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Naming your Nails Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Nails business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Nails business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Nourished Nails

Nails By Nature

Nail Designs

Curated Cuticles

Mani Maker

Pedi Professionals

Pedi Pros

Toe Pros

Pampered Pedis

Pamper Pros

Nail Regale

Regal Nails

Nail Indulgence

Necessary Nails

Nail Necessities

Twinkle Toes

Nature Made Nails

Organic Nails

Nail Doctors

Nail Nurses

Prim And Polished

Well Polished

Keep It Polished

Polish Professionals

Polished And Proud

Proudly Polished

Design On A Dime

Nailed It

Well Nailed

Luxurious Nails

Pampered Nails

Long Lasting Nails

Star Nails

Sit Back And Relax

Relaxation Station

Pamper Party

Happy Hands

Healthy Hands

Happy Fingers

Decorated Digits

Glamorous Nails

Nails By Design

No Better Nails

Nail Nation

Passionate Pedis

Passion For Pedis

Nail Knowledge

Holding Hands

Nautical Nails

Speedy Service Nails

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Fancy Nails

Cutie Pie Nails

Splash Nails

New Nails New You

Nail Delights

Bossy Nails


Dream Nails

Nails Come Alive

Foxy Mamam Nails

Picture Perfect Nail Boutique

Ladies Look Nails

Flash Nails


Sweet Nails Boutique

Round The Way Nails Salon

Daring Diva Nails

Silver And Gold Nail Salon

Your Nail Tech

Babe’S Nail Salon

Beauty You Nail Salon

Deep Wave Nails

Envy Nails Salon

Devious Nails Boutique

Sweet Girl Nail Boutique

The Roundtable Nail Salon

Real Talk Nails

Charmed Nails

Fine Wine Nail Salon

Sparkle Nails

Dazzle Nails

Classy Nails

Class Act Nail Salon

Grand Slam Nails

Lovely Lady Nails

Simply You Nail Salon

Gorg Nails Boutique

Bewitched Nail Spa
Divinity Nail Boutique

Sublime Nails

Radiant You Nails

Allure Nails

Noisemaker Nails

Nailed It! Money Moves Nails

Gold Tips Nail Salon

Bows And Bells Nails

Knockout Nails

Be Better Nails

Delectable Nails And Spa

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

Nailed It

Nailed Down

Tough as nails

Get Nailed

Hard as Nails

Bed Of Nails

House of Nails

Tooth and Nail

Nail Bar

Nail Set

nail Polish

nail Cutters

Polish Place

Polish Palace

Get Polished

Spit and Polish

Polish Place

Polish Off

Fingers ‘N Toes

Just Tips

Sweet feet

Mani Pedi

Nail Art

nails are Us

just nails

Tip Toes

Hands Up

Raise Your Hand

Handy Hands

Hand it Over

Hand In hand

hands Down

Hands and Feet

Slight of hand

Upper hand

hand Picked

Glad hands

Happy Hands

Helping Hands

Grand hand

Show of hands

All hands

Join Hands

Hands Full

Paint brush

Paint Box

Paint Pot

Colour Wheel

Paint Job

Paint It On

Count to ten

Colour Me Tender

Ten To Twenty

Happy Hands

Twinkle Toes

Pretty In Pink

Painted lady

Finishing Touches

Glitter Girls

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Cute Nails

Nails Galore

Elegant Nails

Top Manicures

Nail Gallery

House Of Nails

All Nails

Main Manicures

Lovely Hands And Feets

Pretty Pedicure

Hands And Feets

Glitters Nail Salons

Sparkle Nails Polish

Bright Nail Polish

Glitters Nail Salon

Rainbow Nails

Attraction Nail Palace

Glamorous Nails

Top Nails

Nails Spot

Exquisite Nails Fixing

Luxurious Manicure And Pedicure

Unique Nails

Shine Nail Salon

The Nail Star Salon


Polishes And Fixing

Nails Crib

Quality Nail Polish

Nail Artist

Grace Nails

Just Nails

Home Nail Services

Astute Nail Fixes

Nail Focus

Lovely Sheen Nail Polish

Perfect Nail Fixing

Monument Nails

Waves Nail Polish



Viva Nails

Rosy Nails

Beau Nails

Sleek Manicures

Nail Maniac

Top Nails

Nail Shelf


Dream Manicure And Pedicure

Salsa Nails

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