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Best Toy Business Name Ideas

There’s no doubt that the toy industry is very popular for parents who want to treat their kids around birthdays and Christmas. Toys are necessary for children to find enjoyment and explore what makes them happy. But the sale of the toys can depend on how much thought you put into creating the business name. Parents want to find a toy business that sounds exciting and intriguing. Imagine having a name like Nice Toys… who would feel excited about that?

But don’t worry too much about your business name. This guide is here to help you find names that are both creative and unique. You can get the toy business name generator open and ready to explore those names. Just keep on reading to find out how to use it! 

One-Word Toy Business Name Ideas

One-word names are very simple and don’t require complicated words or phrases. If parents are scanning the internet for toys, they don’t want to remember names like ‘Your Lovely and Cuddly Toy Company’ that sound too long. They would much rather prefer direct names that are easily memorable and get the point across quickly.

To create these one-word names, you need to think of root words associated with ‘toy’. I came up with the words ‘fun’, ‘play’, ‘things’, and ‘games’. Once I typed those words into the toy business name generator, I chose which names sounded the best! 

  1. Funzilla
  2. Toyworks
  3. Funella 
  4. Toysporium
  5. Funverse!
  6. ToysgeniX
  7. KidThings
  8. Gameprism
  9. JustThings
  10. GamesNest
  11. FunThings
  12. GameDecks
  13. Playscape
  14. Playnetic
  15. Playlaza 

Tips For Creating One-Word Toy Business Names

You need to select the ‘one-word’ option in the filtered list to view some one-word business names. Choosing ‘e-commerce’, ‘gaming’, ‘kids’, and ‘tech’ from the industry list should also give you more accurate results. Make sure to experiment with these filters on the toy business name generator when finding a name that is suitable for your toy business. 

Combining words is another great way to create one-word names. For example, I used ‘fun’ and ‘things’ to create ‘FunThings’. Just simply push the words together and you’ll have a one-word name. Simple, easy, and quick to do for your naming process!

Rhyming Toy Business Name Ideas

Kids love rhyming tunes and poems that sound lyrically pleasing to the brain. Do you remember loving rhymes? Well, you can take that nostalgic feeling and incorporate it into the business name. After doing some research, I found that rhymes support the development of early literacy skills among children. They help to create a fascination with patterns in language. Rhymes are fun and engaging, which is why kids will want to hear them over and over again.

I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the toy business name generator. Then, I selected the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list. You might not see complete rhyming names, but you might find great examples of alliteration and half-rhymes.

  1. Things Toy Enjoy
  2. Swing Things
  3. Garage Games
  4. Galaxy Games
  5. Game of Fame
  6. Takeoff Toys
  7. Trendy Toys
  8. Toy Treasures
  9. Play Play
  10. Play Today!
  11. Stay and Play
  12. Fun Flamingo!
  13. The Fun Has Begun
  14. Number One Fun
  15. Genie Games

Tips For Creating Rhyming Toy Business Names

Rhyming names often require more creative thinking and ideas. Before you let your creativity flow, you need to select the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list. This should mostly show you alliterative and half-rhyming names. You can always change the words around or search the internet for words that rhyme with your root keywords.

I thought of fun phrases or puns that might resonate with the target audience. For example, the name ‘Things Toy Enjoy’ (things to enjoy) incorporates the ‘toy’ aspect with a pun that could make sense to parents. Just make sure to use your own unique and fun ideas! 

Metaphorical Toy Business Name Ideas

Metaphorical names require plenty of thought and dedication, especially if you want to be more creative. Metaphors can help the target audience to visualize the impact of your products. For example, you may have a name like ‘Kangaroo Toys’ which can encourage adults to compare your business to a kangaroo. These animals represent  “motherly love” and enjoyment from hopping around constantly. This is something parents might relate back to the toys.

I used some of the same root words and combined those with metaphorical language. You can use the toy business name generator to gain ideas, but you might not find exact metaphors. The internet is your best friend for finding great metaphorical examples! 

  1. Tiger Toys
  2. Bright Sky Games
  3. Kingdom Play
  4. Flying Fun Gifts
  5. Paradise Things
  6. Fun Toddlers
  7. Jungle of Fun
  8. Empire Toys
  9. Just Kid Things
  10. Little Sunshine Toys
  11. Pile of Fun
  12. Cloud Toys
  13. Roaring Games
  14. Dragon Toys
  15. Tap Tap Games

Tips For Creating Metaphorical Toy Business Names

Creating a metaphorical business name might take longer than ‘one-word’ and ‘rhyming’ names. This is because metaphors require creativity that helps people to imagine your products when reading the name. For example, I used ‘Roaring Games’ because the word ‘roaring’ is often associated with big animals. Children would love a name that reminds them of cool things. Just make sure the name still relates to your toy business!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Trinkets And Toys
  • Toy Parade
  • Toy Chest
  • Toy Treasures
  • Chest Of Toys
  • Toy Box
  • Tempting Toys
  • Total Toys
  • Toy Warehouse
  • Toys For Toddlers
  • Girls And Boys Toys
  • Buttercup Toys
  • Toy Legend
  • King of Toys
  • Toyzee
  • MyToy
  • HappyChild
  • HappySon
  • Toy Palace
  • Toy Planet
  • Milky Way Toy
  • BuunyToy
  • DragonToy
  • Mythic Toy
  • Joy Of Toys
  • Toy Box
  • Toy Shop
  • Toy Stop
  • All Toys
  • Boy Toy
  • Toy Joy
  • Toy With Me
  • Toy The Line
  • Enjoy Toys
  • Toy Zone
  • Toy Hut
  • Happydolls
  • Playthings
  • Trinkets
  • Baubles
  • Curio
  • Babygame
  • Knickknack
  • Novelty
  • Trifle’S

Best Real-World Toy Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Benjamin Pollock’s ToyShop

How Benjamin Pollock’s ToyShop Got Its Name

This store was first created to supply theatrical sheets to a range of customers. During the 1930s, Benjamin’s daughters continued the legacy and turned it into a thriving toy shop. To this day, Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop stocks books, puppets, music boxes, and lots of novelties. 

Why Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop Is A Catchy Business Name

Customers may feel more intrigued by a business that incorporates the family name. Personal meanings have detailed histories that represent the nostalgic items in the toyshop. Benjamin Pollock has continued his legacy through the descendants of his family. 

The Entertainer 

How The Entertainer Got Its Name

The Entertainer was first created in 1981 when Gary and his wife Catherine took over the Pram and Toy Bar. They wanted children and adults to “have fun and find something to entertain their time”. Great entertainment is how the name came about the business.

Why The Entertainer Is A Catchy Business Name

This business name is simple but relates to the idea of “entertainment” for kids. The Entertainer almost sounds like a character who wants to entertain people. Children and adults might feel intrigued by this personification and visit the shop. 

The Play Room

How The Play Room Got Its Name

This has been a family-owned business for over 10 years. They sell a range of different products like puzzles, wooden toys, kids’ games, and other educational toys. The Play Room believes their toys are “a great fit for your child no matter what stage of development they’re in”. 

Why The Play Room Is A Catchy Business Name

The Play Room is a direct name that tells customers exactly what to expect in the business. ‘Play’ is often associated with children and could encourage parents to look at the products. Children may look at the ‘play room’ and instantly feel intrigued by the idea. 

Most Successful Toy Businesses


How Lego Got Its Name

Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded Lego in 1932 to create “new and easy saleable products”. Lego was created from the two Danish words “leg godt”, which translates to “play well”. Ole decided to stick with the Lego name because it was unique to his culture and childhood.

Why Lego Is A Catchy Business Name

Lego is a very simple name that has resonated with people for years. The one-word name is unique and holds a special meaning. Although it may not have words related to ‘toys’, it still has had a lasting impact on children over the past 90 years.


How Build-A-Bear Got Its Name

Maxine Clark got the idea for this store from her best friend Katie. They were young and couldn’t find bears they wanted, so they thought of the idea “we can make our own”. In 1997, they opened their first store in Saint Louis Galleria and now have over 400 stores worldwide. 

Why Build-A-Bear Is A Catchy Business Name

This name is very direct and tells customers exactly what to expect. Children would get excited about the thought of “building a bear” that is unique to them. Build-A-Bear also has alliteration from the ‘build’ and ‘bear’, which can make the name sound more memorable.

Smyths Toys

How Smyths Toys Got Its Name

The Smyth family created this business in 1986 and left their legacy on the name. Smyths Toys is committed to providing customers with “high-quality products” that have competitive prices. They have over 100 stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

Why Smyths Toys Is A Catchy Business Name

Personal names often resonate with customers who understand the history. The Smyth family imprinted their surname on the business to create a legacy for family and friends to follow. Adding ‘toys’ to the name ensures customers know this is a toy business.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Toy Business

The name of your toy business can be important for attracting parents and children to your products. Customers want to feel curious about your toys and look at them in person or through your website. If you don’t generate that attraction, you might not receive many customers who are engaged with the products. Business names are your main point of focus, which is why you should spend extra time planning the name and forming new, creative ideas.

Of course, you’re bound to worry about the naming process. Everyone goes through the planning stages differently. But fear not! This section is here to help you through that first hurdle. Just carry on reading to find three tips that can really change your business naming game.

Tip One: Find Other Toy Business Names That Interest You

Research is probably the most important step when naming your toy business. You can gather information on businesses that have unique or intriguing names. How do they interest you? What part of the name stands out? It’s a good idea to look at the history behind each name and how the business navigated the naming process. This might help you find creative ideas that weren’t presented to you before. If you like a few business names, you can use those to make your own. For example, you might gravitate towards ‘Little Hands’ and ‘Toy Joy’ and combine some of the words to make ‘Little Joy’. Just let your inner creativity flow when finding inspiration and morphing that into your own business creations!

Tip Two: Establish Your Target Audience And Selling Point

A target audience is a specific group of people who will most likely be interested in your products. For your toy business, you might aim to sell your products to parents. Adults usually feel more curious when shopping online for children. If you choose these people as your target audience, you can think of names that are direct and simple. Parents need more guidance when it comes to buying safe and easy products for kids to enjoy.

Selling points are aspects of your business that differentiate you from competitors. What makes you stand out? Why would customers choose to shop at your business? Do you have any weaknesses? For example, your selling point might be sustainable toys that don’t harm the environment. You can use this to your advantage and highlight the sustainability of your business name. Some good names might be ‘Green Toys’ or ‘Safe Little Gadgets’. 

Tip Three: Keep The Business Name Short And Sweet

Customers don’t want to remember names that are complicated and long. Their shopping experience should be easy. This is why it’s important to settle for a name that is short and gets the point across quickly. For example, if you had a name like ‘Bella’s Great Toys For Kids’, you can reduce it to ‘Bella’s Toys’ or something along those lines. Remove words that don’t create that wow impact when you first look at the name!


Overall, you need to create a name that is memorable and intriguing for adults. They want to find a business that not only sells the best toys for children but sounds exciting and radiates a compelling purpose. You can find a great name by using the toy business name generator. Simply experiment with the filters to see what you can find. But most of all – just have fun! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of root words associated with ‘toys’ and pop those into the toy business name generator. The filters will help you locate names that suit your preferences. Just scan through the pages to find a name that states your mission, purpose, and products.

Some good business names are ‘Joy of Toys’, ‘Happy Children’, ‘Little Sweet Toys’, ‘Blossom Play’ and ‘Fun Fun Fun’. You can create names like this by using the toy business name generator and combining your root words with fun vocabulary.

Many people advertise their small businesses on social media platforms. This should reach older audiences who want to buy toys for children. You can create social media posts that highlight your new products and encourage parents to treat their kids with fabulous toys.
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