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Best Tanning Salon Business Name Ideas

Tanning salons are a big part of the beauty industry nowadays. People love to go and tan, either before a holiday or during the summer season. Salons are bound to get all-year round customers who want that fresh, golden glow, so it’s important to create a name that stands out from other competitors in the tanning salon market. Customers usually set high expectations just by looking at a business name – so keep this in mind when you start planning. 

Fear not, though, because this guide will show the best ideas and advice when it comes to name planning. Our tanning salon business name generator can also help you through the process. From one-word names to metaphorical names, you’ll find ideas suitable for your business. Just keep reading to find name ideas for your tanning salon! 

One-Word Tanning Salon Business Name Ideas

Customers are more likely to remember names that are short and direct. Just think of a single word that describes your tanning salon, or use two words and combine them. For example, you might have a name like ‘Tancity’ that makes customers think of your tanning services. 

Think of a single word!

You need to think of root words associated with ‘tanning’ and type those into our tanning salon business name generator. I chose the words ‘golden’, ‘bronze’, ‘glowing’ and ‘fresh’ and then selected the best names. Remember – use the ‘one word’ option on the generator!

  • Glowingworks                           
  • Glowporium                        
  • GlowingHut 
  • Bronzegenics                         
  • Bronzeify                             
  • LuxBronzeX
  • FreshSkin                                 
  • FreshEscape                       
  • Freshaholic 
  • GoldenoryX                            
  • GoldenBeds                           
  • Goldenology
  • Tantastic!                                 
  • TanningdeckX                       
  • Tanningverse 

Tips For Creating One-Word Tanning Salon Business Names

Before creating these names, select ‘beauty’, ‘creative’, ‘luxury’, ‘skincare’ and ‘services’ from the industry list. This should provide you with accurate names that relate to your tanning salon business. If you can’t find any suitable one-word names, then just combine two of your own words. For example, the name ‘Tantastic!’ mixes the words ‘tan’ and ‘fantastic’. 

Rhyming Tanning Salon Business Name Ideas

According to some personal research, I found that rhymes trigger the “lyrical” side of our brain. This is because we try to find patterns among similar-sounding words. Customers that stumble across a rhyming business name would most likely remember the rhythm. You can use this to your advantage to create a name that plays on either alliteration, half-rhymes or full rhymes.

I used the same root words from earlier and popped them into the tanning salon business name generator. Then, I chose the ‘rhyming’ option from the filters and scanned through the pages of names. Just keep reading to find good examples of rhyming names for your business! 

  • Bronze Babes                            
  • Bronze Beds                        
  • Body Bronze
  • Tanning Tint                             
  • Fan of a Tan                         
  • Tanning Together
  • Show That Glow                        
  • Glowing Genie                      
  • Hello Glow 
  • Golden Gods                             
  • Golden Guardian                   
  • Gold and Bold
  • Fresh Finish                              
  • Famous Fresh                      
  • Fresh Fixer 

Tips For Creating Rhyming Tanning Salon Business Names

You might need to be more creative and imaginative with rhyming names. Our generator may not have exact rhymes on every page, so it’s important to research ideas. For example, I searched for ‘words that rhyme with glow’ and found strong matches. This encouraged me to create the name ‘Show That Glow’ that has a rhythm among the words. Just use alliteration and half-rhymes if you can’t pinpoint full rhymes for your tanning salon business names.

Metaphorical Tanning Salon Business Name Ideas

A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares one thing to something else. It might sound confusing at first, but you probably know some common metaphors. Have you heard of ‘I could eat a horse’ when someone is hungry? Well, that’s a metaphor, because it’s only an expression. You can use metaphorical language to describe your tanning salon services. 

I took some of the same root words and used my imagination to create metaphorical names. Of course, our tanning salon business name generator will still give you ideas. Below, you will find metaphorical names that describe your tanning salon!

  • Tanning Angels                        
  • Bronze Tigers                       
  • Glowing Pride
  • Light of My Salon                     
  • Tanning Spells                      
  • Bronze Idol 
  • Golden Purpose                       
  • Salon Dreams                      
  • Tanning Desire
  • Fresh Daisy                              
  • Golden Fairies                      
  • Paradise Salon 
  • Glow Queen                            
  • Fresh Goddess                    
  • Golden Shell 

Tips For Creating Metaphorical Tanning Salon Business Names

Make sure to use your imagination!

Make sure to use your imagination when creating metaphorical names. This can encourage you to let your inner creativity flow. I searched for common metaphors associated with the root words and used that as inspiration. For example, I took the phrase ‘light of my life’ and changed it to ‘Light of My Salon’ to suit a tanning salon business. Customers would instantly recognize the familiarity of this expression and feel encouraged to approach the business. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Golden Sun
  • Golden Goddess
  • All Gold
  • Pure Gold
  • Beach Bronze
  • Beach Gold
  • Bronze Base
  • Bronze Goddess
  • Better Bronze
  • Lustrous Bronze
  • Bronze Babe
  • Glowing Goddess
  • Touch Of Sun
  • Touch Of Tropics
  • Sunkiss Miss
  • Bronze Life
  • Chocolate Land
  • Chocolate Sun
  • Chocolate Lamp
  • Bronze Light
  • Chocolate Light
  • TanningX
  • Mr. Bronze
  • Mr. Chocolate
  • SunHealth
  • SunBathroom
  • BronzeMan
  • BronzeMe
  • ChocolateMe
  • Bronze King
  • Sun Touch
  • Torchup
  • Cooltan
  • Skincare Salon
  • Light Brown
  • Beige Centre
  • Brownbrown
  • Drab Baby
  • Epidermal Tan
  • Olivetan
  • Saddleside Tan
  • Sandygurl
  • Creamiie
  • Ecrusaloon
  • Suntan

Best Real-World Tanning Salon Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Looking at other tanning salon names can help you find the right inspiration. You might find interesting words that could benefit your business name. I found some cool-sounding names and popped them below. Just keep reading to find out how they got the name and why it works! 


How did Tanique get its name?

Tanique was founded in October 2014 to become a “unique bespoke tanning salon”. The idea of being ‘unique’ is what inspired the business name. They just mixed this idea with tanning and settled for a name that represents their goals in the industry. 

Why is Tanique a catchy business name?

This business wanted to combine the words ‘unique’ and tan’ to make something literally unique. Customers may feel curious to try a business that wants to stand out from other competitors. A one-word name like this is also great for memorability and directness. 

The Glow Club 

How did The Glow Club get its name?

The Glow Club was created to “make every visit an experience” when providing high-quality services to customers. They probably got the name from the ‘glow’ that people receive when booking sunbeds and spray tanning. 

Why is The Glow Club a catchy business name?

This name uses a word that is often associated with tanning. Customers would think about ‘glow’ and feel motivated to use their tanning services. Adding ‘club’ on the end suggests this is a dedicated group of people who pride themselves on “high standards”. 

Palm Beach Tan 

How did Palm Beach Tan get its name?

Palm Beach Tan is dedicated to “100% customer satisfaction” by helping people find their right tanning shade. The idea of having a fresh tan on the beach is probably what inspired this business name. They wanted customers to imagine holidays when looking at their services.

Why is Palm Beach Tan a catchy business name?

This name will help customers to imagine a sunny holiday on the beach. If they visualize their dream destination, they might feel encouraged to get a tan. Using imagery in a business name is a very good way of painting a picture in people’s heads.

Most Successful Tanning Salon Businesses

Most Successful Tanning Salon Businesses

Now, you can study how popular tanning salons created their name. It’s important to understand why they’re so effective in representing the tanning services. Make sure to write your notes if you want to refer to them in the future. Keep reading to find the most successful tanning salons! 

Sun Tan City

How did Sun Tan City get its name?

Sun Tan City has a “clean, soothing spa-like environment” that encourages customers to try the modern salon experience. They chose this name to represent the warm and inviting nature of the tanning salon. Customers would naturally gravitate towards the words “sun tan”. 

Why is Sun Tan City a catchy business name?

The words ‘sun tan’ are very direct and tell customers exactly what to expect from the business. Including the word ‘city’ almost turns this business into a universal paradise – almost like a home for people who are passionate about tanning. 


How did GloPatrol get its name?

GloPatrol was created to bring tanning salon services to people’s homes. This is what inspired the name ‘patrol’ because of the cars they travel in. They want to offer people “reliable, stunning results” when using safe equipment and tanning materials. 

Why is GloPatrol a catchy business name?

This one-word name combines the words ‘glow’ and patrol’ to attract customers to the tanning services. People are more likely to remember a simple name that offers remote spray tans. Adding the word ‘patrol’ also makes this business sound professional and authoritative. 

Tan Republic 

How did Tan Republic get its name?

Tan Republic was created to help people “relax and tan” when visiting the salon. They probably get their name from wanting to sound ‘superior’ compared to other tanning services in the world. Obviously, this name works, because many customers choose this location for tanning.

Why is Tan Republic a catchy business name?

Using more authoritative words in a business name can create a positive first impression with customers. They want to search for tanning services that sound professional. The word ‘tan’ is another piece of direct language that tells customers what this business is about. 

4 Effective Tips For Naming Your Tanning Salon Business

The business naming process is never going to be easy. You might face challenges and problems that guide your ideas in another direction. All you can do is follow planning methods that suit your preferences. Some people might prefer to document ideas on the computer, and others could brainstorm names in a physical notebook. Choose a planning method that sparks your creativity and encourages you to find new, intriguing names for your business.

Don’t worry, though, because we created this section to help you. Don’t forget to keep our tanning salon business name generator open when advancing through the guide. Just keep reading to find our top four tips that can aid your name planning process! 

Tip One: Request Feedback From Family Members And Friends

Request feedback from family members and friends!

Feedback is very important for noticing mistakes or errors in your business name. A fresh pair of eyes can determine how it might perform for your target audience. One person might suggest that you reduce the name, and someone else might not like the words. Take your time asking different people about the name and what they like and dislike about it. Remember – write this feedback in your planning progress so you can refer to it in the future. 

Tip Two: Keep Your Business Name Short And Sweet

Customers are more likely to remember a name that is direct and tells them exactly what to expect. You can limit your name to three words or less if you want to achieve that simplicity. Of course, combining two words is another option. Our tanning salon business name generator should help you find short and sweet names that use relevant keywords. 

Tip Three: Choose A Literary Technique For Your Name

Literary techniques are great for enhancing your business name. Some of these techniques might be alliteration, full rhymes, half-rhymes, metaphors, personification and imagery. The device you choose can depend on the nature of your business. Do you want to come across as quirky? Do you want to appear more professional? If you would like customers to view the enjoyment in your business, you might use rhymes to portray those “fun” vibes. 

Tip Four: Learn More About Your Target Audience And Selling Point

A target audience is a group of people who are more likely to use your services. They are the people who will spread awareness of your business. For example, you might provide tanning beds for people over 25. It’s important to know who they are before creating a suitable name.

Unique selling points are aspects of your business that stand out among other competitors. Why should people choose your tanning salon? What makes your business different? You could offer cheap tanning packages, or you might take online bookings for home appointments. Find something that differentiates you from the other tanning salons in the market and incorporate that into your tanning salon name. 


Overall, you should create a name that represents your tanning services. Customers need to know more about your high-quality tans. The more unique your name is, the more likely customers will share it with family and friends. Remember to experiment with our tanning salon business name generator, and of course, just have fun during the naming process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You could name your tanning salon something personal or meaningful to you. If you don’t want to do this, then choose words associated with ‘tanning’ and pop those into our generator. Some names might be ‘Tanning Wonders’, ‘Glow Girls’, ‘Sun Kisses’ and ‘Your Bronze Medal’.

Tans naturally last around 7-10 days before the skin starts to exfoliate and regenerate. You can regularly moisturize your skin to lock the tan in for longer. Of course, tanning salons can remove old tans for you and apply a new layer on fresh skin.

People will look for a relaxing tanning experience, so make sure to incorporate that into your salon. The same goes for a clean, disinfected and comfortable environment that stores materials and equipment safely. You could also use background music to help people relax!
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