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Top Brands:

Microsoft: This software giant’s name pays homage to the invention that made computers possible, the ‘microprocessor’, as well as their focus on ‘software’.

iOS: Like Apple’s other product offerings, the ‘i’ stands for the internet, while OS is an acronym for ‘operating system’, thus creating a simplistic and descriptive acronym.

IBM: An acronym for ‘International Business Machines’. While the name is not particularly creative, it is authoritative and no-nonsense, and thus trusted by customers.

Android: The meaning is ‘like man’ and it is named after the sci-fi created humanoid. The name represents the company’s ambitions and culture in advancing the software and AI intelligence of the system.

Ubuntu: The word ‘ubuntu’ means ‘togetherness’ in the South African language, Xhosa. The company’s open source and free software epitomizes exactly that.

Linux: The company offers a free operating system, and their unique and catchy name is well known throughout the technology world.

Tizen: This open-source software company selected a unique and unusual name that sounds unlike anything else, in order to carve a niche in the market.

Oracle: Named after the word ‘oracle’, meaning an ‘all-knowing’ person, the company strives to be just that for its clients: a source of information and guidance.

Adobe: One of the most trusted brands in computer software. Their name is derived from a building material made from earth and organic matter, likely to represent their foundational status in software.

Salesforce: A generic yet descriptive and interesting name, their software acts as a ‘force’ for clients, increasing productivity and sales.

Symantec: A security software company whose name represents a deeper understanding of the nuances of online safety.


Clientele & interests:

Demanded by nearly every single person on the planet, whether they realize or not, software is what sparked the Information Age and is what drives our economy and daily lives. Software is extremely diverse, with a multitude of different programming languages available to build a plethora of different things. When it comes to the direct demand, however, clients seeking software are mainly large companies, coders, computer scientists and IT specialists.

Software developers, learning to code, entrepreneurship, productivity hacks, anti-virus software, encryption, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), software for (graphic design, engineering, accounting, etc.)

Industry related words:

Program, software, package, system, CSS, HTML, Ruby of Rails, Python, Android, JavaScript, jQuery, API, Git, ReactJS, AngularJS, Sass, website, interactive website, apps, applications, IOS, Windows, Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Linux, Ubuntu, Mozilla, security, hacking, hackers, data centers, cloud computing, in the cloud, software solutions, code boot camp, parcel, packet, module, bundle, internet, freeware, internet-of-things (IOT), computer science, internet technology, framework, interface, bug, build tool, debugging, data, big data, ergonomics, open source, patch,  antivirus, backup, archive, C#, CGI, commercial software, contextual menu, control panel, Artificial intelligence, Watson by IBM, acrobat, adware, algorithm, alpha version, spyware, Trojan virus, incubator, start-ups, FinTech, application macro, architecture, AutoCAD, Autodesk, beta test, beta version, binary Bit, byte, megabyte, gigabyte, programming language, data center, OpenStack

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

For business and governments to maintain their competitive advantages, they need the most reliable, best, most secure and most diverse software available. The market is therefore mainly driven by innovation, with the best and most distinctive products becoming the market leaders.

Secure, cloud computing, 99.9% uptime, big data, latest technology, flexible, scalable, empowers, comprehensive, ecosystem, trusted

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