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Best Party Planner Business Name Ideas

Everyone loves to party, right? Music, balloons, drinks, and people are what bring these events to life. They are fun for people who want to enjoy their time with close family and friends. Parties create opportunities to make solid memories that last a lifetime. Highlighting this enjoyment in your business name can attract customers to use your party planning services. You would want people to know just how fun and engaging your parties can really be! 

You might be thinking – yes of course, but how do I start? Don’t worry about that, because our party planner business name generator will help you. From one-word names to metaphorical names, you’re bound to find cool ideas. Just keep on reading to find out what they are! 

One-Word Party Planner Business Name Ideas

Customers tend to gravitate towards one-word business names that are memorable. You can have a single word that describes your party planning services, or you can combine two words that relate to your business. These names are good for being simple and direct. Of course, one-word names aren’t essential, but they’re good for first-time business owners. 

You need to think of root words associated with ‘party planning’ and type those into our party planner business name generator. I chose the words ‘events’, ‘fun’, ‘celebrate’, and ‘prep’. Then, I selected the ‘one-word’ option from the filters and chose the best names!

  1. EventsgeniX
  2. Eventastic!
  3. Eventsaholic 
  4. CelebrateLux
  5. CelebrateHut
  6. Celebrateya
  7. Prepverse
  8. Prepworks
  9. PreporyX
  10. FunPlanning
  11. FunSeasons
  12. Funporium 
  13. Partydeck
  14. Partyscape
  15. Partynetic 

Tips For Creating One-Word Party Planner Business Names

If you want more accurate results, you can choose ‘creative’, ‘events’, ‘groups’, ‘luxury’, ‘music’, and ‘services’ from the industry list. This should help you find names that are more related to your party planning business. Just experiment with the filters to see what you can find.

Of course, you might not find one-word names you like on the generator, so think about combining two words instead. For example, I used the words ‘events’ and ‘fantastic’ and merged those to make ‘Eventastic!’. The exclamation mark also gives it more oomph

Rhyming Party Planner Business Name Ideas

People usually like to hear names that sound lyrically pleasing. This is because rhymes trigger the ‘musical’ side of the brain that tries to make sense of patterns. You can use rhyming names to match the fun and quirky nature of your business. Alliteration and half-rhymes also count towards rhyming names, so use these if you can’t find exact rhyming words.

I used the same root words from before and popped those into the party planner business name generator. Then, I chose the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered section. Keep reading to find names I ‌thought were best for your party planning business!

  1. Party Preppers
  2. Prep At Your Doorstep
  3. Party Plan Fan
  4. The Fun Has Begun
  5. Party Production
  6. Little Prep Steps
  7. Crazy Celebrations
  8. No Fun Is Done
  9. Focused Fun 
  10. Easy Events
  11. Elevate and Celebrate
  12. Event Express
  13. Pretty Pink Plans
  14. Extreme Events
  15. Create Celebrations

Tips For Creating Rhyming Party Planner Business Names

Rhyming names usually require more creative thinking, as you need to carefully choose words that go well together. I searched for rhyming words online and found good examples that matched the root words. For example, the name ‘No Fun Is Done’ uses exact rhyming words. If you can’t find exact rhymes, just use alliteration to make the words flow nicely together. ‘Party Preppers’ has the same first letter and still relates to your party planning services. 

Metaphorical Party Planner Business Name Ideas

A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares one thing to someone else. It might sound confusing at first, but this literary technique is great for bringing your business to life. Have you heard of the phrase ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’? Well, that’s a metaphor, because it can’t literally rain cats and dogs. You can search for common metaphors online that relate to your root words, but make sure you create a name that is still unique for your business.

I took some of the same root words and combined those with metaphors. The party planner business name generator can still help you find creative ideas. Below, you can see a few metaphorical names I created using my imagination! 

  1. Party Animals!
  2. Electric Events
  3. Prep Your Beats
  4. Event of Your Dreams
  5. Planning Princess
  6. Jungle Events
  7. Celebration Monkeys
  8. Celebration Caves
  9. Party Prep Utopia 
  10. Popping Star Party
  11. Tiger Plan Parties
  12. Paradise Planning
  13. Prep Champions
  14. Party Jam Plan
  15. Preppin’ Panthers 

Tips For Creating Metaphorical Party Planner Business Names

You might have to spend extra time planning your metaphorical business name. They require more creative ideas when it comes to making something unique. Of course, there’s no need to rush, so take your time and do plenty of research on metaphorical names. For example, I searched for animals that represent ‘fun’ and found monkeys (this animal obviously won’t turn up at parties). I then combined this with a root word to make ‘Celebration Monkeys’. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Partypros
  • You’Re Invited
  • Rsvparties
  • Rsvplanners
  • Party Hire
  • Party Power
  • Party Precision
  • Gotta Party
  • Perfected Parties
  • Party Preppers
  • Celebration Station
  • Confetti Co.
  • Experience Planner
  • Ready. Set
  • Planning Excellence
  • Elegance Planned
  • Let’S Plan It!
  • Soiree Saviors
  • Party Planning Pros
  • We Heart Parties
  • Decadence Events
  • Fun Fest Events
  • Splurge Events
  • Check Off!
  • PartySteps
  • Schedule Party
  • Schedule Holidays
  • Plan The Party
  • Party Organizer
  • Weekend Organizer
  • Weekend Creation
  • Happy Scheduler
  • Happy Planner
  • Party Prompt
  • Prompt Weekend
  • Birthday Planner
  • Party Whale
  • The Organizers
  • Party With Plans
  • Party Excellence
  • Excel Team
  • Dream Team
  • Perfect Event
  • Eventography
  • Eventogram

Best Real-World Party Planner Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Now, you can research other real-world businesses to gain inspiration for your business name. The internet is your best friend for gathering valuable information. I found some party planner businesses that have cool names, so keep reading to find out what they are!

Banana Split

How did Banana Split get its name?

Julian Posner created this name because he saw a banana that was the “brightest, resplendent and distinctive” fruit in the bowl. This sparked the name ‘Banana Split’, which represents the original, creative, and innovative ideas behind the team. 

Why is Banana Split a catchy business name?

Customers might not relate this name to party planning straight away, but it still creates that curiosity. People want to know what the business is all about. This metaphorical name takes the bright appearance of a banana and relates it to the “resplendent” business. 

The Bubbles Crew 

How did The Bubbles Crew get its name?

The Bubbles Crew is a children’s party planning service that has a “fresh and dynamic approach” to meeting customer needs. This business got its name from creating bright and bubbly-themed parties. Of course, this is very fitting for children’s entertainment. 

Why is The Bubbles Crew a catchy business name?

This business chose a name that sounds childish (in a good way) and represents the fun nature of its services. Bubbles would make children think of fun parties to share with friends. Adding ‘crew’ suggests this is a team-based party planning business. 

Party Doctors

How did the Party Doctors get its name?

Party Doctors was first established in 2005 to become an “all in one supplier” for event lighting, sound design, and catering. They aim to provide “highest quality equipment” to customers for low prices. This business probably got its name from wanting to help people!

Why is the Party Doctors a catchy business name?

The word ‘doctors’ relates to the idea of helping people plan their parties. It’s good to use a metaphor like this when grabbing customers’ attention. Including ‘party’ at the beginning ensures people know this is a party-related business. 

Most Successful Party Planner Businesses

Looking at popular party planners can help you establish why their names are compelling. You can write what business names capture your attention the most. I chose some successful party planner businesses and listed them down below! 

The Perfect Event

How did The Perfect Event get its name?

The Perfect Event was created in 2007 to combine “meticulous planning with awe-inspiring design and concept”. They got their business name from wanting to create a “perfect” event that uses high-quality equipment, party gadgets, and videotapes.

Why is The Perfect Event a catchy business name?

Customers would look at this name and focus on the word ‘perfect’. This is because ‘perfect’ has positive connotations of being the best business. Of course, including ‘event’ tells customers exactly what to expect from this party planning business. 


How did Snapdragon get its name?

Snapdragon has a team with 50 + years of experience who can create “groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind parties for an international clientele”. It’s not clear where they got the name from, but it’s unique to party planning and stands out from the crowd of competitors. 

Why is Snapdragon a catchy business name?

Dragons usually make people think of fantasy films that have these creatures. Even though it doesn’t relate to party planning, it still brings along the ‘fantastical’ aspects. Customers would expect their parties to look like dreams and be “something truly incredible”. 

The Party Professionals 

How did The Party Professionals get its name?

The Party Professionals got its name from the team of experts who create “spectacular events for both the corporate and private markets”. They started in 2008 and soon became popular when they offered unique prices to clients. 

Why is The Party Professionals a catchy business name?

This name is very direct and memorable to customers. People can easily tell this is a party planning company just by looking at the name. Including the word, ‘professionals’ make this business sound more sophisticated and experienced.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Party Planner Business

The naming process can be challenging and daunting for those who are new to the party planning industry. You don’t know how to begin, or you’re unsure of what customers might like. These thoughts are completely normal for first-time business owners. But don’t worry, because some people go through different planning stages when thinking of a creative business name. 

Choose a planning method that’s suitable for you and your business preferences. This could be documenting your progress on the computer or writing notes in a physical notebook. When planning your party planning business name, though, you’ll want to make sure your reliability and resilience shine through. Our party planner business name generator will guide you in the right direction. Keep reading to find three tips that can aid your naming process!

Tip One: Request Feedback From Family And Friends

Your family and friends will most likely give you honest feedback regarding business names. They can tell what they like about the name and if you can change anything about it. Feedback is important for improving your business name and gaining a fresh perspective. Your eyes might not pick up on mistakes, but other eyes can because they’re not part of your thinking process. Make sure to write this honest feedback so you can refer to it in the future. 

Tip Two: Think About Colors And Fonts For Your Name

You might be wondering – why do I need to think about colors and fonts for a business name? Of course, these aspects won’t be on your priority list, but they’re still good to think about during the planning stage. Colors resemble emotions and make people feel a certain way. For example, yellow is a happy color that encourages people to think of sunshine. Just consider your theme in the business and if you can incorporate color into the business name. 

Fonts also change the vibe of your party planning business. If you had a curly font, people might assume your business is quirky and fun. Bold fonts relate to sophistication and professionalism. Test your name with a range of different fonts and see what takes your fancy. This might be a small thing to think about, but it could make a big difference! 

Tip Three: Brainstorm Your Party Planning Business Name Ideas

Of course, you only need one business name, but it’s better to think of a few ideas during the planning stages. This gives you more ideas to work with and consider for your party planning business. You could give family and friends these lists of names to see what they like best. However, brainstorming creative names can help you document your progress. All it takes is a spark of creativity. Just grab a piece of paper and colorful pens and you should be ready to go!


Overall, create a name that highlights your party planning services. Customers want to know more about your experience and what type of parties you might be interested in. You can use literary techniques to strengthen the memorability of your name. Most importantly – have fun during the naming process and don’t forget to use our party planner business name generator!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of root words associated with ‘party planning’ and pop those into our party planner business name generator. This should give you a list of good business names. Some of these might be ‘Party Preps’, ‘Power Parties’, ‘Celebration Station’ and ‘Fabulous Functions’.

Unique names require thinking outside of the box. Take ideas that other businesses haven't used yet. This will make you stand out from the crowd of competitors. You can use our party planner business name generator to help you find creative names!

Some other names are event managers, meeting planner, event coordinator, convention planner, event facilitator, event moderator and party planner. Just search for ‘other words for event planners’ to find more interesting results online.
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