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Best Textiles Business Name Ideas

If you’re starting your own textiles business, you will need to find the perfect business name to draw in customers and help to make your business more profitable. This helpful guide is designed to provide instructions on using the textiles business name generator to come up with a name for your business. Keep reading to learn about naming techniques and a complete analysis of successful textile business names and how they were created.

One-Word Textiles Business Name Ideas

One-word business names work well as they are shorter and snappier and won’t lose their impact on your potential customers. I came up with these one-word textile business names by finding keywords associated with fabrics and different fabric purposes and putting them into the textiles business name generator. I chose ‘mode’, ‘rugs’, and ‘fabrics’.

  • Modeopolis
  • Textilarc
  • Modery
  • Fabrology 
  • Textiln
  • Carpetsly
  • Decoront
  • RugsZen
  • Rugscape
  • Carpetworks
  • StyleZy
  • Chicery
  • LinenOps
  • Feltlia
  • CottonUs

Tips On Creating A One-Word Textiles Business Name

To create your own one-word textile business name, you will need to use keywords and root words to put into the textile business name generator. Once you have your root words, type them into the generator, and then filter the results to show only one-word textile business names. Then, select the ones you like best! You can always make adjustments, such as capitalizing letters or removing letters to improve the sound.

Rhyming Textiles Business Name Ideas

Rhyming business names work well as they are catchy, and the rhyme or alliteration makes a two-word business name more cohesive, drawing two words together. To develop these rhyming textile business name ideas, I simply used the root words from my one-word names and selected the rhyming filter on the textile business name generator.

  • Cotton Courier
  • Linen Lanx
  • Felt Fetch
  • Mode Margin
  • Tactical Textiles
  • Fly Fabric
  • Decor Dome
  • Carpet Contact
  • Rug Rabble 
  • Decor Demon
  • Loose Loom
  • Wool Wisp 
  • TRUE Textiles
  • Fabric First
  • Traditional Textiles

Tips For Creating A Rhyming Textiles Business Name

To create your own rhyming textiles business name, you need to consider all rhyme types, such as alliteration, full rhyme, and half-rhyme. Some words are difficult to find a full rhyme for, so you may wish to use online rhyme finding websites to help you. Or, to keep the process simple, just use the rhyming filter on the textile business name generator!

Fun Textiles Business Name Ideas

Fun business names work well as they create a positive image of your brand subliminally before the customer has even purchased goods from your business. To come up with these fun textiles business name ideas, I simply used fun and different imagery and wouldn’t usually be associated with the textiles industry, such as ‘mammoth’, ‘gator’, and ‘autumn’. Then, I selected the names I liked best from the generator!

  • Fabric Fox
  • Mammoth Modes
  • Gator Fabrics
  • Autumn Wool
  • Roughwood Rugs
  • Decor Damsel
  • Cotton Cyan
  • Loganberry Loom
  • Tiger Textiles
  • RedRugs
  • Lord Linen
  • Style Sensei
  • Cryo Carpets
  • Hound Fabrics
  • Table Textiles

Tips For Creating A Fun Textiles Business Name

To create fun textiles business name ideas, you need to get creative. Think outside the box, and try to make a distinct and unique name that any other suppliers in the industry won’t hold. You can keep your root words generic by using imagery, or you can use words that are more specific to your products – the choice is yours.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Textile Traders
  • Textile Team
  • Finding Fabric
  • Yard By Yard
  • Yards Of Yarn
  • Fabric Folly
  • Founding Fabric
  • Justfab Fabric
  • Fabric
  • Traditional Texts
  • Fabrics For You
  • Creative Cloth
  • Sacred Textiles
  • Trusted Textiles
  • Quality Textiles
  • Aidtextile
  • Branch Textile
  • Vital Textile
  • Textile Life
  • Gain Textile
  • Charm Textile
  • Royal Textile
  • Queen’S Textile
  • Court Textile
  • Ox Textile
  • Brand Textile
  • Sublime Textiles
  • Passion Textile
  • Violet Textile
  • High Textiles
  • Real textile
  • Popular Dress
  • Wearly
  • Clothesy
  • Dreematic
  • MySuit
  • BlueSuit
  • EverDress
  • Clothen
  • Fashin Mission
  • Textiler
  • Moon Textile
  • IClothes
  • Shirtsly
  • Xwear

Best Real-World Textiles Business Names

Best Real-World Textiles Business Names

Decorator’s Best

How Did Decorator’s Best Get Its Name?
Decorators Best is an e-commerce provider for interior design supplies. Decorator’s Best is based on the purpose of the fabrics and textiles they provide and uses the word ‘best’ to indicate their superiority as a textiles provider.

Why Is Decorator’s Best A Successful Business Name?
Decorator’s Best works well and perfectly communicates what the textiles they sell are designed for – namely interior design. The name also establishes its dominance in the industry with the word ‘best’. Consider using superlatives to boost your brand’s image when coming up with your own textiles business name ideas.


How Did LinenMe Get Its Name?
LinenMe gets its name from the primary fabrics it sells – linens. The brand prides itself on offering sustainable and ethically-sourced linen that can be used for various purposes and has a long life.

Why Is LinenMe A Successful Business Name?
LinenMe is a successful business name as it makes use of stylized capitalization. Stylized capitalization is a modern trend in business names and suggests that the brand is forward-thinking. The name also uses the personal pronoun ‘me’ to connect with customers.


How Did AphroChic Get Its Name?
AphroChic gets its name from its target customer – this is an African-American business that designs fabrics with elements of African styles. AphroChic also has a magazine and podcast and focuses on providing interior design and fashion inspiration.

Why Is AphroChic A Successful Business Name?
AphroChic is a successful business name as it communicates both the style of its fabrics and who the materials are designed for. The stylized capitalization also lets customers know that this is a modern and fashion-forward brand.

Plow & Hearth

How Did Plow & Hearth Get Its Name?
Plow & Hearth was started in 1980, just as more consumers were interested in more sustainable ways of living. The name Plow & Hearth is reflective of the company’s desire to provide fabrics that facilitate country living and sustainable lifestyles.

Why Is Plow & Hearth A Successful Business Name?
Plow & Hearth is a successful business name as it emulates the business’ selling point perfectly. The word ‘plow’ indicates the country style of the brand, and the word ‘hearth’ is suggestive of home life and indicates a warmth that creates a positive tone to the name. Consider whether your textiles business name ideas make a positive impression on the minds of your customers.


How Did FLOR Get Its Name?
FLOR is a textiles company that provides fabrics for flooring and carpeting. The name FLOR is a play on the word ‘floor’ that alters the expression, and stylized capitalization makes it unique.

Why Is FLOR A Successful Business Name?
FLOR is a successful business name as it takes a common word and uses stylized capitalization to make it more unique. It is also removed from the word ‘floor’ to create a unique word. Consider editing your textiles business name ideas by capitalizing them and removing letters to make them more unique.

Most Successful Textiles Businesses


How Did Etsy Get Its Name?
Etsy is an online marketplace that allows businesses to sell textiles and other products. Robert Kalin came up with the name Etsy as he wanted a nonsense word; he was starting the brand from scratch and wanted it to be unique.

Why Is Etsy A Successful Business Name?
Etsy is a successful business name because it is unique – meaning that it sticks in mind as an unusual and fresh word. The name is also short, making it much more impactful than a lengthy business name.

1888 Mills

How Did 1888 Mills Get Its Name?
Among one of the few remaining towel manufacturing plants in the USA, 1888 Mills gets its name from when it was founded, an homage to its historical roots.

Why Is 1888 Mills A Successful Business Name?
1888 Mills is a successful business name as it highlights the company’s age, enticing customers looking for traditional and robust fabrics instead of fast-fashion materials manufactured cheaply.


How Did Pendleton Get Its Name?
Pendleton is a family-owned company established in 1963 and has been weaving woolen fabrics for over 100 years in its Pacific Northwest mills. Pendleton is named for its founder and his family that now runs the business.

Why Is Pendleton A Successful Business Name?
Pendleton is a successful business name as it uses the family name, giving the brand a familiar and established feel. Since the business is named for the family that runs it, this suggests that they take pride in their work and are willing to put their name to it.


How Did Fabrico Get Its Name?
Fabrico is one of the leading textiles manufacturers in the US. The name Fabrico is likely derived from the two words ‘fabric’ and ‘corporation’ to create Fabrico.

Why Is Fabrico A Successful Business Name?
Fabrico is a successful business name as it is simple. By reducing two words to one, Fabrico could condense their name and make it more readable while creating a unique word that will stick in the minds of clients and customers.

Tex Tech Industries

How Did Tex Tech Industries Get Its Name?
One of the world’s leading needle and woven felt manufacturers, Tex Tech Industries gets its name from a condensed version of the words ‘textiles’ and ‘technology’ that reflect the business’ innovative technology in textiles manufacturing.

Why Is Tex Tech Industries A Successful Business Name?
Tex Tech Industries is a successful business name as it uses both a half-rhyme and alliteration to make the name sound appealing and more cohesive. The word ‘industries’ also indicates that this is a large-scale manufacturer, clarifying the purpose of the business.

Tips For Naming Your Textile Business

To develop a distinct and memorable name for your textiles business, you will need to use some naming techniques. This section will cover some of the best naming techniques you can apply to your naming process when using the textile business name generator.

Tip One: Find Your Selling Point

When naming your business, it is prudent to communicate your selling point. You must share precisely why customers should shop at your establishment.

For example, if your business prides itself on the low prices and great deals it can offer customers on their textile choices, you should communicate this in the name. You can do this by typing keywords associated with pricing like ‘deal’ ‘cost’ and ‘price’ into the textile business name generator. This might give you a textile business name like ‘CostCarpeting’ or ‘PlushPrice’.

Tip Two: Use Your Name

If you’re struggling to find textile business name ideas, you might wish to consider using your name. This way, you can leave your mark on the business and pass it down to your children to create a family legacy. If your business is a small fabric boutique, you may wish to use your first name to create a personalized name that will give your business a friendly feel.

However, if you wish to create a large textile business, you may use your last name to create an established and professional image for your brand. Using your name can help you to find a quick and easy solution to your naming difficulties.

Tip Three: The Purpose Of Your Materials

If you’re selling textiles designed for a specific purpose, you must communicate this in your business name. This way, when customers search for a particular type of fabric or material, they will be able to find your business more efficiently.

For example, if your business is selling textiles designed for dresses and clothing, then this should feature in your name. When using the textile business name generator, use root words like ‘dress’ ‘fashion’, or ‘mode’ to indicate what you are selling.

Tip Four: Use Literary Devices

You can use literary devices such as alliteration, rhythm, and stylized capitalization to improve the way your name sounds and to improve how it looks. Stylized capitalization is a modern technique that involves capitalizing words in your business name as a styling choice. For instance, if you think of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, the capitalization of the letter ‘X’ creates a more pleasant visual representation of the name.

Play around with stylized capitalization in your business name to figure out an opportunity to create a more modern and trendy business name.

Tip Five: Keep It Short

Short captions decrease consumers’ attention span, drawing their interest in shorter words and phrases. Long phrases and words tend to lose impact and affect the consumer. So, when creating your business name, keep it short. Opt for terms no longer than two words, and try to keep the syllables to a minimum to avoid your name being a mouthful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with a catchy name for your business by using literary techniques like alliteration, rhyme, and half-rhyme. You should also consider keeping your business name short to make it punchy and catchy.

You can start your own textiles brand by considering the purpose of your business - do you wish to manufacture textiles, or, would you instead open a textiles boutique that sells unique prints? Then, try to come up with a textiles business name that reflects the purpose of your business.

You can use the textiles business name generator to develop new and exciting names for your textiles shop. Simply type in root words associated with your business and your fabrics, and select the names you like best from the generator!




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