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The Best Robotics Business Names

Robotics is one of the most exciting industries that’s shaping humanity’s future. If you want to build your own robotics business, one of the challenges is coming up with robotics business name ideas. After all, selecting the most appropriate brand name for your company also determines whether you can make it far in the robotics industry. 

Fortunately, there’s the BizNameWiz robotics business name generator which you can use for free. Head over to the BizNameWiz website, type a keyword on the search bar, and click Generate. It will show you hundreds of name suggestions for your company within a few seconds within a few seconds. 

If you want to know more about generating robotics business name ideas, here is a nifty guide just for you:

15 Awesome Robotics Business Name Ideas For Your Robotics Company

The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made robots more efficient and effective at doing their job. Thanks to recent developments, robotics has been at the forefront of the future. Industries such as medicine, manufacturing, food production, and more will benefit from a thriving robotics sector.

Below are some of the robotics business name ideas which was proposed by the BizNameWiz robotics business name generator tool: 

  • Robotics Lab
  • Robotics Tricks
  • Automated Tools
  • Mechanical Tech
  • More Machinery
  • Robo Crew
  • Irobotics
  • Roboauto
  • Robogogo
  • Gogo Robo
  • Major Machines
  • Robotasks
  • Robo Capt.
  • Mr. Roboto
  • Robooming 

Things To Consider When Creating Robotics Business Name Ideas For Robotics Company

When choosing a name for your robotics business, it’s important not to rely on just one method of naming your business. You can use other ways such as using descriptive words, employing suggestive phrases, or utilizing eponymous terms. Try using the associative and abstract naming methods if those still don’t work. 

15 Astonishing Robotics Business Names For Robotics Design Firm

Designing robot parts is another critical sector in the robotics industry. Some companies even start as contractors whose primary job is to develop design ideas. However, since robotics design is a booming niche, it will be challenging to create a list of plausible business names for your new firm.

The following are just some of the robotics business name ideas that you should consider for your company:

  • Robo Work
  • Tech Gods
  • Cyborg World
  • Bio Bots
  • Bots R Us
  • Robot Talks
  • Automatic Bots
  • Better Bots
  •  Build Robots Now
  • Bot Play
  • Bionicbots
  • Typed Robotics
  • Engine Shift Robots
  • Gadget Makers
  • Come Alive Bots

Tips For Creating Robotics Business Name Ideas For Robotics Design Firm

Many robotic design firms usually add a term synonymous with “design” to distinguish themselves from other robotics services. This naming method is suitable since your client will quickly tell what you are offering if you are just starting. However, once you have made it big in the industry, consider shortening your company name so that it can appeal to your global customers. 

15 Stunning Robotics Business Name Ideas For Robotics Programming Solutions

Aside from the hardware, another critical component that runs any robot is its software. However, very few robotics companies specialize in this service since most companies have them in-house. Thus, you have plenty of opportunities if you get your robotics company right.

The following are just some of the business name ideas which were suggested by the BizNameWiz robotics business name generator:

  • Topnotch AI
  • Core Media AI
  • Motorized Ai Solutions
  • Magic Minds
  • Worldspan
  • Auto Ai Systems
  • Come Alive Bots
  • New World
  • RobotX
  • Machine Friend
  • Irobot
  • Robot Go
  • Future Generation
  • CyberWorld
  • AI Jazz

Recommendations For Producing Great Robotics Name Ideas for Robotics Programming Solutions

It’s important to include terms that will separate your company from its competitors. You also want to be specific about what type of services you are offering to your client. Since you are in the software development sector, you can add words like AI or programming solutions. 

15 Mind-Blowing Robotics Business Name Ideas for Robotics Parts Manufacturer

Manufacturing specific robotic parts is another booming sector in the robotics industry. These mechanical parts can vary not only in size and shape but also in their overall functionality. Moreover, they can be produced individually for beta testing or as part of mass production. 

If you plan to venture into this sector of robotics, here are some business name suggestions you can apply:

  • Top Bots
  • Exobots
  • Roboweb
  • Primerobots
  • Botbros
  • Playbots
  • Botvantage
  • Botborg
  • Bothive
  • Happybots
  • Botrepublic
  • Botnest
  • Steelbots
  • Betterbots
  • Tomorrowbots

Advice For Devising Robotics Business Name Ideas for Robotics Parts Manufacturer

Before naming your robotics company, it’s vital to understand the market you are trying to enter. Thus, it’s imperative to do customer research and feasibility studies to know how the robotics industry generally works. After you have done your due diligence, map out your vision for your company and the steps to get there. 

Understand the market you are trying to enter!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Robo Go
  • Robotics Lab
  • Robotics Tricks
  • Robotricks
  • Robot Reboot
  • Robotics Clicks
  • Robotics Risks
  • Automated Tools
  • Mechanical Tech
  • Mech Tech
  • Industrial Insight
  • Robo Realness
  • Tech Trials
  • Teachable Tech
  • Robo Crew
  • Robo Work
  • Tech Gods
  • Animagtics
  • We Build Bots
  • Botalive
  • Ai Worlds
  • Ai Knowledge
  • Baby Robots
  • Robotics For Kids
  • Bots R Us
  • Cyborg World
  • Bio Bots
  • See Bots Work
  • The Robotics
  • Life Made Simple
  • New World
  • RobotX
  • Mr. Robot
  • Wellbots
  • RoboShield
  • RobotGo
  • Machine Friend
  • Irobot
  • Droid Man
  • Immortal Life
  • Machine Guy
  • Next Brain
  • Blue Eye
  • CyberWorld
  • Cyber Planet

Best Real-World Robotics Business Names


How Staubli Got Its Name

Staubli is a globally recognized leader in mechatronics solutions specializing in electrical connectors, texting, fluid connectors, and robotics. They operate in 29 countries and have an estimated to have 5,550 employees. This company started in 1892 and was first named “Schelling & Staubli” after its founders. 

Why Staubli Is A Great Robotics Business Name

The brand name Staubli works because it’s short and quite memorable. Moreover, its pronunciation is somewhat neutral, although it’s foreign-sounding. Furthermore, the company has done well to uphold its reputation as one of the trusted firms in the robotics industry. 


How Epson Got Its Name

When you hear of Epson, the first thing that enters your mind is their desktop printers. However, they recently expanded their robotics division and have become one of the most formidable brands in the market. Epson got its name from their 1975 printers, the EP-101, which gave rise to the idea of Electronic (E) Printer (P) SON.

Why Epson Is A Great Robotics Business Name

Epson is a unique name because it’s brief and easy to pronounce. Moreover, it sounds very neutral and does not require any enunciation for someone to say it right. Additionally, you can easily print the word on any logo or promotional material. If you ever need more company name ideas, employ the BizNameWiz robotics business name generator. 


How Mitsubishi Got Its Name

Mitsubishi is almost everywhere, from cars to electronic products like HVAC. They also have a robotics department doing well since its launch. Mitsubishi is a combination of the Japanese words “mitsu,” which means three, and “hishi,” which translates to “water chestnut.” 

Why Mitsubishi Is A Great Robotics Business Name

Mitsubishi’s brand name has a deep meaning. The water chestnut refers to the diamond or rhombus shape on the logo. You can also picture Mitsubishi’s logo as a windmill or a fan, which hints about the company’s early years. Overall, it’s a good name because it’s catchy and has excellent recall. 

Most Successful Robotics Business Names


How ABB Got Its Name

ABB is one of the leading robotics companies globally and has an annual revenue of about $28 billion. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and was founded in 1988. They specialize in power equipment and automation technology. ABB means ASEA Brown Boveri. 

Why ABB Is A Great Robotics Business Name

Using acronyms is one of the simplest ways to keep long brand names relevant. KFC was once called Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, they shortened it to KFC. The company’s name became easier to remember and even evaded the term “fried,” often associated with unhealthy food. ABB seemed to do the same thing, albeit the part where the unwanted word part. 


How KUKA Got Its Name

KUKA is another well-known robotics company that is widely popular because of its orange-colored units. This company is based in Augsburg, Germany, and has an estimated annual revenue of $899 million for its robotics department. KUKA is an acronym for Keller Und Knappich Augsburg. 

Why KUKA Is A Great Robotics Business Name

This brand name is another example of the effectiveness of using acronyms. However, before you decide to follow this example, make sure that the resulting acronym is easy to pronounce. KUKA is an excellent brand name because it sounds very neutral and is easy to recall. 

Using acronyms are effective!


How Fanuc Got Its Name

If you ever find a robot with bright yellow color, there’s a good chance that it’s made by Fanuc. This Japanese robotics company was founded in 1972 and is based near the iconic Mount Fuji. They have installed about 750,000 robots worldwide. Fanuc is an acronym for Fuji Automatic Numerical Control. 

Why Fanuc Is A Great Robotics Business Name

Fanuc is a good business name because it’s brief and easy to pronounce. Moreover, the acronym makes it easier for people to remember the company. When you need more company name ideas, head over to the BizNameWiz robotics business name generator’s website. 

Tips For Creating Your Robotics Business Name

Research About The Most Successful Robotics Company

Looking at the names of the best robotics company is a great starting point in generating business names for your startup. Like ABB, some robotics companies, like ABB, use acronyms to keep their name simple and easy to remember. Meanwhile, some foreign companies, such as Yaskawa, prefer to keep their company name although it’s in their local dialect.  

Research about the most successful robotics company!

Review the list and find out if there is anything unique that catches your attention. Some of the well-known robotics firms in the world often capture the imagination of everyone just by their name alone. Moreover, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and assess whether the robotics business name ideas you have are appealing or not. 

Don’t Pick Words That Narrows Down What You Offer

Robotics is a relatively large field with several sectors and applications involved. Many companies are also versatile in what type of robots they develop. Hence, it can be a detriment if you choose a company name that narrows down the product or service you offer. Doing so will future-proof your brand name should you change your business strategy later. 

Furthermore, it also provides opportunities should you want to expand. For example, it will be much easier for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy if the company name does not use generic terms. You should also ensure that the words used in your company name don’t have compromising connotations or negative meanings in other languages. 

Keep The Name Short And Simple

Limit your robotics business name to three syllables or fewer.  It’ll be easier to read and remember your brand name this way. Your clients will recognize your store or product even if it has been a long since they last saw it.

In addition, the business name should be limited to three words. However, you ideally want it to be just one word since that’s best for recall and brevity. Doing so will make it easier to fit the company name in any logo or promotional materials. 

Make Sure No One Else Is Using The Business Name

Before deciding to use it officially, check out first if it hasn’t been taken yet. Most of the words in the English alphabet are already made into a company name. Hence, it would be wise to check first if it’s available or not to avoid confusion for your customers. 

Most local government websites usually list all businesses within the area they serve. You can also check it using a quick search using your favorite browser. Moreover, you can also find out if the business name is still available using the yellow page. If the business name you are aiming for is already registered, it’s best to consider the other options on your naming list. 

Use The BizNameWiz Robotics Business Name Generator

It can be tricky to develop a list of plausible robotics business name ideas for our free business name generator ifUse our free business name generator if you need help or want to speed up the process. The BizNameWiz robotics business name generator can generate hundreds of name alternatives in seconds.

This decision saves you time and money because you won’t need to hire a consultant. Simply type one or more words into the provided box, such as “robot design” or “machinery solutions,” and click the Generate button to generate a name for a robotics company.


Coming up with a list of robotics business name ideas is no easy feat. However, if you apply some of the lessons discussed in this article, you can easily overcome this task. You can use the BizNameWiz robotics business name generator if you need more ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choose words that are commonly used in the robotics industry. You may want to include your business name terms if you provide a specific service, product, or solution. Furthermore, choose words that are short and easy to pronounce. If you feel it’s too long, you can instead use an acronym.

The best way to produce robotics business name ideas is to observe the best robotics brand in the world. You need to figure out why they choose the name and how it affects customer perception.

BizNameWiz is an entirely free tool for creating robotics business name ideas. You do not have to pay anything to utilize it. Simply enter your robotics-related keywords, click Generate, and the software will handle the rest.
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