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The Best Beauty Business Names

In the beauty industry, image is everything. That’s why it’s so important for beauty and makeup businesses to have the best names. Attractive, engaging beauty business name ideas can help to elevate your brand and attract more customers.

 Image is everything!

If you’re looking for makeup brand name ideas or inspiration to help you come up with the best beauty business name ideas, you can use the BizNameWiz beauty brand name ideas generator to get started. It can provide you with hundreds of makeup business names in a matter of seconds.

This guide will also look at various beauty and makeup brand name ideas. We’ll go over some effective ways of creating makeup company names, as well as look at some real-world makeup business names you can use for inspiration.

15 Creative and Catchy Beauty Business Name Ideas with Keywords

A great way to get started creating beauty business name ideas and beauty brand name ideas is to think of keywords and phrases that are associated with your brand and the beauty industry in general. You can then use those words as building blocks to create makeup company names.

  • Peerless Beauty 
  • Look Your Best 
  • Flawless Look 
  • Glamour Queens 
  • Beautification Station 
  • Hidden Beauty 
  • The Best of You 
  • Best Side Beauty 
  • Confidence Makeup 
  • Beauty Gurus 
  • The Bold Beauty Co. 
  • Sunset Beauty 
  • Exotic Beauty 
  • Adore Your Look
  • Glam Hub

Tips for Creating Creative and Catchy Beauty Business Name Ideas with Keywords

For the best beauty brand name ideas, you need to use words that make people think about beauty, style, glamour, and elegance. Words such as glam, flawless, beauty, best, and confidence can all work well here, and there are many other keywords from the beauty industry that you can use to build super beauty business name ideas.

15 Unique Makeup Brand Name Ideas

In the makeup industry, there’s a lot of competition, with many different companies all vying for the same customers. In order to stand out, you need makeup brand name ideas that are fresh, original, and one-of-a-kind. Here are some unique makeup company names to consider.

  • Renewal
  • Allura Makeup 
  • Real Cosmetics 
  • Organic Beauty 
  • Natural Glow 
  • Just For You 
  • Spotless 
  • Rejuvenate 
  • Youth Beauty 
  • The Turn Around 
  • Sparkle 
  • Magic Touch 
  • Miracle Makeup 
  • A Fresh Look
  • Everglow

Tips for Creating Unique Makeup Brand Name Ideas

If you hope to create unique makeup brand name ideas that really stand out and seem special, there are a few ways in which you can do so. One way is to create entirely new words to describe your brand by blending existing keywords together; with this method, you can be sure that nobody else will have the same makeup business names as you. Another method is to use one-word makeup company names, as they tend to be easier to remember and more eye-catching to the general public.

15 Makeup Brand Name Ideas with Rhyming and Alliteration

Rhyming and alliteration can be useful techniques to employ when creating beauty brand name ideas and makeup brand name ideas because words that rhyme or have similar sounds can be used to create more memorable names. 

Rhyming and alliteration can be useful!
  • Confident Cosmetics
  • Better Beauty
  • Flawless Features 
  • Elegant Enchantments 
  • Assured Allure 
  • Bella Beauty 
  • Bliss Beauty 
  • Shimmer and Shine 
  • Burst Beauty 
  • Clean Cosmetics 
  • Beyond Beauty 
  • Lush Lips 
  • Elegant Eyes 
  • Glam Glow
  • Truly Beauty

Tips for Creating Makeup Brand Name Ideas with Rhyming and Alliteration

To use these techniques to make memorable and catchy beauty business name ideas, think of some keywords that summarize your brand or express your values and then try to find similar-sounding words to pair with them.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Blushing Beauty
  • Beauty Basics
  • Create Confidence
  • Bountiful Beauty
  • Sparkle Specialists
  • Supreme Sparkle
  • Beauty Bounty
  • Generous Glam
  • Glam Goddess
  • Get Glamorous
  • Perfect Products
  • Helpful Highlights
  • Bold And Beautiful
  • Subtle Shimmer
  • Goddess Glam
  • Beauty Bliss
  • The Beauty Guru
  • Beauty Pros
  • Bella Beauty
  • Southern Beauty
  • Natural Beauty
  • Beautiful You
  • True Beauty
  • Beauty Full
  • Unicorn Beauty
  • Fantasy Beauty
  • Serene Beauty
  • Beauty Tips For All
  • How-To Beauty
  • Proven Beauty
  • Top Beauty
  • Pure Smiles
  • Superb Makeover
  • Beauty Explore
  • Just For You
  • The Touch
  • Magic Smears
  • Midas Brushes
  • Diamond Colours
  • Stunners Hub
  • Spotless
  • Rejuvenate
  • Ella’S Touch
  • Beauty Touch
  • Awe Countenance

The Best Real-World Beauty Company Names

You can also look into the real world to get some inspiration for beauty business name ideas and makeup business names. There are plenty of existing, established companies out there with clever and catchy names that you can use as inspiration. Here are some examples of our favorite makeup company names and beauty brands.


How Glossier Got Its Name
Glossier started off as an online-only beauty brand and has grown into one of the most popular brands around. Its name was simply made by taking the word “gloss” and adding a French twist with the suffix -ier.

Why Glossier Is A Great Beauty Business Name
Glossier proves that one-word beauty business name ideas can often be some of the best. Single-word names like this one are easy to remember, perfect for helping you get referrals and spread the word about your brand. Given that many of the best beauty brands are based in Europe and have French or French-sounding names, it also helps Glossier to have that beautiful French -ier sound at the end of its name.

Beauty Bakerie

How Beauty Bakerie Got Its Name
Beauty Bakerie is a US beauty company, created by Cashmere Nicole. The name was made by taking the words “Beauty Bakery” and giving them a slightly French, exotic twist by using the -ie suffix instead of -y in the second word.

Why Beauty Bakerie Is A Great Beauty Business Name
Beauty Bakerie employs several great naming techniques. Firstly, it features alliteration, which can be really effective in terms of making memorable, attractive names. It also has a French touch, as discussed in the previous point, which instantly adds an air of professionalism and authenticity. Finally, it uses clear and simple words to tell us what the brand is all about. The word “Bakerie” also helps to show that this brand uses natural ingredients to “bake” its beauty products.

Rare Beauty

How Rare Beauty Got Its Name
Rare Beauty is a makeup line that was launched by singer and actress, Selena Gomez.

Why Rare Beauty Is A Great Beauty Business Name
The use of the word “Rare” in this makeup brand name helps to create a feeling that these products are particularly special and exclusive, which can help to attract more people to the brand. The word “Beauty” is used to clearly convey what the company does, resulting in a simple but effective brand name.

Most Successful Beauty Company Names 


How L’Oréal Got Its Name
L’Oréal is a French beauty brand that also happens to be the largest company in the cosmetics industry. The company’s original name was Auréale, which is derived from the Old French word aureole, meaning “made of gold” or “golden”.

Why L’Oréal Is A Great Beauty Business Name
Even though many people in the English-speaking world aren’t aware of the history and significance behind the L’Oréal brand name, this brand has still grown into one of the biggest companies in the world, with everyone knowing the L’Oréal name, thanks to the fact that it sounds so beautiful and exotic. This shows that the way a name sounds can be very important, so you should always say your beauty business name ideas out loud to hear the way they sound.


How Nyx Got Its Name
Nyx is a makeup brand named after the Greek goddess of the night.

Why Nyx Is A Great Beauty Business Name
Nyx shows that very short makeup business names can work very well at attracting customers and building a brand. Nyx, the Greek goddess, is often associated with exceptional power and beauty, so the name has a strong symbolic meaning, as well as being short, simple, and easy to remember.


How Maybelline Got Its Name
Maybelline is a US cosmetics company. It was founded in 1915 and named by Thomas Lyle Williams. One day, Williams saw his sister, Mabel, applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal ash to her eyelashes to make them look thicker. He used that as inspiration for both his company’s first product and its name, blending the words Mabel and Vaseline together.

Why Maybelline Is A Great Beauty Business Name
Maybelline is a beautiful and pleasant beauty business name in a lot of ways. The name Mabel actually means lovable, which helps to make the company sound more endearing, and the word Maybelline is pleasant to say and has a nice, poetic sound.

Tips for Creating Your Own Beauty Business Name

Keep it Short 

When you look at many of the world’s biggest beauty brands and makeup companies, you may notice that a lot of them have short names, usually consisting of just one or two words. There is a reason for this; short names have been proven to be more effective at sticking in people’s minds, which makes them great in terms of attracting people to your brand, getting referrals, and marketing your company effectively. So, if you want to make makeup brand name ideas that really work, try to keep them short and avoid adding too many unnecessary words.

Keep it Short!

Focus on Your Unique Selling Point 

Another good tip to keep in mind while creating beauty brand name ideas is to focus on your brand’s main selling point or biggest and best feature. For example, maybe you’re setting up a makeup company that focuses on natural ingredients and cruelty-free production methods, in which case you can use words like nature, pure, clean, and friendly in your brand name to get the point across. Or perhaps your focus is on the most elegant and refined products for parties, nights out, and special occasions, in which case, words like rare, special, exotic, and glam may work best for you.

Use Powerful Words

Another trend that appears often when it comes to beauty and makeup business names is the use of powerful adjectives and action words to make names sound more engaging, exciting, and dynamic. Words such as glam, flawless, fabulous, perfect, luxury, bare, naked, and elegance are all examples of this. So, when building your own makeup brand name ideas, try to hone in on the most powerful and evocative words that describe your brand’s values, products, and ethos, and then use those words to build the best names.

Check Availability

There are countless beauty and makeup brands out there, with more and more small businesses starting up in this industry all the time. Because of this, it’s always possible that the name you want to use for your business may already have been claimed by another company. So, before you start setting up your website and preparing your marketing materials, make sure to carry out some research and check that the name you want to use is actually available. You can search to see if the domain name has been claimed and check on social media, too.

Use the BizNameWiz Beauty Company Name Ideas Generator

If you need a helping hand thinking of beauty brand name ideas, the BizNameWiz makeup company names generator is the perfect tool to use. This generator can provide you with a long list of hundreds of makeup company name ideas in a matter of seconds, saving you tons of time and making the whole process of naming your company much easier, too. The generator is also completely free to use, so if you’d like to give it a try, simply type one or more words into the box provided and then click on the Generate button.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many methods you can use to create beauty business name ideas. A good way to start is to think of lots of keywords and phrases associated with your business and the beauty industry in general and try to build names with those words. You can also analyze the competition and look at the naming strategies used by other companies in the industry to copy existing trends or do something different to make your brand stand out.

The BizNameWiz beauty business name generator is very simple: you just have to type one or more words into the box and then click Generate. The generator will then automatically create hundreds of potential name ideas for you to read through and use as inspiration.

There's no right or wrong way to name beauty or makeup brands, but it can be a good idea to use powerful words, try to keep the name short and sweet, make it memorable, and try to pick a name that expresses what your business is all about.




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