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How to Name a Production Company

Setting up a film or TV production company can be a big challenge, and there are a lot of different things to think about. Not only do you need to think about putting a great team of talented individuals together and what kinds of movies or TV shows you hope to make, but you also need to find a name that fits your company’s vibes and values perfectly.

The best production company name ideas need to be catchy, attention-grabbing, interesting, and informative, too. But how do you create great production company names? Well, a good way to get started is with the help of our production company name generator, which is able to automatically make production company name ideas for you in a matter of seconds. 

The production company name generator is a great way to get started with naming your new film or TV production company, but there are many other ways you can use to create great production company names. In this guide, we’ll look at some of our favorite production company name ideas and discuss tips and tricks for making production company names.

15 Professional Production Company Name Ideas

If you want to give off a good impression right away with your film company name, it needs to be professional and engaging. Here are some production company name ideas that are designed to give off a great first impression and work well for various types of film and TV businesses.

  • Professional Productions   
  • The Next Big Thing  
  • Coming Soon Productions   
  • Going Global Distribution   
  • Superior Studios   
  • Master Motion Pictures   
  • Precision Pictures  
  • Clockwork Creations 
  • Dream Life Pictures   
  • Finest Filmmaking  
  • Beauty Broadcasting   
  • Reel Good Films   
  • Small Screen Sublime
  • Pinnacle Productions 
  • Serendipity Studios

How to Create Professional Production Company Name Ideas

In order to create professional production company name ideas, it’s a good idea to focus on keywords that are connected with ideas of quality and reliability. Words like master, precision, superior, global, and pinnacle can work well here. You can also experiment with rhyming or similar-sounding words to make your production company names more memorable.

15 Production Company Names for Sci-Fi and Horror Productions

Often, film and TV production companies may want to specialize in a particular style or genre of entertainment. For instance, you might be in the business of making science-fiction or horror productions and want to find a great name to match. Here are some production company names specifically suited for these genres.

  • Space Explorers Studio  
  • Dark Pictures   
  • Films from the Crypt  
  • Grave Productions  
  • Interstellar Filmmaking  
  • Galaxy’s End Studios  
  • Solarstorm Productions  
  • Risen Beast Productions  
  • Fangs & Teeth Studios   
  • Blastoff Productions  
  • Rocketship Films   
  • Witching Hour TV
  • Graveyard Films
  • Horrific Productions
  • Lightyear TV

How to Create Production Company Names for Sci-Fi and Horror Productions

If you’re interested in making horror or sci-fi content and want to find the perfect production company name to match, it’s a good idea to focus on keywords that are connected with your chosen genre. For horror, focus on scary and dark-sounding words like grave, skeleton, horrific, gruesome, crypt, and fangs. For sci-fi, words like galactic, galaxy, starship, and alien can work really well. Type these words into our production company name generator for even more ideas.

15 Romantic and Dramatic Production Company Name Ideas

Your production company may also choose to specialize in productions that are romantic or dramatic in nature. Obviously, naming a romantic TV production company is very different to naming one that specializes in horror or sci-fi, so here are some great production company name ideas for the worlds of romance and drama.

  • Happy Ending Films   
  • Fairy Tale Productions   
  • Love Letter Studios   
  • Broken Heart Films  
  • True Love Productions  
  • Twists & Turns Studios   
  • First Kiss Films  
  • Cliffhanger Productions   
  • Real People Films
  • Deep Drama Distribution
  • True Connection Pictures 
  • Soulmate Studios
  • Love Story Studios
  • The One Productions
  • Emotional Expressions

How to Create Romantic and Dramatic Production Company Name Ideas

If you’re in the business of making romantic or dramatic films and TV, you’ll want to use romance and drama-related keywords for your production company. Words such as love, connection, kiss, soulmate, story, and emotional can all be useful building blocks to use when making great production company name ideas.

Some name ideas for you:

  • On The Air
  • Going Live
  • Film Fans
  • Finest Films
  • Televised Trust
  • Tv’S Own
  • Ready To Roll
  • Supreme Studios
  • Studio Magic
  • Studio Splendor
  • Ready To Film
  • Film Features
  • Tv Time
  • Loaded Film
  • Practiced Pictures
  • Best Show
  • FilmRitic
  • Televist
  • Televizio
  • FileTv
  • TeleTv
  • My Film
  • Scary Films
  • Cinemano
  • Cinemaniacs
  • Black Screen
  • Filmably
  • Red Cinema
  • Metro Cinema
  • Metro Films
  • SliverGlass Studios
  • Wheelley Studios
  • Continuum Films
  • Flyon Films
  • OneKiss Studios
  • DNA Productions
  • 3 Eyes Pictures
  • Giggle Studio
  • Warped Films
  • WarmHole Studios
  • Steelwater Studios
  • Starbright Films
  • AcidRain Films
  • Smallwood Films
  • Spintown Films

The Best Real-World Production Company Names

There are plenty of great production companies already out there, making super films and TV for fans around the world to enjoy. By looking at the names of some of these companies, you can find ideas and insight that may help in naming your own business. Here are a few examples.


The Origin of Impact’s Name
Impact, or Impact Partners, is an American production company that makes films and TV. The company’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on making programming that has an impact on society, hence their focus on documentaries and social issues.

Why Impact Is A Great Production Company Name
Impact is a super production company name as it’s such a powerful word, triggering an immediate response in people who hear it, while also conveying the company’s message and intent, too. Plus, since it’s only one word, it’s very easy to remember.

Twisted Pictures

The Origin of Twisted Pictures’ Name
Twisted Pictures is the name of a film production company that mainly focuses on horror and thriller films, like the Saw series. The name was chosen to reflect the company’s creation of “twisted” content.

Why Twisted Pictures Is A Great Production Company Name
If your production company focuses on a particular genre or style of filmmaking, it can be helpful to include relevant keywords in your business name, and Twisted Pictures is a prime example of this. The word “Twisted” helps to inform people about what kind of content they can expect to find from this company.


The Origin of Hooked’s Name
Hooked is a relatively new production company that is specialized in TV for Gen Z. The name comes from the company’s hope to get viewers “hooked” on its content.

Why Hooked Is A Great Production Company Name
Hooked works well for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s short, which makes it easy to remember and ideally suited for modern marketing techniques. Secondly, it’s a very powerful word that effectively triggers a response in people who hear it.

Most Successful Production Company Names

Universal Studios

The Origin of Universal Studios’ Name
Universal Studios is one of the biggest film production companies on the planet. Its name focuses on its aim to produce global content for a worldwide audience.

Why Universal Studios Is A Great Production Company Name
Everyone knows the name of Universal Studios nowadays, and the name is a great example of clarity and power. The word “Universal” is very powerful, suggesting that the company has a huge reach and influence, while “Studios” informs people about what the company actually does.


The Origin of Dreamworks’ Name
Dreamworks is another huge American production company, responsible for some of the most famous films of recent decades. The name was chosen to express the company’s creativity and suggest that it brings dreams to life.

Why Dreamworks Is A Great Production Company Name
Dreamworks is a very pleasant and evocative production company name, making people think about dreams, fairy stories, and imaginative ideas represented on the big screen. It’s a great name for a company that wants to be known for its creativity.


The Origin of Netflix’s Name
Netflix is a subscription streaming service and production company that has become one of the biggest names in global entertainment. The company’s name came from combining “Net”, short for internet, with “Flix”, meaning movies.

Why Netflix Is A Great Production Company Name
Netflix is another great example of a short, easy-to-remember, pleasant-to-say production company name. It’s great for marketing and it has a modern feel to it, too.

Tips and Tricks for Naming Production Companies

Use Relevant Keywords

When naming a film or TV production company, it’s very important to ensure that you choose a name that is relevant to the sort of content you plan to create. If you’re setting up a company that focuses specifically on one particular genre, like horror movies or romantic drama shows, for example, then you may want to use genre-specific keywords that are relevant to your content. These words will help to attract attention from fans of those genres, as well as clearly tell people what your company is all about.

Trigger a Response

Film, TV, and other forms of entertainment are all about triggering responses and reactions in the audience. When we watch a good film or TV show, we’re made to feel things, from happiness and joy to sorrow and anger. It’s all about emotions, and you can take that same idea into your naming strategy, too. Try to pick words and build names that trigger emotional responses in people when they hear them. For example, the horror and thriller company, Twisted Pictures, has a name that immediately makes people think about scary and weird stories.

Make it Memorable 

When naming any kind of business, it’s always a good idea to try and find a name that is very easy to remember. This helps in a lot of ways, as it will aid with marketing and brand recognition, as well as make it simpler for people to talk about your brand and recommend it to their friends, too. There are a few different ways you can make sure that your name is really memorable. A good way to start is to keep it short, limiting yourself to two or three words, maximum. In addition, try to use words that rhyme or start with the same letter or sound.

Check for Availability

Before you officialize your new film or TV production company name, you need to take the time to ensure that it hasn’t already been taken by someone else. Sometimes, people think that they’ve found the perfect production company names, only to later discover that the company already exists and they simply weren’t aware of it. Do some Googling and online research to find out if your name is available, and if it is available, then claim it right away and claim all of the relevant social media accounts, too.

Use the Production Company Name Generator

Looking for a simple way to make lots of great production company name ideas in an instant? The production company name generator is all you need. Our free-to-use production company name generator can create hundreds of great production company names in no time at all, and all you have to do to use it is type a word, or several words, into the box and click the Generate button. Seconds later, the production company name generator will create great name ideas for you to browse through and use as inspiration.


In the TV and film world, names are really important. A name can make or break your chances of success in this world, so it really is something to take seriously. We hope that this guide has given you the insight and inspiration you need to make amazing production company name ideas, and don’t forget to use our production company name generator for an extra helping hand.

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There are many methods you can use to create production company name ideas. A good way to start is to focus on the specific genre or type of content you want to make and then find keywords that are connected with that genre. If you're looking for a more general name, try to use words that evoke positive associations and give off a good impression of your brand.

There are plenty of great film and TV production company names already out there, from globally-recognizable names like Dreamworks and Netflix to genre-based production companies such as Twisted Pictures.

To use the production company name generator from BizNameWiz, just think of one or more words that express what your business is about and type them into the box provided. Then click on the Generate button.
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