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The Best Natural Brand Names and Name Ideas for Natural Businesses

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Statistics and surveys show that more and more people are actively searching out natural brands and products. From natural and organic foods to natural cosmetics and beauty products, people are increasingly interested in things that are made using nothing but natural, pure ingredients.

Thanks to this, a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners are deciding to start natural, green, eco-friendly businesses, harnessing the powers of nature in lots of interesting and exciting ways. If you plan to do the same, you’ll need to come up with some good natural business name ideas.

Whether you’re setting up an eco store selling natural products, an eco-friendly beauty company, or a natural food company selling organic produce, the best natural business names can make a massive difference in terms of attracting customers and boosting sales.

The BizNameWiz natural business name generator is a great tool to use for making natural business name ideas quickly and efficiently. And in this guide, we’ll also look at several other methods you can use to make great natural business names.

15 Unique Natural Business Name Ideas for Food Companies

Many food businesses are opting for natural products and ingredients, as more and more people are preferring to buy organic, wholesome foods without any additives or unnecessary ingredients. Here are some supernatural business name ideas for those in the world of food and drink.

  • All-Natural Foods
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • Fresh & Natural 
  • The Natural Taste
  • Flavors of Nature
  • Nature’s Kitchen
  • Mother Nature’s Recipes 
  • Forest Fresh
  • Eco Foods
  • Eatin’ Green
  • OrganiFoods
  • Organic Farmfoods
  • Sungrown Foods
  • Groundfresh Foods
  • Earthy Eats

Tips for Creating Unique Natural Business Name Ideas for Food Companies

If you’re planning to sell natural and organic foods or make foods from natural ingredients, it’s a good idea to use food-related keywords in your natural business name ideas, as well as using words like earth, natural, organic, fresh, and so on in order to show people that your foods are 100% natural. Try typing some of these words into our natural business name generator to make great natural business names in a matter of seconds.

15 Natural Business Names for Cosmetic and Beauty Brands

A lot of cosmetics shops and beauty brands, too, are opting for natural products that are made with safe ingredients and not tested on animals. Here are some great natural business name ideas you might like to consider if you’re setting up a cruelty-free cosmetics company or all-natural beauty brand.

  • Nature’s Touch
  • EcoBeauty
  • EcoCosmetics
  • All-Natural Beauty
  • Forest Cosmetics
  • Pure Source Beauty
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • Natural Glow
  • Organic Beauty
  • Clean Cosmetics
  • TreeGreen Cosmetics
  • Natural Roots
  • Nature’s Whisper
  • Natura Cosmetica
  • EarthSource Beauty

Tips for Creating Natural Business Names for Cosmetic and Beauty Brands

If you want to create natural business names for your new beauty brand or cosmetic company, it’s a good idea to focus on words that convey both beauty and elegance, along with words that are associated with nature. Words like pure, source, earth, clean, and organic can work nicely here, and you can type some of these words into our natural business name generator for even more awesome ideas.

15 Catchy Natural Business Name Ideas for Eco-Friendly Companies

There are many other kinds of natural, eco-friendly companies out there, from gardening companies to help people make the most of green spaces to natural candle and soap companies. Whatever kind of natural business you’re making, here are some great natural business names to use as inspiration.

  • Nature’s Best   
  • Going Green   
  • Natural Generation   
  • NaturEvolution   
  • BioLove  
  • OrganiSoul   
  • The EcoBranch   
  • Greener Living  
  • With the Earth   
  • GreenSpeed   
  • NaturMore   
  • Greener You   
  • The Natural Addition   
  • Nurtured Nature   
  • Green Street

Tips for Creating Catchy Natural Business Name Ideas for Eco-Friendly Companies

If you’re setting up an eco-friendly company and looking for green and natural business names to help you stand out, it’s a good idea to include nature-related words. Words like green, roots, nature, earth, soil, land, and eco can all work well, and you can use our natural business name generator to make even more awesome ideas from these simple words.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Nature’S Own
  • Made In Nature
  • Natural Essentials
  • Natural Essences
  • Natural Namesake
  • Natural Nurture
  • Nature Grown
  • Organic Options
  • Go Organic
  • Organic Growth
  • Naturally Named
  • Natural Supply
  • Act Natural
  • Act Naturally
  • Nature’S Gifts
  • Naturefinders
  • Nature Universe
  • Naturverse
  • Nudes Natural
  • The Real Clean
  • Organic Finds
  • Essential Raw
  • Natal Naturals
  • Naturebabes
  • Natura
  • Wild Winds
  • Green Gains
  • Be Basic
  • Naturmentals
  • The Basics
  • Organic Shop
  • Beauty Organic
  • Impact Store
  • EcoCompany
  • GreenLine
  • Eco Now
  • Fresh Store
  • Ecoloxo
  • Fresh Products
  • Eco Service
  • Ecraft
  • Bionatural
  • GreenMerch
  • Pure Line
  • Pure Store

 The Best Real-World Natural Business Names

One great way to get inspiration when naming your natural business is to take a look at some real-world natural business names and think about what words they use and their pros and cons. Here are some evaluations of a few of our favorite real natural company names.

Get inspiration from the real-world!

100% Pure

How 100% Pure Got Its Name
100% Pure is a hugely popular and successful natural skincare company. The company makes organic, natural cleansers and masks. Its name reflects its focus on pure ingredients and natural formulas.

Why 100% Pure Is A Great Natural Business Name
100% Pure works really well as a natural business name because it’s simply so powerful. When you hear this name, you immediately know that the company is very serious about nature and purity, making a bold claim to offer 100% purity in its products.


How Naturopathica Got Its Name
Naturopathica is another natural skincare brand, producing organic and natural products that are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The brand’s name is similar to the idea of Naturopathy, an alternative form of medicine that focuses on natural cures.

Why Naturopathica Is A Great Natural Business Name
Naturopathica is an intriguing natural business name that has a scientific sound to it, while also clearly being associated with nature and natural products. It evokes ideas of healing, medicine, and benefits through nature, giving off a great impression and appealing to people who want to use more natural products in their own lives.

Earth Circle Organics

How Earth Circle Organics Got Its Name
Earth Circle Organics is a leading importer, packer, and distributor of natural and raw superfood products, serving countless companies throughout the natural foods sector. The company’s name explicitly highlights its focus on organic goods, while also including the word “Earth” to reinforce its natural status.

Why Earth Circle Organics Is A Great Natural Business Name
Earth Circle Organics is a pleasant natural business name to say out loud. It also includes some powerful nature-related keywords, like Earth and Organics, in order to clearly tell people what the company does.

Most Successful Natural Business Names

successful natural business

Whole Foods Market

How Whole Foods Market Got Its Name
Whole Foods Market, often simply referred to as Whole Foods, is one of the biggest natural and organic brands in the world, with hundreds of natural-oriented supermarkets across North America. The name reflects the company’s focus on pure, natural, “whole” foods.

Why Whole Foods Market Is A Great Natural Business Name
Whole Foods Market is a highly powerful and evocative natural business name. The idea of “Whole Foods” evokes associations with health and natural, and anyone looking to enjoy a more natural diet, without additives, pesticides, and other unwanted ingredients will be drawn to this brand.

True Botanicals

How True Botanicals Got Its Name
True Botanicals is a leading brand in the world of natural skincare and cosmetics, using wildcrafted ingredients and organic ingredients to make sustainable, botanical-based products. The company’s name clearly reflects its focus on purity and botanicals.

Why True Botanicals Is A Great Natural Business Name
Anyone looking for a natural skincare brand will be drawn to True Botanicals due to the company’s bold name and clear focus on natural ingredients. The name is highly informative, directly informing people about the brand’s focus.

Frontier Natural Products

How Frontier Natural Products Got Its Name
Frontier Natural Products is a huge name in the world of natural foods, providing natural and organic herbs, spices, teas, and other products in bulk quantities.

Why Frontier Natural Products Is A Great Natural Business Name
Frontier Natural Products includes the words “Natural Products” to clearly demonstrate that the company is focused on natural goods. It also uses the word “Frontier” to set itself apart, allowing it to be both unique and informative.

Tips for Creating Your Own Natural Business Name

Use Natural Keywords

When you look at real-world natural business names, you may notice that almost all of them include at least some mention of their focus on natural products. True Botanicals, for example, includes the word “Botanicals” to tell people about the kinds of ingredients it uses in its skincare range, while Frontier Natural Products clearly and explicitly uses the phrase “Natural Products” to avoid any confusion. It’s very worthwhile, therefore, to include at least one nature-related keyword in your brand name so people can instantly see that your brand is a natural one.

Use Natural Keywords!

Evoke Positive Sensations and Feelings

Many people choose natural products, like natural foods or natural cosmetics, because they want to experience the positive feelings, sensations, and effects associated with nature. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to try and pick a name that evokes those same kinds of positive feelings. Using words and phrases like roots, Mother Nature, earth, tree, forest, stream, source, and pure is a great way to make people think about all the pleasant things in nature, from peaceful forests to gentle streams.

Make it Easy to Remember

Ideally, you’ll also want to ensure that your new natural business name is very easy to remember. This will help in several ways, especially in terms of your marketing efforts and building up brand recognition to get more customers and encourage more people to start talking about your business. So, how can you make your name more memorable? One simple way is to keep it short. Names that are one or two words long are the easiest to remember. It also helps to include words that flow nicely together, such as rhyming words or words that begin with the same letter.

Check the Availability

Once you’ve found a natural company name that sounds super and works with your business’ products and values, you’ll need to check that the name you want to use is available to claim. Do some research online, with the help of Google and social media, and find out if your chosen name is ready to claim. If it is, then claim it right away and also make sure to claim all of the necessary social media accounts, too, as you can use them for marketing purposes later on.

Check the Availability!

Use the BizNameWiz Natural Business Name Generator

Coming up with natural business names can be a challenge, and if you’d like to speed up the process, make use of our natural business name generator. The natural business name generator is able to instantaneously produce hundreds of super natural business name ideas based on the user’s input. So, if you enter words like “natural” and “organic”, the natural business name generator will make hundreds of natural business names for you which include those words.


With the help of this guide and the natural business name generator, you should be able to come up with some great natural brand names in no time at all! Remember, the right name can make all the difference and help you grow your brand, so keep the tips and tricks listed above in mind and give your brand the best name you can think of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some super examples of natural business names include True Botanicals, 100% Pure, Whole Foods Market, and Frontier Natural Products.

A lot of natural business names tend to include nature-related keywords like earth, nature, pure, source, and organic, so it's a good idea to focus on these words and similar ideas in order to build great-sounding, informative names.

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