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Naming your Studio Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Studio business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Studio business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Artist’S Studio

Pro Studio

Someone’S Studio

Studio Home

At Home Studio

Art At Home

Artful Studio



To The Studio

Studious Studio

Studied Studio

Creative Hour

Creative Space

Studio Genius

Art Gallery

Studio Gallery

On Display

Studio Corners

Inspiration Abound

Simple Studio

Creative Culture

Energy Of Art

Creative Collective

Call For Creativity

Artist’S Haven

Art To Start

Start With Art

Any Art

Welcomed Creation

Studio Space

Space Race

Splattered Space

Creative Space

Mindset Matters

Make Your Mindset

Studio Sisters

Your Sister’S Studio

Family Studio

Records And Brushes

Grow Studio

Silent Study

Practiced Precision

Art In Progress

Work In Wonder

Working Wonders

Masterful Makers

Making Mastery

Mastery Displayed

Creative Genius

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Studio 33

The Artist Space

The Collective

Masterpiece Studio

The Real Studio

Studio Alive

Love Jones Studio

The Art Spot


Creator’S Delight Studio

Sun And Moon Studio

Moonlight Studio

Avant Garde Studio

Studio Chill

The Gold Room

Love Art

Freedom Studios

Balanced Studio

Dreamhouse Studio

The Alive Studio

Studio Scene

The Curator’S Space

Lips Studio

Sweetwater Gallery

The Blue Room

Golden Studios

Light Studio

The Lighthouse Studios

Heaven Space Studio

Haven Studios

Third Eye Studios

Open Space Studios

Spaces Studio

Naturals Studio

Studio Classic

Free Paint Gallery

Dark Rooms Studio

Pearled Studio

Elegance Studio

Fresh Studio

Blackhole Salon

Full Moon Gallery

The Artsy Kids Studio

It’S A Vibe Salon

Broad Strokes Studio

Lights Out Studio

The Life Gallery

Positiv Studio

Kiss Gallery

Gold Standard Studios

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

Shutter On

Flutter Shutters

LENSitive Studio


De Artsy Lens

Pin Me Up

Snaps Swim Studio

Click Mile Studio

Clique Studio Captures

Colorshot Studio

Weddring Studios

A-Fine Studio

A-Lastin Impression

Wilmage Studio

Say Cheese Studio

Sublyme Pearl Smiles

Capture D Moment

Nickel Studios

Strike Pose Masons

DaDream Studios

PokaDots Studios

Pristine Studios

Wildling Studio

Clique n Blinque

Shutters Studios

Artsy Flash

Lens Bane Studios

Bracketz Studios

Ambient Studios

Fade 2 Black Studios

Perfect Picture Moment

Photo Pique Studio

Clique n Shoot Studio

Moonlite Photography

Perfect Pose Studio

D Picture Patch

Foxie Silver Studio

Flawless Koral Studio

Picture Phactory


People’s Lens

Perfect Capture

Vivid shots

Impressionz Studios

Imageplus Studio

Delight Studios

The Ultimate Studios

InPinch Pictures

Momentos Studio

Pixel Celebrations Studio

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Lexafun Music Productione

Bleeding Tones Studios

Bleeding Waves Music Production

Sage And Blue Art Galleria

Streetwise Studios

Note Studios

Fish Art Studio

Charcoal And Pencil Art Studio

Clean Light Photo Studio

South Side Studios

Indigenous Art Studio

Beautyphilic Photo Studios

Downtown Art Studio

Image And Rhythm Studios

Influx Studios

Buzz And Cash Studios

Grid Architecture Studios

Glenn’S Fashion Studio

Rage Music Studios

Leo’S Music Palace

Silk And Purple Fashion Studio

Dazzles Photo Studio

Sixth Sense Studios

Form Studios

Art Spawn Studios

Artwit Studios

Seaside Studios

Bandwidth Studios

Live Alive Studios

Love Studios

Reebeats Studio

Darka And Lovely Photo Studio

Studio Rhino

Street Stint Studios

Light Tech Studios

Photo Tech Studios

Fly Man Studios

Merry Mind Studios

Grotesque Art Studio

Centre Theme Studio

Round Wave Studio

Indept Studios

Insight Studios

Wide Site Studios

Farsight Studios



Innoscent Studio

Reelworks Studios

Underreel Studios

Redgate Studios







Sycone Studios


Impact Studios

Angrycomputer Pictures

Madbunny Studios

Hurricane Montage

Gemstone Pictures

Blackcreek Studios

Real Reel

Kickoff Montage




Questview Montage

Stargaze Studios

Reeling Riley


Seaweed Pictures

Burberry Montage

Bsaeline Studios

Swordfish Studios

Unicorn Montage

Centurion Studios

Bolt Pictures

Kraft Pictures


Brookband Studios

Bluepeak Pictures

Opencreek Pictures

Volcano Studios

Studio Overdrive

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