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Naming your Sewing Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Sewing business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Sewing business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Stitch By Stitch

Itch To Stitch


Sew Good

Sewing Supplies

Go To Sew

Sew To Go

Inches Of Stitches

Stitches To Riches

Riches To Stitches

Rich Stitch

Sew Creative

Sew Crafty

Sew Stitches

Sew And Grow

Sewn Grown

Better Stitches

Stitches For Britches

Sewing Kit

The Sewing Needle

Eye Of The Needle

Necessary Needles

Need A Needle

Needle And Thread

Well Threaded

Perfect Threads

Sewing Wing

Sewing Corner

Sewing Table

Sewing Sisters

Sewing Solutions

Solve With Sewing

Sewing Engine

Sewing Machine

Sew And Glow

Thread The Needle

Trusted Thread

Tempting Thread

Topper Threads

Red Threads

Sewing Spool

Cool Spools

No Fool Spools

Splendid Spools

Super Spools

The Threaded Needle

Stitches And Threads

Sewing Saint

Sewing Savior

Reap And Sew

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Easy Threads

Sacked Sewing

String It Along

Drapery Find

Professional Seamstress Now

The Seamstress

Seamstress For Hire

Seamstress 24/7

The Sewing Kit Pro

Sewing School

We Sew Things

The Sewing Professionals

Hire Seamstress Now

Pulling Threads

Tailored Work

The True Stitch


Quick Sew

Quick Tailors

Tailor Professionals


The Stitch Report

We Seam Things

The Stitcher

Seam And Sew

Fabric Finds

Tack Work

The Seaming Game

The New Sew Tools

Tailoring You

The Last Stitch

Come Get Sewed

The Tailoring Game

Piece By Peace

Sew The Stitch

Embroidery Today

Hemmed Up

The Joints And Closures

The Bonded Sew

Suture And Stitch

The Hem Queen


Closures Done Right

Needle And Thread



The True Sew

Sewing Connection


Pleated Up

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

No Stitch Ups

Tailored Fashion

The Joy Of Stitching

Stitch And Crafts

Ripped? Sewed

Patched Today

Professionally Tailored

Onto The Next Thread

No Loose Ends

Stitching Magic

Sew It Looks

Sew What Are You Need?

Signed Sewed Delivered

Sass and Sew

The Thread Studio

Sewing Made Simple

You Never Sew It Coming


Sew Fashion Company

Marvellous Stitching

Faster Fingers Faster Results

Lilo and Stitch

Customised Sewing

High Fashion Tailoring

Haute Couture Through Sewing

Sew What I Did There?

A Sew In Time

Been Sewing For Decades

Experience in Sewing

Picture Perfect Threads

The Master Crafters

Fashion Is Safe With Us

The High Standard

Sewing Progress

Efficiency And Art

Sewing Through The Weekend

Goldfingers Sewing Service

Sewing Industry Leaders

The Sewing Masters Workshop

Sewing Brothers

Stitched Patches

Sure Perfection

We Love Sewing

Stitches Are Us

International Sewing Professionals

Your Threads Our Care

We Sew Your Troubles Away

Vintage Sewing Factory

Stitched It Up

The Sewing Story

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra


Afrostyle Tailors

Feathery Stitches

Kreative Kreations

Mighty Thread

Sew County

Blue Poodle



Stitch Up

Sew Kings




Daily Threads


Fabulous Sews

Craft Korner

Elegant Fabrics


Crazy Fingers

Thread City


Bold Stitches


Magic Hands

Elegant Alterations

Elle’S Tailoring

Blue Spool

Barbie’S Couture

Men’S Couture

Oceanview Tailors

Magic Blend

Fab Society

Magical Draperies


Style Diva

Trendy Threads


Princess Conclave


Pristine Tailors

Borderline Tailors







Supreme Trends

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