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The Best Names for Chef Businesses

Chefs do amazing work, able to weave ingredients together to create beautiful and delicious dishes and making so much happiness and joy through the art of cooking. And if you want to share your passion for the culinary arts with the world, you’ll need to think of some good chef business names.

However, coming up with chef business name ideas can be a challenge, and many chefs are left scratching their heads, not sure where to start. We’re here to help, and this guide will cover lots of tips and methods you can use to make amazing chef business names.

Not only that, but if you want to create tons of chef business name ideas in no time at all, you can use our very own chef business name generator. The BizNameWiz chef business name generator is able to automatically make tons of super chef business names with the click of a button.

15 Professional Chef Business Name Ideas for Personal Chefs

If you’re a highly talented chef, you may want to start your own personal chef business, offering your cooking services to individuals or businesses that want to enjoy the finest of foods. In order to stand out in this field, you’ll need a great name, so here are some sleek, modern, and professional chef business name ideas to inspire you.

  • Elite Cooking
  • Next Level Meals
  • Refined Palate
  • Fit for a King
  • Regal Meals 
  • Premium Cooking Services 
  • The Culinary Arthouse
  • Culinary Indulgence    
  • Effortless Dining    
  • Sit Back & Enjoy   
  • Enjoy Cuisine   
  • Pampered Cooking  
  • Meal Marvels
  • Perfection on a Plate   
  • The Chef’s Touch

Tips for Creating Professional Chef Business Name Ideas for Personal Chefs

Think of powerful and evocative words!

If you want to create professional and sophisticated chef business name ideas, a good way to get started is to think of powerful, evocative words that will get people’s attention and give off a good impression of your company. Words like refined, regal, premium, and elite can work well for high-end cooking services, while words such as indulgence, culinary, palate, and pampered can make people eager to try your services. Try entering some of these words into our chef business name generator for even more awesome ideas.

15 Inventive Chef Business Names for Chef Blogs and Websites

Another great business idea for a chef is to set up your own blog or website, or even a YouTube channel. You can then share recipes, cooking tips, kitchen stories, and more with your fans and followers from around the world. Here are some fun and innovative chef business names for blogs, sites, and channels.

  • The Daily Dish
  • Deconstructed Dishes
  • The Menu
  • What’s for Dinner? 
  • Fine Dining Daily
  • Chef 101
  • Chef Advice
  • Cook More
  • In the Kitchen 
  • Speak to the Chef 
  • Bon App    
  • Le Chef   
  • Monsieur Chef 
  • Order Up
  • Delicate Dishes 

Tips for Creating Inventive Chef Business Names for Chef Blogs and Websites 

When it comes to creating fun and original chef business name ideas for sites and blogs, it’s useful to try and inject some personality and character in the chef business names you make. Try to think of something special about your site or channel and then convey it through your name. Otherwise, try to think of words that sum up your approach to cooking and use the chef business name generator to make ideas instantaneously.

15 Attractive Chef Business Name Ideas for Home Cooking Chefs

Personal chefs can also offer home services, going into people’s homes and cooking delicious meals in their kitchens, or preparing dishes for home delivery. There are even some chefs who offer lessons and chef training for people in the comfort of their own homes, and here are some fun and attractive chef business name ideas for those in this line of work.

  • Chef at Home
  • HomeChef
  • Prepared Plates
  • Delicious Deliveries 
  • PrimeChef  
  • Dishes Delivered
  • Your Recipe 
  • Home Cookbook
  • Special Chef Service   
  • UpChef  
  • Chef It   
  • Chef for Hire  
  • Table For You    
  • Plate Date   
  • One-on-One Cooking 

Tips for Creating Attractive Chef Business Name Ideas for Home Cooking Chefs

Chef business names for home chefs can have various vibes, from sleek and sophisticated to more fun and casual. Try to figure out what kind of vibe you want to give off and then think of words that will help to build that kind of impression. Use the chef business name generator to make lots of name ideas quickly, and opt for shorter, catchier names to help build up your brand awareness.

 Figure out what kind of vibe you want!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Personal Prep
  • Just For You
  • Just For Two
  • Delicious Hire
  • Home Prep
  • Cook’S Kitchen
  • At-Home Chef
  • Chefs For Hire
  • Party Prep Chef
  • Effortless Kitchen
  • Effortless Menu
  • Menu Mine
  • Just Me Menu
  • Table For One
  • Table For Home
  • Setting Tables
  • Pampered Pros
  • Pampered Chefs
  • Pamper Prep
  • Create A Plate
  • Personal Plate
  • Plate Date
  • Your Date Plate
  • Your Plate Date
  • Dedicated Dishes
  • Dish Delivered
  • Tiny Table
  • Single Savor
  • Cheffin It Up!
  • Kitchen Turnups
  • Your Chef Friend
  • Call 4 Chef
  • Chef Persona
  • Chef Visit
  • Chef 4 Party
  • Kitchen Delivery
  • Date Catering
  • Party Catering
  • Home Culinary
  • Culinary Service
  • Meal At Home
  • Chef Assistance
  • Pick A Chef
  • Banquet Chef
  • Chef Caterer

The Best Real-World Chef Company Names

There are already tons of amazing chef businesses out there, from personal chef companies to chefs who offer cooking classes and culinary assistance for people in their own homes. Below, we’ll look at some of our favorite real-world chef company names, breaking down how they were made and why they work so well.


How MiumMium Got Its Name

MiumMium is one of the biggest and best online marketplaces for personal chefs to find clients, sell cooking classes, provide catering services, and so on. The brand’s name comes from the sound people make when they eat something delicious.   

Why MiumMium Is A Great Chef Company Name

MiumMium is a fun chef business name with a pleasant sound and a ton of character. It immediately makes people think about tasty food and fine dining, so it works really well for this kind of business.

Chef Chic

How Chef Chic Got Its Name

Chef Chic is an award-winning personal chef business based in Arizona. The company offers various chef recipes and prepared meal delivery services for people in the local area.   

Why Chef Chic Is A Great Chef Company Name

Chef Chic is a short, simple, and effective chef business name. It cleverly uses two words that start with the “Ch” sound in order to create a pleasant-sounding name that is easy for people to remember.

Elite Personal Chefs 

How Elite Personal Chefs Got Its Name 

Elite Personal Chefs is the name of a leading personal chef company that aims to help people find high-end, experienced chefs for their personal cooking and catering needs. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on the most elite chefs.

Why Elite Personal Chefs Is A Great Chef Company Name

Elite Personal Chefs is a great chef business name for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s very informative, and people can easily understand what this company does purely from hearing the name. In addition, this name is very good from an SEO and digital marketing perspective, as it contains lots of relevant keywords that people might be searching for on Google.

Most Successful Chef Company Names

Hire a Chef

How Hire a Chef Got Its Name

Hire a Chef is regarded as one of the biggest and most reliable personal chef companies in the world. It’s a marketplace where chefs can post their profiles and customers can find local chefs nearby.  

Why Hire a Chef Is A Great Chef Company Name

Hire a Chef is a great chef business name because it’s so clear and informative. It tells people exactly what they need to know about the brand. Plus, it works really well for SEO, as anyone who Googles a phrase like “hire a chef” will quickly find this site.

Big City Chefs

How Big City Chefs Got Its Name

Big City Chefs is an American private chef company that offers private chef services, cooking classes, and chef catering services to clients around the world. The name reflects the company’s quality and focus on big city events.    

Why Big City Chefs Is A Great Chef Company Name

Big City Chefs is a powerful and bold chef business name. It’s a name that evokes lots of positive associations, and anyone looking for top quality chef services will be drawn to this brand.

Table at Home

How Table at Home Got Its Name

Table at Home is another online private chef company. It offers an online platform where people can find and book private chefs for dinner parties, cooking lessons, and other events. The name was chosen to reflect the home-based nature of the company’s services.   

Why Table at Home Is A Great Chef Company Name

Table at Home is another simple but effective chef company name that is easy to understand and clearly conveys a message about what the company has to offer.

Tips for Creating Your Own Chef Company Name

Choose an Honest Name

When coming up with chef business name ideas or using our chef business name generator, always make sure you pick a name that honestly and accurately represents your suit of business. If you’re aiming to offer friendly and fun cooking classes, for example, you can pick a light-hearted and vibrant kind of name. If, on the other hand, you’re more focused on providing elite-level cooking services, you may instead want to focus on words and names that are more closely linked to fine dining and haute cuisine.

Consider Rhyming and Alliteration

Consider rhyming and alliteration!

Ideally, you’ll want to make your business name as memorable as possible. If your name is easy for people to remember, they’ll be much more likely to talk about your brand with people they know and build up your brand awareness levels. A good way to make a memorable name is to make use of words that rhyme or sound similar. So, names like Dishes Delivered and Plate Date can work very well in this industry.

Make Your Audience Salivate

It’s also very important to think about the audience that you’re hoping to target with your services, too, and try to choose a name that will instantly grab their attention and make them feel hungry for fine dining and start to crave the sorts of services you can provide! By using words like plate, dish, meal, recipe, and menu, combined with food-related adjectives like yummy, scrumptious, tasty, and fresh, you can really get your audience in the mood for food.

Check for Other Businesses Using the Same Name

Got a great result from our chef company name generator? If so, you’re nearly ready to set up your new company name, but, before you make it official, there’s one last thing you need to do. You have to make sure that the name you want to use is available and hasn’t been claimed by another business already. Search online to see if any other companies are already using your chosen name. If not, you can claim it right away and officially make it yours.

Use the Chef Company Name Generator

If you need any help in naming your chef company or want some extra ideas and inspiration, try out the BizNameWiz chef company name generator. Our chef company name generator is free to use and very straightforward, and it can give you hundreds or even thousands of amazing name ideas in no time at all. To use the chef company name generator, simply type a word, like “meal” or “recipe” into the box provided and then click on the Generate button.


When setting up any kind of company, it’s so important to pick the best possible name. The right name can help you attract positive attention, get more sales, and build up a loyal following of customers, so be sure to use the tips and tricks provided in this guide to make your name as good as it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some examples of great chef company names include Hire a Chef, Big City Chefs, Table at Home, and Chef Chic.

There are lots of methods you can use, but a good way to get started is to list as many keywords as you can think of that are connected to your company's services, values, and vibe. You can then use those words as building blocks to make amazing chef business name ideas.

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