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Imagine you’re a wizard and you’re building your dream trucking company with magic. What words are you using for the spells?

2. Hatch dozens of Trucking Company names.

Thanks to your list of Trucking Company keywords, our generator gives you an enormous list of suitable names to choose from.

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Best Trucking Company Name Ideas

Are you going to start your own trucking company? Do you want to create a unique name? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. 

There are over 500,000 trucking companies in the US, with 80% of those being regarded as small businesses. It will be challenging to find a name that doesn’t already relate to existing companies but doesn’t worry, we’ve made this guide to help you! 

This guide will provide examples of trucking company names and ways you can enhance the name to attract customers. Make sure to have the trucking company name generator ready at hand to start narrowing down your list of exciting and unique names.

One-Word Trucking Company Name Ideas

One-word names are simple!

One-word names are simple and don’t contain unnecessary phrasing. Customers are most likely to remember the name if it gets straight to the point. For example, ‘Trucks!’ is a very simple name that literally states the company’s purpose. I used the root words ‘road’, ‘transport’, ‘delivery’, and ‘move’ and popped those into the trucking company name generator. Then I just chose a few names that sounded best for a trucking company!

  • Truckable
  • Transportex
  • Truckomatic
  • Roadscape
  • TruckingOps
  • Roadtastic
  • DeliveryCog
  • Roadify
  • Transportoryx
  • RoadGenicsX
  • TruckDeck
  • DeliveryLaza
  • MoveItX
  • Moverse
  • Trucksy!

Tips For Creating One-Word Trucking Company Names

Make sure you select the ‘one-word’ option in the filtered list. This option will show only one-word company names using your root words. You can also choose ‘automotive’ and ‘services’ from the industry list to produce more accurate results. 

You can also experiment with punctuation to enhance your company name. For example, ‘Trucksy!’ has an exclamation mark that will draw customers’ attention. Capitalization and question marks are another good way to make your one-word name original. 

Rhyming Trucking Company Name Ideas

Rhyming names are good for alliterative phrasing and half-rhymes that play on sound. If you want to add something fun to your name, consider using rhyming techniques that enhance the flow of your company name. For example, ‘Trucking Titan’ has the same first letter for both words. I used the same root words from earlier and chose the best rhyming names! 

  • Road Rave                           
  • Raiding Roads               
  • Delivery Dynamo 
  • Trucking Tots                  
  • Trucking Time              
  • Transport Time
  • Doozy Deliveries                
  • Tiger Trucks                       
  • Truck Tags
  • Move Mountains               
  • Move More                    
  • Thunder Trucking
  • Transport Today                  
  • TRUE Transport              
  • Road Ruff 

Tips For Creating Rhyming Trucking Company Names

Before searching for names on the trucking company name generator, I selected the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list. This will give you pages of exciting rhyming names. You can change the root words or combine words from the list to give you different results. If you can’t find many rhyming names you like, you can search online websites that give you rhyming examples. Make sure to use internet resources when creating exciting names for your trucking company! 

Fun Trucking Company Name Ideas

Creating a fun name for your trucking company will encourage customers to use your services. Names that emit humorous tones often resonate with customers. For example, if your company was called ‘Tornado Trucks!’ customers would feel curious to know more about your trucking services. I used the root words ‘road’, ‘fast’, ‘drive’, and ‘truck’ and popped those into the trucking company name generator. Below are some examples of fun company names! 

  • Truck It Up
  • Driving Dragons
  • Lucky Trucks
  • Devil Drive
  • Truck Torah!
  • On The Roads
  • Fast Fevers
  • Road Rush
  • Wheel Or No Wheel
  • Road Rage
  • Foozle Trucking
  • Fast Freaks
  • Truck Throw Down
  • Fast Fuel!
  • Titan Trucks

Tips For Creating Fun Trucking Company Names

You need to have creative ideas to generate fun company names that resonate with customers. Consider researching fun words to use in the trucking company name generator. For example, I found words like ‘foozle’ when searching for unusual phrases online. If you find plenty of fun words, write them down so you can use them in the future. The rhyming filter on the generator can also enhance your fun names by adding alliteration or half-rhymes!

Consider researching fun words!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Trucking Luck
  • Lucky Trucking
  • Road Warriors
  • Road Ready
  • Roadway Ready
  • Express Efficiency
  • Express Line
  • Passing Through
  • Trek Trucking
  • Roadway Allies
  • Share The Road
  • Roadway Express
  • Eager Express
  • Truck Lines
  • United Lines
  • Trucking House
  • Trucker’S Road
  • Modern Trucking
  • Trucks 4 U
  • Trusty Truckers
  • Mr. Trucking
  • A+ Trucking
  • BigBlue Trucking
  • Trucktrips
  • Safettruckers
  • Tuscon freight
  • Road Run
  • Starray Trucking
  • Tide Trucking
  • Dynatrucks
  • Markson Trucks
  • Treatonn
  • Truck frenzy
  • Dolatruck
  • Dormon Transit
  • Oxello Trucks
  • Transpoplus
  • BLissfulway
  • Flow flex
  • Apextruckers
  • Translens
  • Duotrucks
  • Heavy Loads
  • Lifted Loads
  • Here to There

Best Real-World Trucking Company Names – How They Got It and Why It Works

Day & Ross Freight

How Day & Ross Freight Got Its Name
Elbert Day and Walter Ross founded this company in 1950. Day & Ross Freight has become one of the most popular trucking companies in Canada. They have a commitment to “safety and sustainability” when delivering freight in heavy trucks.

Why Day & Ross Freight Is A Catchy Company Name
Elbert and Ross both used their surnames for this trucking company name. This will help customers to remember ‘Day & Ross’ due to its special meaning. Two men first started this company transporting potatoes, and now they share a legacy for this personal name.


How Expeditors Got Its Name
Expeditors started as a “single office ocean forwarder” in 1979 and became a growing trucking company with many founders. They hire professionals in 350 locations that link to a worldwide network in 100 countries. Now, the company has exceeded 10 billion dollars in revenue.

Why Expeditors Is A Catchy Company Name
The name ‘Expeditors’ almost sounds like an expedition. Customers might gravitate towards this company if it sounds like a journey or adventure. Combining expedition with another word makes it sound original and catchy.

Rapid Response Transport

How Rapid Response Transport Got Its Name
Rapid Response is a trucking company that has been established for 22 years. They operate “urgent same-day delivery” on vehicles. This company aims to deliver fast services to customers that contain heavy freight or urgent business orders.

Why Rapid Response Transport Is A Catchy Company Name
The rhyming name ‘Rapid Response’ contains catchy words that will attract customers’ attention. ‘Rapid’ suggests this company will provide fast services. Combining this with ‘response’ is a good way of telling customers they can expect fast deliveries on time.

Most Successful Trucking Companies

Landstar System

How Landstar System Got Its Name
Landstar System is a worldwide provider of transportation management that delivers safe freight to customers. They believe that Landstar “is the right choice when it comes to oversized and heavy freight”. This trucking company relies on safe transportation across borders and prides itself on collaborating with 25,000 businesses worldwide.

Why Landstar System Is A Catchy Company Name
The word ‘land’ can be associated with roads and traveling. Although ‘star’ doesn’t directly relate to trucks, it can still give customers a positive first impression of this trucking company. ‘Star’ implies this company is the best at what it does and can provide customers with the best transportation experience. Combining these words will help customers to remember the name.


How Knight-Swift Got Its Name
Knight-Swift serves “a wide range of customers in a broad array of industries”. They have over 58,000 trailers to move freight across the country. This company got its name from the merger between ‘Knight Transportation’ and ‘Swift Transportation’.

Why Knight-Swift Is A Catchy Company Name
This name comes from two different companies that wanted to collaborate.’Knight-Swift’ almost sounds like ‘night shift’, which may not have been intended, but it still makes the name sound catchy. Customers are more likely to resonate with names that have a fun twist.

Werner Enterprises

How Werner Enterprises Got Its Name
Clarence Werner started his trucking career in 1956 when purchasing his first gasoline-powered truck. Now, Werner Enterprises is a transportation company that has “more than 8,000 trucks, 24,000 trailers, and nearly 13,000 employees”. Over 65 years, the company has become one of the five biggest trucking companies in the United States.

Why Werner Enterprises Is A Catchy Company Name
Clarence used his surname to create a trucking company he was passionate about. Names that hold legacies often connect with customers who know about the backstory. Surnames are also very personal as they relate to the entire family name.

Tips For Naming Your Trucking Company

It will be challenging to find a name that isn’t already taken but following the right steps will help you create a unique name for your trucking company. Consider making a brainstorming map to represent your planning and help you through the naming process. Of course, everyone plans it differently, but writing your ideas will encourage you to be more creative. Keep on reading this section to find some effective tips on how to name your trucking company!

Tip One: Research Trucking Companies

Finding inspiration from existing names can help you create a unique name for your company. Have a look at other trucking companies and evaluate their names. If you like some of them, remember to write them down so you can gather more creative ideas. Consider answering the following questions to understand what makes these names effective: 

  • How many words do they have?
  • Do they have personal names? 
  • Do they include literary techniques? 
  • What draws you to that name? 
  • Does the name relate to the services? 
  • What is the history behind the name?
  • Does the name sound unique? 

Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of them, just make sure to write your answers for future reference. If you find a few names that you really like, you could always combine some words to create your name. For example, if you found ‘Road Rage’ and ‘Road Rush’, you can combine a couple of words to form ‘Rushing Roads’. Simply add your chosen words into the trucking company name generator and choose a name that sounds best!

Tip Two: Understand Your Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people who are specifically attracted to your services. Establishing your target audience will help you create a name that is catered to them and their needs. Who do you want to attract to your company? How would they use your services? Why do your services benefit them? Once you understand your target audience, you can generate a relevant name. For example, if you manage household moves, you might use words associated with homes. These words might be ‘moving’, ‘home’, ‘transport’, and ‘quick’. 

Understand Your Target Audience!

Tip Three: Use Literary Devices

Literary techniques are important for strengthening your company’s name. You could use rhyming words that sound pleasing or punctuation that gives the name more impact. For example, if your name was ‘Driving Dragons’, you could add punctuation like ‘Driving Dragons!’ to draw customers’ attention to the name. Even replacing the capital letters with lowercase letters can make the name sound original and simple. Some literary techniques will depend on your trucking company and how you want to portray your trucking services.

If your company provides freight transport for food companies, you might use rhyming words associated with food. This could make your company sound fun and intriguing. Some examples of names might be ‘Moving Meals’, ‘Freight Food’, and ‘Shifting Stock’. You can find these names on the trucking company name generator by clicking the ‘rhyming’ filter option. 

Overall, you should create a name that sounds fun and memorable to customers. Spend more time planning your name and understanding more about your target audience. The trucking company name generator is your best friend for this naming process!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating a catchy name for your trucking company will attract customers to your services. Maybe use the root words ‘road’, ‘fast’, ‘speed’ and ‘truck’. Simply type those into the trucking company name generator and find names like ‘Endless Trucks’ and ‘Rushing Roads’.

You need to come up with some root words before you create a name for your company. Think about your services and how you want to represent that in the name. Some root words might be ‘transport’, ‘deliver’, ‘roads’ and ‘driving’.

Consider using a personal name for your trucking company. You could add your surname or reference a special memory in your family. For example, personal names might sound like ‘Trevor Trucks’, ‘Ralph’s Roads’ and ‘Dixon Driving’.




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