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The Most Memorable Sewing and Tailoring Name Ideas For Your Creations 

Here at, we want to keep your inspiration flowing. If you are reading this, it is most probably because you have the creative urge to name your upcoming Sewing and Tailoring business. This article exists to provide you with a long list of some of the most memorable name ideas for you to jostle around with. 

One Word Sewing and Tailoring Business Name Ideas 

Short names grab your attention because of two things; firstly, they are easy to remember, and secondly, they are easy to read. The list of names below was all birthed around the theme of sewing and tailoring, which consists of real words and compounded words connected to this industry. 

  • Sew&Sew
  • Tailoress 
  • Alterations 
  • Seamless
  • BareThread
  • Tailor-Made
  • Momma-Made
  • SewCraze
  • Threadmill
  • Quiltsmith 
  • NewSeam
  • SewFlips
  • InStiches 
  • GoSew
  • Sewcces 

Tips for Creating Your Own One-word Sewing and Tailoring Business Names 

To think of a name that accurately represents your business, you first need to be familiar with the vocabulary used in the sewing and tailoring industry. While one-word names might seem never-ending, there remains a challenge for those trying to find one that hasn’t already been used or thought of. 

Regardless, if you are set on having a name with only one word, the internet is still the best tool. It will provide you with the resources needed to create name ideas that relate to your sewing and tailoring business through online dictionaries and a thesaurus. 

Below are some tricks to help you create your one-word masterpiece:

  1. You can create a commendable name by picking a root word that fits with the sewing and tailoring industry and then adding prefixes and suffixes to it until you find something that sticks. 
  2. An alternative would be to take two words that match a seamstress or tailoresses’ vocabulary and join them together.  

Sewing and Tailoring Business Name Ideas That Are Descriptive 

Listed below are 15 names for your sewing and tailoring business that describe exactly what it is that a sewing and tailoring business does. These descriptive names were all crafted using already existing words that are found in a dictionary. 

  • Knit a Bit, Sew a Bit 
  • The Sewing Machine
  • Altering & Sewing Services 
  • Mending Hems 
  • The Patchwork Heaven 
  • Buy and Sell Fabrics
  • The Sewing Quarter 
  • The Seam Finery 
  • The Seamstress 
  • Sew Good Seams 
  • The Tailor’s Daughter 
  • Needlecraft 
  • The Stich 
  • Tailoring for Life 
  • Just Sew On It!

Tips to Help You Create Descriptive Sewing and Tailoring Business Names

To meet the criteria for being descriptive, you need to find keywords that are exactly that. How would you describe the world of tailoring and sewing? What words would you use to explain exactly what it is that a tailor or sewer does? 

Your answer should be a list of somewhat self-explanatory words. From this, you can then start grouping them in a way that makes sense; there are two methods for this:

  1. Using rhythmic sounds or, 
  2. Using alliterations 

Both these methods create names that roll off the tongue. 

Figurative Sewing and Tailoring Business Name Ideas 

The use of real words in the name ideas below has helped “sew” together a metaphorical picture. Provided is a list of business names that indirectly symbolize the sewing and tailoring industry:

  • Mending Matters 
  • Fabrication 
  • Fine Tuned Apparel 
  • The ButtonLab 
  • Fabric Vinyls 
  • Something Charming 
  • The Knotty Idea 
  • The Fitting Room 
  • Cloth Rager 
  • Gowns Galore 
  • Better Pressed!
  • The Dress Doctor 
  • Fray Away 
  • Buckle Up 
  • Notions Galore 

Tips to Help You Create Figurative Sewing and Tailoring Business Names

What words figuratively represent the sewing and tailoring business? In other words, what you are essentially trying to do is invent a business name for the tailoring and sewing industry using metaphors. 

The easiest way to go about this is by using images. By typing in a few words that endorse sewing and tailoring into Google Images, you can search for objects that can be used as a metaphor in your business name. 

To break this down further, you are looking for names regarding a Sewing and Tailoring business. In this industry, they often use materials such as fabrics, threads, and maybe even buttons. By typing “buttons” into Google Images, you may find an image of a buttoned-up shirt. The result, is the perfect figurative name for a sewing and tailoring business – “Button Up.” 

Keep in mind, that Google Images is not the only search engine you have for images. Shutterstock, Pexels, and Unsplash also exist. 

If all else fails, and your creative juices are not producing a name that matches your standards. provides a name generator to give you names of sewing and tailoring businesses with available domains. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Stitch By Stitch
  • Itch To Stitch
  • Stitched
  • Sew Good
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Go To Sew
  • Sew To Go
  • Inches Of Stitches
  • Stitches To Riches
  • Riches To Stitches
  • Rich Stitch
  • Sew Creative
  • Easy Threads
  • Sacked Sewing
  • String It Along
  • Pulling Threads
  • Tailored Work
  • The True Stitch
  • Embroidered
  • Quick Sew
  • Quick Tailors
  • Tailor Professionals
  • We Seam Things
  • The Stitcher
  • No Stitch Ups
  • Tailored Fashion
  • Ripped? Sewed
  • Patched Today
  • Stitching Magic
  • Sew It Looks
  • Sass and Sew
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Sewing Progress
  • Efficiency And Art
  • Sewing Brothers
  • Stitched Patches
  • Newtrends
  • Afrostyle Tailors
  • Feathery Stitches
  • Kreative Kreations
  • Mighty Thread
  • Sew County
  • Blue Poodle
  • Embronation
  • Stitchcounty

The Best Existing Sewing and Tailoring Business Names – a Breakdown

The Best Existing Sewing and Tailoring Business Names

Mends For You 

How Mends For You Got Their Name? 

Mends For You is a service-based sewing business. Its name came from the fact that it accomplishes what you as a customer started but couldn’t finish. While Mends For You still offers basic services such as hemming and custom-made apparel, it also offers special services called “You Design, I Craft” and “Let Me Finish That.” Mends For You is an embodying name for what the business does. 

Why Does The Business Name Mends For You Works?

Mends For You is a fitting name for a sewing business whose entire existence is based on finishing what you started. The whole concept of mending is to fix, repair, and renovate, which is exactly what this business does when you bring them any incomplete projects. 

Sweet Mama Makes 

How Sweet Mama Makes Got Its Name? 

Sweet Momma Makes was the name given to an online sewing and tailoring business by Kate Miley, who is also a mother to four children. This business got its name because it is a mommy who designs clothing, bloomers, and bonnets that feature heirloom baby patterns. The items from this store are meant to be of sentimental value so that they can be passed down through generations. 

Why The Business Name Sweet Mama Makes Works? 

The reason this name works is for two reasons. Firstly, it is descriptive, and the business name provides the “what you hear, is what you get” phenomenon. Secondly, it is the epitome of how a mom works very hard to keep her family close. 

Three of the Most Successful Sewing and Tailoring Brands – a Breakdown

Most Successful Sewing and Tailoring Brands

H. Huntsman & Sons 

How H. Huntsman & Sons Got its Name?

Formally known as the “Huntsman of Savile Row,” this is a tailor located in London. It is famous for producing traditional bespoke tailoring for men and women. The Kingsman film by Matthew Vaughn was the inspiration behind the name Huntsman. 

Why The Business Name H. Huntsman & Sons Works?

The brand Huntsman works because it is short. Memorable and catchy are characteristics of a good brand name. While the actual description of a huntsman has nothing to do with tailoring, it is a good metaphor that appeals to men, who are the main target audience of the brand. 

LookSmart Alterations 

How LookSmart Alterations Got its Name?

LookSmart is an experienced tailor that offers garment alterations, and repairs that are tailored to compliment your body. LookSmart Alterations got its name based around the idea that tailoring must be courteous in meeting the needs of the corporate world. 

Why The Business Name Look Smart Alterations Works?

The name is what the company wants to achieve through tailoring. It is smooth, catchy, and easy to remember, plus it flows easily and has a good ring to it. Additionally, it also creates the idea that if you use this company for your tailoring needs, you will achieve that ‘smart look.’

Stitch-It & Co 

How Stitch-It & Co Got its Name?

Stitch-It & Co is a premier shop for alterations and custom suits, where all-around tailors approach custom pieces with the utmost experience. The team decided on “Stitch-It” because they stitch almost everything that can be stitched, and “company” to portray that success is not a one-man thing but the joint effort of many tailors. 

Why The Business Name Stich-It & Co Works? 

Stitch-It and Co is a compound word. The name works because just like a compound joins two words together, this company stitches fabrics together to make a single garment masterpiece. The dash between the words “stitch” and “it” also creates the imagery of a single stitch. 

General Tips to Keep in Mind When Naming Your Sewing and Tailoring Business 

Think About What You Want Your Name to Convey 

The name of your sewing or tailoring business should not only be easily identifiable, but it should also inherently point toward the products and services it offers; it is your identity and brand. 

Brainstorm and Then Brainstorm Some More 

There should always be time set aside to brainstorm when it comes to naming your business. By brainstorming, you are considering words that pertain to either your industry, products, or services; describe your rivals, or highlight the advantages of your products or services. 

Before anything is finalized, go above and beyond to look at the Latin or Greek translations to the words you have brainstormed, as well as any foreign words. 

BiznameWiz’s domain search tool can be very useful in the planning phase. Remember, you want to find a name for your business, and then stick with it!

Proceed With Caution When Choosing Geographic Names 

If you plan on using the region, state, or city as a part of your business name, then make sure you only plan on working in that location for the entire duration of your business. It can create the unnecessary need to rebrand in the future if the company grows beyond its location. 

Don’t Name Your Business Using Trends 

Trends are volatile, so you must be able to identify the current trends in naming and avoid them altogether. You want the name of your company to grow through trends, and not die out with them. 

An example of this was in the late 1990s; the trend was a “.com” at the end of an internet business. Eventually, this became synonymous, and companies chose to drop the “.com” from their business names. You want your business name to pass the test of time, so you avoid having to change it later. 

Keep Your Competition in View 

Before coming to a final decision, make sure to research your potential rivals’ names. Sometimes one may find similar, maybe even identical names, but for different industries. This may result in confusion among customers and even suppliers. 

If you are using the same name as your competitor, you become subject to potential litigation risks. You will also most likely make it difficult to acquire trademark protection for the name of your business. 

Consider Whether You Can Register a Domain 

A domain name is a unique identifier that you will register to represent you and your business on the internet. It is, therefore, of utmost importance, to look for a company name that is also available to be registered as a domain, so you can have a presence online. 

.com domains are among the most popular but have become of less importance for SEO purposes. It is best to consider all the different extensions as there are many great alternatives available. 

When keeping all these tips in mind, there is no doubt you’ll find a great name for your tailoring or sewing business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it is possible for you to turn your sewing skills into cash. As your skills improve, so do your profits.

A sewing business can be described as an organization that charges to design, make, or alter clothing.

You promote a sewing business in the same way you promote any other business. Advertise your business using media relations, social media, digital advertising, press advertising, and direct mail.

For a business name to be catchy, it must sound and look the part. Sound is achieved through rhyme, and presentation is achieved through spelling and alliteration. Above all, it must be short and memorable. Relevant keywords working together provide a “catch.”
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