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Have you Brokers seen what the market looks like lately? What about Real Estate Agents, have you been following the trends and paying close attention to homebuyers must haves? Did you know the BEST DEAL you can get starts with a stellar Business Name?

Top Brands: Domain, meaning “a territory over which rule or control is exercised”, allows customers to feel empowered throughout the real estate sale or purchase process.

Sotheby’s International Realty: Notions of sophistication and luxury have attached themselves to the Sotheby’s name since it was founded in 1744, so the real estate branch plays upon this high-class reputation.

Remax: Snappy and powerful, the word is actually an acronym for ‘Real Estate Maximums’, indicating high-standard service and results.

Zillow: Quirky and unique, the word is a mixture of ‘zillions’, referring to how many data points the company digests to make proprietary estimates, and ‘pillow’, given that a house is also a place to lay one’s head.

TripleMint: The word ‘mint’ indicates superior class, referring to the quality of the apartments people will find on this website, as well as the quality of the service offered.

NestSeekers: Offers a warm, homely connotation for potential homebuyers, and personalizes and softens the purchasing process.

Trulia: Another arbitrary yet memorable name, Trulia connotes ‘truth’ or ‘trust’, allowing the company to exude integrity. This website’s name is simple, straightforward and relatable, putting customers at ease. Dignified and trustworthy, this website reaches clients of all types easily and without explanation.

RightMove: The pun-style humor employer by this company’s name is also reassuring for customers.


Clientele & interests:

Buying a house, renting a flat or developing property is very serious business, and is done by a host of different people across all spectrums of life. There are neighborhood considerations, financial implications and lifestyle factors that all need to be considered carefully. Decisions of this magnitude are not taken lightly, and are made for many different reasons.

Landowners, realtors, tenants, landlords, property, homeowners, business, money, finance, politics, investment, family, law, stockbrokerage, marketing, sales, media.

Industry related words:

Landowners, realtors, tenants, lessees, lessors, landlords, property, business, money, finance, agents, real estate, rent, sale, buy, sell, let, industrial, commercial, residential, house, home, apartment, studio, mansion, family home, building, plot, lot, land, townhouse, flat, condo, unit, villa, farmhouse, country house, beach house, cabin, furnished, unfurnished, auction, market, living, city, high-rise, developments, view, location, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, laundry, dining room, study, rural, offices, country, estate, investment, listings, commission, licensed, professional, investors, search, revenue, price, neighborhood, suburb, area, floor plan, renovated, garden, elevator, floor, mortgage, escrow, maintenance, luxury, sales, marketing, advertising, modern, contemporary, traditional, acre, acreage, waterfront, permits, swimming pool, tennis courts, retreat, domain.

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Real estate agents, and now online start-ups, can draw from a deep pool of words and catchphrases that are proven to work in this industry. New homeowners are easy to read, and all come with a very similar checklist. Being able to check off items on this list, solely through marketing campaigns, is paramount to accomplishing a sale. It may prove even better if companies can steer customers towards things they didn’t even know they wanted.

World-leading, renowned, industry experts, specialist, network, advisory, management, licensed, professional, efficient, end-to-end, featured, luxury, pioneering, cutting-edge, full-service, powerful, superior, extraordinary, modern, contemporary, chic.

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D. Gopi
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R. K plot promotors
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abimbola akinleye
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