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The Best Sandwich Business Names

Starting a sandwich business is an excellent option for those who want to take the entrepreneurial route. The capital required for such a business is small, and there aren’t any barriers to entry. However, one of the first challenges you will encounter is producing sandwich business name ideas for your company. 

Fortunately, you can use the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator to do most of the naming work for you. This free online tool only requires you to enter keywords that you think best reflect your business. Then, once you click Generate, it will show a list of sandwich business name suggestions.

We also took the effort to compile this guide for naming a sandwich business so that you can pick the perfect name for your fledgling company. 

15 Awesome Sandwich Business Name Ideas For Your Sandwich Diner

Many people eat sandwiches because they are convenient and can be eaten virtually everywhere. You also don’t need any cutlery to eat it, plus it’s very portable. When naming your sandwich business, it’s essential to use words that entice people to try out your products.

Below are some of the name suggestions which was generated by the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator:

  • Sandwich Shack
  • Subwich
  • Bread With Fillings
  • Sandwich Deli
  • Bountiful Bread
  • Hoagie Hero
  • Bee El Tee Sandwich
  • Sandy’s Witch
  • Grub Hub
  • Bacon Butty
  • Dagwood Den
  • Rock N’ Roll Sandwich
  • Pink Submarine
  • Surfin Sandwich
  • The Grinder’s Goods

Things To Consider When Creating Sandwich Business Name Ideas For Sandwich Diner

Most people often consider sandwiches as their comfort food. Sandwiches are also highly customizable as you can swap numerous ingredients to create limitless combinations based on your taste. Thus, it’s vital to showcase these qualities when naming your sandwich business. Moreover, make sure that the name is short enough to fit within a typical logo.

15 Well-thought Sandwich Business Names For Sandwich Stall

Another great thing about sandwiches is that there’s a massive variety in the market. Furthermore, you can also bring in different influences, cultures, and cuisines and merge them with the essential sandwich ingredients. You can even go full vegan using alternative ingredients you can buy almost everywhere. 

The following are some sandwich business name ideas that you might want to implement at your newly opened sandwich stall:

  • Sandwichorama
  • Binge Sandwich
  • Sandwich at 25th Street
  • Cubano Sandwich
  • Phoebe & Jay Sandwich
  • Vegan Sandwich
  • Build Your Sandwich
  • Lettuce Eat Sandwich
  • Quickie Sandwich
  • Triangular Bites
  • Tasty Whet Buns
  • Sandwish
  • Homestyle Hoagies
  • Banh Mi To Go
  • Michettalin Stars

Tips For Creating Sandwich Business Name Ideas For Sandwich Stall

It’s essential to keep the name creative!

Unlike big restaurants, sandwich stalls don’t have the luxury of having a large section to hang their store name. Thus, you need to take advantage of a stall name that will grab everyone’s attention. For this reason, it’s essential to keep the name creative and immediately tell what the customers are getting, whether it’s fast service or lower price. 

15 Stunning Sandwich Business Name Ideas For Sandwich Delivery

Sandwiches are easy to assemble, so you don’t need any unique kitchen tools. Thus, you can make it into a home-based business as you are just starting. If you plan to deliver homemade sandwiches within your area, you need a catchy business name. 

These are some of the company names that were generated by the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator:

  • Homemade Sandwiches
  • Grub and Go
  • Karl’s Kitchenette
  • Sandwich Factory
  • Home of Sandwiches
  • College Student’s Sandwiches
  • Sandwich N Fries
  • Make Me A Sandwich 
  • Customize Your Sandwich
  • Mama Mia’s Sandwiches
  • Fight Club Sandwiches
  • Baguette Sandwiches
  • Picnic Sandwiches
  • Zabway
  • Eggciting Sandwich

Recommendations For Producing Great Sandwich Name Ideas for Sandwich Delivery

Keeping your business name short but memorable is essential when starting your sandwich delivery services. Chances are you will partner with food delivery services if you don’t plan to deliver the food yourself. Hence, you need a name that can fit the character limit of the food delivery app’s display. 

15 Mind-Blowing Sandwich Business Name Ideas for Sandwich Hole-In-The-Wall

Some sandwich shops don’t need to be in a prominent area to service their clients. A small business is ideal for your budget if you’re just getting started. You should also pick a name that will attract the attention of pedestrians passing by your stall.

Here are some outstanding recommendations:

  • Budget Sandwich
  • Simple Sandwich
  • Sandwich Stop
  • Secret Sandwich Spot
  • Sandwich Pickup Place
  • Bare Sandwich
  • Sandwich Tower
  • Hoagie Corner
  • Sub Nautical
  • Nutella Sandwich
  • Seafood Sandwich
  • Dollar Sandwich
  • Grilled Sandwich For Less
  • Sandwiched
  • Which Sandwich?

Advice For Devising Sandwich Business Name Ideas for Sandwich Hole-In-The-Wall

Pedestrians are the largest consumer group for most hole-in-the-walls. As a result, you’ll need a business name that expresses what you’re selling. Because most people are looking for a quick and inexpensive lunch, you should use terms that reflect those attributes.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Sandwich Shack
  • Sliced Bread
  • Sliced Sandwiches
  • Super Sandwich
  • Sandwich Superhero
  • Which Sandwich
  • Earl Of Sandwich
  • Wishful Sandwich
  • Sandwich Witch
  • Sandyside Sandwich
  • Sandwich Store
  • Sandwich Solutions
  • Sandwich Calls
  • Sandwich Supply
  • Sandwich Suppliers
  • Grubgrub
  • The Eats
  • The Best Sandwich
  • The Witch’S Wich
  • We Know Subs
  • Calling Meatlovers
  • Cold Cuts
  • Surfin Subs
  • My Hero
  • Beer And Burgers
  • Submarines Below
  • Come And Get It
  • Big Faced Sandwich
  • Big Belly Bella Subs
  • Food Art
  • Toasted Delight
  • Eatsy Bitsy
  • Sandwich Palor
  • Subtime
  • Filled Bread
  • Bread Tip
  • Between 2 Breads
  • Brown Bread
  • Round Bread
  • Your Sub Choice
  • Snack A Sub
  • Covered In Butter
  • Classic CrustsShop
  • Crusty Delight
  • Breaded!

Best Real-World Sandwich Business Names

Best Sandwich Business Names


How Blimpie Got Its Name

Blimpie is famous for its submarine sandwich in various flavors and filling options. It was established in 1964 in Hoboken, New Jersey, by three high school friends. One of the owners wanted to name the store hoagies about the Philadelphia term for a sandwich. However, they settle for “Blimpie” since the shape of their sandwich is similar to a blimp.  

Why Blimpie Is A Great Sandwich Business Name

There’s no denying that the word “Blimpie” sounds adorable. Furthermore, the dirigible does look like most submarine sandwiches. Blimpie’s logo is also shaped like an airship to engrave it to their customer’s minds. 

Which Wich?

How Which Wich? Got Its Name

This company has been in the food industry for almost decades. In 2005, they began franchising their brand and had since then expanded to 36 states of the United States. Which Wich? is a wordplay to the phrase “which sandwich?”

Why Which Wich? Is A Great Sandwich Business Name

Alliteration is a great tool when naming a store or brand. After all, it’s an effective aid in helping your customers remember the store name. Thanks to its unique name, the company has grown to more than 400 locations in the U.S. and has expanded to dozens of countries.

Alliteration is a great tool when naming a store!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

How Potbelly Sandwich Shop Got Its Name

This fast-casual restaurant chain specializes in offering submarine sandwiches and milkshakes. They have over 20 sandwich options to choose from, including PB & J for the kids. The company’s name was taken from the potbelly stove, which was used to heat large rooms. 

Why Potbelly Sandwich Shop Is A Great Sandwich Business Name

Potbelly Sandwich works well as a sandwich business name for several reasons. Since it’s hailed in Chicago, known for its chilly winter, people are accustomed to seeing potbelly stoves, especially during the 70s. Furthermore, the brand name is short, and the word belly is related to our digestive system. If you want to create an amazing company name, try the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator.

Most Successful Sandwich Business Names

Most Successful Sandwich Business Names

Publix Deli

How Publix Deli Its Name

While it may have fewer locations than other entries on the list, Publix Deli is still known for its top-quality subs. Their southern-style sandwiches are every foodie’s dream. The deli got its name directly from the supermarket chain where they are served. As you may have guessed, the word “publix” is taken from “public.” 

Why Publix Deli Is A Great Sandwich Business Name

Publix Deli works well despite adapting its leading company’s name as a brand. The word is easy to understand and mainly refers to the general public. Adding the phrase deli is also enough to signal the customers that you can eat at this place. 


How Subway Got Its Name

When people talk about submarine sandwiches, one name always comes to mind– Subway. This fast-food restaurant is known for its salads, wraps, beverages, and sandwiches. It was initially named Pete’s Subway after its founder Dr. Peter Buck. In 1966, the owner kept the name more straightforward and called it Subway.

Why Subway Is A Great Sandwich Business Name

Subway is a great name because it represents a sandwich– a convenient food you can eat while on the go. It is very similar to people who are always on the go ride subway trains to cut travel time. Moreover, subway also contains the word sub, a shorter form of submarine sandwiches. When you ran out of company name ideas, try employing the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator. 

Jersey Mike’s

How Jersey Mike’s Got Its Name

Jersey Mike’s is one of the largest submarine sandwich franchises in the U.S., with over 2000 locations. Some of their stores also offer breakfast sandwiches for people who don’t have time to prepare breakfast. Jersey Mike adapted the name to capture the authenticity of New Jersey, where the submarine sandwich originated. 

Why Jersey Mike’s Is A Great Sandwich Business Name

When naming your business, adding the location or place can be a double-edged sword. Customers can perceive that you are only operating in the specified area when in fact, you are serving other sites. Jersey Mike’s works well because it captured the attention of authentic subs. 

Tips For Creating Your Sandwich Business Name

Use Terms That Are Synonymous With Sandwich

While adding the word sandwich in your business name is alright, it might get in conflict with other terms that you also want in it. In some cases, the word sandwich might be too long to fit into most conventional logos. Meanwhile, your company might also be running food items other than sandwiches that you need to include in your business name. 

If you encounter these problems, you can replace the main keyword sandwich with another similar term. Some of the alternative words you can use are hoagie, dagwood, hero, Reuben, and subs. You can also add what type of business you are running, such as a diner, a resto, or a hole-in-the-wall.  

Utilize Playful Terms and Be Creative 

The worst name for a company is a generic one without personality. Such errors can be avoided by being playful with the language you employ. If you want to appeal to the younger generation, use familiar terminology.

Utilize playful terms and be creative!

By playing with the word “sandwich,” you can create phrases that orbit around it without eliminating the fundamental term. Which S ‘Wich, for example, is a wordplay to the phrase “which is which.” It uses alliteration and is easy to remember since it focuses only on the word “which.” Sub-titled is another playful business name you can use if you plan to deliver sandwiches. 

Take Advantage Of Popular Media

Sandwiches have been featured in many TV shows, songs, movies, computer games, and other media. For example, you have Friend’s famous The Ride-Along Metaball Sub. The Unsettling Ham and Cheese Sandwich was featured in the Kill Bill: Volume 2 movie. 

Over the years, the phrase “make me a sandwich” has been used in numerous comedy skits. However, it’s also been used as a statement about society’s unfair treatment of women. If you can make this phrase a bit funny and create a playful logo, then it will indeed work in your favor. 

Use The BizNameWiz Sandwich Business Name Generator

If you haven’t come up with the right sandwich company name using traditional means, you might want to try the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator.

In seconds, this free application can generate millions of business names. It’s also simple to use and asks you to enter the terms you want to use. Then, after clicking produce, it will present you with a slew of options based on your input.

Check If the Business Name You’ve Chosen Is Already Taken

Almost every sandwich store or diner has a website. You can reach more people without spending a fortune on advertising by having a website. Go to any Internet domain registrar, type your store name into the search field, and hit Search. It will tell you whether or not that particular site address is already taken.

If you are building a diner or an outlet, you should also check on the city’s business register if the business name is still available or not. 


A sandwich stall is one of the easiest businesses you can establish because of its low capital. However, naming one can be pretty tricky, especially now that there are thousands of them scattered all over the country. If you find yourself stuck in naming your sandwich business, use the BizNameWiz sandwich business name generator to cut down your work. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are numerous ways that you can do to narrow down the best names for your sandwich business. The most effective method is to stick to words that evoke the customer’s desire to eat and the convenience of a sandwich in addressing hunger.

Definitely, yes. You usually want to stand out from your competition if you are just starting. Naming your business something witty may help you get more first-time customers curious about your offering.

As stated above, the BizNameWiz is a free name generator tool. It was created to help entrepreneurs and other business people to make great names for their startup companies. Moreover, it’s easy to navigate and is user-friendly.
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