Solar Company Name Ideas

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The Best Solar Business Name Ideas

The need for sustainable and renewable energy is rising more and more with every passing year, and solar power has proven to be one of the best and most reliable sources of alternative energy to use instead of classic fossil fuels.

And as the solar energy industry becomes more important and influential, more and more solar businesses are being set up, from solar power providers to solar equipment manufacturers. If you’re setting up a company like this, you’ll need to think of some super solar business name ideas.

We’re here to help! You can use the BizNameWiz solar business name generator to make tons of amazing solar business names in no time at all, and read through the guide below to learn more about creating the best solar business name ideas.

15 Attention-Grabbing Solar Business Name Ideas for Solar Energy Suppliers

There are many ways in which you can break into the solar industry, and one of the best ways is to start providing people with solar energy. Here are some super solar energy business name ideas for new energy suppliers.

  • Solar Supply 
  • Sun Suppliers
  • Rays Delivered
  • Sunshine Base 
  • Solar Flare 
  • Solar Speed 
  • SustainaSun 
  • Sustainable Solar 
  • Energize Solar   
  • Evolve Solar  
  • Sure Solar   
  • Reliable Rays   
  • New Dawn
  • Step Up Solar  
  • Sunrise Solar

Tips for Creating Attention-Grabbing Solar Business Name Ideas for Solar Energy Suppliers

If you want to make solar business name ideas that will grab the attention of your target customers, it’s a good idea to include relevant keywords to let people know what your company does, as well as trying to keep your brand name quite short and catchy. You may want to consider using rhyming or similar-sounding words, too, and remember to use the solar business name generator for extra ideas and inspiration.

15 Catchy Solar Business Names for Solar Equipment Makers

Another great way to burst into the solar industry is to create a company that makes solar equipment, like solar panels and solar charging systems. Below, we’ll list some solar business name ideas for this kind of business.

  • The Sun Shop
  • The Solar Equipment Co.
  • SolarGear
  • SunSupplies
  • Panels R Us
  • Panel Masters
  • Sun Power Systems
  • The Sun Supply Specialists
  • Making Solar 
  • PanelPros 
  • Premium Panels
  • Efficient Solar 
  • The Solar Store 
  • All-Things Solar 
  • Recharge Solar 

Tips for Creating Modern Solar Business Names for Solar Equipment Manufacturers

If you’re setting up a business that makes solar equipment, you may want to use a name that includes some mention of the kinds of products you make. Words like panels, equipment, and supplies can work well here. Again, the solar business name generator can be useful for making even more name ideas in no time at all, and remember that it’s best to opt for short and snappy names over long or vague ones.

15 Informative Solar Business Name Ideas for Solar Installers and Repairers

Another kind of solar business you may wish to start is a solar installation or repair company. Solar power systems can break down over time and suffer a wide range of technical problems, and it’s up to repair companies and installation experts to ensure that systems are set up correctly and maintained to run smoothly. Let’s look at some solar business names for repair companies and installers.

  • Superior Solar Installations    
  • SafeSolar   
  • InSolar   
  • Solar Installed    
  • Solar Surveillance
  • Solar Guaranteed   
  • BetterSolar  
  • Solar Check    
  • SolarInspections  
  • Make it Safe Solar   
  • Premium Panel Repairs
  • Trusty Solar 
  • Solar Specialists
  • The Sun Bros
  • Optimal Solar Installations

Tips for Creating Informative Solar Business Name Ideas for Solar Installers and Repairers

When picking a name for a solar installation or repair company, it’s best to opt for an informative name that tells people about the kinds of services you provide. This will make your company easier to find for people who need urgent installation or repair services right away. Try to include at least one solar-related keyword in your name, too, as this will help with SEO.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Sustain Tech
  • Solar Systems
  • Solar System
  • Systemized Solar
  • Sure Solar
  • Solar Sure
  • Polar Solar
  • Solar Energizers
  • Green Energy
  • Clean Energy
  • Solar Clean
  • So Far Solar
  • So Solar
  • Sustain Game
  • Sustainable Solar
  • See The Light
  • Sunrisesun
  • Solar News
  • The Latest In Sun
  • Calling Solars
  • Soled Out
  • Bask In Solar
  • Scisun
  • Tanned New
  • Solstar
  • The New Sun
  • Solared
  • Sunshine Solutions
  • Brightstar
  • Sweetsun
  • Dawnsolar
  • Sunrisesolar
  • Allenergy
  • Dailyenergy
  • Dawnsolar
  • Tetrasolar
  • Vibeenergy
  • Alphasolar
  • Arcenergy
  • Synesolar
  • Dynasola
  • Solarmax
  • Energyplus
  • Beyondsolar
  • Spikesolar

Real-World Solar Business Names Analysis

Look at real-world solar businesses!

Another great way to find ideas and inspiration when naming your new solar business is to look at real-world solar businesses and think about why they chose their names and what makes those names attractive and attention-grabbing. In this section, we’ll analyze a few of our favorite real-world solar business names.         

Better Earth  

How Better Earth Got Its Name

Better Earth is the name of a new solar startup that hopes to make the world a better place through the development of sustainable solar energy technology. The name reflects the company’s aim of creating a “Better Earth”.     

Why Better Earth Is A Great Solar Business Name

Better Earth is a really powerful and effective solar business name. It clearly tells people that this company cares about the planet and wants to improve it. People who care about green energy and sustainable technology will be attracted to this name right away.


How SunRun Got Its Name

SunRun is a solar energy company that was founded in 2007 to offer solar panel leases in order to help people enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the high costs associated with a full solar system installation. The brand’s name reflects its speedy service and focus on solar technology.   

Why SunRun Is A Great Solar Business Name

SunRun is a super solar business name that is really catchy and memorable. It makes use of rhyming words in order to stand out in the minds and memories of people who hear it, and it’s also very short, which makes it even catchier.

Mission Solar 

How Mission Solar Got Its Name 

Mission Solar is one of the best up-and-coming solar panel manufacturers in the United States, offering durable and competitively-priced panels for homes and businesses. The brand’s name reflects its mission to make high quality solar equipment accessible for all.     

Why Mission Solar Is A Great Solar Business Name

Mission Solar is a bold and intriguing company name. The idea of the brand having a “Mission” makes it seem more engaged and authoritative, and the name also includes the word “Solar” in order to clearly convey its area of expertise.

Most Successful Solar Business Names


How SunPower Got Its Name

SunPower is one of the leading brands in the world of solar panel manufacture, creating some of the most efficient panels the world has ever seen. The brand’s name is a clear reflection of its focus on harnessing the power of the sun.   

Why SunPower Is A Great Solar Business Name

SunPower is a very simple name for a solar power business, but also a very effective one. It tells you clearly and concisely what the company does, with no room for confusion.

Use very simple name but effective one!


How SunPro Got Its Name

SunPro, also known as SunPro Solar, is a leading solar energy supplier in the US. The name aims to convey the company’s professional approach to supplying solar power.   

Why SunPro Is A Great Solar Business Name

SunPro is another really simple name, and it’s the kind of name that gets taken very quickly when new industries begin to emerge, due to the fact that it’s so simple, snappy, and clear. If you want to claim this kind of name, you need to be fast.

Momentum Solar

How Momentum Solar Got Its Name

Momentum Solar is another major name in the solar industry. This award-winning company offers solar power supplies across the US.    

Why Momentum Solar Is A Great Solar Business Name

Momentum Solar is a super solar business name, making use of a great word in the form of “Momentum” which suggests that the company is energetic and always moving forward.

How to Create Your Own Solar Business Names

Sprinkle Some Sunshine into Your Name

Sprinkle some sunshine into your name!

If you’re planning on setting up a solar company, it makes sense to include some kind of reference to the sun or solar power in your name. This will let people know what sort of products or services your company has to offer and will make it easier for customers to find you. Think about words like solar, sun, and ray, and try to include them in your name, or type them into our solar business name generator to get even more great ideas.

Don’t Be Dull

The solar power industry is growing bigger all the time, with more and more startups and businesses trying to make their mark on this increasingly important sector. This means that there’s going to be more and more competition out there, and you need to do whatever you can to help your company stand out. One of the simplest ways to stand out in this kind of industry is to have an original name, so don’t make the mistake of choosing a dull name that will just blend in with the background. Make yourself stand out by any means necessary and don’t be afraid to use a really imaginative and “out there” name.

Make Sure it’s Easy to Remember

Have you ever noticed how so many of the best businesses in the world have really short names, often consisting of just one or two words? Well, there’s a reason for that. Studies and surveys have proven that short names are way easier to remember than longer ones, and if people can easily remember your business name, they’ll be much more likely to talk about it with people they know, which means more marketing for you and better brand awareness. So, when choosing solar business names, try to focus on the short, snappy ones and avoid anything too long or complicated.

Claim Every Relevant Account 

Once you think you’ve found a solar business name you want to use, perhaps with the help of our solar business name generator, you’ll need to check to ensure that it hasn’t been taken by anybody else. As stated above, this industry is always expanding, so names are being taken all the time. Google your chosen name and search for it on social media too to see if it’s still free. If it is free, claim it as quickly as you can and claim all of the relevant social media account names and website addresses, too.

Test Out Our Solar Business Name Generator

As well as these tips and tricks, BizNameWiz also provides you with a solar business name generator to make the naming process of your new company so much easier. Our solar business name generator can come up with hundreds of great solar business name ideas all by itself, and it’s completely free to use, too! Want to give it a try? Well, all you’ve got to do is type a word like “sunshine” or “power” into the box provided and then click on the Generate button. The solar business name generator will do the rest, making a long list of names for you to read through.


Setting up a solar business is a great way to get into an evolving and increasingly important industry that will play a huge part in the future of the world as we know it, but you need the right name to help your brand stand out. We hope that this guide has given you all the ideas and insight you need to make the right choice and pick the perfect name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends on what kind of company you're running. Naming a solar energy brand, for example, will be a little different to naming a solar installation or repair company or a solar equipment manufacturer. Try to think of keywords that are connected with the services you provide and use those words like building blocks to make great-sounding names.

There are tons of great solar business names that are already being used, such as SunPower, Mission Solar, SunPro, Momentum Solar, SunRun, and Better Earth.

The BizNameWiz solar business name generator is really simple to use. All you have to do is think of a word that you'd like to include in your business name and type it into the box provided. Then click on the Generate button and the solar business name generator will magically make tons of names for you to consider.
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