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How to Create the Best PR Business Name Ideas

Public relations, or PR, is all about image. PR agencies and professionals work tirelessly to improve the image of companies or individuals and present them in the best light to the media and public at large. So, it’s only logical that in the world of PR, having a good business name really matters. 

But how do you make great PR business names? Well, if you’re struggling to come up with PR business name ideas, we’re here to help. In the guide below, we’ll look at several proven methods you can use to invent awesome PR business name ideas, and we’ll analyze some top PR business names from the real world, too. 

You can also make use of our PR business name generator, which is capable of automatically generating an almost endless list of PR business name ideas with almost no effort needed on your part. Just enter a word into the box provided and click on Generate – the PR business name generator will do the rest!

15 Attention-Grabbing PR Business Name Ideas 

As stated above, a big part of the PR industry is about image. PR professionals aim to improve the images of businesses and help them attract positive attention. But in order to get work in the first place, your agency also needs an attention-grabbing name. Here are some super PR business name ideas to start off with.

  1. Buzz Builders   
  2. The Hype Machine  
  3. Image Enhanced   
  4. Image Strategy Inc.   
  5. Image Explosion  
  6. Reputation Redefined  
  7. Major League PR   
  8. Magnify PR  
  9. Multiply PR   
  10. Publicity Royalty   
  11. Respect Raised    
  12. Dignity Builders  
  13. Hero PR   
  14. Starlight PR    
  15. Bottom Line PR 

Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing PR Business Name Ideas 

If you want to grab attention right away with your PR business name ideas, you need to use big, bold words that are capable of impacting your audience. Words like hype, buzz, explosion, storm, and power can all be effective here. You can even use these words in our PR business name generator to get dozens more awesome ideas.

15 High-End PR Business Names for Elite Agencies 

There are some PR agencies out there that specialize in working with the best of the best. They operate exclusively with high-end clients, such as very big businesses or well-known individuals, in order to maintain and improve existing brands in the eyes of millions of fans and followers. If you’re running a high-end PR business, here are some PR business name ideas you can consider.

  1. Elite PR
  2. Next Level PR 
  3. PR Evolution
  4. Evolved Relations
  5. Pinnacle Public  
  6. Apex PR 
  7. Premium PR 
  8. Marvel PR  
  9. Regal Relations  
  10. Imperial Images   
  11. Primetime PR   
  12. Top-Shelf PR   
  13. Champion PR
  14. Quantum PR   
  15. Cosmic Public Relations

Tips for Creating High-End PR Business Names for Elite Agencies

When it comes to creating PR business names for high-end agencies, a big part of your strategy should include finding and using words that tell people what sort of business you’re running and what kinds of clients you work with. Fancy-sounding words like elite, regal, imperial, and marvel can all be useful for these kinds of PR business name ideas.

15 Catchy PR Business Name Ideas with a Focus on Trustworthiness

Usually, when companies or individuals are looking for PR agencies to work with, they’ll be drawn to brands that have trustworthy and reliable reputations. Therefore, a great way to give off a positive impression of your PR agency is to use a name that inspires trust. Here are some PR business name ideas you can use for inspiration.

  1. Reliable PR    
  2. Proven Communications    
  3. Reputation Relations    
  4. The Honest PR Agency   
  5. Authentic PR   
  6. Count-On-Us PR    
  7. Your Trusty PR   
  8. Veritas PR 
  9. Honest Image Builders  
  10. Dependable PR 
  11. Total Trust PR 
  12. Protected Publicity   
  13. Trust Forged PR   
  14. Honesty Incorporated PR   
  15. Real Relations

Tips for Creating Catchy PR Business Name Ideas with a Focus on Trustworthiness

If you want to make people associate your agency with positive themes of trust and dependability, it’s recommended to make use of trust-related words, such as honest, trusty, reliable, proven, and dependable. You can use our PR business name generator to make even more name ideas with these words, and remember to opt for shorter variants if you want to make your name extra catchy and memorable.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Reliable Pr
  • Public Power
  • Strategic Comms
  • Strategic Pr
  • Strategic Sync
  • Eye Of The Public
  • Public Reputations
  • Powerful Pr
  • Public Partners
  • Premiere Pr
  • Protective Relations
  • Public Presence
  • Pr Gods
  • Hype Cover Pr
  • Image Managed
  • Promo Pr
  • Pr Fixers
  • Publicity Queens
  • See Us Work Pr
  • Pull Up Pr
  • First Choice Pr
  • Notables Pr
  • Star Pr
  • Heroes Pr
  • PR Solutions
  • Media Partner
  • PressRelease
  • Release Company
  • Release Partners
  • Business Release
  • LetThemKnow
  • Famous Company
  • UpMedia
  • UpPR
  • Best Public
  • Hype PR
  • Absolute Results
  • Goal Pr
  • Pandora Pr
  • Deftsolutions
  • Newcreek Pr
  • Actions B2B
  • Bullseye Pr
  • Ultraviolet Pr
  • Vitalworks Pr

Real-World PR Business Names Analysis

Another way you can find some ideas and inspiration to help name your PR firm is to look at some of the top PR agencies that already exist. By analyzing the names of these agencies, you may be able to identify trends or ideas that you can use to build awesome PR business names of your own. Here are a few examples to show you how it’s done.


How Hunter Got Its Name

Hunter is listed as one of the biggest and most successful PR agencies in all of North America. Based in New York, this agency was named for the fact that it aims to “hunt” down consumer attention for your brand or business.    

Why Hunter Is A Great PR Business Name

Hunter is a really interesting and effective name that accurately and efficiently sums up a large part of the agency’s work. Often, PR professionals do act like hunters, in the search for positive attention and using whatever tools and means they have to build up a brand’s image. Hunter is a great descriptive word for this agency, and it’s also a short and snappy name that is simple for people to remember.


How Clarity Got Its Name

Clarity is also ranked in the top 100 PR agencies in North America and is based in New York City. This brand’s name reflects the way that it aims to bring clarity to its clients, sharpening their images in the eyes of the public.    

Why Clarity Is A Great PR Business Name

Clarity is another example of a short, snappy name that is both inventive and highly effective at describing what the brand does. This word has tons of positive associations with clearness and directness, too, so it builds up a really good impression of the agency itself.

Highwire PR 

How Highwire PR Got Its Name 

Highwire PR is a PR agency based in San Francisco.    

Why Highwire PR Is A Great PR Business Name

Sometimes, building and maintaining your public image can feel like walking on a tightrope or highwire, where one false step can send you tumbling down. That’s the idea that Highwire PR is trying to build with its brand name, and this company aims to guide people along the highwire of public relations and keep them at the top, rather than letting them fall. This name, therefore, has a really powerful idea behind it, which is very appealing to clients.

Most Successful PR Business Names 


How Edelman Got Its Name

Edelman is the biggest PR firm in the world. It was founded in 1952 and is named after the man who founded it: Daniel Edelman.  

Why Edelman Is A Great PR Business Name

There are many big brands out there that are named after their founders, and these types of names can be found in almost every industry, from fashion to retail to agriculture. Edelman shows that naming your brand after yourself can be an effective method of building a good reputation in the long term.

Real Chemistry

How Real Chemistry Got Its Name

Real Chemistry is the second biggest firm in the PR world, just behind Edelman. It is based in San Francisco and its name was chosen to reflect its aim of building “real chemistry” between brands and their consumers.    

Why Real Chemistry Is A Great PR Business Name

Real Chemistry is a catchy and effective name for a PR firm. Chemistry and impressions are really important ideas in this industry, and the use of the word “Real” gives the brand an extra touch of trustworthiness, too.


How Hotwire Got Its Name

Hotwire has been consistently ranked in the top 10 PR firms in the United States. The brand is named after the idea of “hotwiring” a car, which involves starting it quickly by bypassing the main ignition system.    

Why Hotwire Is A Great PR Business Name

Hotwire is a fun and inventive name for a PR firm. It suggests that this brand is willing to bend the rules and think outside the box to get results for its clients quickly and efficiently.

How to Create Your Own PR Business Names

Be Direct and Relevant

When you’re trying to find the perfect PR business names, it helps to put yourself in the mind of your audience. Think about what they might be searching for and what sorts of names they’ll be attracted to when they need PR services. Usually, anyone looking for a PR company will be drawn to brands with names that are clear and direct, including PR-related words like public, relations, reputation, image, and communications. So, when making your own PR business name ideas, try to keep them relevant to the industry itself, and don’t be too vague or misleading.

Make People Want to Work with You 

There are lots of PR companies out there. So, the average business or individual has got a lot of different options to choose from when they need PR services of some kind. What can your brand do that the others can’t, and why should people choose your company over another one? Ideally, you should try to answer these questions with your name. Maybe your brand specializes in innovative image-building ideas, for example, or maybe you make use of the latest tech solutions to help brands build reputations. Whatever your specialty is, make sure to highlight it somehow in your name.

Choose a Name That Means Something

Another great way to make the best PR business names is to choose a name that has a real story or meaning behind it. Look at Hunter, for example. This name isn’t random; it has genuine meaning, describing the hunter-like attitude of the brand’s PR professionals and their relentless pursuit of a better image for your brand. Try to think about what makes your agency special and then find a name that tells your story or reflects your values to the world.

Opt for Shortness and Simplicity 

When it comes to creating PR business name ideas, it’s easy to get lost in names that are overly long and complicated, especially if you insist on using the words “Public Relations” as part of your name. However, if your name is too long, consisting of four, five, or even more words, it can be very hard for people to remember or relate to. Usually, it’s a lot better to opt for the shorter and simpler name ideas in your list as they will be much more effective at building up your brand in the eyes of the public.

Get Hundreds of Ideas with the PR Business Name Generator 

The BizNameWiz PR business name generator is the only tool you need to help in naming your PR agency or firm. Our PR business name generator is capable of creating hundreds or even thousands of PR business names in no time, and it’s completely free and easy to use, too. If you’d like to test it out, simply think of a word that sums up your PR agency’s approach or vibe, type it into the box provided, and then let the PR business name generator do the rest.


If you’re ready to get going with your new PR agency, we hope that this guide has given you the ideas and insight you need to find a winning name that will help you get attention, build your brand, and succeed in the PR world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

One of the best ways to start naming your PR firm is to think of words that represent your company's approach to PR. Try to think of short, snappy, and inventive ways of telling people what you do, and use the PR business name generator if you need some extra help.

Some examples of great real-world PR business names include Hotwire, Highwire, Clarity, Hunter, and Real Chemistry.

To use our PR business name generator, you just have to type a word or two into the box provided at the top of this page, then click Generate. It's as simple as that, and the PR business name generator will make tons of great name ideas just for you.
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