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Best Sunglasses & Eyewear Business Names

Choosing the appropriate name for a company is one of the most difficult things for an entrepreneur or business owner. You don’t have to be concerned if you’re a sunglasses and eyewear business owner looking for the ideal name for your company. This post will teach you how to use a sunglasses and eyewear business name generator and come up with fantastic sunglasses and eyewear name ideas.

Using rhythm or alliteration in a business name is a wonderful method to make it memorable. These types of business names sound great and are incredibly brandable.

With that in mind, here are some business names we came up with:

The Best Sunglasses Business Name Ideas

Below are the best sunglasses business name ideas we created using our sunglasses and eyewear business name generator.

  • Rocking Rays
  • Fancy Face Wear
  • Snazzy Shades
  • Vintage Vybes
  • Shady Subject 
  • Snowshades
  • Life Lenses
  • Sunny Gs
  • Sun Fun
  • Reflect Stylez
  • Shades Innovated
  • Ray Vision
  • Paired with Sun
  • Shady Subject
  • Specul8

The Best Eyewear Business Name Ideas

Below are the best eyewear business name ideas we created using our sunglasses and eyewear business name generator.

  • Galaxy Eyewear
  • Eyestar Optical
  • Envy Eyewear Boutique
  • Eye Candy Optical Center
  • Target Optical
  • Modern Optical
  • LensCrafters Optique
  • LensLove
  • Panorama Visions
  • Clear View
  • Capree
  • VisionVenture
  • New Eyedentity
  • SigniVision
  • Seeforu

The Best Fun Sunglasses Business Name Ideas

Below are the best fun sunglasses business name ideas we created using our sunglasses and eyewear business name generator.

  • The Big Eyewear
  • OvalSunglasses
  • Specs Pro
  • The Framed Goggles
  • Star Sun
  • Shades Group
  • RayShades
  • Sleek Spectacles
  • Wear Shade
  • Lens Lessons
  • Shady Look 
  • Shady Ones
  • SunBun
  • Helios Sun
  • Shades & Stunnings

Tips for Naming a Sunglasses & Eyewear Company

It’s usually a good idea to think outside the box when naming your sunglasses company. Still, you shouldn’t go too far and end up confusing your potential buyers. Always keep in mind that if you confuse them, you will lose them. As a result, your brand name should be plain, straightforward, and appealing to the ideals of your clients. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for naming your eyeglasses company.

Play with your clients’ emotions and thoughts: One of the best things about naming a sunglasses & eyewear company is that you can easily elicit specific feelings and thoughts from your customers. You can elicit good thoughts and hook your customers by selecting a descriptive name with a sunny atmosphere.

Play with your clients' emotions and thoughts!

Consider making use of a sunny location: It would be a great idea to name your sunglasses and eyewear brand after your headquarters if they are located in a sunny place, particularly near a major beach. This brings positive energy to the table and offers your customers some background on how it all started.

Alliteration can help you come up with a memorable name: You can make your brand name more memorable by including this literary element in it. People are more likely to recall these types of names since they sound lyrical. Alliteration is used by brands all over the world to develop memorable names and slogans that people will remember.

Name quality: Don’t go for cheesy titles; instead, let them reflect the high quality of your product. Maintain the integrity of your representation, though, by delivering only high-quality things. To move your company forward and make your first sales, you’ll need good branding. 

In fact, when you don’t have any reviews from previous users, suitable naming works wonders. Regardless of the blank testimony, people will be willing to believe your brand. You might look for names that represent clear vision and longevity. It might also be something that you believe people will find fascinating in their sunglasses.

Pick a name that will stand out: Because practically every company in the eyewear market provides the same value, think of yourself as a brand. A strong name offers it a competitive advantage, even if it has a beautiful logo. Make it clear to your buyers that your brand is more than just a fashion statement. 

Although fashion is a noble cause, show that you care about your consumers’ health or vision. Essentially, cataracts and skin cancer can develop on the eyelids. As a result, view your brand not just as a component of the fashion sector but also as a source of health benefits.

Choose a name that’s affordable: Affordability is one technique for using names as a sales tool. Many customers are willing to pay a lower price for a high-quality product. This may appear to be an impossibility, but let your clients know that they are getting more value for their money. It may not be the most affordable brand on the market, but if your name sounds affordable, you can attract a big customer base.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Shade Shop
  • Well Shaded
  • Shady Lenses
  • Act Shady
  • Shady Behavior
  • About The Shades
  • Shade Raids
  • Simple Shades
  • Simply Shades
  • Sunny Shades
  • Sunny Gs
  • Sunny Days
  • Sun Partners
  • Sun Pairs
  • Paired With Sun
  • The Light Shades
  • Goalwinners
  • Winners Circles
  • Banned
  • Lookout Shades
  • Sexy Eyes
  • Look Here
  • Her Best Friend
  • Side Eyez
  • New Specs
  • The New Vibe
  • Sunshine Fine
  • Colored Eyes
  • The Look
  • Sore Eyes
  • Vice Star Frames
  • Korneacopia
  • Speyes
  • Lura
  • Sunstop
  • Sunrayes
  • BoldSoul
  • Suntastic
  • Gaze100
  • Raybeams
  • SolFlare
  • 360 Aura
  • SoFlairs
  • ConeyFlare
  • Raytegrity

The Best Real Sunglasses & Eyewear Business Names

Sunglass Hut

 This company came up with its name in a pretty simple way. It combined sunglasses with the term hut as it is usually found on the beach, thus, it gives the brand name a sunny and holiday vibe.


This gives a sense that the company only deals or specializes in frames. It could be that it only holds brand-named frames that are worth hundreds of dollars. The name also works well because it’s a simple and plain name that won’t cause any confusion amongst customers.

Most Successful Sunglasses & Eyewear Business Names


Let’s begin with the most well-known eyewear brand on the planet. You’ll never guess how this company came up with its name. It’s so simple, but it’s so effective. The name stems from the function of the sunglasses, which is to shield you from the sun or, in other words, to ban off the sun’s rays. Hence, Ray-Ban.

 Make it simple, but effective!

A real-life example of how you don’t always have to jump through hoops to come up with a memorable company name. The ideal brand name may be right in front of you.

Maui Jim

Another well-known eyewear company once struggled to come up with a name that would stay. Thus, after much thought, creator Jim Richards decided to trademark his own first name. He chose to combine the two names to create a unique brand, which is now known as Maui Jim, because he was a fisherman selling sunglasses on the shores of Maui, Hawaii.

Exclusive Aviator

This is a fantastic name for a pair of sunglasses. The word “aviator” refers to the fact that this company manufactures aviator sunglasses. Anyone looking for this particular style of sunglasses won’t have to travel far to find what they’re looking for; Exclusive Aviator is the place to go.


The naming strategy for this eyewear company is straightforward. This company’s name alludes to the rarity of its products by combining the words “luxury” and “ottica.” The study of light and vision is referred to as “ottica” in Italian. This method aids in the creation of a distinctive name that immediately conveys the essence of the company.


Oakley was founded in 1975 by James Jannard out of his garage with a $300 investment. Jim’s English Setter, “Oakley Anne,” inspired the name “Oakley.” Jannard started selling ‘The Oakley Grip’ out of the trunk of his car at motocross races.

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples began in 1986 when optometrists Larry and Dennis Leight realized their ambition and opened their first optical boutique on West Hollywood’s famed Sunset Boulevard. 

They had bought an estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear earlier that year. Thousands of delicately filigreed rimless and metal frames, as well as clip-on metal sunglasses from well-known American brands like Bausch & Lomb and American Optical, were available. All the frames were brand new, in their original box, and had never been worn.

The brothers bought the whole thing, including a receipt signed by “Oliver Peoples,” who they assumed was the original owner or dealer. It seemed only fitting that they named their retail store after him when they agreed to sell the estate collection.

Helpful Things to Keep in Mind

1) Create a List of Potential Sunglasses & Eyewear Business Names

You could begin by considering words that are relevant to your business. In the name suggestions we gave before, we used words like spec, eye, and rays. These are useful words that lead to genuine interactions with an eyewear company. Essentially, it’s best to make a list of concepts or terms that come to mind when thinking about your company.

2) Make a List of Potential Business Names

It’s great if you assess your business name ideas as soon as you’ve compiled a checklist of possible names. Keep terms that are memorable, short, and appealing. Names that are difficult to remember, pronounce, or spell should be avoided. Above all, these names must explain to your target audience the values of your sunglasses and eyewear company.

Here’s a handy checklist to help you test your sunglasses and eyewear name ideas while also narrowing down your options:

Is the company name simple to remember?
Is it simple to say and spell the company name?
Is the company’s name distinct from those of its competitors?
Is the company’s name consistent in its meaning?
Is there an overuse of words in the company name?

3) Focus on Naming Your Company Rather than Describing It

Focus on naming rather than describing it!

Most businesses fall into the trap of using overused adjectives like shades, glasses, and dark to describe their business name. A good business name should clearly reflect your company’s values to your customers. Make an effort to name your company in a way that implies there is a backstory.

Consider the case of Ray-Ban, a legitimate eyewear company. This brand name avoids words that are commonly used. It also conveys a powerful message that presents the company’s brand as an outstanding barrier against UV sun rays while also bearing the company’s relevance to the eyewear sector. Customers don’t need to be told what the company offers in order to understand it.

4) Use Emotion to Connect

We all know that psychology plays an important role in interacting with people and that individuals who feel connected to your company become devoted consumers. Therefore, words that evoke a specific emotion, as well as memories of personal experiences and travel, may be beneficial to company and branding. Incorporating these experiences into a brand name will help your eyewear store gain lots of clients.

5) Get Some Feedback

You should have a selection of three or five good sunglasses and eyewear business name ideas at this point, and you can start getting opinions from professionals or future clients. It’s recommended to avoid getting feedback from close friends and relatives because they’re more likely to approve all your brand name suggestions.

Here are some questions to consider:

What comes to mind when you hear the company’s name for the first time?
What is the correct spelling of the company’s name?

Expert and customer feedback will tell you how relevant your brand name is and how well it expresses your company’s values.

6) Make Sure It’s Available

At this point, you should have a minimum of three good eyewear company names on your shortlist. You may check if the names you’ve chosen are available in your state or country by conducting an online business name search.

Also, you should check if the business name is available for trademark and domain registration.


Finally, you’ve learned about picking the right brand name for your sunglasses and eyewear brand and how picking the wrong brand name can place a company behind its competition. When using a sunglasses and eyewear name generator, we recommend beginning from scratch and following our guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our sunglasses company name generator is the most creative and effective on the internet. We update the name recommendations on our generator monthly based on the entries we receive from users.

Forming an eyeglasses company is a good idea simply because of companies like Warby Parker or Luxottica. The global eyeglasses market had a market value of 95 billion dollars in 2016. Eyewear has become one of the most iconic consumer commodities of the decade, with products sold all over the world.

To come up with a memorable business name, think briefly, concise, and business-related. Famous organizations, such as Amazon and Canva, for example, have straightforward and distinct brand names that reflect their corporate values.
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