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Top Brands:

Facebook: Essentially an online directory of all your friends, the name is easy to remember and representative of the network.

Instagram: An amalgam of the words ‘insta’ (instant) and ‘gram’ (telegram). The name is easy to pronounce, remember and represents the ‘right here, right now’ aspect of the business.

Snapchat: Snap a photo and start a chat. That is the business, that is the name. It’s memorable, catchy, and descriptive, the perfect combination for a social media platform.

Twitter: A ‘twitter’ is defined as a short burst of inconsequential information. By using this name to promote its purpose and function, Twitter has evolved into a ‘breaking news’ platform for its 319 million daily users.

BBC: An acronym that stands for ‘British Broadcasting Channel’. The organization’s perception as a factual media company comes not only from their long history but also their authoritative and formal name.

The New York Times: An authoritative news source, with a clear, crisp title. It is one of the most trusted news publications in America, due in part to this name.

Tinder: Named after a material used to light a fire, the company makes clear reference to the use of ‘spark’ and ‘flame’ when describing dating.

Buzzfeed: By combining the words ‘buzz’ and ‘feed,’ this company tells users that they will be ‘fed’ information that is popular or trending right now.

theSkimm: A daily newsletter that curates the top news from around the world into a brief email. Their name is descriptive to what they do – ‘skim’ the best news from a variety of sources.

Scientific America: Emanating authority and knowledge, the name demands respect for the content they produce. The publication acts as a trusted source of news and information.

Clientele & interests:

Liking an Instagram post, sending a SnapChat, retweeting, posting on Facebook. They are all things that most people do on a daily basis. Social networks have become a vital part of our lives and form our virtual identity. We also spend a substantial amount of our day reading news articles, whether found on news websites or shared by our friends. Our dual interest in knowing what’s going on in everybody’s life while concurrently wanting to share every aspect of our own has meant that we spend a disproportionate amount of time reading the news and browsing social network platforms. So, while our interests are spread far and wide, they ultimately come down shareable content.

News, current affairs, social networking, socializing, friendships, staying informed, building online profiles, staying connected, strengthening friendships, information that aligns with their interests (i.e. sports news, celebrity news, financial news, political news), sharing, being part of a network

Industry related words:

Traditional media, social media, cultural impacts, virility, trending, software, skype, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, snapchat, twitter, public relations, print, radio, internet, mobile, messaging, social networks, communication, storytelling, publications, discovery, gossip, information, scoop, bulletin, rumor, letter, post, technology, encryption, hearsay, the low-down, dirt, knowledge, statement, revelations, talk, buzz, fake news, facts, newscasts, podcasts, narration, gazette, connection, note, transmission, dispatch, send, receive, dispatch, social network, cross-media, website, blog, email, text, SMS, MMS, magazine, newssheet, headlines, reporter, journalist, telegram, liberal, conservative, tweet, comment, like, ‘heart’, hashtag, B2B, B2C, authenticity, authority, CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, GQ, microblogging, meme, movie, video, article, imagery, online, e-book, GIF, live streaming, newsfeed, Pinterest, shareable, Tumblr, vlogger, vlogging, YouTube

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Content is king, as is being shareable on all the main platforms. People love sharing good content within their social circles, and by making the content sound as appealing as possible, and creating viral subject matter, marketers can essentially get free advertising.


Breaking news, latest dirt, news flash, the low-down, celebrity gossip, scandal, trusted, viral, the scoop, trending, ‘most read’, ‘most watched’, the truth, the inside story, clear and accurate, liked, popular

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