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The Best Pizza Business Names

Are you still thinking of name ideas for your pizza business? The BizNameWiz pizza business name generator got you covered. Our pizza business name generator is free and can provide you with thousands of unique pizza business name ideas with just a click of a button.  

BizNameWiz is here to help you come up with a pizza business name that will stick to the minds of your prospects and customers alike. If you are interested in producing pizza business names, this guide is made specifically for you.

15 Awesome Pizza Business Name Ideas For Your Pizzerias

Naming a pizza business requires a lot of creativity, especially if you want a name that can quickly get the public’s attention. Using food-related words familiar to your customers is the best approach to naming your pizzeria. Below are some catchy pizza business name ideas that you may want to consider:

  1. Pizzawt
  2. Pizza-fi
  3. Let’s Dough It
  4. Fun Pizza
  5. I Knead You
  6. Pizzaiolo
  7. Crusty Grub
  8. Slice of Home
  9. Sour DOH!
  10. Hand Tossed
  11. Hidden Pizzeria
  12. Pizza Kitchen
  13. Pizza Plaza
  14. Pizza Bianca
  15. Fior Di Latte

Things To Consider When Creating Pizza Business Name Ideas For Pizzerias

When it comes to naming your pizzeria, it’s important to select words that are already familiar to your target customers. People also tend to remember simple yet playful names. Limit your pizza business name to three words or less. 

15 Astonishing Pizza Business Names For Pizza Parlors

People often associate pizza parlors as incredible places to dine with family and friends. If you plan to start a pizza parlor, you should name it based on its unique value proposition. Some shops operate like fast-food stalls, while others offer fine dining. Here are some pizza business names you might like:

  1. World Pizz-a
  2. Pizza Italiana
  3. Pizza Cake
  4. Pizza Hat
  5. Doughlar Pizza
  6. Pepperoni 
  7. Pie in the Sky
  8. Pizza Palooza
  9. Get Over Pizza
  10. Michael Angelo’s 
  11. Pizza Rules
  12. TMNT Pizza
  13. Walter’s Pizza
  14. Dollar Pizza
  15. Dom’s Pizza

Tips for Creating Pizza Business Name Ideas For Pizza Parlors

If you plan to start a brick-and-mortar pizza shop, pick a location that is accessible and with lots of foot traffic. Scout the competitors in your area and make sure the name you choose is different from these establishments. Moreover, pick a word that can easily be recalled even by a grade-schooler. 

15 Stunning Pizza Business Name Ideas For Your Hole In The Walls

Some pizza businesses don’t require a prominent location to serve their customers. A hole-in-the-wall store is perfect for your budget if you are just starting. You also need to choose a name that can quickly get the attention of pedestrians passing your stall. The following are some excellent suggestions: 

  1. Pizza Stop
  2. Secret Pizza Place
  3. Pizza Corner
  4. Pizza to Go
  5. Budget Pizza
  6. Simplest Pizza
  7. Basic Pizza
  8. Tower of Pizza
  9. Pizzamptious
  10. Le Pizza
  11. Mouthwatering Pizza
  12. Burnt Pizza
  13. No Tips Pizza
  14. No Frills Pizza
  15. Pizza and Fries

Recommendations For Producing Great Pizza Name Ideas for Hole In The Walls

Most hole-in-the-walls consider pedestrians as their largest customer demographic. Hence, you need a business name that says what you are offering. Since most of them are searching for a quick and affordable meal, you should incorporate words that reflect those qualities. 

15 Mind-Blowing Pizza Business Name Ideas for Online Pizza Stores

Many pizza stores usually don’t offer in-store dining but focus on deliveries instead. If you plan to open an online pizza store, its name should be somewhat trendy. After all, since most online users are young people, you need to relate to them through the expressions they use on the Internet. 

The following are just some of the business name ideas that netizens will surely appreciate:

  1. Pizza 2 Go
  2. I want [email protected]
  3. Who Likes Pizza?
  4. Pizza R Us
  5. Minute Pizza
  6. Alexa’s Pizza
  7. Siri’s Pizza
  8. Insta-Pizza
  9. Pizza-dot-com
  10. Pizza Yolo
  11. Pizza-licious
  12. Fave Pizza
  13. Weeb’s Pizza
  14. Chillin’ Pizza
  15. Lazy Guys Pizza

Advice For Devising Sassy Pizza Business Name Ideas for Online Pizza Stores

When choosing a chic business name for your online pizza store, it’s best to consult the Internet. Find out what words or terms are often used on the web and determine what works for your target demographic. Don’t be afraid to pick cheesy or comical names since they are easy to recall. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Dough Throwers
  • Perfect Pepperoni
  • Salt And Pepperoni
  • Perfect Pies
  • Pie Perfection
  • Pie In The Sky
  • Pizza Amore
  • More Amore
  • Regal Rounds
  • Pizza Pros
  • Premiere Pizza
  • Pizza Prize
  • Your Pizza Bros
  • All The Sauce Pizzeria
  • Cheesy Delights Pizza
  • Don Marios
  • Sweet Pies
  • Pizzatooth
  • Pizza Eaza
  • Old School Pizza
  • Pizza Blues
  • Pizza Moon
  • Pizza Box
  • Pizza me
  • PepperHomies Pizza
  • Dish Divas
  • Pizzadvine
  • The Slice Factory
  • PizzaWay
  • Savor The Sauce Pizzeria
  • Delectable Dining Pizzeria
  • The Pizza Pocket
  • Pizza Lovers Rejoice
  • Taste Pizzaria
  • Pizza Palace
  • D’Pizza Plaza
  • Welovepizza
  • Pizza Republic
  • Hotline Pizza
  • Crispy Pizza
  • Bigpizza
  • The Pizza Nest
  • Masterpizza
  • We Toss Pies
  • Pizza Ria

Best Real-World Pizza Business Names 

Aside from colors and logos, names are often the first thing that comes to mind if we think of the most popular pizza businesses. The name of your business is one of the essential pieces when it comes to establishing your brand, and it’s also part of what makes it marketable.

Hence, it’s essential to review and find out why some pizza business names are a huge success while others are not. During your name-picking process, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and figure out whether the name will stick out within the next few days or weeks. You can also learn from the following pizza businesses that have elevated themselves into household names:


How Lucali Got Its Name

This sit-down restaurant is known for its thin-crust pizzas and is a favorite among Brooklyn, New York locals. Its name is a mash-up of the names of Louie, who used to occupy the store before the pizzeria, and Kalisa, the owner’s daughter. 

Why Lucali Is A Great Pizza Business Name

As you know, pizza originated in Naples, Italy. Lucali is a perfect name for a pizzeria because it sounds Italian. It’s also easy to remember since the syllables are short and easy on the ear. Moreover, there is a bit of history on the name that pays homage to people close to the owner.   

Scarr’s Pizza

How Scarr’s Pizza Got Its Name

It’s named after its owner, Scarr Pimentel, and was founded in 2015. Located in Lower East Side, New York, this pizzeria has a wide selection of pizzas, including round and square pies. The store uses artisanal ingredients, such as stone-milled flour and other in-house products. 

Why Scarr’s Pizza is A Great Pizza Business Name

Scarr is a unique name that you would usually encounter in Hollywood movies and other popular media. People might also associate it with Scarface, the nickname of an American gangster, Al Capone. Furthermore, it’s only a one-syllable name that’s easy to recall. 

Pizzeria Ora

How Pizzeria Ora Pizza Got Its Name

Pizzeria Ora is one of the most recognized pizza parlors in Chicago. They also have a minibar that offers liquors and beverages with pizza. A pizzeria is an Italian word for a pizza place, while “Ora” means now. 

Why Pizzeria Ora is A Great Pizza Business Name

The store adapted an Italian name to associate its products with authentic Italian pizza easily. The pizzeria is a common term recognized by pizza lovers worldwide. The inclusion of the word Ora is also ingenious since it adds a particular element of urgency.  

Spacca Napoli

How Spacca Napoli Pizza Got Its Name

In Italian, Spacca means awesome, while Napoli refers to the city of Naples. As you may recall, Naples is regarded as the birthplace of pizza. This pizza parlor in Chicago uses traditional red sauce and other Italian ingredients like arugula, salami, and prosciutto. 

Why Spacca Napoli is A Great Pizza Business Name

Aside from the Italian words, the name also has an energetic vibe. The syllables are short and easy to remember. It also appeals to its many Italian customers since they can easily understand what is meant by the store’s name. 

786 Degrees

How Spacca Napoli Pizza Got Its Name

This store in Los Angeles is one of the few places that serves halal pizza. They use a wood-fired oven that can quickly cook the pizza in minutes. Most pizza chefs cook their pizza between 750 and 800 degrees. Hence, the name 786 degrees is about how hot their oven must be to cook their pizza. 

Why Spacca Napoli is A Great Pizza Business Name

786 Degrees is a unique name since only a few pizza parlors add numbers to their store name. The name is also associated with heat, which can be connected to the oven. Furthermore, it’s a great reference to the cooking process in pizza making. 

Most Successful Pizza Business Names

Pizza Hut

How Pizza Hut Got Its Name

Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the world. Its iconic red roof is easily one of today’s most recognized business logos. The founders chose the name because their sign could only accommodate eight letters. 

Why Pizza Hut is an Incredible Pizza Business Name

While its name is born out of an unusual necessity, Pizza Hut still works because it’s concise and tells you precisely what the business has to offer. The word “hut” sounds like “hot,” another marketing term often associated with pizza. 

Papa John’s Pizza

How Papa John’s Got Its Name

Customers often associate Papa John’s with fresh ingredients and giant pizza slices. This pizza place got its name from its founder John Schnatter. The word “Papa” is a familiar word worldwide, which means father. By adding the word Papa, the business distinguishes itself from its competitor as somewhat homey. 

Why Papa John’s is an Incredible Pizza Business Name

Papa John’s uses a familiar word and name so that it’s easier for its clients to remember. Since many of its diners are family, it also helps to have a familial term. Furthermore, the word father is a term associated with authority. 


How Domino’s Pizza Got Its Name

Domino’s is widely popular because of its fast delivery and affordable pizza. During its early years, its store name was Dominick’s Pizza, derived from its owner’s name. However, since it’s a bit harder to pronounce, they settled on calling it Domino’s instead. 

Why Domino’s is an Incredible Pizza Business Name

Domino’s name works exceptionally well to get the audience’s attention because it’s named after a well-known tile-based game. Moreover, when branded together with its iconic domino tile logo, it gets double the retention value that you will get from someone’s name. 

Tips For Creating Your Pizza Business Name 

Use Simple Words Or Familiar Phrases

Keeping it simple is the best approach when naming your pizza business. You don’t have to use big and complicated words used in spelling bee competitions. Instead, use words that are used daily. You also might want to add “pizza” or “pizzeria” so people can quickly identify your product. 

You can also use terms or phrases that are related to pizza. For example, advertisement agencies behind popular pizza brands use the words “fresh” and “mouthwatering” in conjunction with the product. These terms will help your customers identify your value proposition and what separates you from the rest. 

Utilize Short Syllable Words

When naming your pizza business, it’s best to stick with words that are three syllables or less. They are easier to read and remember. Hence, your customers can easily recall them even if a few days or weeks have passed after encountering your store or product. 

Moreover, you may ideally want the store name to be no longer than three words because it needs to have brevity for instant recall. If you add a person’s name to a store name, make sure that it’s also short and unique. 

Employ Creative and Playful Terms

The worst name you can use for your business is bland and without any character. Being playful with the words you use can rectify such mistakes. Hence, if you appeal to the younger generation, use slang that they usually use. 

You may also generate terms that revolve around the word “pizza” by adding a few letters without removing the base word itself. For example, PIZZAwt sounds like peace out, but the word pizza is not omitted, so people will know what you are selling. 

Take Advantage Of Popular Media

Pizza has been depicted in many movies, TV shows, songs, and computer games. Hence, you can connect with pizza customers using scenes or characters associated with pizza. For example, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ favorite meal is pizza. As such, you can even call your Store TMNT’s pizza. 

Another excellent example of such a feat is the scene from Breaking Bad when Walter White tosses a pizza on the roof. If you want to attract fans of the show into your pizza parlor, you can name it Breaking Bad Pizza and place a cardboard standee of Walter throwing the pizza. 

Use BizNameWiz Pizza Business Name Generator

If you still haven’t found the perfect pizza business name using conventional methods, you may want to try out the BizNameWiz business name generator. This free tool can generate thousands of business names in seconds. It’s also user-friendly and requires you to enter the terms you want to use in your store name. Then, click generate, and it will show countless suggestions based on your input. 

Check If the Name You’ve Chosen Is Available As A Website Address

Almost every store or business has its website. You can help more customers discover your store and try out your pizza and other items by owning a website. Go to any Internet domain registrar and type on their search bar the name of your store before hitting search. It will tell you whether that web address is already taken or not. Furthermore, it will also tell you how much it would cost to obtain the web domain. 


Choosing the name for your pizza business can be pretty tricky, especially if you want a unique name that your customers can easily remember. However, if you are creative and have people who can help you think of the perfect name, everything is much easier. If you still feel that your shortlist of pizza business names is inadequate, you can always use BizNameWiz Name Generator for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While naming a business is entirely up to the owners, it pays to follow proven formulas. We’ve discussed how you can generate naming ideas on your pizza business earlier. If you are still searching for more possible names, you can ask your family and friends for suggestions.

Before you register your business to the local government, you must first check if there aren’t any existing businesses using the same name. Doing so will help you with all the troubles if the business name you want is already used and can’t be registered. Furthermore, it eliminates the possibility of your potential customers mistaking you for another similarly named pizza parlor.

BizNameWiz Name Generator Tool is entirely free. You don’t have to spend a single penny to use it. Simply type in the keywords you think is related to your pizza business, click Generate, and it will do the work for you.
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