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Naming your T-Shirt Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for T-Shirt business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our T-Shirt business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Craig M.
Branding Specialist at BizNameWiz.com

Ideas from Craig

For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like: Cotton, Fashion, Urban, Youthful. A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business appear trustworthy and relevant.

Here are a few name ideas I came up with:

Shirt Supply

Tell ‘Em Tees


Tee Tell

Cuppa T

Talking Tees

Talk The Tee

Tee Of The Town

Talk Of The Tee

T-Shirt Supply

T-Shirt Shed

T-Shirt Shack

Trusted T-Shirts

Talking T-Shirts

Tasteful Ts

Printed Parcels

Printed Apparel

Perfect Prints

A To T

Tees For Me

Tempting Tees

Tempted By T-Shirts

T-Shirt Alert

Shirt Alert

T-Shirt Testimonials

Terrific T-Shirts

Short Sleeve Pros

T-Shirt Takeaways

T-Shirt To Go

Shirts To Go

Squad Shirts

Custom Tees

Qualit Shirts


The Tee Tree

Cotton Colleagues

Cotton Company

Company Tees

Tees Please!


Tall Tees

Tall Order Ts

Comft Tees

Comfy Tees

Expressions Ts

Tee Time

T-Shirt Party



Cup Of T-Shirt

BizNameWiz Writer

Kate A.
Branding Specialist at BizNameWiz.com

Ideas from Kate

A great way to make a memorable business name is to use rhythm or alliteration, these types of business names sounds great and are extremely brandable. For example, some names could be: Tee Tea, Cotton Comfort, Print Predisposition, Urban Urge.

With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with:

Tee Me

Tee’D Up

Tshirt Kings

Tshirts Galore

Custom Tees Now

Build Better Apparel

Coded Tshirts



Love The Graphic

Tastemaker Tees

The Tee Professionals

United Shirts


The Sweet Spot

Zipped Up Tshirts



Graphics Galore

Tshirts Rule

The Gifted


Chic Threads

Soft Babe Tees

Splash Tees

Sunshine Glide Tshirts

Colorpop Tshirts

Sporty Girls Tshirts

The Cool Kids Tee


Ball Up Sports Tees

Silky Tshirts


The Royal Treatment Threads

Sweet Touch Tees

Kids Next Door Tshirts

The Dad Tee

Blackout Tshirts

The Good Tee

The Lady Tees

The Perfect Fit

Warming Touch Tshirts

Moonlight Tshirt Company

Doped Tshirts

The Last Call Company

Varsity Tshirts

The Bare Minimum Tee

Essentiallyyou Tshirts

Lifeline Tees

Bodypop Tshirt Company

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BizNameWiz Writer

Marcus P.
Branding Specialist at BizNameWiz.com

Ideas from Marcus

When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Some of the top T-Shirt Firms are Gucci, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Tees me

Just teesing

Teed off

Get Your Tees

Don’t tees me

Strip Tees

Yes Tees

Big tees

Tees me

I tees

You Tees Me

Bees Tees

Tees Louise

Easy Teesy

Tees These

These tees

Tees Please

At Ease Tees

Tees Breeze

Pick Tees

Show Us Your Tees

Tee Pot

Tee Cup

Box of tee

House Of tee

Tee For Two

Tee For You

Tee party

Tee tree

Tee Cozy

Tee Service

Tee break

Tee Caddy

Tee House

Tee Parlour

Tee Room

High Tee

Tee Cloth

Tee Time

Tee Chest

tee lady

Herbal Tee

Plain Tee

Sweet Tee

Shirt Shack

Shirt Shack

Shirt Front

Shirt Sleeves

Shirt tales


No Tie Required

The Shirt barrel

Tee Shirt Shack

Shirt Stud

Get Shirty

Stuffed Shirts

Just Shirts

All Shirts

All tees

Mall Tees

Tees To Please

Tee Tops

Top Stop

Kettle of tees

Tee Set

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BizNameWiz Writer

Sandra S.
Branding Specialist at BizNameWiz.com

Ideas from Sandra

When deciding on the perfect business name, don’t forget to get feedback on your ideas from potential customers!

Be sure to ask questions like: Does this sound like a trustworthy business?What quality of product or service would you expect to get from this business?

Does the answers align with your business goals? That said, here are some name ideas to help you create the perfect business name:

Red Classics

Army Girls

Sage Slipovers


Preecious Wears

Stone T Shirts Treasure



Paragon Wears




Pearl T-Shirts


Goldprize Shirts

Rock Wears

Sparkler Wears

Gem Wears

Fait Accompli


Blue Cool Shirts




Xrated Wears


Ace Wears


Solid Wears

Splendid Wears

Capital Wears

Dadny Wears

Choice Wears

Ice Slipovers


Zircon Shirts


Jager T-Shirts

Rhombus Wears

Forest Wears

Jade Collections

Distinct Collections


Wildland Wears

Wildeast Wears

Zerocool Wears

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Caden Correa
Caden Correa
2 months ago

Funky T-Shirts, CottonX, The Tee Brand