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Best Taxi Company Name Ideas

Taxies are a beneficial service in busy cities and are in very high demand. Because of the high demand, the competition in the taxi industry is steep. The best way to separate your taxi company from the competition is to create original and effective taxi company names.

Our taxi company name idea guide will detail 45 excellent taxi company name ideas. We created these taxi company name ideas using our taxi company name generator (with various filters).

The Best One-word Taxi Company Name Ideas

When a customer needs a taxi, there are usually multiple options in the city. Therefore, it can be very difficult to make your taxi company’s name stand out and grab the customer’s attention. 

One-word names can grab customers’ attention because they are short and easy to remember.

We typed multiple relevant taxi keywords (taxi, cab, ride, carpool, etc.) into our taxi company name generator (with our taxi company one-word filter) to get some compelling one-word taxi company name ideas.

  1. Taxideck
  2. Taxilytical
  3. Taxiverse
  4. RideX
  5. Cabopolis
  6. CaBalance
  7. Cabscape
  8. Ridester
  9. Riderz
  10. DoCarpool
  11. Carpoolzoid
  12. Cably
  13. Rideworks
  14. Cabify
  15. Taxiry

Tips For Making A One-word Taxi Company Name

One-word taxi company names need to be short enough to be memorable. However, they still need to make sense and be relatable and marketable. You can make a one-word name using a singular keyword or combining two keywords.

You can use our taxi company name generator if you need extra help finding great keywords to create a simple and effective one-word taxi company name.

Best Alliterating Taxi Company Name Ideas

Rhyming and alliteration are compelling methods to attract customers to your taxi company.  They also benefit from being able to display more information to the customer.

We typed the same taxi keywords we used for our one-word taxi company names into our taxi company name generator (with our taxi company rhyming filter) to get some excellent alliterative taxi company name ideas.

  1. Courier Cab
  2. Cue Carpool
  3. Taxi Trekker
  4. Cab Crew
  5. Trident Taxis
  6. Ride Request
  7. Crypto Cabs
  8. Conversation Carpool
  9. Talk Taxis
  10. Tech Taxis
  11. Taxis Today
  12. Chronicle Cabs
  13. City Cabs
  14. Champs Cabs
  15. Replenish Ride

Tips For Making An Alliterating Taxi Company Name

Although both keywords in an alliterative name need to work as individual keywords, they also need to make sense together and combine to create a taxi company name that’s fresh and original.

You can use our taxi company name generator to find relevant taxi keywords to pair together to create a catchy alliterative taxi company name.

Best Premium Taxi Or Limo Company Name Ideas

Not all customers will want to use the same taxi company; some will prefer a more luxury taxi experience to transport them to their destination. If you’re going to target these customers, you need to create a clear premium taxi company name.

We typed our taxi keywords (along with ‘limos’) into our taxi company name generator (with our taxi company luxury filter from our industry drop-down box) to get some brilliant premium taxi company and limo name ideas.

  1. Sterling Taxis
  2. Radiance Rides
  3. Sphynx Rides
  4. Zephyr Rides
  5. Lux Cab
  6. Opal Rides
  7. Exquisite Carpool
  8. Cab Goddesses
  9. Divine Carpool
  10. Regency Cabs
  11. Leopard Taxis
  12. Majestic Taxis
  13. Dynasty Limos
  14. Majestic Limos
  15. Atlantis Limos

Tips For Making A Premium Taxi Or Limo Company Name

A critical naming element to get right when creating a premium taxi company name is to choose the best keywords possible. Your premium taxi company name won’t be effective if the customer finds your company name confusing and uninformative.

You can use our taxi company name generator if you want to find the best keywords to create an impressive and informative premium taxi or limo company name.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Here To There
  • A To B Taxi
  • Point To Point
  • Trusted Taxi
  • Trustworthy Taxis
  • Safe Travels Taxi
  • Taxi Cab Co.
  • Calling Cabs
  • Terrific Taxis
  • Welcome Wagons
  • Reliable Rides
  • Smooth Riders
  • Yellow Car
  • TaxiFul
  • TaxiMode
  • Fast Ride
  • Best Ride
  • Taxi Road
  • Best Road
  • Pa Taxi
  • CabWay
  • Yellow Cab
  • Vintage Cab
  • 5 min taxi
  • Get In
  • Get There
  • We deliver
  • fast cab
  • Grab a Cab
  • Follow That Cab
  • Call A Cab
  • Call Me a Cab
  • Cab Stand
  • Cab Corner
  • Taxi Driver
  • Taxi me Home
  • Yellow City Taxi
  • Cabby
  • Espresso Taxi
  • Yellow Line Taxi
  • City Trooper
  • Links Taxi
  • Intercity Taxi
  • Velocity Taxi
  • Takxxi

What Are The Best Real-Life Taxi Company Names, And Why Do They Work Excellently?

You should experiment with our taxi company name generator to create as many compelling taxi company name ideas as possible. However, to give your taxi company name research a better backbone, you should research the taxi company competition.

To help you start your taxi company name research, we found three of the best taxi company names in the industry.


How Kabbee Got Its Name

Kabbee gets its name from the British slang term for a taxi driver, cabby. They wanted a name that customers would find unique and relatable.

Why Does The Taxi Company Name Work?

Kabbee is an excellent taxi company name because it’s very relatable and easy for the customer to remember. Additionally, because of the unique spelling of the name, it’s original, which helps it stand out even more.


How Bolt Got Its Name

The Bolt founders wanted a taxi company name to display their customer promise perfectly; they wanted a short and memorable keyword relating to the speed of their taxis, hence why they chose the name ‘Bolt’.

Why Does The Taxi Company Name Work?

The taxi company name works because it uses an excellent keyword.

‘Bolt’ is clear, short, and has memorable connotations to speed (lightning bolt, Usain Bolt, etc.). The one-word name is also very easy for customers to remember.


How BlaBlaCar Got Its Name

Unlike the other taxi companies on our list, BlaBlaCar is a taxi carpool company (multiple people can use one taxi for numerous journeys). Therefore, the founders wanted a name that would reflect the company’s niche and one that would be relatable and inviting.

Why Does The Taxi Company Name Work?

The taxi company name works because it’s informal and relatable, which is the intended atmosphere for the company. They want customers to have fun and chat in their taxis. 

Additionally, combining the three keywords to create one word adds to the informal atmosphere of the company.

What Are The Most Successful Taxi Companies And Why Do Their Names Work Excellently?

Conducting a broad amount of research for your taxi company is critical if you want to find an excellent taxi company name. Therefore, researching the most successful taxi companies can be beneficial.

We detail three of the most successful taxi companies and why their names aid their success.


How Uber Got Its Name

Uber is one of the most instantly recognizable and successful taxi businesses. It’s also widely regarded as one of the best, fitting because the German word ‘uber’ means ‘better than the rest.

Why Does The Taxi Company Name Work?

The name works because it is confident and displays the taxi company’s excellence and standing in the industry. Additionally, although ‘uber’ is a German word, it is also well recognized in other countries like the UK.


How Taxify Got Its Name

The Taxify founders wanted a taxi company name that would be clear to customers. Therefore, they wanted a transparent keyword (taxi). To improve the taxi company name’s memorability, they tried to take their basic keyword and create a memorable one-word name with it.

Why Does The Taxi Company Name Work?

Taxify is an excellent example of a taxi company name that combines transparency and memorability. It uses the most common taxi keyword available to make it clear for customers, but it transforms it into a catchy one-word name to make it more exciting (otherwise, it wouldn’t stand out from the competition).

Call A Cab

How Call A Cab Got Its Name

Call A Cab is the most straightforward and accessible taxi company name on our list. The founders wanted a name that speaks to customers who want nothing more than a simple and excellent-quality taxi service. So they decided to create a name with no frills to attract this type of customer.

Why Does The Taxi Company Name Work?

Call A Cab is effective because of its simplicity. Any customer seeing the name will know exactly what it’s for. Additionally, despite its focus on clarity, they still make the name memorable due to the alternative taxi keyword, ‘Cab’.

What Are The Best Branding Elements To Consider For A Taxi Company?

Before you start creating names for your taxi company, you must know what it takes to make a brilliant taxi company brand. With many different taxi companies available in the same area, it takes a compelling and memorable brand to make one stand out from the competition.

Here are our best taxi company branding tips to help you get the best start.

Tip 1: Don’t Make Your Taxi Company Brand Seem Out Of Reach To Customers; Make It Relatable

The taxi drivers who get the best reviews are often relatable and personable, so it’s an excellent idea to reflect this in your taxi company branding. You can make a relatable taxi company by using more informal keywords or relating to a customer problem with your brand.

For example, Kabbee uses informal slang to provide a relatable and warming atmosphere to their taxi company; using slang or less common taxi keywords is a great way to achieve this goal.

Another example is Bolt, which uses a catchy keyword to relate to the customer problem of a taxi being too slow.

Tip 2: Use Instantly Marketable Keywords For Your Taxi Company Name To Gain A Customer Base

The best way to attract customers to use your taxi company is to use exciting and marketable keywords. A marketable keyword is a keyword that you can use to gain the interest of your specific target market. 

For example, if you have a premium taxi company, you need to use keywords that relate to a high-quality experience to market it to the premium target market.

Alternatively, some keywords market to a broader audience; taxi companies like Kabbee and Call A Cab use more humble and relatable keywords to make their names marketable to a larger audience.

Tip 3: Research The Competition To Find The Most Common Taxi Company Naming And Branding Conventions

When you start creating a brand for your taxi company, it can be challenging to find a niche or portion of the industry where you can stand out. Therefore, to find out what your taxi company’s focus is you need to research the competition.

Taxi company research is vital because it will give you a fantastic indication of what your taxi company can do to be unique. You should research different taxi company names, logos, and websites to determine what they do well and what opportunities they miss.

Additionally, you should look at what your taxi company competitors do similarly (using similar keywords, for example).  If they use similar keywords or a similar logo, you should rule them out to narrow down elements you can use to be unique.

Tip 4: Make Your Taxi Company Branding Simple And Uncomplicated

Finally, if your customer base doesn’t understand your taxi company’s brand and its goals, your brand will be ineffective and unsuccessful. Therefore, you need to ensure that every element of your taxi company branding is easy to understand.

You can use our taxi company name generator if you need further assistance to create fantastic taxi company name ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you make a taxi company name, there are numerous elements to keep in mind, including the keywords, relatability, marketability, and more.

You can use our taxi company name generator If you need more help to create brilliant taxi company name ideas.

‘Taxi’ is the most common keyword for a taxi company name. Therefore, you might want to find alternative keywords to make your taxi company name more memorable.

Some example keywords are cab, taxicab, drive, and wheels.

You can use our taxi company name generator if you need further help to find unique and memorable keywords for your taxi company name.

Without a compelling brand, you won’t have a successful taxi company. You need a bold logo, a clear and inviting website, and an excellent name to make an exciting taxi company brand.

If you need extra assistance to create fantastic taxi company name ideas for your brand, you can use our taxi company name generator.
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