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Find the Best Software Company Name Ideas with Our Name Generator

The market value for tech and software companies has increased due to technology nesting into our daily lives. 

Being a part of this business means coming up with a name that will make you stand out from the crowd. The name will help when branding your company and this is true for all fields, not just software. 

The hardest part about launching a software business is choosing a relevant name for it. Your name will also be your brand story, and if it’s memorable, it will attract potential customers. 

In the same vein, a bad name can cause disinterest in your prospective customers, and lead to poorer performance. 

Here is a guide on how to generate the software company name ideas—and learn from the market leaders. 

Out of This World Software Company Name Ideas

Software company name suggestions always come in handy when you are out of ideas.

Many businesses decide to use a software name generator to create a brand name they like. 

A software company name generator can give you various interesting suggestions that you could use as inspiration. They may not be as personal as you would like, but software company name ideas are not about being personal. 

They have to reflect the business values, purpose, and goals, but if a personal touch fits into the picture—that’s even better!  

Let’s be the software name generator for a second and come up with various brand names you can use for your software company.

Software Company Name Ideas: The Planetary Impact

The universe is endless and therefore, so are your brand name resources. 

Let’s play around with combinations of names that include, say, keywords like Uranus, Tech, Develop, Bytes and Software.

Why Uranus, you ask? Uranus is the planet that rules the future as new technology does, so we found some inspiration there and generated the following brand name ideas for you: 

  • UraniHub 
  • Softius Co. 
  • TVelop Technology
  • UranWare Services
  • Stech Ltd.
  • Nautic Tech
  • ByWare International
  • Sytes Analytics
  • Softelop Systems
  • Develech Software Solutions
  • Tecus SEO
  • UranDevelop
  • sUranus
  • Tare Web Design
  • DevsTech

When coming up with software company name ideas, try thinking outside the box.

Exploring the solar system can be a superb resource of ideas that will trigger inspiration in creating your brand name. 

So, do some research on galaxies, stars, comets, asteroids—whatever comes to mind. 

Remember, when choosing the name, make sure it is not related to any disastrous occurrences, like tsunamis, or when the poor old dinosaurs got obliterated. 

Also, a planetary-inspired brand name alone won’t cut it. You will also need to mix in the technical or software part of your business and combine the two words in a logical whole.  

Software Company Names: Back to Nature

Nature has been an inspiration for many things, including generating business names and software brand names. 

To give you an idea of how to use nature’s finest to represent your business, here is a generated list of names to consider:

  • SpiderSoft Co.
  • RTware Solutions
  • TecTonic Services
  • Lava Analytics
  • Chili Software Solutions
  • Elm Development
  • Yew Software
  • Goldenrod Technologies
  • Acanthus Design
  • Cardinal Protection
  • Grasshopper Solutions
  • IrisIT Tech
  • Firefly Computer Services
  • Zero Virus Ware
  • SolBug Warriors

Nature is a very broad field you can explore. Look through the names and meanings of animals, trees, bacteria, flowers, natural occurrences, and others. Like we did, you also need to find something that reflects the characteristics of your company’s mission.

You’d be surprised how many things in nature are a reflection of wisdom, stability, eagerness, or progression. 

For example, the Cardinal bird represents devotion, good fortune, and strong relationships. On the other hand, the Iris flower portrays wisdom, trust, and valor.

Coin Your Heart Out 

Use your creativity to forge a name by combining two or more words that best reflect your business idea. 

Instead of just getting fancy, also go for names that are catchy and relevant to your software brand when combined.

For instance:

  • Seamless Hub
  • Alpha DeBug Solutions
  • CyberProBox
  • BotWise Services
  • Giga-Tech Ltd.
  • WebCarving Design
  • Trapdoor IT Solutions
  • Giant Cloud Technology
  • Code-Build Programming
  • MEDS Tech
  • BeGe IT Consulting
  • StaM Software Technology
  • LonPar OS
  • Port Development
  • Darius Technologies

As you can see, we created coined names using our software company name generator featuring several fields that will be covered by a software business. 

Like that, you can also use the first letters of your family members’ names for a more personal touch. If you have a business partner, you can even create a coinage out of both your names.

Be careful here—partners come and go, but your brand name will stick forever. 

There is also the option to play with the first letters of your favorite cities or countries, or you can pay homage to your hometown. 

The possibilities to coin brand names are endless and should have to do with what you personally like, and what your business needs to be represented in the right light. 

If you have an interesting first name yourself, you can also use it as we did in the case of Darius Technologies.

Some name ideas for you:

  • TechSphere
  • Overdrivers
  • Pixolation
  • Bits & Bytes
  • SkyNet
  • Tech Tock Bots
  • Safeware Services
  • Software Surf Zone
  • Soldier Apps
  • Global Software
  • Seamless Software
  • New Era Software
  • Beta Byte Techs
  • Quantic Solutions
  • SoftTech
  • Digitronic
  • TouchIT
  • NetWorx
  • Testerix
  • GigaCell
  • TechniQ
  • Webdomus
  • Digitalix
  • Aspirion
  • High-Tech Help
  • Curation Software
  • SEO Seekers
  • Best Site Services
  • Wireframe Services
  • Serif Software
  • Software Selector
  • Back-end Basics
  • Battling Bugs
  • Driver Services
  • Tech Interpreters
  • A Kernal of Clarity
  • Soft Solutions
  • Tech Savvy
  • Tech Giants
  • Software Support
  • Soft Support
  • Software Seniority
  • Soft Touch
  • Data Point Software
  • Solutions Software

Real Software Company Name Ideas: A Fit Brand Name Does It! 

Real Software Company Name Ideas

Coming up with unique names doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Combine your primary business services in an unusual way or incorporate ideals you feel are the core of the business. 

Here are a few brands that have found unique names and whose creation process we found useful. 

High Voltage Software Incorporated 

High Voltage software incorporated is an American video game developer based in Illinois. 

It is a company that specializes in video games and virtual reality technologies. The name has an edge to it and sets it apart from the other software companies, which base their names more on things connected to their niche. It also exudes confidence and has a younger vibe to it, making it appealing to a younger demographic. 

Although it’s longer than we’re used to with more well-known brands, it works for the type of company that it is. The name also utilizes the type of service they’re offering. 

Including software in the name allows the customer to instantly know what their primary service is. It is also unique, which means that High Voltage Software can’t be mistaken for another company in the field.

The company hasn’t clearly expressed how they got their name, however, it is certain that during brainstorming they thought about words that are connected to software and technology. Plus, a striking word like Voltage does give the Software Inc. part a certain ring—don’t you think?


Another software company that has a standout name is NordVPN. The company offers a VPN service for all users. They claim that the inspiration behind the name is Nordic ideals which are confidence, trust, and innovation.

When making a comparison, we can see that the VPN offers the exact services that the Nordic ideals describe. In this case, we can see that the founders made an association between a concept and their product when coming up with their name.

The name is short, and well thought out and it also includes the service that the company offers. 

Software Company Giants Brand Names: Be Inspired by the Elite

Software Company Giants Brand Names

When doing market research, it’s not hard to find successful software companies and see how their brand names tie into the whole business picture.

As of 2014, published in the Global 100 Software Leaders analysis, these are the top five leading software companies, whose brand names just scream for attention:

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Symantec

Whilst not many people know the origin of these renowned brand names, ask anyone and they’ll tell you who Microsoft and IBM are in an instant. What this goes to show is—that the name works in favor of your business and makes it a staple among global audiences.

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

IBM is a software company that has been around since 1911. 

It is probably the best-known software company in the world and an icon in leading computer technologies. 

But, IMB didn’t always go by this name. Way back when, they were known as Computing, Tabulating, and Recording company—CTR for short. 

With their growing success, the brand changed its name to IBM, an abbreviation for International Business Machines Corp. 

IBM’s name contains the service that they offer, which makes its goal clear to customers. And since the company was a pioneer in creating personal computers, the name IBM has been associated with such. 

Microsoft Corporation

A more personal take on a business name can be seen with Microsoft. 

In 1995, Bill Gates himself explained the origin behind his company’s name. Gates and Paul Allen worked on a popular mainframe computer programming language for Altair, an early personal computer (PC), then called a microcomputer. The term microcomputers differentiated the machines from mainframes such as IBM. 

During this project, Gates and Allen affectionately referred to it as micro-soft. As their careers progressed, they still used the name Micro-soft for their products. By the time success came knocking on their doors, the name Microsoft had become the brand itself. 

Incorporating the word software in the name clearly states the field in which the company offers its services.

The name is also a nod to the early days of the founders’ careers—adding a much-beloved hint of nostalgia to it. 

Oracle Corporation

Another interesting story is how the company Oracle got its simple yet impactful name. 

Its founders, Larry Ellison and Bob Oates worked on a CIA project with the code name Oracle. The project was eventually terminated and the founders moved on to launch a software company initially called Software Development Laboratories. 

The company was later renamed Relational Software Inc—but the name still didn’t stick. 

In 1979, their star product Oracle was released and gained instant popularity. Is it a coincidence that the software was named after the CIA project they worked on? 

We’ll say it’s unlikely, but then, the owners decided to take things a step further and officially name their company—Oracle System Corporation.

In 1995, the company reduced its brand name to Oracle only. This gave the company a more modern feel in the late 20th century—a must for data and software brands. 

Software Company Name Suggestions to Abide By

Coming up with an original brand name is also a big challenge.

In an ideal world, you want your business name to be something meaningful and positive related to your niche. 

Names with negative connotations will ensure that your business cannot grow. 

Useful Tips to Help You Construct the Best Brand Name:

  • Don’t limit your business name. Including a specific keyword or geographical location can restrict the growth of your new business. Think globally.
  • Ensure that the name you generate exudes company confidence. This will increase your brand value. 
  • Establish your brand identity and your tone. Do extensive target market research. This way, you can discover what appeals to people the most, name-wise. Usually, catchy, relevant, and unique names will do the trick.
  • The name can also elicit any feelings. Determine what feelings your brand exudes. Write these down and think of words that represent that feeling. When brainstorming, look at company names that are leaders in their field. 
  • Play around with logo design or a color scheme to spark innovation. Sometimes thinking about a logo can spark up the inspiration for your brand name. If you can’t decide between several names, try to imagine what the name would look like on a logo. Visualization is everything. 
  • Use online tools such as the Thesaurus to find industry synonyms you can use in your brand name. If you want a speedy solution, you can always turn to our software company name generator.
  • Avoid limiting your company name to the line of business you are in. Keep in mind, that the name you choose should also apply to future products or services you’ll offer. Universal but not general—that’s what you’re after. 
  • Don’t complicate your name too much, but also, don’t be dull and basic. Software company name ideas should be based on catchiness, impact, interest, and provocation—all in a business sense. 
  • To find out how the name will appeal to audiences, ask for feedback. Create a poll to which name your audience relates the most.

Know your business inside out. If the name does not feel right, it probably isn’t.

Software Company Name Ideas: A Checklist

To be sure that you haven’t missed anything, use the below checklist to assist you when thinking about the name of your future company.

  • Write down name ideas and mark the ones you like the most
  • Keep in mind that you will be expanding in the future and don’t limit the name to present services
  • Explore industry-related keywords that may be a part of your name
  • Try combining words to create a unique name. If you are not good at this, you can always use our free software company name generator to help you.
  • Get feedback from the target audience, family, and friends
  • Check the availability of the name and finally register your business.

Software Company Names: The Verdict 

The best software company name ideas are the ones that stick. Around 72% of the best brands have invented words or acronyms in their company names, so it’s time to get creative.

Think of a fresh name with a visionary idea that will help you build a connection with your audience that lasts!

If you’re struggling to get going, use our free software company name generator! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A software company name should reflect innovation, cutting-edge technology, and efficiency. Adding a geographical location may limit your business. Think global, not local.

Catchy company names should sound interesting, easy to remember, short and concise, and have a unique trait to them—alliteration, play on words, puns, etc. To check how the audience will react, ask for feedback from family and trusted friends.

There is no magic formula for a unique company name. Every name has a story and meaning behind it. Try not to complicate the name or make it hard to spell and pronounce. Make sure the name has no negative connotation and it projects confidence.




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