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Best Training Course Name Ideas: How to Pick a Winning Name

Planning to start a professional course in a particular field of study or for a specific activity?

It might not seem like it, but your training course company name could be as important as the rest of your business plan.

If you want a smart, on-point name for your new course, our name generator will give you loads of fresh, new training course business ideas. 

In the sections that follow, you’ll find training course business name ideas for four different types of business courses. 

We’ll also provide tips and guidance on what to consider before deciding on the name of your training course.

Personal Training Course Name Ideas

If your program promotes physical training lessons, one way to come up with a good training course business name is through words that best describe what your course offers

For instance, Health Mark. 

Or, you can go for a catchier name that has a good ring to it, like Training Train, or Training Gain. Below is a list of possible training course name ideas we’ve brainstormed for you to use for your program:

  1. Workout Edge
  2. Stamina Mentor
  3. Fitness Quest
  4. Training Geek
  5. Mind Minotaur
  6. Growth Prodigy
  7. Training Tutor
  8. Balance Paragon
  9. Personal Prime
  10. Health Beat
  11. Exercise Warrior
  12. Focus Crunch
  13. Performance Pulse
  14. Fitness Defender
  15. Crossfit Bro

This is merely a sample of how our training course name generator works. This list was composed by simply typing some of the main words and terms associated with physical fitness training courses, and our powerful generator did the bulk of the work. 

Also, you can create your personal training course name based on the value of your program, for instance, Health Revolution, or Energy Core.

IT Training Course Name Ideas

One effective way to quickly think up a name for your training course is sifting through names of businesses that provide similar services. This approach can especially be fruitful if you’re considering training course name ideas for services in the IT or computer sciences sectors. 

Here’s a list of a few names we came up with:

  1. Code Shift
  2. Bit Engine
  3. Training Techie
  4. Computer Cabin
  5. Programming Sage
  6. Code Lab
  7. Tech Tutor
  8. Program Alliance
  9. Coding Scholar
  10. IT Architect
  11. Bytebox
  12. Training Digital
  13. Tech Rush
  14. Digital Detect
  15. Cyber Grasp

Use terms and ideas that are relevant to your business course and make compounds from relevant terms. The name should be made up of no more than three terms that best describe your services and what they strive to achieve. 

For instance, you may go for names like IT Progress or Tech Thrive.

Marketing Training Course Name Ideas

Marketing allows you to experiment with name ideas based on what branch of the industry the program is focused on. If your course is aimed toward providing more general marketing learning services, it would likely be more fitting to give it a more generic name. 

If it’s a particular type of marketing course, such as social media marketing, a more specific name might be appropriate. 

Below is a list of suggestions to help you work out a proper marketing training course business name:

  1. Marketing Port
  2. Course Connect
  3. Market Informant
  4. Media Hustle
  5. Ad Beacon
  6. Advert Project
  7. Vision Rave
  8. Market Essentials
  9. Digital Pulse
  10. Pitch Mark
  11. Email Omega
  12. Webistic
  13. Marketing Den
  14. Market Rising
  15. SEO Spark
  • What is your marketing course aimed at?
  • Who is it aimed at?
  • What does it plan to achieve? 

These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself to help you narrow down the choice for your training course company name. Choose appealing terms that also reflect on a specific service you offer, for example, SEO, mobile, digital, or affiliate marketing.

Financial Training Course Name Ideas

Alongside brainstorming keywords and terms, you can also seek comments from people who might be interested in your course. This will give you more insight into what some of your potential clients think about your ideas and if you’re headed in the right direction. 

If you’re offering a type of financial training course, here are a few ideas you can borrow, or use to develop your own name:

  1. Money Innovate
  2. Finance Master Training
  3. Bank Alpha
  4. Wealth Reactor
  5. Financial Ace
  6. Budget Tutor
  7. Economics Trained
  8. Academy Investor
  9. Finance Empower
  10. Capital Push
  11. Macro Balance
  12. Fiscal Legacy
  13. Finance Virtuoso
  14. Management Impulse
  15. Economics Module

If you’re mulling over name ideas for a financial course, you can go with a name that is direct about your goals, like Investment Port, or universal, such as Management Outlook. 

If you can’t come up with a name, round up some industry-related terms and type them into our name generator.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Top Notch Training
  • Train And Maintain
  • Maintain Training
  • Train To Train
  • Traded Training
  • Train For A Trade
  • Trade Training
  • Trader Training
  • Training Manual
  • Training Time
  • Timely Training
  • Optimized Training
  • BrainGym
  • BrainZone
  • LevelUP
  • Brain Exp
  • NewSkills
  • Cleverly
  • Brainy
  • EducationX
  • BrainLytic
  • Brain Couch
  • Mind Couch
  • Brain Teacher
  • Sales Altitude
  • MedLearn
  • AmpHealth
  • Preducation
  • Educine
  • FinanFutures
  • Capp Edu
  • Stact
  • Trade Edu
  • ALiDeal
  • Crally
  • AutoDrive
  • Bodyfit Pro
  • Astra Leadershift
  • Salogics
  • Body Trimdown
  • 360Gym
  • Lead Ideas
  • Manage Right
  • Growthlead
  • Leadnavigators

Training Course Name Ideas from Real-Life Companies

Crunch Fitness

For a company providing personal training and workout courses, Crunch Fitness is a great name. Crunch Fitness is a highly successful fitness organization founded in 1989 that today numbers more than a million clients. The name of their business may not win any creativity awards, but it is to the point. The name would appeal to any potential customer because it stresses the main goal of the organization: fitness. The qualifier ‘crunch,’ meanwhile, is a more obscure term for sit-ups, which suits the business model.

Introduction to Databases and SQL

This IT course is a joint venture by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google and the name says it all. It is perhaps a wordier name than the ones listed above, but befitting nonetheless. It tells interested customers what they will learn and on what level (introductory). It is a very specific name for a specific course that introduces learners to database management and the related programming language (SQL).

Advanced Digital Marketing Training

Here is another training course name that precisely encapsulates what it provides. The name of the course, provided by, again includes explainers about the type of marketing (digital) and at what level is provided (advanced). The details in the name would likely attract a very specific audience of experienced marketers and communications workers.

Fundamentals of Finance

Fundamentals of Finance is an online financial course provided by the Niagara Institute. The simple and generic name could not be more fitting. The name is to-the-point, leaving no confusion about what the training course provides. The name also works because apart from what, it simultaneously answers who it’s aimed at. These would be individuals working outside the finance sector who want to learn the ins and outs of finance and accounting

Four of the Most Successful Brands Offering Training Courses


FutureLearn is among the best-known providers of online training courses in various fields from different universities. 

How they made the name

We’d like to claim that they used our keyword generator to come up with this simple and effective name, but there’s simply no proof…Who knows, perhaps they did? Founded in 2013 by The Open University and SEEK, the coming together of two giants with over 50 years of experience in space could have something to do with it. After 50 years, of pioneering long-distance learning, ‘Future’ could have been a nod to their pioneering nature. 

Why does it work so great

The catchy, single-word name is widely recognized and has become a one-stop shop for people looking to broaden their knowledge in everything from mobile programming and particle physics to dental photography and the causes of war. It is also an all-inclusive name, befitting an organization that provides all-around training courses.


Your training course business name is the first thing that will draw your potential customers. And the thing is, it doesn’t have to be a name that points to a specific type of course. Myriads of people are undecided or split between choosing different career paths. 

Why does it work so great

Founded in 2012, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng chose the apt name for their international learning platform Coursera. It could be argued that they envisioned a new ‘Era’ of online learning, and wanted to stylishly merge this forward-thinking business with a term that succinctly described what they were about—providing Courses and the opportunity to learn online to millions all around the world.

Why does it work so great

A generalized name like Coursera—one of the world’s most recognizable brands of its type—would surely grab their attention. Staying true to its name, Coursera provides a wide variety of training courses for IT support, social psychology, programming, digital marketing, data science, etc.


Codecademy is a leading provider of online programming and coding training courses with tens of millions of users worldwide. 

Why does it work so great

The company name is a coinage of two words—coding and academy—which point to a very particular type of IT service on an academic level. True to form, Codecademy offers a variety of coding lessons in at least a dozen programming and markup languages, including Java, C++, HTML, and CSS. The befitting name Codecademy is birthed from the services they provide and the way in which they provide them. 

Why does it work so great

The Codecademy team defines its mission as one that provides everyone with learning tools, resources and abilities to learn skills needed in the 21st Century. By choosing the word Academy, and merging it with Coding (the umbrella term for what they teach), Codecademy has clearly stated who they are and what they stand for—a place for all to learn to code. 

Udemy Business

Udemy is certainly one of the industry’s preeminent online training course providers, with an educational program counting over 170,000 courses in over 70 languages. Udemy Business is an entrepreneurship-oriented subset of Udemy. 

Why does it work so great

Udemy has just kept growing since its inception in 2010. Udemy Business is a more recent branch of the online course giant and is suitably named to indicate what is being offered—business-related content and education. It is simply an extension of their umbrella name, Udemy, which is a portmanteau of you + academy. 

Why does it work so great

The name is simple and general, but effective as it covers near-all facets of business and management with more than 14 business-specific courses. It also sounds professional and formal, increasing perceived credibility which is often vital within the business space. 

A Bonus Guide for Devising Training Course Name Ideas

When it comes to thinking of new training course business name ideas, there are a few basic rules you can follow to get the desired result.

For starters, try creating a name that is as short as possible. Brief and concise training course names tend to grab the attention more easily. Single-word names for a training course business can be a bit tricky to think up, particularly if your business focuses on providing multiple courses in different areas of interest. 

For instance, a one-word name for a fitness training course can be a combination of two terms that highlight certain benefits of the course, like FitPro, or Gainzilla.

On top of this, one-word names can be impactful and are often a hallmark of major companies. 

Let’s look at it in the case of Udemy. The first words that come to mind when one hears or reads Udemy are academy and the pronoun ‘you,’ in this case contracted to the vowel ‘U.’ Perhaps the idea was to symbolize academic courses with a focus on personal growth and individual development.

However, striking and cool-sounding as one-word names may sound, they are still a bit limited—especially if you’re thinking of training course name ideas. 

Longer names with two or more words allow you to exercise your creativity more freely. 

For example, you can use words that alliterate (start with the same letter) or perhaps words that rhyme or otherwise make an interesting combination. For instance, Advanced Aerobics Academy has both a kind of ring to it and is self-explanatory.

Furthermore, if you’re going for a wordier name, use terms that may indicate some kind of quality or quantity. ‘Two-Week Crunch Boost’ would no doubt be a course oriented on physical fitness, specifically centered on abdominal enhancement. The ‘Two-Week’ and ‘boost’ qualifiers indicate a high-intensity workout within a specific timeframe.

If your course provides education, rather than fitness-oriented lessons, you might want to try a different approach. Perhaps you want to launch a business course, in which case you should try inserting into your name cues about your business type. 

If you provide a comprehensive program you can make your name more inclusive, like Management Impulse, or Business Learner Integral.

One useful criterion for naming your training course business is to not think of a name that is especially original or creative, but one that encapsulates your company’s core values and goals.

A final tip from us: just go with your gut. 

Sometimes companies that provide training courses in a particular field or fields have names that reflect none of their services. Amazon Inc. which along with being one of the world’s top sales and tech companies also provides numerous courses on web development, IT technology, and eCommerce, is one good example. 

The name is more symbolic and metaphorical rather than relevant to the company’s services. But it is a brand that warrants no explanation about what it provides. 

edEx—the name of a Harvard-MIT project that offers countless university-level learning programs—is another good example. It is a play on words on one of America’s top brands (FedEx), but also a name that perfectly captures the company’s purpose.

Top 3 Takeaways for Picking the Best Training Course Name Ideas

Picking a training course name should be a fun experience, but its level of importance shouldn’t be overlooked. To help you get it right, here are the important takeaways. 

Keep it under three words or under.

A name shouldn’t be a mouthful, it should roll off the tip of the tongue. It also needs to be remembered, no one wants to recite a sentence when they are describing this great course they have been talking to a friend. Keep it simple and if in doubt, under three words. 

Be descriptive and brandable over creative.

As we’ve seen earlier, you don’t need to be as creative and abstract as Picasso when coming up with a name. Some of the best names are two or three related keywords to your business, merged together seamlessly or simply kept apart. TechCrunch. MoneySmart. Learn the Market. 

Go with your gut. 

If you feel you’ve come up with a great name that breaks all the rules, go for it. Your gut is king and some of the best and biggest names either don’t have any relation to what they sell—Apple, Amazon, Walmart—and some don’t mean anything at all! (We’re looking at you, Google.)

If you keep our top three tips in mind when choosing a training course name, we’re sure you’ll come up with a great one. 

And remember, if you’re struggling to get started, why not use our free business name generator? Just plug in some keywords as we showed you, and off you go!

Good luck! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can start by asking questions that summarize your training course goals.

1. What does my training program aim to achieve?

2. What is its purpose?

3. Who will be interested in participating?

Try answering questions like these and round up some of the main words that are most relevant to your course. You can then start experimenting with name ideas of your own or use our name generator for quick assistance.

Names that are catchy, include a smart play on words, or simply have a good sound to them, are always popular. But perhaps your clients want your name to represent what your business is about.

First, briefly consider what your course will offer interested customers and see what terms are mostly associated with that course. Next, you can explore the names of businesses like yours and see what names work for them. Use those terms to create an interesting and applicable name on your own, or via our name generator. After you single out some unique names you can do a quick survey to see what some in your targeted client base think about the ideas.
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