Painting Business Name Ideas

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Best Painting Business Name Ideas

Painting is a big part of the creative industry that allows people to express their creativity through beautiful designs. This might be a challenging business to open, but the imaginative and clever work you can provide for customers will be worth it. Of course, creativity is important, but creating a business name that highlights your innovation is paramount.

Customers want to see a name that is unique and represents your painting services. If they hear the name, can they guess you’re a painting business? You need to settle on a name that not only states your services but portrays your personality through the words. Don’t worry, though – this guide is here to help you create unique names using the painting business name generator!

One-Word Painting Business Name Ideas

It’s a fact that no customers want to remember long and complicated names. This is why you should create a business name that is simple, direct, and relevant. Of course, one-word names aren’t essential, but they’re incredibly effective for memorability. For example, you could find names like ‘PaintNest’ or ‘ColourAway’ that directly tell customers what to expect. 

You need to think of root words associated with ‘painting’ and type those into the painting business name generator. I used the words ‘paint’, ‘brush’, ‘colours’, and ‘coat’. Then I chose what names I liked best from the generator! 

  1. Paintque
  2. CoatGeniX
  3. Paintex
  4. Coloursgenics
  5. ColoursLux
  6. Coatlada 
  7. Brushopedia
  8. Paintnetic
  9. Brushify 
  10. Coatworks
  11. Brushscape
  12. ColoursHut
  13. PaintDeck
  14. Coloursoryx
  15. Paintaholic 

Tips For Creating One-Word Painting Business Names

Before finding some creative business names, you need to select the ‘one-word’ option in the filtered list. You can also choose ‘art’, ‘crafts’, ‘creative’, ‘home’, and ‘services’ from the industry list to view more accurate results. Once you have done this, you can scan through the pages of names to find the ones that best suit your painting business. 

Not everyone will find names, of course, which is why you can combine words to make these one-word names. For example, I combined ‘brush’ and ‘scape’ to create the name ‘Brushscape’. Just find other words related to your services and mesh those with your current root words.

Rhyming Painting Business Name Ideas

Customers enjoy rhymes because they create a pleasing sound effect in the brain. Our brains adapt more easily to patterns, rather than a jumble of complicated words that don’t make sense. You can create a name using half-rhymes, alliteration, or full rhymes. Try using similar sounds that produce a “singsong” pattern, as this will help with memorability. 

I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the painting business name generator. Then I selected the ‘rhyming’ option from the filtered list. Below you will find rhyming names that sound best for a painting business!

  1. Painting Passion
  2. Plus Brush
  3. Paint Pack
  4. Brush Base
  5. Paint Petals
  6. Lush Brush
  7. Captivating Colours
  8. Brush Brush
  9. Crafty Colours
  10. Paint Saint
  11. Crucial Colours
  12. Paint Perfection 
  13. Coat Creators
  14. Coat Complex
  15. Brush Bubs

Tips For Creating Rhyming Painting Business Names

Rhyming names usually require more creative thinking and ideas. You need to create names that use rhyming techniques to attract customers to your business. Of course, not every root word can rhyme with something, which is why you can use alliteration and half-rhymes.

If you can’t find many rhymes on the generator, you can search for rhyming examples online. Some websites offer lists of rhyming words that seem the most effective in business names. Just type in something like ‘words that rhyme with paint’ to view some strong rhyming words.

Interior Painting Business Name Ideas

Creating a name that highlights your interior painting services can tell customers exactly what to expect. You might paint designs on walls or create simple paintings for people to hang in their homes. If you only specialize in interior painting, you should represent this in your business name. For example, you might have something like ‘Premium Interior’ or ‘Interior Creation’. 

I used some of the same root words and included the word ‘interior’ on the painting business name generator. Of course, you can scan through the filters to find unique names. Below are some names you could use for your interior painting business! 

  1. Perfect Rooms
  2. Brush Portrait
  3. Interior Sense
  4. Interior Absolute
  5. Fantastic Rooms
  6. Daydream Walls
  7. Paint Visions
  8. Interior Dream
  9. Brush Rocket
  10. Surface Colours
  11. Brush Unleash
  12. Certain Colours
  13. Interior Brushes
  14. Paint Purpose
  15. Expert Paints

Tips For Creating Interior Painting Business Names

Before creating a business name, you need to think of root words associated with ‘interior’ and type those into the painting business name generator. This should give you more accurate results that highlight your interior paint services. You can also make this name more creative by using the ‘rhyming’ filter or combining your root words with fun language. For example, I combined a descriptive word like ‘fantastic’ with ‘rooms’ to create an expressive name.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Painted Spaces
  • Stroke Precision
  • Serious Strokes
  • Stroke Pros
  • Stroke By Stroke
  • Best Refresh
  • Paint Perfection
  • Perfect Paint
  • Precision Painters
  • Colorful Corners
  • Color Closet
  • Color Castle
  • All The Colors
  • Speedy Painting
  • Let Us Paint!
  • Pro Paints Painting
  • The Paint Parents
  • Real Painters Now
  • We Paint For Less
  • Quick Paints
  • Call Us Painters
  • Paint Bros
  • Master Painters
  • Design Painters
  • Paint By Number
  • Paint Me In
  • Painted Lily
  • Paint Place
  • Paint Store
  • Paint Corner
  • Sunday Painter
  • House Painter
  • Pretty painter
  • House and Home
  • Indoor Outdoor
  • Painted lady
  • El Pintura
  • El Cuadro
  • Art Boys
  • Usethepaints
  • Pearl Paintings
  • Art Pro
  • Nut Paints
  • Painter Nest
  • Paintbox

Best Real-World Painting Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Cloud Painters

How Cloud Painters Got Its Name

Cloud Painters have professional painters and decorators that work hard to “provide high-quality work” for customers. They work in residential, commercial, and office buildings that require interior and exterior painting services. This business aims to cause minimum disruption too. 

Why Cloud Painters Is A Catchy Business Name

The word ‘cloud’ may represent their goal of “causing minimum disruption” to customers. Clouds are often seen as peaceful and move around swiftly. Combining this word with ‘painters’ will tell customers more about the professionalism of this painting business.

Paint It All

How Paint It All Got Its Name

Paint It All aims to achieve the “perfect finish in all projects” when using high-quality paints and materials. Customer satisfaction is their priority, as they want to go the extra mile when finishing projects. They offer wall art, painting, wallpapering, and vinyl graphics.

Why Paint It All Is A Catchy Business Name

This business name is very simple and tells customers exactly what to expect. Adding ‘it all’ will also tell customers this business offers different painting services. Names that are direct can enhance the memorability of the business. 

Parrot Painting

How Parrot Painting Got Its Name

Parrot Painting strives to achieve “100% customer satisfaction” when painting and decorating a range of different properties. They also offer refurbishment and renovation work for domestic and commercial customers. This business has over 30 years of experience with painting. 

Why Parrot Painting Is A Catchy Business Name

The alliterative name ‘Parrot Painting’ represents the parrot in the logo. Some businesses use animals or characters to create memorability for customers. After doing some research, I found that parrots are supposed to symbolize colour, which is very fitting for a painting business.

Most Successful Painting Businesses

Fresh Coat

How Fresh Coat Got Its Name

Fresh Coat was created to give people a “professional painting business”. They offer cheap painting services for customers who need high-quality designs in their homes. This business has over 130 Fresh Coat franchises all over the United States. 

Why Fresh Coat Is A Catchy Business Name

Fresh Coat is a direct name that tells customers what this business is about. This name is unique because it doesn’t have the word ‘paint’. Although having ‘paint’ in the name is good, it may not show much creativity within the business. 

Five Star Painting

How Five Star Painting Got Its Name

Five Star Painting was founded by two friends in 2004. They wanted to transform homes using their painting ideas and skills. This business states they “understand the importance of colour” when it comes to providing fresh interior and exterior painting jobs.

Why Five Star Painting Is A Catchy Business Name

The words ‘five star’ will already tell customers this is a professional business. Five stars create a good first impression for people who require painting services. ‘Painting’ is a simple word that tells customers what kind of business this is.

360 Painting

How 360 Painting Got Its Name 

Paul Flick founded 360 Painting in 2006 to focus on “customer service” and “personalized experiences”. They have now completed over 7000 painting projects for customers. 360 Painting has been working hard for over a decade to provide customers with a full range of painting services. 

Why 360 Painting Is A Catchy Business Name

360 degrees means to complete a full circle, which could relate to the beginning and end of each painting project. This business wants to take time perfecting requests for customers. Again, ‘painting’ is a direct word that gives customers an idea of what to expect.

3 Tips That Can Help You Name Your Painting Business

You might find the business naming process challenging, especially if you’re new to the painting industry. Everyone goes through different planning stages when deciding on a name that will attract customers. Some people might use the painting business name generator and choose a name straight away, and others may spend a few days brainstorming creative ideas. The planning depends on your preferences and how you prefer to name your business. 

But don’t worry too much – this section will help you through the naming process. We give you three tips that can benefit your planning. Just keep on reading to find out what these tips are and how they will encourage you to find the perfect name for your painting business!

Tip One: Brainstorm Your Creative Name Ideas And Plans

Brainstorming your name ideas might be the best way to document your progress. For this, you will need a notebook and pen (maybe even some highlighters to encourage more creativity). Start by noting down words that you want to use in your business name. These words might be related to ‘painting’ or hold a special meaning that helps you to create a legacy. After writing these words in the notebook, you can begin thinking of names that incorporate those words. You can use the painting business name generator for help during this brainstorming!

Tip Two: Market Your Name Towards The Right Audience

Your business name should be marketable to your target audience. For a painting business, people with home renovation plans are more likely to use your services. You can target these potential customers by using words like ‘design’ and ‘new’ when talking about painting designs or home interior plans. If you want to test the strength of your business name, you can create online polls that encourage anonymous users to submit their opinions. This will help you gather feedback on the memorability and marketability of your business name. 

Tip Three: Keep Your Business Name Short And Sweet

Customers want to remember names that are short and get straight to the point. Names that are memorable will often attract new customers who are eager to use the business’ services. For example, ‘PaintGalore’ is a simple name that clearly states what the business does. You can combine two words to make a one-word business name, but make sure those two words relate to ‘painting’. 

To keep your name short, you can use the ‘one-word’ filter on the painting business name generator. This should give you straightforward names that incorporate your root words. 

Again, if you don’t like some of those names on the generator, then just create a name that is under three words and highlights your personality and specialty. A good example would be ‘Painting Needs’ or something along those lines. Use this as a chance to explore short business names on the internet that have a lasting impact on customers in the painting industry.


Overall, you should create a name that highlights your specific painting services. Customers want to know more about your business and how you can help them. Names always create a first impression, so it’s important to focus on finding a name that represents your mission. Remember to use the painting business name generator during the naming process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can name your painting business something personal or reference a memory that is meaningful. Of course, you don’t have to do this, but it gives family and friends a chance to continue your painting legacy in the future.

Root words are the first thing you should think about when naming your company. These words can relate to ‘painting’. Simply type these words into the painting business name generator and choose a name that is suitable for your business!

Some other words for painters are portraitist, animator, landscapist, craftsperson, illustrator and artisan. You could use some of these words in your business name if you want to stand out. Most businesses incorporate ‘paint’ into their names, so try to do something different.
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