Packaging Company Name Ideas

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Best Packaging Company Name Ideas

Packaging companies that have intriguing names will often seem trustworthy and relevant to customers. You don’t want to settle for a name that’s complicated or doesn’t contain interesting words. The packaging company should have a name that also sets it apart from other competitors in the packaging industry. But of course, the naming process isn’t easy and requires plenty of time to get the planning right, especially if you’re new to the business world! 

Don’t worry too much about your name right now. This guide will give you a few ideas that should help you kick-start your planning. Make sure to have our packaging company name generator open when searching for your own creative names!

One-Word Packaging Company Name Ideas

One-word names are catchy and memorable to customers. They don’t require extra words that could make them more complicated. Think about it like this – would you rather remember a name that has one word or more than three words? Of course, you would choose a name that is shorter and more direct. You need to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think about what their preferences might be. One-word names are usually the safe option for beginners! 

Before you create a name, you should think of root words associated with ‘packaging’. I used the words ‘post’, ‘secure’, ‘shipping’, and ‘pack’ and typed those into the packaging company name generator. Then I chose the names that sounded the best! 

  1. Packquipo
  2. Secureprism
  3. Postdeck 
  4. Secureology
  5. Postoryx
  6. Shippingworks
  7. PostgeniX
  8. OurShippingX
  9. Packtastic!
  10. Shippingnetic
  11. Packlaza
  12. Securegenics
  13. Packscape
  14. Securelance
  15. PostLuX

Tips For Creating One-Word Packaging Company Names

To create names like these, you need to select the ‘one word’ option in the filters to view one-word company names. Choosing ‘ecommerce’ and ‘services’ from the industry list should also give you more accurate results that relate to your company. Experiment with the filters to see what names you can find using different genres and character counts.

You can also combine words if you can’t locate many strong one-word names. For example, I used the words ‘pack’ and ‘fantastic’ to make ‘Packtastic!’. The exclamation mark gives it that extra punch. Customers usually gravitate towards words they’re more familiar with. 

Rhyming Packaging Company Name Ideas

Everyone loves to hear rhymes that sound lyrically pleasing to the ears. Rhymes are considered to play on the “musical” side of our brain that loves to turn rhythm into lyrics. That’s why children love rhymes so much – they just can’t get enough of the memorable sounds! Customers are more likely to remember names that have a unique rhythm. For example, you might have a name like ‘Ghost Post’. Alliteration and half-rhymes can also contribute to rhyming names. 

I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the packaging company name generator. Once I clicked the ‘rhyming’ option from the filtered list, I scanned through the names and chose which ones suit a packaging company!

  1. Secure Spree
  2. Pack Track
  3. Shipping Supreme
  4. Packing Parts
  5. Picking and Shipping
  6. Post Partners
  7. Shipping Smiles
  8. The Most Post
  9. Secure Steps
  10. Pop Posting
  11. Secure Space
  12. Pack Planet
  13. Secure Strategy
  14. Pack and Stack
  15. Speedy Shipping

Tips For Creating Rhyming Packaging Company Names

You can use more creative thinking and ideas when generating rhyming names. Consider forming a brainstorming map to help you think of cool rhymes that might stand out to customers. What are some exact rhyming words you can find online? Can you use alliteration instead? Of course, there won’t always be perfect rhymes for your root words, so it’s good to check online for websites that offer strong rhyming examples. For instance, I found the rhyming word ‘picking’ and combined that with ‘shipping’ to create a strong company name!

Fun Packaging Company Name Ideas

Fun names are great for attracting customers to your packaging company. Customers may feel more comfortable approaching a company that seems quirky and lighthearted. This would make you stand out from other competitors in the market. You can search for some fun language to use and combine that with your root words. For example, you might have a name like ‘Just Keep Packing!’. Below you will find examples of names that I created using fun language. 

  1. Box It Up!
  2. Your Post Patrol
  3. Fold Gold Packs
  4. Master of Packing
  5. Pack Attack!
  6. Post Not Toast
  7. Hold My Post
  8. Box of Shocks
  9. Are You Secure?
  10. Gripping the Shipping
  11. Secure the Deeds
  12. A Box Giant
  13. Pack Your Smile
  14. Shipping Perfection
  15. Foxes Boxes

Tips For Creating Fun Packaging Company Names

If you want to have a fun company name, you might need to spend more time thinking about fun language. The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding unique vocabulary that could strengthen your company name. Just search up funny puns or phrases associated with ‘packing’ and use some of those ideas for your root words. For example, I used ‘Pack Attack!’ because it rhymes and radiates a humorous tone that customers may gravitate towards. Take the extra time to create these names if you want to portray your company in a quirky light. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Perfect Package
  • Package Perfect
  • Packed Perfection
  • Sure Secure
  • Fix And Fly
  • Secure Send
  • Secure And Send
  • Padded Perfection
  • Rad Padding
  • Pack Attack
  • Pack Rack
  • Package Parcel
  • Pack It Up
  • Luxury Package
  • Packing Done Right
  • We Ship Crates
  • Memory Protection
  • Gold Fold Packing
  • For Safe Keep
  • Trust Us Packers
  • We Know Packing
  • Parcel Packaging
  • Rent A Packer
  • IntoBox
  • Simple Box
  • Quickly Wrapped
  • Softly Wrapped
  • Craft Pack
  • Red Pack
  • Bubble Wrap Galore
  • Robot Wrapping
  • Paper Package
  • Plastic Packs
  • Hand Packaging
  • Art Packaging
  • Senior Container
  • Great View
  • Graphic Packaging
  • Greatpac
  • International Paper
  • Unique Plastic
  • Abs Industries
  • Abilities Unlimited
  • Crown Cans
  • Advanced Poly Packaging

Best Real-World Packaging Company Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Real-World Packaging Company Names

The Packaging People

How The Packaging People Got Its Name

The Packaging People is a family-owned company that prides itself on “maintaining the highest quality standards” when it comes to delivering products. They serve 30 different industries that range from coffee & tea manufacturers to baking goods, and health and beauty products.

Why The Packaging People Is A Catchy Company Name

This is a very simple name that tells customers exactly what to expect. ‘Packaging’ is a direct word that highlights the services. Adding that with ‘people’ may show customers how dedicated this family is to deliver the best products. 

EcoPack Solutions

How EcoPack Solutions Got Its Name

EcoPack Solutions offers eco-friendly alternatives for packaging requirements. Their aim is to “reduce packaging costs as well as improve carbon footprint”. They want to give customers sustainable packaging that helps them to strengthen their business image. 

Why EcoPack Solutions Is A Catchy Company Name

The word ‘eco’ will already tell customers this is a sustainable business that wants to help the environment. Customers nowadays are more likely to gravitate towards eco-friendly companies. Combining that with ‘pack’ ensures customers understand this is a packaging company.


How Keenpac Got Its Name

Keenpac was created in 1979 and soon became a popular packaging retailer that was awarded the “most sustainable vendor” by Disney. They aim to stay customer-focused when bringing packaging to life. They do carrier bags, retail boxes, fashion retail, and eCommerce packaging.

Why Keenpac Is A Catchy Company Name

Keenpac is a one-word name that customers will easily remember over time. The word ‘keen’ already has positive connotations of being ‘eager’ in the company. ‘Pac’ is a shortened version of ‘pack’, which makes this company name sound unique. 

Most Successful Packaging Companies

Most Successful Packaging Companies

Crown Holdings

How Crown Holdings Got Its Name

Crown Holdings is passionate about “helping customers build their brands” and connecting with industry professionals. They deliver packaging to brand owners, retailers, and consumers. This company is considered to be the leader in “metal packaging technology”. 

Why Crown Holdings Is A Catchy Company Name

The word ‘crown’ suggests this is a superior packaging company that may have luxurious packaging for customers. Some people prefer to converse with companies that have a ‘royal’ vibe. ‘Holdings’ is a simple word associated with ‘packaging’, which is good for helping customers identify the services.

Graphic Packaging 

How Graphic Packaging Got Its Name

Graphic Packaging produces paper-based packaging for some of the “world’s best recognized brands” of food & beverage, hospitality, household, pet products, and personal care. They have over 130 facilities worldwide that produce innovative packaging for customers. 

Why Graphic Packaging Is A Catchy Company Name

The word ‘graphic’ relates to visual art and design among products. This is suitable for a packaging company that wants to provide “innovative” packaging. Again, including ‘packaging’ in the name is a simple way of telling the customers what these services are about. 


How WestRock Got Its Name

WestRock has a long history of “entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation”. They got their name from the merger of MeadWestvaco and RockTenn. This company wants to focus on working with brands to help them incorporate paper packaging into their business.

Why WestRock Is A Catchy Company Name

Companies usually combine names if they accept mergers with other big companies. This name doesn’t directly link to ‘packaging’, but it still incorporates words from two big packaging companies. Customers may remember the name if they’ve heard of the company before.

The Best 2 Tips For Naming Your Packaging Business

The naming process might seem challenging when you first begin planning your name. Of course, it might seem more difficult if you’re new to the packaging industry. It takes time and effort to find a name that is suitable for your company. You might prefer to document your ideas on a computer, or you may use a brainstorming map to plan your names in a more creative way. Choose a planning method that works for you and allows you to explore your inner creativity. 

Don’t worry about your first planning stage, though! You can take your time throughout the process. This section will give you two effective tips that can help you overcome challenges. Just keep on reading to find out how you can progress in the naming process! 

Tip One: Determine Your Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people who are most likely to use your packaging services. These are the people you need to consider when creating a company name. In this case, your audience might be retailers or consumers who want affordable packaging for their products. You could choose a name that caters to ‘retail’ aspects or sustainable packaging options. Maybe answer the following questions when determining your target audience:

  • Who are your customers? 
  • How will your customers approach you?
  • Who will benefit from your services?
  • What is the desired action of your target audience?
  • What are some problems they might face?
  • What do your customers think?

Once you have completed these questions, you can think about a suitable company name. For example, if you want to target retailers, you might create names that promote sustainability. Some of these names may be ‘EcoPost’, ‘GreenPack’, and ‘Friendly Shipping’. Just use root words that are associated with your target audience.

Tip Two: Establish Your Unique Selling Point

Unique selling points are great for attracting the right people to your company. A selling point is an aspect of your company that sets you apart from competitors. You can use selling points to your advantage by highlighting them in your name. Here are some selling points you can think about having for your packaging company:

  • Sustainable options: Most consumers love sustainable companies that try to make a difference in the world. Your packaging might have eco-friendly materials that benefit the planet. Make sure to highlight this sustainability in your company name. 
  • Cheap packaging: Consumers might prefer cheap alternatives to expensive packaging deals. You can offer cheaper options that help brands and business owners to minimize their spending costs. Just use words related to ‘cheap’ in your company name!
  • Diverse collaborations: Some packaging companies deliver packaging to a range of different industries. Your name can represent the diverse industries you work with to sell packaging for products. You can find words associated with ‘diverse’ for your name.

These are three good options to have for your unique selling point. You can also search for other packaging companies and determine their original traits. Just make sure to use something different that makes your company stand out!


Overall, you should create a name that highlights your packaging services. Customers want to know about your products and how they can benefit from them. The naming process is never easy, but creating a strong name will be worth it for your company image. Most importantly, just have fun and experiment with plenty of creative ideas that suit your name preferences!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of root words associated with ‘packaging’ and type those into the packaging company name generator. Once you have done that, you can use the filters to adjust your results. Just scan through the names to find ones that suit your company!

Strong company names will encourage customers to use your services. Some examples of names are ‘Bubble Wrap Pack’, ‘Post the Most’, ‘Shipping Goodies’, and ‘Love in a Box’. You can use the packaging company name generator to find similar names.

The internet can help you find synonyms for packaging and other words you want to use for the name. I found words like ‘wrapping’, ‘packing’, ‘posting’, and ‘delivering’. Just pop these into our generator and you should find lists of different names!
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