Security Company Name Ideas

Generate name ideas for your Security Business below.

Best Security Company Name Ideas

Security companies are important for keeping people safe during big events or in expensive places that are prone to robbery. Customers want to spend money on a company that feels passionate about safety and security. The best way to show your passion is through a company name that highlights your services. Of course, this isn’t a straightforward process, but with the right ideas you can find a name that engages with and retains customers.

You might be thinking about how to start. But don’t worry – this guide will help you on your naming journey. From one-word names to event security names, you’ll find something suitable for you. Just try our security company name generator and you will get lots and lots of name ideas to select! 

One-Word Security Company Name Ideas

One-word names are catchy and memorable to customers. If they remember your name, they are more likely to use your services again. Choose a word that captures your company’s personality and tells customers exactly what to expect. You can also combine two related words if you can’t think of a singular word to describe your company.

One-word names are catchy and memorable!

Think of root words associated with ‘security’ and type those into the security company name generator. Click the ‘one word’ option from the filtered list to view one-word names. I used the words ‘safe’, ‘guard’, ‘protect’ and ‘secure’ and chose the best names!

  • Guardlance                              
  • Safeverse                      
  • Protectify 
  • SafeNest                                
  • Protectastic!                
  • SecurityZen
  • Protectopolis                          
  • Secureable                      
  • GuardeX 
  • Securenetic                                
  • Guardarc                         
  • Safeomatic 
  • GuardoryX                             
  • Safeworks                    
  • ProtectYou 

Tips For Creating One-Word Security Company Names

You should take some time to think about relevant words that get the point across quickly. Customers won’t make the effort to look into a business unless they feel curious about the name. Maybe search for ‘words associated with security’ and scavenge the internet for valuable information. I followed this same method, which is how I came up with the root words! 

Rhyming Security Company Name Ideas

Everyone loves to hear rhymes – it’s something we probably grew accustomed to as children. Rhymes help people to remember important information that might otherwise seem “boring” in normal language. This is because rhymes create a musical rhythm in our brains that allow us to retain details associated with that rhyme. Would you rather hear Safe Case or Safe Guards? If you went for ‘Safe Case’, then it most likely triggered the musical side of your brain! 

I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the security company name generator. Then I selected the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list. Below, you will find some rhyming names that I think are best for your type of business.

  • Genius Guards                     
  • Safe Specialists                    
  • Sound Security 
  • Safe Shadow                              
  • Security Scoop                     
  • Pure Protect
  • Security Stance                          
  • Protect Plans                        
  • Barred Guards
  • Passion Protect                        
  • Group Guards                       
  • Safe Stance
  • Gladiator Guards                     
  • Safe Scene                        
  • Simple Security 

Tips For Creating Rhyming Security Company Names

As you can see in the names, there aren’t many exact rhymes for the words. If this is something you’re struggling with for your root words, then you can use alliteration or half-rhymes. Both of these techniques still work for rhyming names. Most of the names I chose from the generator have alliteration that makes the words flow nicely together! 

Event Security Company Name Ideas

Customers may want to look for security who can monitor large events. This is because events may have celebrities or important figures. You should highlight words associated with ‘events’ in your company name. The more details you have in the name, the more likely customers will approach you with questions. Remember – simplicity and directness is key. 

I used the words ‘occasion’, ‘party’, ‘event’ and ‘venue’ and popped those into the security company name generator. You can also include the same root words from earlier if you like their effectiveness. If you want to find some good names, just keep on reading!

  • Safe Spaces                         
  • Party Squad                        
  • Guard Gallery
  • Party Officers                           
  • Guard Station                      
  • Safe Shows
  • Venue Hubs                               
  • Protect Event                       
  • Party Operation 
  • Support Events                          
  • Security Smart                     
  • Venus Boss
  • Guard Occasion                        
  • Venue Heroes                    
  • Event Crew 

Tips For Creating Event Security Company Names

I used some rhyming words to help strengthen these event security names. Literary techniques can be important for engaging customers with your company. You can experiment with the filters on the security company name generator to see how your results differentiate. One-word names can also be effective if you want a simple name for your event security. Most importantly – search the internet for language that relates to big events or gatherings! 

Use some rhyming words to help strengthen the security names

Some name ideas for you:

  • Ensure Secure
  • High Security
  • Sky Security
  • Sky High Security
  • Secure Solutions
  • Eye On Security
  • Security Cure
  • Cured Security
  • Security Sessions
  • Studied Security
  • Scrutinize Systems
  • Security Scrutiny
  • Serious Security
  • Security Solution
  • Secure
  • Secured
  • We Are Secured
  • You Home Secured
  • Top Notch Security
  • Protection Now
  • 24/7 Security Team
  • Stay Safe
  • Secured Care
  • Security Token
  • The Shelter’S Security
  • The Secured Pact
  • Safety Protection
  • We Protect You
  • Protected Guard
  • Surveillance Today
  • Eagleeye Security
  • Coyote Security
  • Secureplus
  • The Companion
  • Bluelight Security
  • Laser Security
  • Securecity
  • Prowl Patrol
  • Deft Security
  • Moonlight Security
  • Precision Patrol
  • Aa Patrol
  • B-Alert Patrol
  • Castleview Security
  • Securenowl

Best Real-World Security Company Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Security Company Names

Research is a great way to gain inspiration from other security companies. You can determine how their company is successful with customers just by looking at their name. I chose some cool-sounding companies and established how they got the name and why it’s compelling!

1st Class Protection 

How did 1st Class Protection get its name?

1st Class Protection was founded in 2004 to ensure “clients enjoy the highest level of protection”. They listen to clients’ requirements and match security guards with those specific needs. This company has helped industries like hospitality, healthcare and schools. 

Why is 1st Class Protection a catchy company name?

Customers would immediately look at ‘1st class’ and feel curious about their premium security services. These words have positive connotations of being “superior” and “high-quality”. The word ‘protection’ is also a big signifier of what this company is about. 


How did Securo get its name?

Securo believes in “long-lasting partnerships” with clients who want honest and dependable services. They pride themselves for their high-quality service, whether that’s security guarding or floor supervision. This company tailors their security to individual needs of clients!

Why is Securo a catchy company name?

This one-word name is very simple and easy to remember for customers. Merging ‘security’ with another word is great for adding originality to the company. Even just reading the first four letters helps me to visualize what kind of services this company provides. 

Spartan Elite Security 

How did Spartan Elite Security get its name?

Spartan Elite Security was founded in 2007 to focus on the “welfare of clients” and their personal protection. They have bodyguard services that go “beyond client expectations”. This company also has door supervision, K9 services and residential security. 

Why is Spartan Elite Security a catchy company name?

If you’re a Halo fan, then you might think of these words differently. But this obviously doesn’t refer to a video game. The word ‘spartan’ means that something has austerity, which is a stern attitude or manner. ‘Elite’ represents a superior group that stands out from society. 

Most Successful Security Companies

Most Successful Security Companies

Searching for the most popular security companies can help you determine why their name is memorable to customers. You can evaluate the top ten names to see how they’re similar and different. Below, you will find examples of successful security companies!


How did G4S get its name?

This company was first called Group 4 back in 1968. Over 38 years later, they rolled out their new identity G4S. They have more than 100 years in the security industry and “help people to live and work in safe and secure environments”.

Why is G4S a catchy company name?

G4S is a simple name that doesn’t have complicated wording. However, the name might not tell customers what the company is about. Customers may already know of G4S by its popularity over the years, so it’s not essential that this name has to contain related words.

Allied Universal 

How did Allied Universal get its name?

Since 1957, Allied Universal has been “keeping people safe and providing a peace of mind”. They are a leading security and facilities company to reduce risks. Allied Universal has a global leadership team that helps them to network with clients around the world.

Why is Allied Universal a catchy company name?

This name might make people think of an alliance that connects groups around the world in a ‘universal’ way. Customers may feel more comfortable approaching a company that is passionate about building connections, especially in the security industry! 


How did GardaWorld get its name?

GardaWorld is one of the “largest privately owned integrated physical security” companies in the world. Their mission is to make the world a safer place by protecting client assets and operations. They have physical security, cash services, risk management and more. 

Why is GardaWorld a catchy company name?

There isn’t much history behind the name, but during my first impression, I thought this name sounded like ‘guard the world’. This may not have been their intention, although it’s definitely relevant to the services. People may quickly understand what this company is about.

3 Tips That Will Help You Name Your Security Company

Imagine this – you’re at the stage of planning your first company name but you don’t know how to begin. The panic rolls in slowly and you realize you don’t have much time to create a catchy name. You would naturally start to worry, right? Everyone goes through the planning stages differently. Some people might create a fancy notebook full of ideas, and others may not plan their name at all. Take your time and remember that you don’t need to rush it.

But still, the nerves are bound to mess with you. This section is going to help you get through that first little challenge called planning. We have three tips that are effective for creating a compelling name. Just keep reading to find out what these tips are! 

Tip One: List Plenty Of Root Words Associated With Security 

As you may already know, root words are very important for creating a name on our security company name generator. They are keywords that relate to your services and tell customers what to expect from your company. Of course, it’s okay to think of three or four words and pop them into the generator, but this might not be enough. You can list as many words as you can before finding names on the generator. Maybe aim to have ten to fifteen you can use! 

Tip Two: Keep Your Company Name Short And Sweet 

Customers don’t want to remember long and complicated names that don’t tell them about your services. They need details on how they might benefit from the company. Are you a cyber security company? Can you offer bodyguards to other businesses? Where do your bodyguards like to work? This is what customers prefer to know when first seeing a name. 

You can use a short and sweet name to get your point across quickly without losing the interest of customers. For example, if you had a name like ‘Bright Event Security Company’, you can reduce that to ‘Event Secure’ or something along those lines! The words ‘bright’ and ‘company’ don’t add much impact or information to the name. Make sure to only use words that are necessary and only relate to your security services. 

Tip Three: Get Feedback From Your Family And Friends

Your family and friends can give you feedback regarding your most favorable names. Just show them a list of what you like and ask for their opinion! Some of them might notice mistakes or words that don’t really make sense for your company. We always miss things with our own eyes, so it’s good to gain perspective from other fresh eyes that haven’t seen your names yet. Make sure to write their feedback so you can reference it again when editing your name! 

Get feedback from your family and friends!


Overall, you should create a name that represents your security services. Do you offer bodyguards to clients? Maybe floor supervision in buildings? Your speciality is important for the name, as customers will understand more about your company. Just use the security company name generator and you’re ready to begin! Most of all – enjoy the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of root words associated with ‘cyber security’ and pop those into our security company name generator. This should give you names related to your services. Experiment with the filters to see what kind of names you can generate!

A security name represents the security services in the company. This name might highlight their bodyguards or transportation methods. Names are very important, as they help customers to identify the types of services in the security company.

The naming process is never going to be easy, but it can still be a fun challenge. Think of some words that relate to your business. For example, if you offer security for events, you might have words like ‘guards’, ‘events’, ‘party’ and ‘protect’. These will help you create a business name!
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