Stationery Shop Name Ideas

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Best Stationery Shop Name Ideas

Many people want to run a stationery shop because it lets you combine business with art. However, coming up with a name for it might be challenging at times. This guide offers you what you need to know to get started, details about our stationery shop business name generator, as well as some fantastic ideas! 

Unique Stationery Shop Name Ideas to Try  

Running a stationery shop is one of the best business ideas you could try out, especially since a few years ago. Since bullet journals appeared and journaling became famous, thousands of people all over the world want to buy stationery products to enhance their experience. 

At the same time, office workers and many others (like students) need stationery as well. However, you might be wondering how to catch people’s attention. The answer is simple: you need our stationery shop business name generator. With fantastic name ideas, you can make sure that your business grows – take a look at the following examples.  

Creative and Fun Names 

If you run a stationery shop, an essential part of your customers might be students, so coming up with fun and creative names might be a fantastic way to catch people’s eyes. The following stationery shop name ideas were created using our stationery shop business name generator to satisfy such audience: 

  • Pit Stop Stationery Solutions 
  • Paperman Stationery 
  • CurveSplash Stationery 
  • SplashSquare Stationery 
  • Essential Paper Store 
  • CraftyHands Stationery 
  • Dream Stationery 
  • Stationery Land 
  • Creative Mountains Stationery 
  • SplashSpark Stationery 
  • Sparks of Color Stationery 
  • Stationery World 
  • Color Attack Stationery 
  • Office Hub Stationery 
  • ColorPaper Stationery 

Inspiring Names 

People often use stationery to study, to complete to-dos in their jobs, to get organized, or to simply grow as a person, for example, when keeping a daily journaling practice. The following options were born when thinking about how stationery can inspire others, so check them out! 

  • Inspiring Pens 
  • Paper to Live Stationery 
  • Station Nation 
  • Live Your Life Stationery 
  • Carpe Diem Stationery 
  • Inspiration Nation Store 
  • Paper Lovers Stores 
  • Live Fully Stationery 
  • The Productivity Hub Stationery 
  • Stationery for Life 
  • The Creative Learner Store 
  • Stationery Trance 
  • Passionate Learners Store 
  • Happy Stationery 
  • Sunrise Stationery 

Literature and Education Names 

The last category of stationery shop name ideas originated due to a very simple reason: a lot of people who use stationery products love reading and writing! Here are some ideas we created using out stationery shop business name generator that might work for you: 

  • Paper Towns Store 
  • The Rabbit Hole Stores 
  • Pride and Stationery 
  • The Stationery Beauty 
  • Stationery for All 
  • The Book Lovers Stationery 
  • The Student Hub Stationery 
  • Young Learners Stationery 
  • Learn with Me Stationery 
  • The Pen Lovers Club Stationery 
  • The Stationery Corner 
  • Neverland Stationery 
  • All for Students Stationery 
  • Student Nation Stationery 
  • Readers’ Corner Stationery 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Well Written
  • Paper Pros
  • Paper Products
  • Simple Station
  • Parchment
  • Station Based
  • Written Words
  • Clever Cardstock
  • In The Envelope
  • Luxurious Letters
  • Letter By Letter
  • Cards With Care
  • Cards That Care
  • Card Carrier
  • Letter Carrier
  • Sessence
  • Starena stores
  • Fliss Fun Stores
  • Caesar Stores
  • Store Hundred
  • IdentiTale Stores
  • Excettera Stores
  • PaperTips
  • Aventon Stationery
  • Silvergrades
  • Copycare
  • Wily hands
  • Neonsecret
  • Magmar
  • Boxall Stores
  • Penstack
  • Sunrise Stationary
  • Uptown Stationary
  • Springbox
  • Pontex Stationary
  • Ergone Stores
  • Multiplerack
  • Writepit Stores
  • Xcel Stores
  • Schooltopia
  • Crystaline Stores
  • Bluemark Stores
  • Kester’S
  • Happy Paper
  • Aeronotes

Best Stationery Shop Names – Why They’re the Best 

When running a stationery shop, you have to keep in mind that everyone has their preferences on what they like, so you can’t come up with a name to please every customer you ever meet. However, you can pick a name that represents the values of your brand, what you sell, and what you want others to know you from.  

In this section, you can examine real businesses that have the best names on the market. Each name and company are unique, so you should evaluate the options separately before deciding. 


Amanda Rachel Lee is a YouTuber and influencer who has been around since 2017 or so. She became famous because she’s a young woman who’s passionate about journaling, particularly using the bullet journal method.  

After a few years of being an influencer, Amanda opened her store and named it after her – the ShopAmandaRachLee store. Unlike other brands, this name works immensely well for her because her followers and subscribers already know her simply by her name. 

If you’re into social media and you already have some followers, this strategy might work for you as well. Names like Amanda’s are easy to remember and to pronounce, so they’re very effective. Additionally, since people know her for journaling, it’s also pretty obvious what the store is about before you even click on its website. 


This brand is known for providing you with beautiful and fun stationery products, and its name is so easy to remember that anyone can quickly find it, even by accident. Chapters stands out from the competition because of its name, and it’s not hard to imagine why. 

When you read the word ‘Chapters,’ you automatically think about books. Therefore, this name is pretty effective to get the audience into the right mindset because it directs them to think what you want them to. 

Paper Source 

Similar to Chapters, Paper Source gets its customers in the right mindset because it might make you think about your next creative project. This name originated from a simple idea, but it’s perfect because it’s easy to remember.  

As soon as you read the name ‘Paper Source,’ you might think about one obvious product: paper. The brand does not disappoint in this regard because it gives you everything you might need, for example, gift wrapping paper, watercolor paper, and much more.  


It’s also a similar approach to the previous two stores, but PaperChase has something unique – the brand products are sleek and elegant, and that inspired the name of the company, which is clearly simple but effective. 

PaperChase is a United Kingdom-based brand, and all its paper solutions are beautiful, simple, classic, and elegant. You can find planners, notebooks, and all kinds of stationery products in its stock, and its name is the perfect way to encompass what the company offers you. 


Last but not least on this list, Papier brings up the rear with its fun name, which is, of course, a slightly modified version of the word ‘paper.’  

A fun and creative name like ‘Papier’ obviously originated from the previously mentioned word, and the best thing about this name is that it represents what the brand does. Instead of simply mass-producing stationery solutions, this brand looks for different designers, artists, and illustrators and it’s one of the best companies to hire if you want personalized items. 

Most Successful Stationery Shop Names – Why They Worked

Most Successful Stationery Shop Names

Now that you know about five stationery shop names, you should take a look at the most famous businesses in the market. Examining why these worked might help you understand what you have to do to make your company grow. Therefore, check out which companies are leading the stationery market! 


It’s a Japanese brand, and it offers a wide selection of stationery products. Its notebooks and planners are some of the company’s most notable options, but it offers much more, for example, beautiful pens. 

When you hear the word ‘Muji,’ you might think that it’s easy to remember, which is immensely important when you’re running a business. The word is Japanese, and it translates to ‘no brand, quality goods.’ Thus, the name immediately makes you think about high-quality products. 

Faber Castell 

This brand has been in the market for years, and it was originally founded in 1761 near Nuremberg, so that’s the reason why the name might sound foreign for some people. Its founder, Kaspar Faber, named it after himself.

Years later, when his granddaughter married the count of Castell, the name changed. Nowadays, almost everyone who knows something about school supplies or stationery knows the name Faber Castell, which teaches you an important lesson: not all names have to be easy to remember at first.

Some names can become immensely significant with time, even if they’re slightly more complicated than the competition. In the end, what matters is that people can remember you and associate your name with the brand products!


This name stems from the Latin ‘scriptorium,’ which is a room where you can store paper and books. Even though it’s not an English word, it’s still similar to words like ‘scripture,’ so remembering it is not particularly challenging. 

Scriptura has been around since 1995, and the motto of the store is ‘essential papers for artful living.’ It’s definitely an unforgettable phrase to associate with this successful brand! 


This is one of the most famous American brands, and it offers an easy-to-remember name that clearly tells you what the brand is about. 

Stationery products include planners, calendars, and similar items, so the name ‘Appointed’ clearly references what you can do with the brand products! 

The Journal Shop 

It’s a simple name, and journaling practice obviously inspired it. In this store, people can find their ideal journaling supplies, and you can also buy products from Japan. 

This brand name is successful because it’s so simple that you might never forget it, and it’s so straightforward that you can automatically know the products it offers when you read it for the first time.

Five Things You Should Keep in Mind 

Running a stationery shop is often challenging, and you might encounter hardships from the beginning. There’s a lot of competition, you need to be creative and unique, and much more. However, five essential tips might help you steer your path the right way and improve, so take a look at the following suggestions: 

Each Shop Is Different 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about stationery shop name ideas is that all brands are different. Thus, even though Muji might be an inspiring company for you, you need to develop your own brand personality and aesthetic.

Coming up with unique characteristics for your brand is a challenging job at first, especially because there are many stationery shops out there. However, you can work on it for some time until you come up with something never seen before. If you can do that, many customers might feel curious about what you have to offer! 

Social Media Is Essential 

Some businesses don’t need to necessarily rely on social media to grow. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with stationery products. On the contrary – it’s almost impossible for you to get more clients unless you use social media platforms to your benefit. 

Once you’ve come up with a fantastic name for your brand, you should pair with influencers and YouTubers to help you make it grow. Artists, student vloggers, and illustrators are often looking for shops so they can advertise their products, so finding some professionals to work with you is not that hard, and it can be immensely convenient. 

Organization Is Crucial 

If you examine any stationery shop, you might quickly notice that organization and cleanliness are two characteristics of most of its products. You want people to associate you with productivity, growth, mindfulness, art, and similar characteristics, so expressing that in both your store name and your pictures is essential. 

Some stores that sell other kinds of products can afford the luxury of going for a different type of aesthetic. However, that’s not the case with stationery shops – you need to make cleanliness and organization the center of your offer. 

Make Your Brand about People 

Running a business is not easy, especially because you have to keep many things in mind if you want to be successful. Nonetheless, you should always remember that stationery is about people. 

In other words, people use stationery products for very specific reasons, and in many cases, the products they choose are for personal use. Thus, you should personalize the brand name and offer your clients a unique and wonderful experience. 

Cater to Your Audience 

Your audience probably includes a very specific type of person, and you should make sure that the name of your brand and the products you offer make sense with that.  

If you, for example, offer stationery and other products for kids’ school supplies, then the name of your brand should be fun, easy to remember, and it should catch parents’ eye. 

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