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The Best T-Shirt Names

Starting a T-shirt business can be a great way to break into the fashion industry and share your ideas and creativity with the world. However, before you start making and selling your shirts, you’ll need to create a great T-shirt business name to help your company stand out.

If you’re looking for appealing and exciting T-shirt business name ideas, the BizNameWiz T-shirt business name generator can help. In a matter of seconds, our T-shirt business name generator can create hundreds of great T-shirt business names just for you.

This guide will also explore some other methods you can use to create great T-shirt business names, as well as listing some of our favorite T-shirt business name ideas you can use for inspiration, and look at some super real-world T-shirt business names, too.

15 Catchy and Cool T-Shirt Business Name Ideas

In the crowded and competitive T-shirt industry, it’s really important to have a catchy name if you want your business to stand out and succeed. Here are some catchy T-shirt business name ideas you can use as inspiration when naming your business.

  • The Right Fit   
  • Comfort & Quality  
  • The T Masters   
  • The T You Need   
  • QualiT-Shirts  
  • Stylish Shirts 
  • The Latest Tees   
  • Street Outfits   
  • The Cotton Crew 
  • Affordable Outfitters 
  • Trendy Tees
  • Unbeatable Fashion 
  • The Freshest Style 
  • The Urban Attire Co.
  • That’s The T

Tips for Creating Catchy and Cool T-Shirt Business Name Ideas

When it comes to making catchy T-shirt business names, a good trick to use is to make use of the most engaging and exciting keywords and phrases that are connected to the T-shirt and fashion industries. Think about words like trendy, style, street, fashion, modern, and so on, and then try to include those words in your T-shirt business name ideas. Type some words into the T-shirt business name generator for even more ideas.

15 T-Shirt Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

If you pay close attention to many business names, especially in the world of clothing and fashion, you may notice that many of them are made up of words that sound similar or start with the same letter. There’s a good reason for this: names that rhyme or include alliteration in some way tend to be more memorable and better for marketing purposes, so here are some T-shirt business name ideas that feature rhyming words and alliteration.

  • Shirt Supply 
  • T Time 
  • Top-End Tees  
  • Tees To Go      
  • Awesome Attire 
  • Fresh Threads 
  • Street Style   
  • Summer Style  
  • Shirt Alert  
  • Printed Perfection
  • Fast Fashion
  • The Cotton Co. 
  • The T Tree 
  • Sleek & Chic
  • Sharp Shirts

Tips for Creating T-Shirt Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Creating T-shirt business names with rhyming and alliteration is easy. All you have to do to get started is note down some keywords that are connected to your company’s values, style, or products. Then, try to find words that sound similar or start with the same letter, and start building up great T-shirt business names from the words you’ve found. You can also use the  T-shirt business name generator for an extra helping hand.

15 Unique T-Shirt Business Name Ideas

In the T-shirt business, having a unique name can make a major difference. It will help you stand out from the crowd, proving to people that your business or shop is different from the others and encouraging them to step inside and find out more. Here are some fresh and out-of-the-box T-shirt business name ideas to catch people’s attention.

  • Inked Tees 
  • VarsiTee 
  • United Style  
  • SolidariTee
  • Fresh Expression  
  • Essential Outfitters   
  • The Daily T  
  • Inimitable Style   
  • Exotic Prints   
  • Godly Graphics   
  • Print’d    
  • Quantic Shirts   
  • Unknown Prints   
  • Head Turn Shirts 
  • Getting Shirty

Tips for Creating Unique T-Shirt Business Name Ideas

If you want to create truly unique and original T-shirt business names, you need to be willing to think outside of the box and put your imagination to work. It’s no good simply using the same basic words that so many other companies use in their names; you need to be different, looking for rarer words and more original forms of expression, without making a name that is too vague or pretentious.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Shirt Supply
  • Tell ‘Em Tees
  • Ink’T
  • Tee Tell
  • Talking Tees
  • Talk The Tee
  • Talk Of The Tee
  • T-Shirt Supply
  • T-Shirt Shed
  • T-Shirt Shack
  • Perfect Prints
  • A To T
  • Tees For Me
  • Tempting Tees
  • T-Shirt Alert
  • Tee Me
  • Tee’D Up
  • Tshirt Kings
  • Tshirts Galore
  • Teamshirts
  • Wehearttees
  • Glamour
  • Babygirl
  • Graphics Galore
  • Tshirts Rule
  • The Gifted
  • Ragged
  • Chic Threads
  • Soft Babe Tees
  • Splash Tees
  • Tees me
  • Just teesing
  • Teed off
  • Get Your Tees
  • Don’t tees me
  • Strip Tees
  • Yes Tees
  • Big tees
  • Tees me
  • I tees
  • You Tees Me
  • Bees Tees
  • Tees Louise
  • Easy Teesy
  • Tees These

The Best Real-World T-Shirt Business Names

If you feel like you need a little inspiration to help name your T-shirt business, take a look at some real T-shirt companies and think about how they decided on their names. What makes those names work so well and how can you take inspiration from them? Here are a few real business names to consider.

Design By Humans

How Design By Humans Got Its Name
Design By Humans is a T-shirt company that was founded in 2007 and offers licensed shirts and custom-made shirts, allowing creative people to make their own designs and share them with the world, hence the brand’s name.

Why Design By Humans Is A Great T-Shirt Business Name
Design By Humans works nicely as a T-shirt name, as it’s quite original and intriguing; when people hear this name, they want to find out more about the brand and how it works. In addition, when people are looking for T-shirts, many of them want to find unique, original designs, rather than mass-produced prints, so those kinds of people will like the “human” aspect of this company.

6 Dollar Shirts

How 6 Dollar Shirts Got Its Name
6 Dollar Shirts is a graphic T-shirt company that offers a wide range of shirts for just $6, which is where they got the name from.

Why 6 Dollar Shirts Is A Great T-Shirt Business Name
This name works well because it’s very clear, honest, and informative. As soon as you hear this name, you know exactly what this brand is all about, and it offers instant appeal to anyone who is shopping on a budget or looking for affordable shirts.

Old School Tees

How Old School Tees Got Its Name
Old School Tees is a T-shirt company that specializes in nostalgic graphic T-shirts, featuring images from decades gone by, such as movie and band tees.

Why Old School Tees Is A Great T-Shirt Business Name
Again, Old School Tees is a very effective T-shirt business name because it’s so informative. Right away, it tells you what the company is all about, catching the attention of its target audience; anyone looking for retro or vintage-style T-shirts will be drawn to this business.

Most Successful T-Shirt Business Names


How Lacoste Got Its Name
Lacoste is a French company that was founded and named after the French tennis player, René Lacoste.

Why Lacoste Is A Great T-Shirt Business Name
Lacoste has become one of the most successful clothing companies in the world, proving that sometimes, using your own surname in your clothing business name can actually work very well, especially if you have an exotic or beautiful-sounding name.

Ralph Lauren

How Ralph Lauren Got Its Name
Ralph Lauren is another iconic clothing brand that was named in honor of the fashion designer who founded it: Ralph Lauren himself.

Why Ralph Lauren Is A Great T-Shirt Business Name
It can take a lot of hard work to build up a company using your own name, especially in the early days when your name isn’t well-known or widely recognized. However, brands like Ralph Lauren show that it is possible, and with a lot of hard work, your name can become synonymous with high-end fashion and quality clothing.

Alternative Apparel

How Alternative Apparel Got Its Name
Alternative Apparel is a very successful clothing company that aims to do things differently from other brands and be more eco-friendly and sustainable in its choice of manufacturing methods and materials.

Why Alternative Apparel Is A Great T-Shirt Business Name
Earlier on, we looked at how alliteration can be a powerful technique for creating great T-shirt businesses and brand names, and Alternative Apparel is an example of this. By using two words that start with the letter A, this company has made its name more attractive and memorable.

Tips for Creating Your Own T-Shirt Business Name

Be Creative

In the T-shirt industry, creativity can be a very powerful force. Some of the best and most famous T-shirt brands and businesses have got very creative, original, unique names that allow them to stand out from the crowd and get more attention. So, when it comes to naming your own T-shirt business, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box, rather than sticking to the same safe words that many other stores and brands are already using.

Get a Message Across

It’s a good idea to think about your brand’s name as a tool that you can use to inform people, not only about your products but also about your business’ values and philosophies. 6 Dollar Shirts, for example, is a highly informative brand name that tells people exactly what they can find in-store, while Alternative Apparel also works well at informing people about the brand’s “alternative” approach and attitude. Try to get a message across about your brand in your business name, too.

Think About Your Audience

Whenever you’re trying to name a business, it helps to think about your target audience and try to pick a name that will appeal to the people you want to sell to. For example, if you’re aiming at reaching budget-conscious shoppers, then including some mention of “value” or “price” in your brand name will be effective. On the other hand, if you want to target people who crave high-end fashion, words like style, sophisticated, and elegant will work well.

Check Availability

It’s always a good idea to check that the name you want to use for your business is actually available, while also making sure that the website URL and social media profile names are also available, before claiming a name and making it official for your brand. So make sure to do some research on the internet and look to see if the name is free. If it is, claim it quickly and try to claim all of the associated accounts to help build your online presence.

Use the T-Shirt Business Name Generator

If you’re looking for a helping hand with creating T-shirt business names, we invite you to make use of our own T-shirt business name generator. The BizNameWiz T-shirt business name generator is a free, easy-to-use tool that can generate countless name ideas for you in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is type some words into the box provided, then press the Generate button. The T-shirt business name generator will then create a long list of name ideas you can use for inspiration.


Naming a T-Shirt business can be a challenge, but with the right approach, you can make a name that resonates with your audience, catches attention, and gets people interested in the products you’re selling. We hope that this guide has helped to provide the information and inspiration you need to make the best name for your new brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are plenty of great names for T-shirt companies, and you can look at real-world businesses to see some examples of this, like Old School Tees, 6 Dollar Shirts, and Alternative Apparel.

There are many different methods you can use to name your T-shirt business. If you're just getting started, try to write down as many key words as you can think of that sum up your brand's values, ideas, and style. Then, use those words as building blocks to make great names.

Absolutely, the T-Shirt business name generator is completely free for all to use. Just type one or more words into the box provided and hit the Generate button to see what it can do.


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