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Naming your Soap Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Soap business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Soap business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Suds And Buds

Soap Suds

Covered In Suds

Soap On A Rope

Scent Of Soap

Soothing Soaps

Soap Soothers

Soap Scents

Clean Aromas

Clean Team

Squeaky Clean

Scrubbed Clean

Scrubbing Soaps

Luscious Lather

Lather Up

Soft Soaps

Lush Lather

Luxurious Lather

Lather Luxury

Leftover Lather

Bubbles Of Beauty

Beautiful Bubbles

Bubble Up

Bubble Town

Bubble Bounty

Beauty Bubbles


Wonderful Wash

Lush Wash

Wanted Wash

Soap Slope

Soapy Suds

So Soapy

Suds Of Love

Loving Suds

Soap Symphony

Serenity Soap


Soapmakers Unlimited

Bath And Body

Body And Bath

Grateful Body

Soapy Hands

Soapy Skin

Skin Treat

Pampered Skin

Pamper Products

Bath Soaps

Beautiful Bath

Bathing Beauty

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate



Love Thy Skin Soap

Artisanal Soaps

Love+Light Soaps

Come Clean

Bare Skin

Essentials Soap

Nature Lives

Visionary Finds

Goddess Skin

Skin Of The Gods

Soft Touch

Entangled Love

Softly Laced Soap

Sweet Scents

Bathtime Delight

Pretty Skin

Kiss Of Skin

Visual Glow

Golden Light Soaps

Shine Bright Soaps

Lavender Love Soap

Lovely Touch Soaps

Joyful Skin Soaps

Soap Love

Soapy Baby

Bubble Blow Soaps

Bubble Kisses Soaps

Glitter Gold Soaps

Skin Caress Soaps

Tension Release Soaps

Contact High Soaps

Beauty Bars

Massage Me Soap

Skin Hug Soaps

Special Soaps For Her

Kiss The Skin Soaps

Touch Me Soap

Sleepy Time Soaps

Sweet Spot Soaps

The Bath Babes

Scent Of Her Soap

Beauty Drop

Shades Of Love

Lightworker Loves

Crystal Soaps

Bars Of Light

Soap Bars

The Bro Bars


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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus


Fuzzy Fun

Beautiful Bubbles

Wow Spa

Happy Chic Soaps

Body Scent

Classy Wash


NatureGlow Naturals

Soapy Blyss

Idyllic Body scents

Body Bloomer


Earthy Scents

Blissful Bubbles



Fizzy Wizzy

Brilliant Skin Condition

Sqwikky Clean

Bath Key


Nature 2 skin


Petal Gleam

Skintect Baths

Faire Main

Easy Hide Care



Opulencely Lavish


6th sense

Able Body Care

Naturals 4 U

Bubbly Pure

Pure Pleasures Soaps

All Seasons Soft

Natures Mumbo Jumbo

Beauty & Joy

Prairie Green Naturals


Karisima Skincare

Body Rules

Skin HolyGrail

Striking Soaps

Lotta lather

Fresh Fine Skin

Drawn 2 Skin

Health Kissed

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Poseidon Paradise

Ocean Glow

Soap Town

Body And Soap

Paradise Scent

Beau Soap

Casa Del Soap

Lathered Up

Paradise Suds

Planet Soap

Body Essence

Pacific Sparkle

Supreme Soap

Lush Skin

Perfect Cool

Pure Skin

Natural Essence


Beau Fragrance

Sparkle Suds

Gem Soap

Sapphire Soap

Swirling Beauty

Silky Suds

Jasmine Essence

Vanilla Scent

Cramberry Suds

Nature Suds

Nirvana Soap

Eden Soap

Paradise Scent

Sunrise Suds

Sunrise Luxury Soap


Valleyway Soap

Empire Suds

Royalcastle Soap

Silverglow Soap

Newworld Soap

Southaxis Soap

Skinglimmer Soap

Freshmeadow Soap


Deepseas Suds

Mountain Peak Soap

Cosmosglow Soap

Glisten Suds


Indigoglow Soap

Goldenspark Soap.

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