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The Best Research Business Names

Research companies play such a big part in today’s world, from market research firms that help companies connect with their clients on a deeper level to medical and healthcare research companies that study ways to fight different diseases and save lives.

If you’re setting up a new research firm, one of the first things you’ll have to do is pick the right name. This guide will help you create engaging and informative research business names. We’ll look at some research business name ideas of our own and analyze real-world research business names, too.

You can also make use of our research business name generator to create even more awesome name ideas. The research business name generator is able to make thousands of research business name ideas in no time at all, so make sure to give it a try in order to save time in naming your new brand.

15 Impressive and Interesting Research Business Name Ideas

Since the world of research is so diverse and fascinating, it makes sense that your research company should have an equally interesting name to match. Let’s take a look at some highly interesting and intriguing research business name ideas.

  1. Uncover Intel   
  2. New Discoveries   
  3. Explore Data   
  4. InvestigMate   
  5. MarketDelvers   
  6. Data Seekers   
  7. Trend Finders   
  8. Refined Research  
  9. Into the Unknown   
  10. Rapid Research  
  11.  Search & Find   
  12. Refined Research   
  13. Data Driven 
  14. UncoverMore 
  15. Insight Investigations

Tips for Creating Impressive and Interesting Research Business Name Ideas

If you want people to be interested in your research business names, it’s a good idea to focus on words that instantly grab attention, as well as words that are associated with the concept of research itself. Action words like delve, explore, discover, uncover, and investigate can work well here. Try entering one or two of them into our research business name generator to get even more great research business name ideas.

15 Bold Research Business Name Ideas for Healthcare Research Companies

Healthcare research companies do a lot of bold, pioneering work, testing ideas and looking into concepts that may not have been explored or examined before. A bold name can therefore be a great option if you want to give off a good first impression to people who hear about your research company. With that in mind, here are some strong and bold research business name ideas for those in the healthcare sector.

  1. MedInvestigations  
  2. Wellness Wonders   
  3. BetterHealth  
  4. Health Discovery   
  5. Medical Definitions   
  6. Medical Milestones   
  7. Data for Docs   
  8. Hospital Insight   
  9. Pharma Expanse   
  10. Wellness Evolution 
  11. Apgar Assessments   
  12. Fleming Research   
  13. Blackwell Insight 
  14. Next Level Healthcare 
  15. New Generation Medicine

Tips for Creating Bold Research Business Name Ideas for Healthcare Research Companies

If you’re specifically focused on healthcare research, it makes sense to use health-related keywords and terms in your research business names. Words like health, pharmaceutical, wellness, therapeutic, and medicine can be used to create lots of great name ideas with the help of our research business name generator. You could even take inspiration from the names of famous doctors and medical researchers of the past, like Elizabeth Blackwell, Virginia Apgar, and Alexander Fleming.

15 Attention-Grabbing Research Business Names for Market Research Firms

Market research firms make up a huge part of the research sector, carrying out analyses and evaluations of market trends and customer needs in order to help businesses find the best opportunities and launch the most successful brands and products. Here are some fittingly attention-grabbing research business name ideas for those involved in market research.

  1. Market Breakdown   
  2. Reliable Market Research   
  3. Fast Focus Group  
  4. Market Deconstructed   
  5. Decisive Data  
  6. Data 4 Decisions   
  7. Succinct Solutions    
  8. Markets Demystified  
  9. Data Dive  
  10. On-Site Insights   
  11. Exclusive Insight 
  12. Forward Focus 
  13. Elevation Research 
  14. Pinnacle Market Analysis 
  15. Data Collectors

Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Research Business Names for Market Research Firms

For market research firms, it’s wise to use powerful and impressive words and terms like insight, elevation, evolution, and forward-thinking in order to demonstrate the fact that your brand is ready to carry out the deepest and most effective research and analysis to get the most insightful and informative results.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Expert Intel
  • International Intel
  • Internal Intel
  • Smart Seek
  • Smart Search
  • Efficient Fix
  • Search And Find
  • Required Research
  • Refined Search
  • Refined Research
  • Detail Dive
  • Basic Solutions
  • Research Today
  • We Research Live
  • 24/7 Research
  • Research Online
  • Now Read This
  • Send Us Notes
  • Inquire Within
  • Books And Books
  • Exploring Worlds
  • Reading Up On
  • Probing Knowing
  • We Do Research
  • Study Group
  • Fastudy
  • ProfiResearch
  • Careful Study
  • Careful Research
  • The Detail
  • World Knowledge
  • Fast Explore
  • Info Explore
  • InfoSource Service
  • Tech Search
  • Digital Search
  • Markdata
  • Indigo Research
  • Virtualresearch
  • Boldresearch
  • Outlook Research
  • Wintech Research
  • Researchhill
  • Findview Research
  • Topnotch Research

The Best Real-World Research Business Names

One of the best ways to get some more ideas and inspiration for creating effective research business name ideas is to actually carry out some research of your own into the existing names being used by research firms. Let’s take an analytical look at a few of the most famous research business names out there, like Nielsen and Ipsos.


How Hypothesis Got Its Name

Hypothesis is the name of a successful research company that was founded in 2000. The company’s name was chosen to reflect its experimental and innovative approach to marketing.   

Why Hypothesis Is A Great Research Business Name

The word “hypothesis” refers to an idea that needs to be tested and backed up by evidence to be proven, so it works really well for a market research firm like this one. The use of a single word in the name also makes it more impactful and memorable.

MarketVision Research

How MarketVision Research Got Its Name

MarketVision Research is another successful research company, specializing in market research and was founded in 1983. The company’s name refers to its focus on market analysis and aims to offer insight and “Vision” to its clients about the best ways to move forward with their business ideas.   

Why MarketVision Research Is A Great Research Business Name

MarketVision Research is a snappy and effective market research business name. The word “Vision” is particularly powerful here, as it shows how the company can observe and analyze market trends to produce actionable data.

Radius / Illumination   

How Radius / Illumination Got Its Name 

Radius / Illumination is a company that was formed due to the merger of two existing brands: Radius Global Market Research and Illumination Research.    

Why Radius / Illumination Is A Great Research Business Name

Radius / Illumination is a really intriguing brand name and a great example of a merger naming strategy in action. The new company chose to retain the most important parts of the merged companies’ names. The word “Radius” suggests that the company takes a mathematical, analytical approach to research, while the word “Illumination” suggests that this firm can provide insightful information to light up a business and guide the way to a brighter future.

Most Successful Research Business Names


How Nielsen Got Its Name

Nielsen, also known as Nielsen Holdings Inc., is one of the world’s biggest market research firms, operating in more than 100 different countries worldwide. The company was named after the man who founded it, Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr.   

Why Nielsen Is A Great Research Business Name

Nielsen shows that sometimes, using your own surname or nickname to name your business can be an effective move. It may not help you get attention right away in the early stages, but over time, you can build up your brand and make your name a sign of quality.


How IQVIA Got Its Name

IQVIA is one of the biggest healthcare and medical research firms in the world. The brand’s name was decided upon after a merger between Quintiles and IMS Health. The letters of the name refer to the heritage of the company, with the I referring to IMS Health, the Q referring to Quintiles, and VIA simply meaning “via” or “by way of”.

Why IQVIA Is A Great Research Business Name

Many of the world’s most famous brands have acronym-style names like this one, and it can be wise to think about acronyms if you plan on having a particularly long name involving three or more words. Make sure that your chosen acronym is easy to remember, just like IQVIA.


How Ipsos Got Its Name

Ipsos is another of the world’s biggest research firms, specializing in market research. The brand’s name is also an acronym, standing for Institut de Publique Sondage d’Opinion Secteur.    

Why Ipsos Is A Great Research Business Name

Ipsos is a French company with quite a complicated name when all of the individual words are said out loud. However, by shortening the name down into a simple and easy-to-say acronym, the brand’s founders managed to make it much more universally understandable and marketable.

Tips for Creating Your Own Research Business Name

Think About How You Conduct Your Research

Research businesses often have their own unique methods and ways of working. Some are very tech-oriented, leaning on the latest and greatest pieces of software and algorithms to carry out huge amounts of research automatically, while others approach research in other ways. Try to think about your vision of research and express it somehow in your business name. For example, a tech-heavy research company could use a name like Automated Research or Tech Vision to demonstrate the way it likes to work.

Give Your Name a Meaning or Story 

It’s easy to use random words or phrases for your research business names, but it’s much more impactful and effective to have a name with real meaning or story behind it. So, one of the methods you can use to make great research business name ideas is to think about the story of your brand or focus on an aspect of your business’ philosophy or values that you can then represent with a catchy and engaging brand name. 

Think About Acronyms 

When looking at real-world research business names you may notice that some of them involve the use of acronyms, like Ipsos and IQVIA. Your business may also want to use an acronym name, especially if the regular name is long and complex, so make sure you think carefully about what the acronym will look like and how it will sound when said out loud. It’s best to opt for short and easy to say acronyms that include at least one vowel sound.

Use Bold, Confident Words

If you want your research business names to have an impact and grab the attention of your audience, you need to make use of bold and powerful words. Try to think of words that are associated with what your business does, just like how “Illumination” was named due to the fact that the company aims to “illuminate” ideas and concepts by providing insightful data analysis and market research. Words like evolution, vision, insight, inspire, and ignite can all be useful here, and you can type them into our research business name generator to get more super ideas.

Use the Research Business Name Generator

The BizNameWiz research business name generator is one of the best tools you can use to help with naming your research company. It can create hundreds or even thousands of awesome research business name ideas from just one single word, and it’s totally free to use, too! To use our research business name generator, all you’ve got to do is type a word or two into the box at the top of this page and then click the Generate button.


Having a bold and impressive name can give your research company a huge head-start in terms of attracting attention, building up a positive reputation, and getting more business. So make sure you use the tips and tricks provided here, as well as the research business name generator, to find the perfect name for your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using relevant keywords and bold, impactful descriptive words is a great way to make research business name ideas. You can also take inspiration from real-world research business names if you're short of ideas, or use our research business name generator to make hundreds of ideas in no time.

Some examples of great research company names that have already been taken include Ipsos, Nielsen, Hypothesis, and MarketVision Research.

Yes, our research business name generator is totally free to use. Give it a try today and see how many great names it can make for you!
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