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The Best Photography Business Name Ideas

The photography industry is all about beauty, creativity, and capturing precious moments to last forever. In this industry, it’s important to choose the right business names to reflect your business’ abilities, passions, and core values, and we can help you find the best photography business names.

You can start looking for photography business name ideas with the help of the BizNameWiz photography name generator. Simply type one or more relevant words into the generator and then watch as thousands of photography business names are automatically generated for you.

This guide will also help you with photography business name ideas. We’ll look at a range of great photography business names, including catchy photography studio names and attention-grabbing photography company names, as well as analyzing some real-world photography company names.

15 Cool Photography Business Name Ideas for Photography Studios

Alliteration is a useful linguistic tool to use when coming up with any kind of business names, including photography business names. It helps to make a name easier to remember. So, with that in mind, here are some photography business names that feature alliteration.

  • Capture Crew
  • Flash Fiends
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Candid Captures
  • Magical Moments
  • Magic Memories
  • Lucky Lens
  • Keepsake Keepers
  • Snappy Service
  • Pleasant Portraits
  • Super Snappers
  • Making Memories
  • Camera Crew
  • Lit Lenses
  • Picture Perfect

Tips for Creating Photography Business Name Ideas with Alliteration

The whole point of photography business names with alliteration is that they have to feature words that begin with the same letter. So, try to think of a word that conveys what your business is all about or a word that is key to the photography industry in general. Then, think of other words beginning with the same letter to create photo studio names you can be proud of.

15 Catchy Photography Business Names for Instagram

Many professional photographers are making a name for themselves on Instagram and similar photo-sharing platforms, and it helps to have a good username or account name in order to attract followers and get more people looking at your photos. Here are some fun photography company names for Instagram photographers.

  • PhotoPro
  • Mr. Portrait
  • Photo Adventure
  • Photo Explorer
  • Creative Photo
  • Camera Expressions
  • Picturesque Shots
  • Art Kid Shots
  • Magic Snaps
  • Camera Fanatic
  • Neo Photographer
  • Capturing the World
  • A Moment of Time
  • Lens Expert
  • Snap My Life

Tips for Creating Catchy Photography Business Names for Instagram

When it comes to photographer nicknames or photography studio names for Instagram, it’s important to stand out and tell users what your account is all about via your name. The name needs to convey a message, which could be about your style of photography, your love of photography, or your approach to the art of taking photos. Try to find short, snappy words that sum up your style and build photography studio names around those words.

More Unique, Cool and Catchy Business Name Ideas

Now that you’ve got a good idea of the different ways you might name your business. Here are a few name ideas our team have crafted to help provide inspiration for your own business name ideas. Let us know what you think!

  • Candid Captures
  • Timeless Tokens
  • Making Memories
  • Magical Moments
  • Picture Perfect
  • Personal Proofs
  • Capture Captain
  • Making Memories
  • Picture Perfect
  • Snapshot Photos
  • Better Mugshots
  • This Guy Shoots
  • Portrait Master
  • Adventure Photo
  • Polaroid Photos
  • Hollywood Photo
  • Celebrity Photo
  • Aesthetic Photo
  • Trendy Captures
  • Classic Studios
  • Caption Perfect
  • The Open Studio
  • Picture Delight
  • Flawless Images
  • Smooth Pictures
  • Passion Studios
  • Forever Photos
  • Luxurious Lens
  • Lighted Lenses
  • Make It Snappy
  • Portrait Poses
  • Instant Photos
  • Photo Artworks
  • Broadway Photo
  • Digital Photos
  • New Way Photos
  • Profi Portrait
  • Party Photoset
  • Vivid Memories
  • Dream Pictures
  • Victory Images
  • Quality Pixels
  • The New Images
  • Eclectic Snaps
  • Candid Clicks
  • Lens Of Light
  • Portrait Pros
  • Perfect Click
  • Memory Makers
  • Flash Parties
  • Serious Shots
  • Strike A Pose
  • Shooter Goals
  • Art Kid Shots
  • Catchy Camera
  • Expert Camera
  • Cartoon Photo
  • Black-N-White
  • Profi Picture
  • Profi Session
  • Love Photoset
  • Team Photoset
  • Classic Shots
  • Glam Pictures
  • Snap Captures
  • Superb Clicks
  • Flash Fiends
  • Capture Crew
  • Moments Made
  • Moment Maker
  • Snazzy Snaps
  • Snap Perfect
  • Snap Service
  • Photo Artist
  • Photo Expert
  • Mr. Portrait
  • Themed Photo
  • Cute Galleries
  • Novel Images
  • Unique Snaps
  • Picture Star
  • Dawn Studios
  • Bright Media
  • Camera Crew
  • Memory Lane
  • Photo Ready
  • Photo Magic
  • Camera Pros
  • ProfiCamera
  • PortraitPro
  • Noir Photos
  • Venus Photo
  • Grand Snaps
  • Picxellence
  • Picturesque
  • Posh Studio
  • In A Flash
  • Photo Pros
  • Lucky Lens
  • Photo Pros
  • Pix Deluxe
  • Baby Photo
  • Idol Photo
  • Zeus Photo
  • Super Lens
  • Diva Shots
  • Event Lens
  • Photogenic
  • Wow Images
  • You Shine
  • Picsmania
  • PhotoPro
  • PhotoUp
  • Snaps
  • Apollo Photo
  • Modern Photo

The Best Real-World Photography Business Names

If you’re looking for great Photography business name ideas and want to come up with some Photography LLC names of your own, a great method is to look out at the real-world and see some genuine examples of Photography businesses that have been successful.

  • Shutterstock

How Shutterstock Got Its Name
Shutterstock is one of the world’s leading sites of stock photography. Its name blends the word “stock” with the camera-related word “shutter”.

Why Shutterstock Is A Great Photography Business Name
Shutterstock is an example of a really great photography business name. It’s short, to-the-point, and easy to remember. It’s also relevant, use a photography-related word and the word “stock” to thoroughly convey the message of what this business does and what you’ll find on its website.

  • Adorama Camera

How Adorama Camera Got Its Name
Adorama Camera is a camera-based business that got started back in 1974 with the aim of providing products and services for amateur and professional photographers. The brand’s name plays on the word “adore”.

Why Adorama Camera Is A Great Photography Business Name
In terms of photography company names, Adorama Camera works very well. The “Camera” part of the name tells us all about the products this company focuses on, while the “Adorama” part is interesting and easy to remember the word, with associations of emotion and adoration.

  • Stories of You

How Stories of You Got Its Name
When it comes to photo studio names, Stories of You is one of the best. This photo studio’s name was chosen based on how photographs can represent the stories and personal memories of the people who take them.

Why Stories of You Is A Great Photography Business Name
Stories of You is one of the best photography studio names as it has a really personal touch. It suggests that the brand cares about customers and their stories and emotions, wanting to bring people’s stories and memories to life in the best ways.

Most Successful Photography Business Names

Most Successful Photography Business Names


How Snappr Got Its Name
Snappr is a tech company from San Francisco that mainly offers photography booking services. The name is based on the word “snap”, adapted for the online space.

Why Snappr Is A Great Photography Business Name
Snappr is one of many modern photography business names that follows in the trend of a lot of other, similar digital businesses. It has just one word and drops the “e” from the end of its name, just like Flickr, Tumblr, Scribd, and Letterboxd. This makes it easy to remember and great for marketing purposes.


How Polaroid Got Its Name
Polaroid is one of the oldest photography brands around, founded back in 1932 and named after the process that the company’s founder, Edwin Herbert Land, used to develop pictures.

Why Polaroid Is A Great Photography Business Name
Like many other great photography business names, Polaroid is just one word, which helps it in terms of being very simple and memorable. It’s also become one of the most iconic brands in the photography world, proving that you don’t always need a complex name to stand out.


How Kodak Got Its Name
Kodak is another huge photography company. It was originally known as the Eastman Kodak Company, named after the founder, George Eastman. Eastman chose the “Kodak” name due to his fondness for the letter K. He wanted a name that began with K and was short and easy to pronounce.

Why Kodak Is A Great Photography Brand Name
Kodak is another super example of photography company names that are short and direct. This name is easy to remember, simple to pronounce for different people all over the world, and has global appeal, since it doesn’t mean anything and can be interpreted in different ways. So, if you’re looking for photography business name ideas, Kodak proves that making words up can work well.

Tips for Creating Your Own Photography Business Name

Use Your Imagination: Photography, in many ways, is a wonderful form of art and expression, and a lot of photo studio names are just as beautiful and fascinating as the photos they make. It can be a good idea to really get imaginative and creative with your photography studio names. You might make up new words entirely, like brands such as Kodak, or you might use your own name or initials to create a name that is truly one of a kind.

  • Make it Relevant: It’s always important to be relevant when coming up with photography business name ideas. You need to use words that actually express to people what sort of products or services you offer, rather than confusing or misleading people with names that are vague or unclear. For example, if you specialize in black and white photography, try to get that across in your name. Or if your company focuses on canvases and prints, try to use those kinds of words in your name.
  • Consider Using Your Own Name: If you’re already established in the photography industry as a successful professional photographer, it can be a good idea to use your own name in some way. Many photo studio names are named in honor of their founders or owners, and this can be a way to bring in customers based purely on your reputation and referrals. Even if you’re not very established yet, using your name is a bold and confident move that can convey authority and professionalism, and over time, people will start to recognize your name and associate it with good quality work.
  • Check The Availability: When you’re coming up with any kind of business name, including photography business name ideas, it’s always important to check on the availability of the names you like before picking one to use for your business. There are lots of other companies out there who may have similar ideas to you and could have selected the same name you want, and they might already have the website and social media accounts for that name, too. So make sure to do some research and only claim names that are available.
  • Use The Photography Business Name Generator: If you’re struggling to think of any photography business name ideas, the BizNameWiz photography name generator can be of assistance. The photography name generator is completely free to use, and it’s super simple too; all you have to do is type one or more words into the box and then let the photography name generator do its thing. It will create thousands of fun and interesting photography business names for you automatically, so you can scroll through and get instant inspiration.

Photography Business name analysis

Photography Business name analysis

If you’re still stuck on creating some name ideas, here’s a breakdown of some of the top brands and businesses in the industry. Here I’ll explain why the name works for that company, and how the name appeals to customers. What’s more, a few more team members from BizNameWiz have added their name ideas below aswell!

  • Visual Captivity: With such a descriptive name, a photography business really stands out. You can almost imagine vivid, captivating images that are sharp and artistic. The name is an excellent demonstration of the keeping it simple tip. You don’t need complex phrases or terminology to make an impression.
  • Shameless Pinup & Boudoir: The name accomplishes two things. For a start, it tells you exactly what kind of photography the business deals with. Adding the word “shameless” to the title suggests that the company is unapologetic and that it also works on making clients feel comfortable and free during their shoot.
  • Wall Street Headshots: Here’s a very, very niche photography company with an equally niche name. The studio focuses mainly on career shots and portraits. But you didn’t need that explanation, did you? It’s all pretty obvious (which makes the name brilliant).
  • Story of You Photographs: The name is brilliant for one very simple reason – it directs the attention towards the client and not the company. It suggests that a professional can help tell a person’s story and that’s exactly what most potential clients want from their interaction with a photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of different ways in which you can create fun, interesting, or catchy photo studio names or photo company names. You might like to use your own name or initials in the branding somehow, or you might like to create a whole new word. It's also common to use words that are relevant to the photography world, like creative, capture, memory, moment, story, and so on.

There are plenty of amazing photography business names out there in the real world. Some of the biggest and best brands in this business have one-word names, like Nikon and Kodak, but there are also many successful studios named after their owners and big photography businesses that use photo-related language, like Shutterstock and Snappr.

Absolutely, you can use the BizNameWiz Photography business name generator completely for free, without any risks or commitments. The generator exists to help people who are looking for ideas and inspiration to get started naming their businesses, and it can provide you with hundreds or even thousands of photo company name ideas in a matter of seconds.




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