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The Best Names for Space Businesses

For years, mankind has looked up at the stars and wondered what kinds of secrets could be lying out there on other planets and in other galaxies. And as technology improves, the possibility of space exploration through our solar system and beyond becomes more and more realistic.

There are plenty of aerospace companies and other space-related businesses out there looking at space, studying space, and finding ways to explore space. If you’re setting up a space business, you’ll need to come up with some truly stellar space business name ideas.

The space business name generator is a super tool to use for making great space business name ideas. In fact, in a mere matter of seconds, the space business name generator can create hundreds of amazing space business names just for you.

If you prefer to come up with your own unique space business name ideas, read through the guide below. We’ll look at some useful methods you can use to make amazing space business names, and we’ll analyze some existing space business names, too.

15 Out-Of-This-World Space Business Name Ideas

Space businesses are some of the most exciting and fascinating companies of all, studying the stars, building ships to explore outer space, and experimenting with travel to other planets. So, if you’re setting up a space company, it makes sense to have a truly out-of-this-world name to match. Here are some super space business name ideas you can use for inspiration.

  • Blast Off   
  • Rocket Power
  • Ignition
  • Solar Explorers
  • Galaxy’s Edge
  • Beyond Exploration
  • Star Reachers
  • Space Pioneers
  • Into Space 
  • Star Adventure 
  • From Earth
  • Galactic Voyage
  • Planet Hoppers
  • Rocket Travelers
  • Out-Of-This-World Adventures

How to Create Out-Of-This-World Space Business Name Ideas

If you want to create space business names that really pack a punch and have an impact, you’ll need to use bold, powerful keywords that are connected with the ideas of space and travel. Words like adventure, voyage, and journey can all work well, along with words such as space, stars, galactic, solar, and rocket. Try typing some of these words into our space business name generator to get even more great space business name ideas.

15 Super Space Business Names for Space Blogs and Websites

You don’t need to build rockets or jet off to Mars to get into the space business. You can also set up your very own space blog, website, or YouTube channel, and there are plenty of online businesses dedicated to the subject of space. Here are some fun and original space business name ideas for blogs and similar businesses.

  • The Daily Space
  • Daily Space News
  • Solar System News
  • Space Updates
  • Space City
  • Star Central
  • Rocket Addicts 
  • Space Fiends 
  • One Stop Space
  • Galactic Minds
  • All Things Space 
  • The Space Crew 
  • Spacepod Pals
  • Bunkies
  • From Mercury to Mars

How to Create Super Space Business Names for Space Blogs and Websites

If you’re setting up a space blog, website, or other online business, you’ll want to make sure to choose a name that is punchy and catchy. For this reason, it’s best to opt for names that are relatively short, with just one or two words maximum. Having a short name will also help in terms of making your brand more recognizable and easier for people to remember. You may also want to try the technique of using words that rhyme or start with the same letter to build your space business names, as these kinds of names tend to be more memorable.

15 Professional Space Business Name Ideas for Aerospace Companies

So, how about if you’re setting up an aerospace company and getting into the business of actually building rockets or offering space travel services to high-end customers? If you’re setting up this kind of company, you’ll need a very elegant, attractive, and professional name to match. Here are some great space business name ideas to get you started.

  • Galactique
  • Starship Builders
  • Space Travel Crafting
  • Galactic Exploration
  • Lightspeed Travel
  • Moon Voyage   
  • Galactic Enterprise  
  • Breaking Borders  
  • Uncharted Lands  
  • Into the Unknown  
  • Reliable Space Technologies 
  • Odyssey 
  • Premium Planetary Services
  • Total Space 
  • Pinnacle Planetary Travel 

How to Create Professional Space Business Name Ideas for Aerospace Companies

Aerospace companies need to have professional, authoritative names that really stand out, demand attention and give off a good first impression. Try to use bold, impactful words in your space business name ideas, like galactic, voyage, lightspeed, and exploration, and consider using powerful verbs, too. You may also want to consider a one-word name, as this can have a real impact, as well as experimenting with words from other languages, like Galactique.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Galaxy Guide
  • Ship To Space
  • Space Journey
  • Space Science
  • Study Space
  • Great Galaxy
  • Galaxy Ahead
  • Forge Ahead
  • Galaxy Gals
  • Galaxy Study
  • Get The Galaxy
  • Greatest Galaxy
  • Golden Galaxy
  • Ultimate Mission
  • Space Mission
  • Space Live
  • Real Life
  • Space Zone
  • In Space Today
  • Planet Shifts
  • Creation Space
  • Space Girlz
  • Spacehole
  • Club Space
  • Space Kids
  • Astro Lovers
  • OrbiteX
  • Space On
  • Alpha Sierra
  • Neon Space
  • Spacepro
  • Spacetron
  • Intergalaxy
  • Intraverse
  • Branch Space
  • Spacesearch
  • Spacequest
  • Spacehunt
  • Space Odyssey
  • Orbspace
  • Spacetour
  • Spacewalker
  • Cherishspace
  • Spaceatlas
  • Multiverse

The Best Real-World Space Business Names

Another amazing way to find great space business name ideas is to look at the real aerospace industry and analyze some names from real space companies. In this section, we’ll look at some of the biggest names in the space world to see what makes them work and what you can learn from them.

The Origin of’s Name is one of the world’s leading online space news sites. Users can keep up with all the latest space news, tech, astronomy developments, and so on.

Why Is A Great Space Business Name is a super space business name because it’s so direct and clear. This shows the importance of having a great website address, especially if you’re setting up an all-online space business, like a website, YouTube channel, or blog.

SpaceFlight Insider

The Origin of SpaceFlight Insider’s Name
SpaceFlight Insider is another successful space-based website. On this site, users can find out all about space flights, with real-time space flight coverage, news, articles, live feeds, and so on.

Why SpaceFlight Insider Is A Great Space Business Name
SpaceFlight Insider is a name that exudes a certain sense of authority and “insider” information, appealing to space fans who want to find out exclusive stories and information. It can also be shortened to the acronym SFI, which is relatively easy to remember and great for marketing purposes.

The Spaceship Company

The Origin of The Spaceship Company’s Name
The Spaceship Company is a spacecraft manufacturing company based in California. The company’s name is a clear reference to the products it makes.

Why The Spaceship Company Is A Great Space Business Name
The Spaceship Company is a very clear and direct space name, proving once again that simple, clear, bold names often work very well in this industry. As soon as you hear the company’s name, you know exactly what they do.

Most Successful Space Business Names


The Origin of NASA’s Name
NASA is the name of the biggest space agency in the world. It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Why NASA Is A Great Space Business Name
NASA is a name that is synonymous with the ideas of spacecraft and space travel, and it shows how important it can be to have a good acronym for your business, especially if you plan on having a long and/or complicated name for your company.


The Origin of SpaceX’s Name
SpaceX is the name of an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport company. The brand’s name combines “Space” with “Exploration”.

Why SpaceX Is A Great Space Business Name
SpaceX is a really simple space business name, but also a very effective one. As stated earlier on, simple and bold names can work well in this industry, and simply putting an “X” at the end of the word “Space” creates a really powerful, impactful statement.

Blue Origin

The Origin of Blue Origin’s Name
Blue Origin is an American aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight service company based in Washington. The name evokes the idea of people setting off from Earth – the “Blue Origin” in question – to explore other worlds.

Why Blue Origin Is A Great Space Business Name
Many space business names are quite clear and simple, usually including the word “Space” in some way. However, Blue Origin dares to be different, attracting attention due to its unique qualities, while also having a clear story and meaning behind it.

Tips and Tricks for Naming Space Businesses

Be Bold

Space is an exciting, fascinating subject, and space business names should be equally exciting and interesting. Whether you’re running a simple space blog or YouTube channel or creating a whole new aerospace company, it helps to be bold in your naming choices and find a name that is really going to have an impact. Try to choose powerful, effective keywords for your name, and type them into our space business name generator if you want to speed up the naming process.

Make it Memorable

When naming any kind of business, it’s a good idea to try and find a name that is easy for your customers to remember. If your name is simple and memorable, people will be more likely to talk about with their friends, recommend it to people, and spread the word about your business in general, providing you with totally free marketing. A good way to ensure that your business name is memorable is to keep it nice and short, with just one or two words.

Consider the Competition

Another good tip to keep in mind when naming a space company is to think carefully about your competition and actually look at competitor names. By looking at names of other space businesses, you might find some inspiration or ideas to use when picking your own space business names or using our space business name generator. Just make sure that you don’t choose a name that is too similar to your competition.

Check for Availability

Once you’ve created or found a space business name you’d like to use, you need to ensure that another business hasn’t already claimed it. To do this, check online and Google your chosen name. You should be able to find out quite quickly if there are any other companies out there that are already using the name you want. If the name is free, claim it quickly and claim the URL address and relevant social media accounts, too.

Use the BizNameWiz Space Business Name Generator

Creating your own space business name ideas can be a challenge. If you need any help or want to speed up the process, use our space business name generator. The BizNameWiz space business name generator can provide you with hundreds of space business names in a matter of seconds, saving you so much time. All you need to do to use the space business name generator is to type one or more words into the box provided, like “space” or “cosmic” and then click the Generate button.


With the help of this guide and the space business name generator, you should be able to make a super name for your new space business. Don’t forget that the right name can make a major difference in terms of marketing and building brand awareness, so it’s always wise to take your time and choose carefully to give your brand the best chance of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many ways to name a space company, and the right name for your company will depend on what sort of business you plan to run and what kind of audience you're targeting. It's often best to keep your name short to make it easy to remember, as well as focus on bold, powerful keywords.

Some examples of great space business names from the real world include NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin.

How do I use the space business name generator? To use the space business name generator from BizNameWiz, just type one or more words into the box provided and click on the Generate button.
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