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Best Record Label Business Name Ideas

Most people love music— if you ask someone what their favorite genre is or the most listened-to song on their playlist, chances are they will be eager to tell you. And the popularity of music is not new, either. For thousands of years, people have been rocking out to melodic tunes since the first caveman drum was invented.

From smooth jazz to opera classics, techno-beat EDM to twanging country tunes, music is here for good. So, if you are looking for a way to expand your business interests into an ever-growing industry and satisfy a love of music, then creating your own record label business might be the right move.

But every good company begins with a name, so let’s go through how to use our record label business name generator and some simple tips to get your music business off the ground in a drumbeat!

One-Word Record Label Business Name Ideas 

In the music industry, time seems to move faster than ever. Whether you are counting in two-fourths time or a triple meter, coming up with one-word record label business name ideas can be a great choice for a short and snappy company title that people remember.

I used our record label business name generator to create some catchy one-word names that revolve around some particularly music-orientated keywords, like “tune”, “record”, “rock”, “beat”, and “music”. Then, I switched the results filter to one-words, and here is what came up:

  • Recordopolis
  • Tunewind
  • Beatlaza
  • Recordcog
  • Musorama
  • Beatnest
  • Recordooze
  • Mus’n
  • Tuneish
  • Beatify
  • Beatzilla
  • Musology
  • Tunely
  • Tunetic
  • Musaro

Tips On Creating A One-Word Record Label Business Name 

Crafting a one-word record label business name might seem deceptively easy, but keep in mind that you are essentially limiting yourself and your customer’s first impression to just a few syllables. 

That makes it particularly important to get the tone and theme of your record label across in as short a space as possible, and if you check out the examples that I came up with, you will notice a wide mix of terms. For example, something like “Recordopolis” sounds a lot more official than “Beatzilla”, though both use a one-word music keyword.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the record label business name generator and see what kind of combinations you can find, based on keywords that stick out to you regarding your dream record label.

Indie Music Record Label Business Name Ideas 

In terms of up-and-coming genres, the indie music movement has continued to gain traction in recent years. With unique lyrics and even more specific sounds, many people across the country tune in to the latest indie track and download EPs in the hundreds of thousands on the day of release. 

So, what makes a good name for an indie music record label? Well, many indie record label businesses have very quirky names (like Asthmatic Kitty), so a first step would be leaning into the world of whimsical and wild word associations— brainstorm some keywords relating to music, a variety of adjectives, and use our record label business name generator to put them all together, as follows:

  • Weepy Choir
  • Kitty Project
  • Beat Storm
  • Wicker Music Notes
  • Low Voice Hi Heart
  • Frog Myst
  • Melody Stink
  • Snare Starter
  • Harmony Moans
  • Majors and Minors
  • Tune Crypt
  • Major Angle
  • Rain Magnet
  • Band Bam
  • Blue Insight

Tips On Creating An Indie Music Record Label Business Name 

To get an indie-esque feeling for a record label business name, I selected a variety of adjectives that reminded me of emotions or similar modifiers. Then, by using musical keywords like “beat”, “melody”, “major”, and “band”, among others, I combined the two elements to create unique and memorable names that sound like an indie music label.

If you want to do something similar, it’s easy with our record label business name generator. First, come up with a list of adjectives and adverbs that you think give voice to the tone and feeling behind the particular indie music you would want to produce. Then, add some musical, choral, or even instrumental keywords and click generate!

Rock Music Record Label Business Name Ideas

Another popular type of tune that has been around for decades and is not likely to leave the music scene anytime soon is rock ’n’ roll— it’s here to stay! And as such, coming up with some sizzling and scintillating rock music record label business names is a pretty safe bet.

To come up with great options with our record label business name generator, I drew up a list of rocking keywords and the things they made me think of. For example, my primary keywords were “rock”, “bang”, “thrash”, “vibe”, “jam”, and “acid”, which led me to some very cool results:

  • Thrash Vibe
  • Rock Horde
  • Vibe Vamp
  • Splitting Genius
  • Vibe Raiders
  • Electric Roll
  • Jam Phantom
  • Roll Sapient
  • Acid Accent
  • Vibe Major
  • Punk Hook
  • Thrash-Verse
  • Bat Theory
  • Radiant Bang
  • Vibe Redux

Tips For Creating Rock Music Record Label Business Names 

It’s important to tap into the aesthetic that you envision for your rock music record label business, as rock and roll comes in many types. As you might have noticed, I leaned heavily into the heavy-metal side of rock music, with a spattering of punk rock. But there are other subgenres, including glam rock, indie rock, ska, and alternative rock.

So, pick your subgenre and start figuring out the types of words and phrases that fit into that realm of music. They need to evoke the same feeling that the music itself does. Then, get creative with our record label business name generator and have some fun! 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Record Accord
  • Music Masters
  • In The Lab
  • Music Lab
  • Music Laboratory
  • Hit Lab
  • Hit Makers
  • Top Charts
  • Chart Toppers
  • Trusted Tunes
  • Tempting Tunes
  • Mastery Of Music
  • Music Doctors
  • Lab Doctors
  • Studio Doctors
  • New Chord
  • 8th Note
  • Jazz Sound
  • Old Symphony
  • Electric Guys
  • Blues Brothers
  • Country Road
  • New Edge
  • Blues Boys
  • MusiX
  • Moon Records
  • Cyber Tune
  • Harmony Record
  • Rhythm Corp
  • Land of Music
  • Topbase Records
  • 360Degree Music
  • Polygon Records
  • Newlife Music
  • Gem Records
  • Basement Records
  • Atrium Records
  • Interstate Records
  • Disc-Over Records
  • Sprawl Records
  • A&B Records
  • Delphi Records
  • Alphapop Records
  • Emporium Records
  • Showcase Music

Best Real-World Record Label Business Names: What Are They And Why Do They Work?

Asthmatic Kitty

How Asthmatic Kitty Got Its Name
When the music label was starting out in 1995, the founders adopted a feral cat named Sara with feline asthma, and decided to pay homage to her.

Why Asthmatic Kitty Is A Great Business Name
Not only is the name a unique and intriguing one, but it also is difficult to forget— the idea of an asthmatic cat is a memorable image!

Death Row Records

How Death Row Records Got Its Name
This label was formed by hip hop masterminds who wanted to come up with a unique aesthetic for their company, and after signing their first group— the Convicts— the name Death Row came naturally.

Why Death Row Records Is A Great Business Name
It’s evocative, surprising, and intriguing, which are all aspects of a great business name that will draw in plenty of clientele and audiences alike.

Flying Fish Records

How Flying Fish Records Got Its Name
This folk and country music label was looking for a title that would grab people’s attention, but also lend the sense of folksiness to the company— hence the natural image of a “flying fish”.

Why Flying Fish Records Is A Great Business Name
Using “records” in the name is important to let people know the company’s purpose, but the “flying fish” beginning offsets it with a light and fun image.

Most Successful Record Label Business Names

most successful record label business names

Universal Music Group

How Universal Music Group Got Its Name
As a subsidiary of the larger Universal Studios brand, Universal Music Group is a natural branch into the music and record label industry, particularly when it comes to producing movie soundtracks.

Why Universal Music Group Is A Successful Business Name
Most people know of Universal Studios, and even though Universal Music Group or UMG is an offset of the greater organization, the name still has the strong reference to media greatness, along with letting the audience know it’s primarily focussed on music.


How Rykodisc Got Its Name
The company name comes from a combination of the Japanese word for “sound from light” which is Ryko and the early CDs, or compact discs, that music was produced on— thus, Rykodisc.

Why Rykodisc Is A Successful Business Name
Not only is Rykodisc a unique name that might spark curiosity in passersby, but it also has meaning when you parse down the individual parts, both of which relate to sound and music.

Def Jam

How Def Jam Got Its Name
Focussing on hip hop, rap, and urban tracks, this record label takes its name from a misspelling of “deaf” and another word for a tune, “jam”, and also pays tribute to the legendary band, Def Leppard.

Why Def Jam Is A Successful Business Name
The wordplay in Def Jam certainly is intriguing. The idea of a “jam” or tune being deaf is a contradiction, but Def also works as a truncated version of “definitely”— as in, it’s definitely a jam!

How To Come Up With Great Record Label Business Names 

We know that naming a company is an important step in your business, but also not the easiest task in the world. So, here are five questions to ask yourself as you use our record label business name generator to come up with the perfect one.

Question One: What Is Your Genre?

Before you delve too far into the wide world of music names and other record label companies, it’s important to figure out where your business stands in the music management industry. 

And while there always seems to be room for a new group or a unique sound, figuring out great record label business name ideas that will stick is made much easier when you have already identified the musical niche your company fits into.

From country to pop, jazz to rap, the musical genres available for your business to represent are virtually endless. For example, rock and roll itself has multiple subgenres, like electronic rock, Christian rock, garage rock, post-punk, psychedelic rock, and more.

So, asking yourself what musical niche you fit into is a critical first step towards solidifying a name for your record label business.

Question Two: Who Do You Want To Listen To Your Music?

Where there is music, there are crowds. And how those fans arrive can differ— some are drawn in by the tune they heard on the radio, and others could be intrigued by the name. So, if you can get the best of both worlds, a good sound, and an enticing business name, you’re likely to be ahead of the game!

Try to evaluate your record label business name based on the audience base that will be frequenting events and promoting your sound. Indeed, if you want to get some first-hand feedback, present your top record label business name ideas to a focus group of music lovers. It’s a great way to fine-tune your company title directly from what the audience has to say.

Question Three: Is The Name Catchy And Memorable?

The audience members need to be able to remember a company name and pass it on to friends, so make sure your record label business name ideas are not too long, complicated, or dull.

Keeping a business name short and sweet is generally a good idea— with a maximum of three or four words and six syllables. Just think of it this way: you want the record label or band name to be easily chanted by a crowd of fans in your venue!

Question Four: Is It Marketable?

Always think about branding and marketing factors when naming your company. For example, what kind of logo will look good with a specific record label business name idea? Do you have a slogan in mind? 

Make sure you consider how the name will be used during marketing and advertisements, as getting yourself out there is generally half the battle for a company to be successful.

Question Five: Is Your Record Label Business Name Available?

And finally, it’s time to make sure your top picks are still available by using the record label business name generator. Just enter your selection and check out the domain name options that haven’t been claimed, and grab yours before anyone else can!

Hopefully, this has made the process of launching your own record label business easier, particularly when it comes to the naming and branding of the company— we know it’s a long process, but don’t forget that the first steps are always the hardest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s important to select a name that not only evokes the genre and tone of your record label’s music but also intrigues the audience. Brainstorm words related to rock and roll, pop, EDM, and more to get started with our record label business name generator.

For a record label to have the most potential, it should be made an LLC, or limited liability company, that protects your business against certain risks and provides some favorable tax opportunities.

Some of the biggest names in the record label industry include Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, ECM, Sony Music, and Capitol Music Group. Independent record labels include Ghostly International, 4AD, and XL Recordings.




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