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Top Brands:

Wilson: A classical American sporting brand. Its relatable name oozes class and prestige.

ESPN: An acronym for ‘Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks’, this name is now the most trusted and iconic in American sports TV.

Nike: Named after the Greek goddess of victory, the name, when combined with the famous ‘tick’ and ‘just do it’ slogan, represent the leading brand in sportswear. Its meaning has led significantly to its growth as a brand for winners and elite athletes.

Under Armor: A product created to keep athletes dry as they play sport, its name refers directly to the company’s products and their functionality. The inclusion of ‘underarm’ in the name explains the product, and the use of ‘armor’ creates a sense of protection for customers.

Puma: Named after the large South American cat, Puma’s choice of logo and name instills the athletic spirit and grace of the animal into the wearer.

NBA: The NBA (National Basketball Association) is probably one of the best-known acronyms in the sporting world, and it commands respect and prestige purely because of its history.

Livestrong: A charitable foundation that uses sport to promote wellness and health. The company’s name describes its vision, and customers recognize and respond to that instantly.

William Hill: An online sports betting platform. Through its elite and sophisticated name, the company distinguishes itself as a more ‘classy’ betting medium.

Ticketmaster: A ticket sales company that clearly defines its offering within its name, while also expressing its ‘mastery’ of the industry.

The SuperBowl: One of the world’s greatest sporting events. As ‘bowl’ had already been established as referring to a major football match, ‘super’ was the obvious progression to define its importance in NFL.

EA Sports: The word ‘sports’ defines the company’s genre, while EA (Electronic Arts) hints at the platform of play.

Gatorade: Derived from the name Gator-Aid, the company hints at aiding (helping) sports players to compete at their best.


Clientele & interests:

Sports fans are passionate people, and most make the trip to see their favorite teams play live. Fans come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but the majority of supporters are found within the city that a particular sporting team heralds from, or the country that the sports star is representing. Lastly, fans that play a particular sport are more likely to support a team in that discipline.


Video games, stadium tickets, event tickets, sport of TV, recreational sport, club membership, gym membership, sports apparel, sport supplements, energy drinks, sport equipment, coaching, travel (i.e. skiing)

Industry related words:

Base jumping, paragliding, archery, badminton, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, netball, squash, baseball, cricket, gymnastics, dancing, skateboarding, extreme sports, snowboarding, sandboarding, longboarding, mountain biking, cycling, triathlon, triathlete, swimming, dodgeball, soccer, football, wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, abseiling, BMX, judo, karate, wrestling, sumo, jujutsu,, kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts, billiards, pool, darts, snooker, polo, horse racing, foosball, angling, ultimate Frisbee, sport stadiums, Olympics, FIFA World Cup, NFL, MLB, NBA, Premier league, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, golf, golf course, athletics stadium, Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Australian Football, rugby, handball, curling, ice hockey, hockey, commonwealth games, Super bowl, Euro, UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Le Mans, Formula One, NASCAR, Cricket World Cup, Barcelona, Real Madrid, fans, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Wilson, Head, Giant

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Because sports fans are so passionate, and because they often play the same sport as the team they support, advertisers have a ‘trickle’ down approach. By sponsoring the professional teams and stars, the fans are likely going to buy the same equipment or products. The most important factor is that the better the team/star is doing, the more merchandise and tickets they will sell.

Extreme, talented, exciting, adrenaline pumping, final, sold out, the use of sports stars (Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps), live, brand sponsorship, world records, explosive, incredible, rising stars, game changer, legendary

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