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Best Soap Business Name Ideas

Cleanliness is next to godliness— people don’t go a day without using soap of some kind, so there’s always a need and a market for it. Which makes soap a great option for a new business to branch into!

But would a soap company by any other name smell as sweet? Well, you won’t know until you come up with a great soap business name that sets you apart from the rest of the competition in the beauty and healthcare industry, and makes customers intrigued enough to shop for your products.

To start you on the right path to soapmaking, we have compiled examples of great soap business name ideas and are ready to guide you through the process with the help of our soap business name generator. So, keep on reading to dive right in!

One-Word Soap Business Name Ideas

If you want a catchy and memorable soap business name, going with a one-word name might be the right choice for you! Not only are one-word business names simple to market and remember, some of the biggest soap companies in the world today only use one word to describe their company— like Dove.

I used our soap business name generator to come up with a list of several ideas by filtering names through the one-word option, and using keywords that relate to soap, cleanliness, and beauty. With words like “pure”, “bathe”, “pure,” “clarify”, “bubble”, and “refresh”, here are the one-word soap business name generator results:

  • Soapify
  • Bathen
  • Pureology
  • Refreomatic
  • Bathio
  • Refreshify
  • Bathepad
  • Purery
  • Bathysphere
  • Sudsy
  • Cleanistic
  • Pureandora
  • Bathely
  • Clarifyvio
  • Purelux

Tips On Creating A One-Word Soap Business Name

Though it might seem like an easy process at first, creating a one-word soap business name is quite tricky. But to make the task simpler, list a bunch of keywords that relate to soap, cleanliness, and the overall image you want your soap company to portray. 

From there, input your favorites to our soap business name generator, check the one-word filter, and see the results for yourself!

If you still can’t find the perfect soap business name, why not make it up? You can take two words related to soap and fuse them for a unique and unmistakable soap business name, or experiment with a variety of prefixes and suffixes to change a core soapy keyword into something brand new.

Rhyming Soap Business Name Ideas

Not only are rhymes catchy, but they are very easy to remember for most shoppers. Using rhyme to help enhance memorization is a clever marketing trick that industries have used for years and was used by poets in literature even earlier!

I used the same soap-related keywords and put them into our soap business name generator, making sure to tick the two-word and rhyme filters for the best results, including:

  • Bubble Blues
  • Pure Pine
  • Soap Slip
  • The Soap Pope
  • Smarter Soap
  • Sonic Soaps
  • Beckon Bubbles
  • Soap Hope
  • Double-Up Bubbles
  • Dope Soap
  • Soap Siren
  • Lean And Clean
  • Soaptime Showtime
  • Clarify Creations
  • Serene Clean

Tips On Creating A Rhyming Soap Business Name

You might have noticed a mixture of rhymes and alliterative soap business name ideas in the list above, and that’s because slant rhyme or repetition of certain letter sounds are just as effective as a full end rhyme!

So, if you get stuck on rhymes for soap, don’t be afraid to branch out and consider other literary devices to broaden your options for some great rhyming soap business name ideas. Then, use our soap business name generator to narrow down your choices even more.

Funny Soap Business Name Ideas

A funny business name is sure to get many peoples’ attention, and it’s no different when it comes to a soap business name. Not only do fun company names get people smiling and feeling positive emotions about your business and products, but they are likely to remember a creative and cute company name.

I made a list of some funny and pun-related soap business name ideas, including the root keywords I have used previously, and used other results from our soap business name generator to craft some seriously silly options:

  • Bubble Bees
  • Suds N’ Bubs
  • The Soap Opera
  • Can’t Cope Without Soap
  • Clean Up Your Act
  • Lather Good
  • Little Fragrances
  • Keep It Clean
  • Soaplessly Lost
  • Don’t Lose Soap
  • All’s Fair In Suds And Pour
  • A Scent Of Purpose
  • Bubbles Away
  • Leftover Lather
  • Soap-rah

Tips For Creating Fun Soap Business Names

Like many other products on the market, soap keywords can be easily turned into fun or funny options for soap business name ideas. To get started, think of some soap-related puns, based on any number of things you find hilarious.

For example, I used some common sayings like “hopelessly lost” (transforming into Soaplessly Lost), “all’s fair in love and war” (into All’s Fair In Suds And Pour), and even “a sense of purpose” (A Scent Of Purpose). 

Other than puns, you can get creative with word contractions, more rhymes, or whatever wordplay you like! If you are feeling stuck, try looking at a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, or Googling puns about soap to get inspired.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Suds And Buds
  • Soap Suds
  • Covered In Suds
  • Scent Of Soap
  • Soothing Soaps
  • Soap Soothers
  • Soap Scents
  • Clean Aromas
  • Clean Team
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Scrubbed Clean
  • Luscious Lather
  • Lather Up
  • Soft Soaps
  • Lush Lather
  • Love
  • Soap
  • Artisanal Soaps
  • Come Clean
  • Bare Skin
  • Essentials Soap
  • Nature Lives
  • Visionary Finds
  • Goddess Skin
  • Soft Touch
  • Entangled Love
  • Sweet Scents
  • Pretty Skin
  • Kiss Of Skin
  • Visual Glow
  • SOAPossible
  • Fuzzy Fun
  • Beautiful Bubbles
  • Wow Spa
  • Body Scent
  • Classy Wash
  • EvaEssence
  • Soapy Blyss
  • Body Bloomer
  • Skinsessential
  • Earthy Scents
  • Blissful Bubbles
  • Blyssable
  • FuzzyFrills
  • Fizzy Wizzy

Best Real-World Soap Business Names: What Are They And Why Do They Work?


How Pears Got Its Name
One of the oldest soap brands in the world, Pears was named after its founder, Andrew Pears, when the store opened in 1789 London. From there, Pears became a branded name that was passed through the generations until being sold into the corporation it is today.

Why Is A Great Soap Business Name
Because soap is a very scent-based business, using fruit with an easily recognizable scent as a name makes the customer immediately think of it. “Pear” also evokes the idea of natural ingredients and a product that might use real essences, something that many shoppers look for.

Burt’s Bees

How Burt’s Bees Got Its Name
Unsurprisingly, the founder of Burt’s Bees was named Burt, and he kept bees after moving to the country and seeking a quieter life. And from his beeswax recipes on the farm, Burt’s Bees was officially born!

Why Is Burt’s Bees A Great Soap Business Name
As a soap and cosmetics company that deals primarily with honey and beeswax-based products, using “bees” in the soap business name is a wise choice. Plus, the consonance of the two b’s right after one another makes it a fun name to say and easy to remember.


How Caress Got Its Name
This soap business name is derived directly from an action associated with cleanliness— caressing yourself with a soft, scented bar of soap! From the 1960s, Caress has been creating the same exquisite products which do just that.

Why Caress Is A Great Soap Business Name
Many soap business name ideas are one-word, as well as some of the most popular brands. As such, using an active verb like “caress” for your business name is a great idea— it evokes a sense of luxury, safety, and softness that’s perfect for a soap company.

Most Successful Soap Business Names


How Dove Got Its Name
As a company, Dove is all about peace and goodwill, which is why a dove is both its brand name and logo, as a bird traditionally associated with a symbol of peace.

Why Dove Is A Successful Soap Business Name
Dove proves that not only using a single word for your business name but also leaning into aspects of symbology can be successful. In addition to connotations of peace and prosperity, the dove might make you think of the terms “clean” and “white”, associated with soap


How Aveeno Got Its Name
Aveeno comes from the scientific word for an oat, which is “Avena Sativa”. As a soap company that uses natural ingredients like oat extracts in its products, a play on that scientific name resulted in Aveeno.

Why Aveeno Is A Successful Soap Business Name
Not only is Aveeno a delightful word to say, but it also holds plenty of intrigue for customers who might not have heard it before, leading to product curiosity. Plus, the scientific backstory of the name is a fun detail for anyone who might recognize it!


How Ivory Got Its Name
Originally taken from a Biblical passage that referred to cleanliness in ivory palaces, this soap company chose Ivory to also relate to themes of purity and luxury.

Why Ivory Is A Successful Soap Business Name
Not only does “ivory” give customers a strong visual image, but it also evokes ae of exoticism, luxuriousness, and classiness. Additionally, as a one-word soap business name, it’s easy to remember and market.

How To Come Up With Great Soap Business Names 

Your company needs to have a great soap business name right from the start, or else marketing, branding, and overall sales are likely to flounder and sink. It’s important to have a soap business name that not only stands out among the wider beauty industry, but that customers also won’t have any trouble remembering.

As such, we created a few questions for you to ask about your soap company to help narrow down the options for a great soap business name and put you on the right path to naming success! 

Read on for all the information you need to determine some great ideas and start using our soap business name generator.

Question One: What Kind Of Soap Are You Selling?

The first step is to figure out what your products are. For example, do you sell vegan and ethical soap? Naturally-sourced soap? Fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin? Or combination body soap and bubble bath bars?

Once you figure out the type of products that your store will be stocked with, you can begin to compile a list of keywords that are associated with those soap products, like “organic” or “rejuvenating”.

Question Two: What Is The First Impression Of Your Soap Business?

The image your company portrays to the world is important, and it generally starts with the name. The first thing that many customers experience about your company is what it’s called, so making a good first impression with your soap business name is essential.

Do you want your soap business name to evoke feelings of luxury and classiness in your customers? Relaxation and relief? Or perhaps you want to portray a fun and playful tone— whatever the answer, those emotions will be a cornerstone of your business’s first impression, and your company name needs to reflect that!

Question Three: Who Do You Want To Buy Your Soap?

You might end up with widely different clientele types depending on the soap business name above the door, so choose wisely. Is your customer base primarily made up of the young and hip shoppers, or are you marketing to office workers looking for a classy scent in their guest bedroom?

Using buzzwords depending on the type of shopper you want to attract is important— consider the difference between a soap business named Bubbles Ahoy and Luxury Wash Essentials, and you’ll see what we mean.

Question Four: Is Your Soap Business Name Easy To Say And Remember?

A business name that confuses customers is likely not going to be easily marketable or memorable. It’s a good idea to say your soap business name ideas aloud and practice them in conversation— it’s amazing how different word combinations work on paper but not in speech!

Once you have all these aspects of your soap business considered, it’s time to put them together and see what you come up with. And don’t forget to use our soap business name generator to filter your ideas further, and even check which domain names are still available when you find the perfect name for your soap company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As with most company names, start with brainstorming keywords for your soap business and select your top choices based on how they relate to your product types, the theme of your store, and your soap business as a whole. Then, use our soap business name generator to help create some unique options!

Many business owners choose to mix up their inventory with similar products, and soap and candles are among the popular choices. Opt for a name that refers to scent, color, or the way the products make you feel, as shared aspects of both soap and candles.

The traditional name for a person who makes soap is a “soaper”. However, in more recent years, those in the soap-making industry have been called “artisans”, “apothecaries”, “crafters”, or simply, “soapmakers”— so, really, it’s up to you!
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