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The Best Names for Surf Shop Businesses

There’s a lot to think about when setting up your own surf shop. You need to make sure you pick the right location, find the best products to share with your customers, and figure out your marketing strategy, too. You also need to have a great name!

A good surf shop name can make a real difference in terms of helping your brand attract attention, and the surf shop business name generator is the perfect tool to use. Our surf shop business name generator can help you create hundreds of super surf shop business names in no time.

In the guide below, we’ll also look at many more tips, tricks, and techniques you can use to create surf shop business names, and we’ll provide some surf shop business name ideas of our own for different types of surf shop, from classic brick and mortar locations to modern online businesses.

15 Fun and Lively Surf Shop Business Name Ideas 

Surfing is an exciting and lively activity that appeals to adventurous people who like to make the most of life. Therefore, it makes sense to use fun and lively words when naming your business if you want to attract those same kinds of people. Here are some surf shop business name ideas aimed at creating a fun, energetic vibe.

Create a fun, energetic vibe!
  • Surf’s Up  
  • Riding the Waves  
  • Crashing Waves  
  • Wave Riders         
  • The Wipeout
  • Pumping Surf    
  • Reef Riders    
  • Wave Blast   
  • The Splash    
  • Surf Thrills   
  • Wave Adventure    
  • Into the Blue    
  • Surftastic   
  • Catch That Wave    
  • Wave Love 

Tips for Creating Fun and Lively Surf Shop Business Name Ideas

If you’re interested in the idea of giving your surf shop business name ideas some life and energy, try to include action words and other fun words associated with the world of surfing, such as surfing, pumping, riding, crashing, and wipeout. Try typing some of these words into our surf shop business name generator to get an even longer list of awesome name ideas created just for you.

15 Catchy and Modern Surf Shop Business Names for Online Surf Shops

These days, a lot of surf shops operate online, selling their products to people all over the world and reaching a much bigger and broader audience than the simple brick and mortar stores of the past. However, running an online surf shop means that you’ll have to deal with even  more competition, so you’ll need a very catchy name to keep up with your rivals. Here are some catchy surf shop business name ideas you can use.

  • Surfing City 
  • The Wave    
  • Board House   
  • Crash!   
  • Surf’d    
  • Surf Talk   
  • Surf Shack  
  • Surf Central
  • Surf Turf   
  • Blue Hues   
  • Wave Cave   
  • The Current   
  • Swell   
  • Surf Hub   
  • Surf More  

Tips for Creating Catchy and Modern Surf Shop Business Names for Online Surf Shops

A good tip for creating memorable and modern names is to keep them short. Most modern online businesses aim to avoid long and complex names, opting instead for names that are just one or two words long. Try to follow this trend in order to help your customers remember your brand name more easily. You can also make use of rhyming or similar-sounding words in order to make your name even catchier.

15 Surf Shop Business Name Ideas Using Surfer Terminology  

One of the best ways to appeal to surfers and show off your own passion for surfing is to actually use surfer slang and terminology as part of your surf shop business names. Surfers use all sorts of fun and fascinating phrases, from words like sick and sketchy to phrases like men in gray suits and impact zone. Here are some surf shop business name ideas made using surfer slang,

  • The Impact Zone   
  • The Washing Machine  
  • Hit The Lip   
  • Hang Ten  
  • Sick Surf Shack   
  • Sick N Rad  
  • Beach Break  
  • Aggro Surfers  
  • The Bail Bros    
  • Dawn Patrol   
  • Into the Soup  
  • Junkyard Dogs  
  • Kickflip Kings   
  • PointBreak   
  • Shaka Shack        

Tips for Creating Surf Shop Business Name Ideas Using Surfer Terminology

If you’re already someone who is passionate about surfing, you may already know many examples of surfer slang and surfer phrases you can use. If not, you can look up surfer dictionaries online or speak with real surfers in your local area to get some inspiration. Once you find some fun surfer words you’d like to use, you can enter them into our surf shop business name generator for many more ideas.

Some name ideas for

  • Surf’S Up
  • Wave Riders
  • Wavy Wake
  • Wave Hello
  • Surf Solutions
  • Sun Surfer
  • Surf And Sun
  • Sunny Surf
  • Super Surfers
  • Supreme Surf
  • Aloha Surfing
  • All Aboard
  • Surfboard Bounty
  • Business Of Boards
  • Surfboard Meeting
  • Surfboard Biz
  • Sandy Surf
  • Sandy Business
  • Hop On Surfing
  • Wetsuits Unlimited
  • Wonderful Wetsuits
  • Surfboard Seekers
  • Surfboard Search
  • Ocean Bound
  • Surf Talk
  • The Surfer Dudes
  • Surf Chicks
  • Ride The Waves
  • The Wave Tales
  • Surf Wars
  • Breaking Waves
  • The Current Wave
  • Tides High
  • Waves Up
  • We Love Surfing
  • Swells Deep
  • Ocean’S Best
  • Swell Survivors
  • Surf turn
  • Surf Store
  • Stuff 4 Surfers
  • Surf Silly
  • Gravity surfs
  • Water lust
  • Surf is Life

The Best Real-World Surf Shop Business Names

There are already tons of great surf shops out there with amazing and imaginative names, and it can be helpful for you to take a closer look at the names of some of your favorite surf shops and think about why those names were chosen and what kinds of reactions and feelings they provoke. Here are some real-world surf shop business names, broken down and analyzed.

 Look at the names of some of your favorite surf shops!


How Mollusk Got Its Name

Mollusk is a California based surf shop and surf clothing brand that has brick and mortar locations dotted around places like San Francisco and Venice Beach. The brand’s name simply uses the word mollusk, referring to sea creatures like clams and oysters.

Why Mollusk Is A Great Surf Shop Company Name

Mollusk is a snappy and sleek surf shop business name with a really modern feel. It plays on coastal imagery by using the word “mollusk” to help inform people about what they can expect to find inside and it’s short, simple, and easy to remember, too.


How Surfstitch Got Its Name

Surfstitch is a leading online surf shop that was founded in Sydney, Australia, starting off as a garage-operated business and growing into one of the most trusted stores in the industry. For its name, the brand combines two words that start with the letter “S” to create an easy-to-remember moniker.   

Why Surfstitch Is A Great Surf Shop Company Name

Names that make use of alliteration tend to work well, as it’s a lot easier for people to remember these kinds of names, and Surfstitch is a super example of this. It’s also a very informative name, telling us that the store specializes in both clothing and surfer gear.

Bather Co. 

How Bather Co. Got Its Name 

Bather Co. is a Toronto-based surf shop which sells a wide range of eco-friendly surf and swimwear products. The brand’s name refers to its focus on things that can be worn in or around water.   

Why Bather Co. Is A Great Surf Shop Company Name

Surfers obviously spend a lot of time around water, so making some sort of reference to water or the ocean in your shop’s name is a great way to get attention and appeal to your target audience, just like this brand.

Most Successful Surf Shop Company Names


How Outerknown Got Its Name

Outerknown is a leading surf shop brand that was founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater back in 2015. The brand’s name blends together the words “Outer” and “Known” to create a sense of mystery and adventure.   

Why Outerknown Is A Great Surf Shop Company Name

Outerknown is a really interesting and inventive name for a surfer shop. Surfers tend to be quite adventurous people and like the idea of exploring new areas, so the name of this shop will really appeal to those kinds of people.

Pilgrim Surf + Supply

How Pilgrim Surf + Supply Got Its Name

Pilgrim Surf + Supply is one of the best-known brands in the surfer world. With locations in both Brooklyn and Tokyo, this surf shop has global appeal and a huge collection of products. It uses the word “Pilgrim”, referring to a traveler or pioneer, which reminds us of the way in which surfers, too, travel into the unknown every time they head out onto the waves.   

Why Pilgrim Surf + Supply Is A Great Surf Shop Company Name

Pilgrim Surf + Supply is a simple but effective surf shop name that has become hugely important and influential in the surf world. This shows that simple names can be effective in this industry.

Saturdays NYC

How Saturdays NYC Got Its Name

Saturdays NYC is another major player in the surf shop world. It’s one of the top surf shops on the East Coast, named after its New York City location.   

Why Saturdays NYC Is A Great Surf Shop Company Name

Saturdays NYC makes us think about the fun and freedom of Saturdays. The weekend is one of the best times for surfers to head to the beach and enjoy their favorite hobby, so this name is catchy and appealing for active and adventurous people.

Tips for Creating Your Own Surf Shop Company Name

Get into the Surfer Mindset

A good way to come up with surf shop business name ideas is to try and get into the surfer mindset and think about the words, phrases, and ideas that will resonate the most with the surfer audience. If you’re passionate about surfing yourself, this should be quite easy to do. If not, you can consult with other surfers by finding surfer groups or surfer sites and speaking with people to get their feedback on some of the shop names you might be considering.

Keep it Coastal 

Keep it coastal!

Another good tip to keep in mind when choosing surf shop business name ideas or using our surf shop business name generator is to try and keep a coastal or ocean vibe with the words and names you choose. A lot of surf shops have coastal names, even if they aren’t actually located at the coast. This can help you get more business, as it makes passers-by think about the sun, sea, and surf, simply by reading the words in your store’s name, and this may encourage them to step inside.

Consider Some Surfer Lingo

In the guide above, we spoke about how surfers have their own slang and phrases that they use, like “men in gray suits” as a reference to sharks or “impact zone” in reference to the areas where the waves tend to be the toughest and break the hardest. Using some of these kinds of phrases in your surf shop name can be a really good way to draw in a hardcore surfer crowd and immediately prove that your store takes surfing seriously.

Add Some Personality

If you look at some of the best surf shop business names from the real world, like Mollusk, Saturdays NYC, and Pilgrim Surf + Supply, you can see that many of these names have their own sense of personality and character. They each evoke certain ideas and images, often associated with coastal imagery or adventurous ideas. Try to bring that same level of personality into your brand to help it stand out. Names like Into the Blue or Shaka Shack, for example, have got plenty of personality and evoke certain images right away.

Use the Surf Shop Business Name Generator

If you need some help with naming your new surf shop business, feel free to use our surf shop business name generator. The BizNameWiz surf shop business name generator is an online tool you can use for free to make tons of amazing surf shop names. It’s able to create hundreds or even thousands of name ideas based on your input. So, all you have to do is think of a word, enter it into the surf shop business name generator, and click.


Having a super surf shop name is a great way to get more customers and extra attention for your brand, so it really is important to think carefully and put plenty of effort into picking the right name. We hope that this guide has given you all you need to get started and find the dream name for your store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mollusk, Pilgrim Surf + Supply, Saturdays NYC, Outerknown, and Surfstitch are some of our favorite real-world surf shop names.

There are lots of methods you can use. One tip is to list lots of keywords connected with surfing, waves, and the beach. You can also try to include surfer terms and slang words to connect with your target audience, and make sure to use our surf shop business name generator, too.

Yes, our surf shop business name generator is completely free, with no strings attached. Give it a try and see how many awesome name ideas it can give you.
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