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How to Create the Best Mobile App Business Name Ideas

Mobile apps are becoming more and more important in the modern world, and there are apps for almost everything nowadays, from streaming music and movies to doing your grocery shopping, finding a local restaurant, or booking a flight.

Mobile app developers and design agencies are the ones responsible for many of the best mobile apps you might use on a day-to-day basis, and if you’re setting up a new mobile app company, you’ll need to think up some great mobile app business name ideas for it.

The BizNameWiz mobile app business name generator is the perfect tool to use when it comes to creating mobile app business name ideas. It can make hundreds of mobile app business name ideas in an instant, and the mobile app business name generator is totally free, too.

In this guide, we’ll also look at other tips, tricks, and methods you can use to make amazing mobile app business names, as well as examine some real-world mobile app business names to see how they were created and why their names work so well.

15 Modern and Professional Mobile App Business Name Ideas

When people are looking for mobile app development services, they’ll usually be drawn to companies that sound professional and confident. Having a modern, sleek name can make a major difference in terms of attracting clients and building up your brand’s reputation, and here are some great mobile app business name ideas to get started with.

Create names that sound professional 
and confident!
  • Superior Mobile Solutions 
  • App City 
  • Appcentric 
  • Determined Development   
  • Dependable Development  
  • Magic on Mobile   
  • Pinnacle Development   
  • OptiMobile Development   
  • Pocket Pros
  • Fingertip Technology   
  • Versatile Mobile Design   
  • SmartSense Mobile
  • Blastoff Development   
  • Galactic Mobile   
  • Hello Mobile

Tips for Creating Modern and Professional Mobile App Business Name Ideas

If you’d like to create mobile app business names that have a modern ring to them and evoke a sense of professionalism, it’s a good idea to focus on powerful adjectives like premium, superior, determined, optimal, and versatile. Input these words into our mobile app business name generator and try to weave them into your mobile app business name ideas.

15 Mobile App Business Names for Finance Apps

Some mobile app development companies specialize in certain fields, like creating apps for the finance sector or making healthcare mobile apps. If you’re setting up a specific kind of mobile app business, you’ll need to use a more specific kind of naming strategy, too. Here are some mobile app business names designed for the world of finance.

  • Fingertip Finance
  • Small Screen Finance
  • Pocket Finance
  • BankApps
  • FinApp Development 
  • MobiBank Development
  • Bank In Your Pocket 
  • Money Mobile Development
  • Phone Loans Development
  • Superior Finance Strategy 
  • FinTech Mobile
  • Premium Portable Finance 
  • Portable Finance Solutions
  • MobiTech Finance
  • Evolution Finance

Tips for Creating Mobile App Business Names for Finance Apps

If you’re planning to focus exclusively on the finance market when making mobile applications, it’s wise to use finance-related terms and phrases. Words like finance, banking, loans, money, and so on can work well when building mobile app business names. It’s also a good idea to consider blending words together and making your name as short as possible to help people remember it easily.

15 Exciting and Engaging Names for Mobile Apps

But what about if you’re actually making a new mobile app, rather than setting up a mobile app development agency? Well, if you’re planning to make a whole new app, the name your choose will need to be influenced by what sort of app it is and what sort of people you’re targeting. Here are some super mobile app names to use as inspiration.

  • MobiFitness 
  • SkyApp 
  • MobiGaming  
  • BidUp  
  • PlusOne  
  • FirstDate 
  • MoveMore  
  • OneClick   
  • MeetMore  
  • CyberChief   
  • SpaceFX  
  • SongSelect   
  • SlyStream  
  • Whispers

Tips for Creating Exciting and Engaging Names for Mobile Apps

If you’re setting up a whole new mobile app, the words and terms you use will depend on what kind of app it is. For example, dating apps will have totally different names when compared to gaming apps or fitness apps. Try to hone in on keywords that are relevant to your app when building mobile app business names, and try to think about what sort of words will resonate with your audience, too. It’s also a good idea to keep the name short and sweet, so it will be easy to remember.

Some name ideas for you:

  • App Your Service
  • Appcentric
  • Appcare
  • Develapp
  • Fingertip Freedom
  • Winning Widgets
  • Tap Into Apps
  • Tool Kit Digital
  • Tech Happy
  • Appy Digital
  • Handheld Help
  • In Your Palm
  • For Your Palm
  • Fit For Fingertips
  • Fingertrip
  • Amazing Apps
  • Action Apps
  • App Innovation
  • Fun Apps
  • Fantappstic
  • App Command
  • Strike Apps
  • App Force
  • App Fly
  • Sure Apps
  • App Door
  • App Tray
  • App Sure
  • Rocket Apps
  • App Cafe
  • VitalApp
  • Interact Mobile
  • HelloWeb
  • Billing Mobile
  • SmartApp
  • NoteWork
  • Web Influence
  • PowerPhone
  • Chief Network
  • Connection App
  • WebTools
  • Gamepad
  • Mobile Stick
  • Know The App
  • WebChecker

Real-World Mobile App Business Names Analysis

If you’re looking for some inspiration to assist in naming your mobile app business, a great way to get started is to look at some real-world mobile app business names. Below, we’ll analyze some names of mobile app development agencies and successful mobile apps.

Mercury Development

How Mercury Development Got Its Name
Mercury Development is the name of one of the most successful mobile app development companies in Florida.

Why Mercury Development Is A Great Mobile App Business Name
Mercury Development works nicely as a mobile app business name because it’s both informative and evocative. The word “Mercury” evokes a sense of fluidity and versatility, suggesting that this agency can cope with different demands and adapt to suit your needs, while the word “Development” clearly states what the company does.


How MobiDev Got Its Name
MobiDev is the name of a highly-rated mobile app development agency based in Georgia. The company’s name was made by combining “Mobile” and “Development” into one simple compound word.

Why MobiDev Is A Great Mobile App Business Name
MobiDev is a great example of blending words together to make a unique, concise, easy-to-understand brand name. The founders of this company kept things simple when naming their brand and have chosen a name that is really clear and memorable.

Blend words together!


How Utility Got Its Name
Utility is the name of a mobile app development agency based in New York. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on making useful apps with clear purposes.

Why Utility Is A Great Mobile App Business Name
Utility is another super mobile app business name, as it’s a very powerful and evocative word. Utility is something that is so important when making apps, as you need to think about how they’re going to be utilized and who the app serves. Also, by choosing a one-word name, this company has given itself a head start in terms of marketing and brand recognition, as shorter names tend to be much more memorable.

Most Successful Mobile App Business Names

successful mobile app business


How Snapchat Got Its Name
Snapchat is the name of one of the most downloaded messaging and photo-sharing apps in the world. The name was made by combining two simple words: Snap and Chat.

Why Snapchat Is A Great Mobile App Business Name
Snapchat is a terrific mobile app business name because it’s so easy to understand. Even if you’ve never used the app before, you can tell just from reading the name that it is focused on photos and chatting as its two primary functions.


How Tinder Got Its Name
Tinder is the name of one of the most-downloaded dating apps on mobile and one of the most successful apps of all time. The company’s name is associated with the idea of starting a “fire” of love between people.

Why Tinder Is A Great Mobile App Business Name
Tinder works well as a mobile app name for two reasons. Firstly, it’s short and sweet, which makes it really easy to remember. Secondly, the word itself is evocative and has an interesting story and meaning behind it.


How WhatsApp Got Its Name
WhatsApp is a hugely popular messaging app that was named due to its similarity to the phrase “What’s up?”

Why WhatsApp Is A Great Mobile App Business Name
WhatsApp is another example of a short and simple mobile name that is easy to remember and very effective at informing people about the purpose and function of the app itself.

How to Create Your Own Mobile App Business Names

Think About Your Audience

Whether you’re setting up a mobile app development agency or just want to make the next big thing in the world of mobile dating applications, it’s really important to think carefully about your audience. Try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what sorts of priorities they might have when looking for a new mobile app or a development agency to do business with. Try to find keywords that are effective at engaging your audience and attracting their attention, as this will help you grow your business more efficiently.    

Think carefully about your audience!

Use Appropriate Keywords

Keywords are always important when creating any kind of business name, and it’s especially important to choose appropriate and relevant keywords when setting up a mobile app business. For example, if you’re setting up a dating mobile app, you’ll want to focus on words that are associated with love and relationships, while those setting up entertainment apps will be more interested in words that are connected with fun, enjoyment, and media. Find the best keywords for your specific mobile app plans and use them as building blocks to make great mobile app business name ideas..

Consider the Competition

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the competition that you’re going to be up against when you start your mobile app business or launch your new app. For example, if you’re planning to release a new finance app, take a look at the App Store or Google Play Store and browse through similar finance apps that are already on the market. Try to avoid using a name that is too close to one of your competitors, as this could cause confusion or may even lead to your app being ignored.

Check Before You Make it Official

Once you think you’ve found the ideal mobile app business name for your new company or application, you’ll need to make sure that the name hasn’t already been taken. To do this, Google the name or search for it on app stores and marketplaces. You should be able to find it quite easily if it already exists. If not, you can claim it for yourself, but make sure to also claim the relevant website address and social media profiles so that you can market your app later on.

Use the BizNameWiz Mobile Business Name Generator

If you need any extra assistance in making mobile app business name ideas, test out our mobile app business name. The BizNameWiz mobile app business name is a useful and 100% free tool for naming mobile apps and mobile app development businesses. To use it, all you have to do is type a word (or several words) into the box provided and then click on Generate. Once you’ve done that, the mobile app business name will get to work and make lots of great names for you right away.


The mobile app market is crowded and competitive, and it’s getting even busier all the time, with lots of new apps being released and lots of developers and agencies vying for attention. In order to succeed in this industry, you need the very best names, and we hope that this guide has given you the info you need to make a super name for your new app or app-making business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends on what sort of app you're making. Try to think about keywords that are connected with your particular app, like travel-related words for a transport app or food-related words for a recipe app. Try to keep the name short, too, as this will help to make it more memorable.

In terms of mobile apps, there are plenty of great names out there, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and SofaScore. For mobile app development agencies, some great names include MobiDev and Utility.

To use the mobile app business name generator, you just need to enter a word or two into the box provided and click the Generate button. The generator will make a long list of names based on the input you provided.


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