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The Best Podcast Name Ideas

More and more people are starting their own podcasts, sitting down with friends or family to talk about all kinds of subjects, from arts and culture to sport, movies, linguistics, and everything in between.

It can be a lot of fun to make your own podcast, but you’ll need to name it well to attract attention and get lots of listeners. This guide will cover all you need to know about naming your podcast. It also includes a podcast name ideas list of cool and catchy podcast name ideas.

Read through the lists below to find some good podcast names ideas and examples of successful real-world podcast names, too. You can also make use of the BizNameWiz random podcast name generator to automatically generate lots of podcast name ideas to inspire you.

Why Use Our Podcast Name Generator

Freespecializedall nicheAI
The generator is completely free to use. The generator is optimized for podcast names.Create names for different podcast niches. The generator runs on artificial intelligence

15 Cool and Catchy Podcast Name Ideas

If you’re setting up a new podcast, having a cool or catchy name will help you stand out. That way, when people are browsing menus and looking for something to listen to, they’ll be more likely to give your podcast a try. Here are some podcast name ideas you can take inspiration from.

tick The Digital 411

tick Broadcast Bros

tick Over the Waves

tick The Scoopcast

tick Real Conversations

tick Mod Pod

tick The Spoken Word

tick We Talk Too

tick The Lip Noisecast

tick The Chillcast

tick Practiced Pod

tick The Fresh Scoop

tick The Girl’s Room

tick Chitchat Chatroom

tick Bar Talk

Tips for Creating Cool and Catchy Podcast Name Ideas

If you’re trying to think of some catchy and cool podcast names, it’s good to start off by brainstorming some words that are associated with your podcast. Here are some tips to help you create catchy and cool podcast names:

point Start with a list of seed keywords
point Use relevant keywords like talk, cast, chitchat, scoop, word, and conversation
point Use keywords that are used in your niche
point Try our podcast name generator to create ideas

15 Podcast Name Ideas with Alliteration or Rhyming

The best podcast names need to be memorable, and one way to make sure your name is easy to remember in the minds of your listeners is to use alliterations or rhymes. These linguistic techniques can be really valuable when coming up with podcast title ideas. Here is a podcast name ideas list you can use for inspiration.

tick Pod Squad

tick Gossip Guys

tick Sharing Stories

tick Rumor Reporters

tick Daily Dish

tick Gossiping Girls

tick Political Pod

tick Chit Chat

tick Better Broadcast

tick Studio Scoop

tick Trash Talk

tick Talking Together

tick Jaw Jackers

tick Deep Discussion

tick Morning Muse

Tips for Creating Podcast Name Ideas with Alliteration or Rhyming

Alliterations and rhymes make name ideas very memorable. That’s why we use them for good podcast names. Here are tips and best practices to follow when creating names for podcasts with alliteration or rhyming.

point Start with a list of keywords that describe your podcast
point Search for words that rhyme with your seed keywords
point Look for words that form an alliteration with your seed keywords
point Make sure that the names make sense to your audience

15 Podcast Names Ideas for Specific Subjects

In many cases, podcasts have specific subjects in mind. You might want to make your podcast all about a certain sport or film genre, for example, or you might be starting a political discussion podcast. Either way, if you’re planning to talk about a particular topic, it can be wise to mention it in your name.

tick Political Parlance

tick The Movie Club

tick Rock ‘n’ Roll Cast

tick Urban Legends in Your Ears

tick Linguistic Lovers

tick All About Sport

tick Chatting About Cars

tick The Arcade

tick A Forkful of Food

tick Talkin’ TV

tick Let’s Talk Football

tick The Book Lovers Cast

tick Press A to Podcast

tick The Daily Relaxation Cast

tick Sport Talk

Tips for Creating Podcast Names Ideas for Specific Subjects

Your podcast name should give potential listeners the sense of what to expect from the podcast. This is especially important if you plan on covering specific topics. Here are tips for creating podcast name ideas for specific podcast. 

point Think of words that describe your podcast
point Pair these words with words that describe podcasting (chat, talk, cast, club…)
point Pair the two groups together
point Use our podcast name generator to create unique name ideas

15 Funny And Creative Podcast Name Ideas

Podcasts often serve as a creative outlet for entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners. Podcasts give them the opportunity to express their views and build a community of like-minded people. Podcasters use funny podcast names because they are playful and easy to remember. The same holds true for creative podcast names.

tick Said In 60 Seconds

tick Podmuch

tick On the Stage

tick Call It A Podcast

tick Thousand Words

tick Pod Pack

tick Lend Me Your Ear

tick It’s Raining Pods

tick Laugh & Listen

tick Barking Up The Tree

tick Thou Shalt Listen

tick The Public Podcaster

tick Long Story Short

tick The Pod Out of The Bag

tick Wild Goose Podcast

Tips for Creating Funny And Creative Podcast Name Ideas

Creating funny podcast name ideas isn’t easy. You have to make sure you’re using the right type of humor for your target audience. Here are some tips to help you create funny podcast names and creative podcast names. 

  • Avoid cliches
  • Use humor that doesn’t offend anyone
  • Always have your target listeners in mind
  • Use niche words to make the name relevant and memorable

How to Use Our Podcast Name Generator

Our podcast name generator uses the latest AI technology to create memorable name ideas. 

We created the podcast name generator with one simple goal – to build the best name generator on the internet

We wanted to create something that is easy to use and produces amazing results. 

Our random podcast name generator is an amazing tool for anyone looking to create good podcast names. 

Generate UNLIMITED podcast name ideasCompletely FREE to use to all usersINSTANT domain availability searchPowerful FILTERS to select the right name

It’s extremely easy to find the right name for your podcast. All you have to do is follow these 5 steps.

Step 1: Enter relevant starting keywords in the podcast name generator

Step 2: Browse through the original podcast names suggested for you

Step 3: Shortlist the ones that you like the most

Step 4: Refine them if needed

Step 5: Choose the one that best fits your podcast

We also recommend you register the domain for the podcast name you select. This way, you will have the option to build a website for your podcast. 

The Difference Between Podcasts and Radio Shows

Before we continue, let’s quickly look at the difference between podcasts and radio shows. 

tick ScheduleNo schedulePre-set schedule
tick AudienceNiche audienceMass audience
tick AnalyticsPreciseLimited
tick MediumInternetFM and AM waves

How to Check Podcast Name Availability

It’s important you pick a podcast name that isn’t in use. The first thing you need to do is check domain availability

Our podcast name generator includes a podcast name checker that instantly shows you which names it suggests have available domains. Press the plus button next to the name, and you will see which domains you can register. 

We also suggest you do a Google search to ensure no one is using the same podcast name. You want a unique name that you can claim and build into a thriving brand. 

The Best Real-World Podcast Names

The Best Real-World Podcast Names

There are plenty of great real-world podcasts out there with vibrant, original names that have helped them be successful. Here are some cool podcast names that you can take inspiration from when naming your own show.

The Fantasy Footballers

how How They Got The Name

The Fantasy Footballers is a sports and entertainment podcast in which the hosts share fantasy football tips and stories.

why Why It Works

The Fantasy Footballers works really for a podcast name because it’s very clear and direct. You instantly know what you’re going to get when you hear the name of this podcast, and anyone interested in sports or fantasy sports will be drawn to the show and likely give it a listen.

Pod Save America

how How They Got The Name

Pod Save America is a podcast in which four aides of former President Obama discuss politics. The name is a play on the phrase “God Save America”.

why Why It Works

Pod Save America works as a podcast name on multiple levels. It instantly conveys the idea that it will focus on American politics but also has a lighthearted and humorous feel, suggesting that the tone of the show will be fun and engaging. All of this helps make more people want to listen and hear the show, which is exactly what good podcast names are supposed to do.

Anatomy of Murder

how How They Got The Name

Anatomy of Murder is a true-crime podcast that looks at homicide cases and the stories behind them. The name is based on the fact that the hosts often look at murder cases and explore the “anatomy” of the case itself.

why Why It Works

Anatomy of Murder is a clever podcast name in the true-crime space, as the bold use of words like murder and anatomy help attract attention and convey the serious subject matter of the podcast while also suggesting that the show offers deep, insightful discussion.

Most Successful Podcast Names

The Daily

how How They Got The Name

The Daily is a New York Times podcast that runs five days a week, covering the biggest news stories of the moment.

why Why It Works

This name works well for several reasons. Firstly, it’s short and simple, which makes it very memorable. It also tells you a lot about the show, implying that it’s available on a daily basis and offers fresh news each day, too. It also conveys a sense of authority, which can encourage more people to give it a try.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

how How They Got The Name

The Michelle Obama Podcast is named due to the fact that it is hosted by the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

why Why It Works

This is an example of how some podcast names can work really well by using the influence and status of their hosts in the name itself. Anyone with an interest in Michelle Obama will want to give this podcast a listen, and if you’re an expert or well-known in your field, using your own name in your podcast name can be an effective technique.

Stuff You Should Know

how How They Got The Name

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast about all sorts of interesting subjects, named after the fact that it is highly educational and tells people stories and facts that can be very valuable and fascinating.

why Why It Works

The reason this podcast name works so well is that it gives people a sense that they “should” be listening to it. It implies that the content of the podcast is vital and valuable, and this will make a lot of people click on it.

Tips for Creating Your Own Podcast Name

Be Creative

If you want to stand out in the increasingly crowded and competitive podcast world, you need to be creative with your name and use your imagination to help your show stand out. Using bland, boring, or generic words will simply cause your podcast to blend in with all the others rather than stand out. Don’t be afraid to get creative. In the world of true crime podcasts, for example, we see a lot of original names like Anatomy of Murder, Serial, Casefille, and Someone Knows Something. Take inspiration from these kinds of names to make something creative in your own field of interest.

Use Relevant Key Words

People can be quite picky when it comes to podcasts and will often decide whether or not they want to listen to something based purely on the name. After all, there are lots of podcasts out there for people to choose from, so they won’t want to waste their time on shows that don’t sound fun or interesting to them. This is why it’s a good idea to use relevant keywords in your show’s name that are related to the subject matter of the show itself. Not only will this help you get more listeners, but it can also make it much easier to market your podcast online.

Keep it Concise 

There are some examples of successful podcasts with long names. But, in general, the most clicked-on and listened-to podcasts tend to have names that are short, sweet, and to-the-point. Keep this in mind when coming up with your own podcast name ideas, and try to find a name that is concise and conveys all the information you need to tell prospective listeners. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to add words like “show” or “podcast” to the name, as people already know that you’re making a podcast, and that extra word or two can take up space.

Check Podcast Name Availability

Don’t forget to check if the podcast title ideas you created are available. You need to be sure that the name you want to use hasn’t already been taken. To check podcast name availability, try to Google the name you want to use and see if you get any results. Search on the biggest podcast platforms too, like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and don’t forget to check podcast name availability on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. These will come in handy when you start promoting your podcast.

Get Feedback from Your Audience

An important thing you need to remember is that you’re creating the podcast to get the attention of your target audience. You want people to know about your show and listen to it. That’s why it’s very important you make sure that the name you picked will get approved by your target audience. Find a few people who might be interested in your podcast and ask them for feedback on your name. You can join niche-specific forums online and ask for honest feedback on your podcast name.

Use the BizNameWiz Podcast Name Generator

You can also make use of our very own podcast name generator to help you find lots of amazing podcast name ideas in an instant. The BizNameWiz random podcast name generator is free to use and super simple, too. All you have to do is pick a word or multiple words you’d like to include in your name, type them into the podcast name generator, and then let the generator do its thing. It will create lots f names for you automatically, based on the words you entered. You can then use them to build your own names and check podcast name availability to find the perfect one.

Try Our Podcast Name Generator

Try our industry-leading podcast name generator and find the right name for your podcast. Insert the keywords below and see what the generator can do for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using your own name in your podcast can work well, and some of the biggest podcasts include people's names in their podcast names. However, this tends to work best for people who are already famous or respected in their fields. If people don't recognize your name, they may not be as interested in your podcast.

There are plenty of ways to make a good podcast name. It's a good idea to try and be as creative as you can, make use of relevant keywords, and try to keep it short and sweet. You can also use our podcast names generator if you need help generating names for podcasts

Yes, the BizNameWiz podcast names generator is 100% free to use. Simply type in a word or more and let the podcast name generator do the hard work for you. The generator has no limitations, and you can use it as much as you want to create cool podcast names. It even includes a podcast name checker that shows you which names have available domains.

It depends. Two podcasts can share the same name if none of them registered a trademark for the name. But that’s not what we recommend. We encourage you to pick a unique name that you can claim as your own. You can use our podcast names generator to create names for podcasts.

Yes, every podcast should have a title. You can use our podcast title generator to create podcast title ideas for your show. Remember, our podcast title generator is free to use and produces unlimited podcast title ideas.




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