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How To Choose A Catchy Product Business Name + 45 Creative Ideas!

When you’re launching a new product on the market, your brand name is everything. If you’re entering a competitive industry, it needs to help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your products from those that have been around longer. If it’s an entirely new product category, it needs to convey why it’s worth trying for customers who are already used to purchasing existing product types.

Though coming up with product name ideas might seem daunting at first, we have something for you that will definitely help those creative juices flow. Our Product Business Name Generator was designed to make brainstorming easy with thousands of new product name suggestions generated for you at a single click of a button. Shortlist your favorites, filter for the name length you prefer, and check the domain availability of your potential new brand name all in one place.

If you want to learn a few more tips and tricks about coming up with the perfect product name, read on and learn what our brand experts say.

The Best Names For Product Businesses

Though there are some general branding guidelines that apply to all products (we’ll get to that in a minute), your product name will largely depend on what category you’re in. It needs to speak to your target audience and have a positive association with the product benefits you offer. To give you more specific examples, we’ve divided our product brand name list into three categories.

15 Household Product Names

Household goods is the largest product category you’ll come across, which means it’s also one of the most competitive niches to be in. For your product to be remembered, the key is simplicity. Whether you strike a chord with an aspirational product name or a more telegraphic one (aka a name that literally describes what the product is) that has a nice ring to it, you want to choose the one that’s the most memorable. Here are a few examples.

  • Shelf Expert
  • Woods & Screws
  • SofaSoGood
  • Fantastic Furniture
  • Rocking Chair
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • No More Chores
  • Chop Bot
  • Kitchen Magic
  • Clever Machines
  • Beauty Bay
  • Simple Needs
  • WeCare
  • Soapy
  • The Beauty List

Tips For Naming Your Household Products

Rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration are classic elements in a product business name that can make it stick. Another approach to take is to use personalization, for example, call a blender a “kitchen assistant,” hinting at the fact that it will do the work for you. Highlight your biggest competitive advantage, whether that’s a product feature or the emotive power of your brand.

15 Entertainment Product Names

Entertainment products are the ones we can never have enough of on our shelves (or on our hard drives), especially in the post-pandemic era. While movie and music streaming is quite universal, there are certain characteristics of readers and gamers that you can use in developing your brand persona and a name that represents it. Here are some examples of names that do just that.

  • Binge List
  • Hit Play
  • Rewind
  • Jam
  • Stream Monkey
  • Ebookworm
  • The Virtual Librarian
  • Smart Reads
  • PageTurners
  • Protagonist
  • Otter Studios
  • Adventure Games
  • Nerd Lab
  • Lanatic
  • Level Up

Tips For Naming Your Entertainment Product Business

If there’s one thing that every product in entertainment has in common is a fun, light-hearted tone. Some might address a broad audience with a more straightforward name or use lingo that a specific group understands (for example, “LAN” in Lanatic that means a computer game gathering for gamers). The more creativity (or even mischief) is in your name, the more likely it will catch the attention of your fun-loving audience.

15 Hobby Product Names

Our hobbies and passions are the world where we can really be ourselves and do what brings us joy. That’s the brand emotion that you want to tap into when you brainstorm hobby product name ideas! For example, if you’re an avid traveler yourself, think of what about traveling makes you happy and what challenges do you face on the go that your product can solve. If you’re not sure, run a survey on your target audience, they will have the answer! Here are a few examples of hobby product names you can draw inspiration from.

  • Purrfect Treats
  • Furry Friends
  • Cuddlr
  • Petropolitan
  • Barks & Bones
  • Creative Collective
  • Painterly
  • Colorart
  • Idea Palette
  • Blank Canvas
  • Neverending Journey
  • LightPacker
  • OnTheGo
  • Nomad Needs
  • Wild Gears

Tips For Naming Your Hobby Product Business

Think beyond what your product does and consider some product name suggestions with a symbolic meaning. For example, Blank Canvas means much more for a person who loves to paint than just a white sheet. It’s a symbol of a new start with lots of room for creativity, a feeling that says anything can happen. Similarly, while a “neverending journey” could be daunting for a person who’s commuting home from work, for a traveler it means freedom and an adventuresome life. It’s all about choosing words that your audience resonates with.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Premiere Product
  • Handy Guide
  • Grateful Guide
  • Inclusive Insights
  • Easy Experts
  • Expert Ease
  • Progro
  • Business Builder
  • Alliance Aid
  • Aid Alliance
  • Aid Maid
  • True Tech
  • Teachable Tech
  • Daily Need
  • Daily Dependent
  • Strategy Solver
  • Tell All Tools
  • Handy Helper
  • Trusted Toolbox
  • Optimum Option
  • Winning Choice
  • Wonder Product
  • Winning Wonder
  • Product Pros
  • Key To Success
  • Pristine Products
  • Make It Right
  • Gold Works
  • Brick-And-Stone
  • Build-It-Now
  • Trust Inside
  • Desire Box
  • Miss Sugar
  • Fancy Friends
  • Fancy Gift
  • Market Winner
  • Market Hero
  • Genius Brand
  • Universal Brand
  • Uni-Box
  • TechBrand
  • TechSticker
  • CrazyTech
  • TechStep
  • Tech Output

The Best Real-Word Product Business Names

The Best Real-Word Product Business Names


How Friskies Got Its Name
Friskies is a pet food brand owned by Nestlé that’s been around since the 1930s. The brand name Friskies (meaning lively, high-spirited, or playful) refers to the joy pets feel after eating their treats. The yellow brand color and the imagery of playful pets on the packaging rhymes with this brand message.

Why Friskies Is A Great Product Business Name
The interesting twist in branding pet products is that you’ll never be able to survey your furry customers but they will not hesitate to show their opinion of the product to their owners. Friskies is a creative product name because it doesn’t talk about the product itself but how happy your pets will feel because of it — and that’s all you need to convince a pet parent.

Open Story

How Open Story Got Its Name
Open Story is a premium luggage brand with a wide array of bag options and a warranty for up to 10 years. The name creatively refers to the anticipation one feels when going on a journey, planned or unplanned, where anything can happen.

Why Open Story Is A Great Product Business Name
Open Story is a brilliant name choice for a travel brand because instead of product features, it revolves around a brand emotion. Everyone who loves to travel yearns to experience more novelty and serendipity in their lives. They want to be surprised and they want their story to be open, writing itself every moment of the journey.

Hobby Lobby

How Hobby Lobby Got Its Name
Hobby Lobby is (as you’ve probably guessed it from the name) an arts and crafts supply store that also sells project, party, and home products. With close to a thousand stores, it’s the place where you can find everything you need to decorate and create, hence the name Hobby Lobby.

Why Hobby Lobby Is A Great Product Business Name
Hobby Lobby is a brand name with perfect rhyme, rhythm, and symmetry which makes it easy to remember. It’s generic enough so that the company has the chance to expand its product selection to various niches of arts and crafts, while also making it clear what the brand sells.

How The Most Successful Product Businesses Got Their Names

How The Most Successful Product Businesses Got Their Names


How IKEA Got Its Name
You surely heard of IKEA but did you know that the name is an acronym? It’s named after the initials of founder Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, the farm on which he grew up, and Agunnaryd, the nearby village he spent much of his time at. Of course, not all names can be turned into an acronym that works well as a brand name too. However, IKEA found one that’s easy to pronounce and remember, and not just in Sweden where it’s from but all around the world.

Why IKEA Is A Great Product Business Name
Personal stories that stem from the founder’s life always give an added meaning to brand names that makes them more interesting, and also give something to the media to talk about. The element of Kamprad’s hometown also ties perfectly to the brand emotion of this family brand and infuses a feeling of home into it.


How Lush Got Its Name
Lush is a British cosmetics retailer founded in 1995 that sells products using only vegetarian or vegan recipes. The name was chosen after a customer competition advertised in the store’s newsletter. The company experimented with a different brand called B Never, short for “B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful.” However, after a few years B Never had to close down its stores.

Why Lush Is A Great Product Business Name
Some of the best product name suggestions come from customers so it’s worth considering involving them in the naming process. While B Never is a negative term that doesn’t clearly imply the premise of the brand, Lush has only positive associations such as abundance, nature, and luxury so it clearly proved itself to be the better choice.

Urban Decay

How Urban Decay Got Its Name
Urban Decay is a cosmetics brand that’s known to represent “beauty with an edge.” The founders of Urban Decay wanted to stand out from the mainstream pink and girly beauty brands emerging in the 90s. They agreed on the name “urban” but they weren’t sure how to complete it. Then one day, founder Wende Zomnir walked down the streets of New York and noticed a beautiful crumbling brick wall. She said “It had so much depth and history, yet it wasn’t conventionally perfect, or shiny or slick. And I thought, that’s what we are saying with the name:

Why Urban Decay Is A Great Product Business Name
Though many have criticized Urban Decay over the past 20 years for its unconventional name choice, it actually has everything that a successful brand needs: intrigue, the representation of brand values, and a unique story behind it. The very purpose of founding the company was to create something fundamentally different from all other beauty brands and the edgy name has surely contributed to the success of that.

5 Tips For Creating Your Own Product Business Name

Express What You Sell

Your product name should describe what you offer to your customers, whether that’s literally the product they’re getting or the way they would feel using it. Open Story isn’t just selling bags but adventure, novelty, and the excitement of new experiences. Think of what brand emotion would best describe your product and see how your product name ideas reflect that.

Think About Your POS

When you’re preparing your product brand name list, you need to take your point of sale (POS) into account. If you’re marketing your products in a brick-and-mortar store, your name will need to be displayed in an aesthetic and attention-grabbing way on the storefront or shelves. It needs to be branded in a way that it isn’t easily confused with other product business names in your area. If you’re selling online, your domain name will be key and you will compete for search traffic with other similar names internationally.

Leave Some Room For Growth

Sometimes, you can build your brand around a simple product name. But what if you decide to expand your business later on and sell products in other categories? Your product business name should be specific enough to describe what you offer to your customers but not too restrictive, should you have plans to expand your line of products.

Use The Product Business Name Generator

No matter what product category you’re in, our Product Business Name Generator can give you a head start on brainstorming ideas. Type a word into the search bar that describes your product well and shortlist your favorites from thousands of catchy product name ideas.

Check Availability

Before you commit to a name, always check if the domain name is available for it! Luckily, our Product Business Name Generator does the work for you and provides domain name suggestions for every idea you want to consider.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your product name should either highlight the most attractive advantage of your product or the brand emotion that best describes its value.

Some examples of good real-world product business names are Open Story, Urban Decay, and Lush.

When choosing a brand name, make sure that it conveys the key selling points of your products and it’s memorable.
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