Phone Case Business Names

Generate name ideas for your Phone Case Business below.

Best Phone Case Business Name Ideas

People love to have a great phone case that protects their device from damages. The world relies on this technology to communicate and learn new things, so without it, people wouldn’t know what to do. That’s why phone cases are now being designed to withstand extensive drops on hard floors. More protection equates to a safe and happy phone. 

But of course, people won’t feel intrigued to buy a phone case unless it has a cool name. You can use our guide to help you find names that will encourage customers to buy your products. Just try our phone case business name generator and generate thousands of name ideas and you can choose the one that suits you and attracts you the best! 

Aesthetic Phone Case Business Name Ideas

Everyone loves a beautifully designed phone case that is both aesthetic and creative. They can show it off to friends or display it during classic mirror selfies. However, customers need to feel intrigued by the name first. You need to think of names that represent the aesthetic phone cases in your business. The designs might have cool patterns or bright colors that make it stand out. 

 Think of names that represent aesthetic!

Think of root words associated with ‘aesthetic’ and ‘phone case’. Once you have found some words, just type those into the phone case business name generator. I used the words ‘case’, ‘protect’, ‘cool’ and ‘cover’. Then I chose the best names and included them down below!

  • Crimson Case                      
  • Peach Platinum Covers                
  • Graphicase 
  • Fluffy Phone                        
  • Little Cool Case                            
  • Sprinkle Protect
  • Cool Covers!                        
  • Red Cherry Cover                        
  • Cool Touch
  • Pretty Protect                       
  • Doodle Protect                             
  • Chrome Covers
  • Case Angels                        
  • Blue Button Cases                     
  • Cool Cover Support

Tips For Creating Aesthetic Phone Case Business Names

Aesthetic phone case names should be more descriptive. This will allow customers to visualize your products when reading the business name. You can use adjectives to describe the cases, or you can incorporate colors and patterns that highlight your aesthetic products. The phone case business name generator should give you plenty of suitable names! 

Metaphorical Phone Case Business Name Ideas

You can use metaphors to help customers imagine the quality of your products. A metaphor is a literary technique that directly refers to one thing by mentioning another. For example, you might have a name like ‘Eagle Cases’ that compares your products to this animal. The use of ‘eagle’ symbolizes protection and strength, which is good for phone cases that have both of those things. Just search up common metaphors and find ones that may suit your name.

I used the same root words from earlier and combined those with metaphors. You can use the phone case business name generator to find a few examples of these. Keep reading to find the names that I chose for a phone case business!

  • Phones Have Wings                     
  • Phone Princess                      
  • Cover Charms
  • Cover Angels                                
  • Leader of Cases                     
  • Case Penguin
  • King and Queen Cases              
  • Whisker Covers                      
  • Electrify Protect
  • Rocket Covers                              
  • Cool Shields                           
  • Case Operation 
  • Tiger Phone Case                        
  • Your Phone Coat                   
  • Cover Fairy 

Tips For Creating Metaphorical Phone Case Business Names

Metaphorical names often require more creative thinking, as you need to consider how customers might visualize your products. How does the metaphor relate to your business? What does the metaphor represent? Answering these questions should help you create a name. 

But don’t worry if you can’t find many on the phone case business name generator, just use the internet to find common metaphors that you can take for inspiration. Make sure to turn them into your own ideas, as this will make your business name more unique!

One-Word Phone Case Business Name Ideas

One-word names are simple, catchy and effective for engaging with customers. People don’t want to remember long names that have complicated words. They want to memorize names that directly tell them what to expect in the business. 

One-word names are simple, catchy and effective!

You can choose a word that relates to phone cases, or you can combine two root words to make one. For example, you might have a name like ‘CaseLux’ that blends the idea of a luxurious phone case. I used the same root words and popped those into the phone case business name generator. Then I clicked the ‘one word’ option from the filtered list!

  • Caseomatic                                   
  • Cooltastic!                           
  • Protectoryx 
  • Protectology                                
  • Coverlance                          
  • Caselada 
  • Coverporium                               
  • ProtectgeniX                        
  • Protectify 
  • Protectworks                                 
  • Phoneify                              
  • Casedeck  
  • PhonesyX                                     
  • CoverHut                           
  • Covernetic 

Tips For Creating One-Word Phone Case Business Names

Our generator will help you find a range of different one-word business names. Just experiment with the filters to see what names you can generate. For example, I clicked ‘creative’, ‘tech’, ‘media’ and ‘luxury’ from the industry list to view more accurate results. If you can’t find many names on the generator, just think of two words you want to combine. I thought of ‘cool’ and ‘fantastic’ and meshed those together to create ‘Cooltastic!’. 

Best Real-World Phone Case Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Phone C

Researching other phone case businesses can help you gain inspiration for your name. I chose some names that sound effective for selling phone cases. Just keep reading to find out how businesses got their names and why they are compelling!


How did CASETiFY get its name?

CASETiFY was founded over 7 years ago to create simple phone cases that took pictures from Instagram feeds. Now, they create phone cases that cater to everyone’s needs. They are “big believers in self-expression”, which is why they create cool and funky case designs.

Why is CASETiFY a catchy business name?

This name is directly related to phone cases, which makes it easier for customers to remember the products. Of course, this business spun their own version of the word ‘case’ to make it more unique and less boring. One-word names are great memorability and directness. 


How did Skinnydip get its name?

Skinnydip launched their first phone case in 2011 and soon became a popular business. They wanted to create phone cases after realizing that iphone cases were limited in the market. Their aim is to be “cool, kind and relatable” when releasing new products.

Why is Skinnydip a catchy business name?

This name might not directly link to phone cases, but it still makes customers feel curious about the business. They might think ‘what is that business supposed to sell?’ and look up their website. Skinnydip is a good name to have when encouraging customers to view the products.


How did Case-Mate get its name?

Case-Mate designs “stylish and thoughtful phone cases”, along with trending mobile accessories. They use premium materials when creating phone cases for all phone users. Their designs have foot-drop protection for all cases on their website.

Why is Case-Mate a catchy business name?

Customers might resonate more with the word ‘mate’, as it feels more casual compared to sophisticated business names. Combining that with ‘case’ tells customers that this business cares about customer satisfaction when it comes to producing great quality products.

Most Successful Phone Case Businesses

Most Successful Phone Case Businesses

Studying other successful businesses can help you determine why their name is so effective. Just scan the internet for popular phone case brands and research more about the history of their name. I found some successful businesses and included them down below! 


How did Otterbox get its name?

Otterbox was created in 1998 to “imagine, design and build extraordinary products” that enhance people’s lives. They are known for their innovative and versatile styles. This business started with the idea of a waterproof box and eventually gained their name from that! 

Why is Otterbox a catchy business name?

This is another name that doesn’t link to phone cases – but it still works! Otterbox has a meaning behind it that represents the beginnings of this business. After doing some research, I found that otters represent creativity and transformation, which is very fitting for Otterbox. 


How did Spigen get its name?

Spigen is a combination of the two German words “spiegel” and “gen”. They mean ‘mirror’ and ‘gene’, which represents the vision of “creating solutions reflecting the needs of valued customers”. Spigen was founded in 2008 and now has over 500 prototypes for phone cases.

Why is Spigen a catchy business name?

This business has a unique name that takes words from another language. Customers might view the originality of this name and feel intrigued by the products. One-word names are also great for retaining customers who remember the business.


How did Tech21 get its name?

Tech21 has been “protecting way more than your tech for over a decade”. They care more about the protection of your phone, rather than intricate designs. This business creates cases for phones, macbooks and ipads. 

Why is Tech21 a catchy business name?

The word ‘tech’ will tell customers that this business caters for all technical gadgets, rather than just phones. Younger audiences might also gravitate towards this name because it mentions technology. It’s a very simple name that is both catchy and memorable. 

3 Tips That Can Help You Name Your Phone Case Business

You might be wondering how to come up with your first name ideas. Of course, this isn’t a fast process. Names require plenty of effort and time that allow you to flesh out new ideas and test names against your branding. People go through the planning stages differently and settle for names on their own terms. Just find a planning method that works for your creative thinking!

Fear not, though, because we can help you start your naming process. Our phone case business name generator isn’t the only thing that will guide you. This section is a path that will lead you through three tips that may benefit your name planning! 

Tip One: Establish Your Target Audience And Selling Point

You might struggle to create a name if you don’t establish your target audience and unique selling point. These aspects are very important for understanding who might buy your phone cases. Take the time to think about who you want to engage with. 

Establish your target audience and selling point!

A target audience is a group of people who are more likely to invest time and money into your products. They are the ones who feel intrigued by your mission and values. If you sell bright and crazy phone cases, then younger audiences might gravitate towards the products. However, simple and study cases might appeal to older audiences who just want something easy. 

Unique selling points are aspects of your business that set you apart from competitors. What makes you different? Why should customers buy your products? Can you name some strengths? Do you have any weaknesses? Answering these questions should help you locate your selling points. Remember to write this information down so you don’t forget! 

Tip Two: Keep Your Business Name Short And Sweet

A business name should be short and sweet to attract new customers. People want to remember simple names that don’t have complicated words. You can achieve simple names by using one-word names from the phone case business name generator. Just click on the ‘one word’ option from the filtered list and scan through a range of one-word names.

If you want a longer name, try to keep the words to a minimum. Names that don’t have more than three words are often memorable and direct. You might spend longer creating a short name, but it’s worth it in the end! Remember – customers need exact details.

Tip Three: Shortlist Your Name Ideas For The Business

You can share your name ideas with family and friends to earn their feedback. They might choose their favorite names or tell why certain words don’t work for the business. Opinions are great for helping you improve or build upon names. After receiving their feedback, you can form a list of the top five names you like best. This should help you decide what name is most suitable for a phone case business. It needs to be creative, simple, direct and catchy!


Overall, you should create a business name that highlights your creative and fun phone cases. Customers want to feel intrigued by your products when stumbling across your name on social media platforms. You can use our phone case business name generator to help you find compelling names. Most of all – just have fun creating a cool name for your business! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some good names for your business are ‘Phone Pros’, ‘No Drop Cases’, ‘Glitter Covers’, ‘Protect Gadgets’ and ‘Dream Case’. You can find names like these by using our phone case business name generator. Just type in your root words and you’re good to go!

You need to think of root words associated with ‘phone case’ and type those into the phone case business name generator. Then you can use the filters to generate names suitable for your business. Just scan through the list of names and choose one that sounds the best!

The best phone cases are ones that have sturdy and premium materials. People usually go on popular phone case websites to find products that can withstand bumps. Otterbox and CASETiFY have some trending phone cases at the moment.
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