other topics such as science, history, geography, and technology. The magazine’s good photojournalism and in-depth articles were their tickets to success.

Use Words That Are Commonly Used In The Publishing Industry

Since you target organizations or entities that want to publish their content, it’s essential to be familiar with their jargon. The terms commonly used when naming magazines and newspaper publisher companies are circulation, publication, printing, and distribution. 

Furthermore, you can also use words that indicate that you have a team dedicated to editorial and marketing purposes. Hence, some companies have used phrases like “publishing house” to demonstrate that they have in-house employees involved in printing and distribution. 

The Name Should Be Short and Simple

Keep the name of your magazines & newspaper publisher firm to three syllables or fewer. Anyone who comes across a brand name will be able to read and remember it more straightforwardly this way. As a result, your potential clients will remember your agency or firm even if it has been a few days or weeks since they last viewed it.

In addition, because quick recall necessitates brevity, the magazine & newspaper publisher’s business name should be no longer than three words. If you use one of the founders’ surnames or first names, be sure it has good recall and is simple enough for a grade-schooler to spell.

Keep The Name Clear and Informative

One of the fundamental guidelines of naming a magazines & newspaper publisher company is that it must be pretty straightforward and informative. Magazines & newspaper publisher companies frequently handle business-to-business work, which means you’ll be negotiating with other organizations or established authors.

As a result, it makes sense to have a different name that accurately describes who you are and what you do to other businesses. Due to this, other companies will be able to find you and do business with you more quickly. Thus, avoid using a name that is overly unclear or perplexing.

Use The BizNameWiz Magazines and Newspaper Publisher Business Name Generator

The magazines & newspaper publisher business name generator can assist you in coming up with name suggestions for your magazines and newspaper publishing firm. BizNameWiz is a free tool that can generate many magazines & newspaper publisher business names for you in seconds, saving you time when establishing your new company.

What is the best way to use the magazines & newspaper publisher company name generator? Simply write a few words into the box at the top of the page, then press the Generate button. It will then display hundreds of business name suggestions for you to consider. 


Creating a magazines & newspaper publisher business is profitable, despite the challenges posed by rapidly evolving technology. If you still are short of a name for your future company, you can always use the BizNameWiz magazines and newspaper publisher business name generator tool to do some heavy lifting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Remember that a publishing house is a link between the content producer and its audience. Thus, you can use terms that show this unique relation, such as “distributor” or “circulation.” You can also use a thesaurus to find the synonyms of the words on your list.

Before going to the local government to register your firm, be sure there are no other businesses with the same name as yours. Thus, potential clients are less likely to mix you up with another human resources organization with a similar name. If your desired business name is already used and you cannot register it, consider changing a letter or word to make it distinctive.

You are not required to pay anything to the BizNameWiz business name generator tool. Simply type in the keywords you believe are relevant to your vegan business, click Generate, and the program will take care of the rest.


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