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The Best Vape Business Name Ideas

Opening up a vape shop can be a daunting process because of all the nitty-gritty involved, from naming the business to invoicing the customers. One of the primary things people struggle with when establishing their vaping shop is choosing the right name for their company.

Some business owners will sit for a week or months trying to think of a compelling company name, and some may give up before they can even ponder one. That can all be avoided if you use our vape business name generator to simplify the name selection process. 

This piece explores some of the best names for a vape business and highlights their back story. Without further ado, let us begin this article. 

Catchy Vape Business Names

It’s important to remember that short business names are often far easier to recall. You could use phrases associated with vaping, compounds, or made-up words. By doing the above, you will have various options to look at when having brainstorming sessions with your business partners. 

Short names are often far easier to recall!

Below are listed some catchy vape business name ideas that you can use for your company.

  • Vaporama
  • East Vape
  • Vapopolis
  • Swank Vape
  • Mega Vape 
  • Rainbow Vape
  • Cover Vape
  • Arclight Vape
  • Spruce Vape
  • Lioness Shop
  • Vape Station
  • Wire Vape
  • Novus Vape
  • Get Vape
  • God’s Vape

Tips for Creating Catchy Vape Business Names 

The easiest way to create a name is to open up a dictionary or search online for a word representing your vape business accurately. You need to be aware that the chances are low that you will find a word that hasn’t already been used. There are two common ways that you can get around this, and they are as follows:

  1. Start by combining two or three words to make a catchy name by cleverly playing with them. You can add different suffixes and prefixes until you find something catchy that rolls off the tongue. While this method may take you some time when brainstorming, you should see some engrossing names this way.
  2. Another trick you can use is to select two words that represent your company and bring them together into a beautiful play of words. You can try different terms after you have already tried with the dictionary. 

What’s great about this process is that you will only require a few things: a thesaurus and online dictionary, a word processor, a paper and pen, and our vape business name generator to give you names with available domains and speed up the process. 

How to Choose a Vape Business Name Around a Specific Theme

If you like a theme such as Halloween, under the sea, Star Wars, or anything else you may hold close to your heart, you can use it in your vape business name. Names attached to a theme are typically more relatable, and there is a high chance that someone would click on it if they saw it pop up on the Google Search Results Page (SERP).

Names attached to a theme are typically more relatable!

Here are a few name ideas that are based on a theme that you can consider to use for your vape company:

  • Vape Wars
  • Star Vape
  • Undertaker Vape Store
  • Vape Mania
  • No Man’s Vape
  • Castle Vape
  • Long Street Vape
  • Inner City Vape Shop
  • Cape Vape 
  • Monster Vape
  • Vape City
  • Custom Vape
  • Vape Mafia
  • Rolling and Smoking
  • Power Vape

If you want to create a themed vape business name for your company, you can use a few methods to find the correct one. When choosing a theme-based name attached to a movie, video game, or another copyrighted entity, exploring the laws surrounding infringement in your local area may be best.

However, there are plenty of free marketing materials that you can use in-store to represent the character or theme you are trying to showcase. Below are listed two ideas you can use to develop an effective vape business name for your company. 

  1. Besides creating a single or double word business name, you can also combine four or more words to develop an awesomely themed company name. Phrases such as “Inner City Vape Shop” represent the inner city and can be styled as such; you may want a more retro industrial theme in this sort of shop, and rightfully so.
  2. Other names such as “Vape Wars” and “Star Vapes” are just a play on words associated with the Star Wars franchise. Be careful to use this name carefully, as you would not want to break copyright laws in your country. You can decorate your shop with simple sets of “Lego Star Wars” characters and other memorabilia from the series. 

Thinking up a themed vape business name is easier than you think. You have to look at the things you enjoy and combine them with your other favorite pastime, vaping. 

Tips for Creating Descriptive Vape Business Name Ideas

These are short and simple names that directly represent what the company delivers and does. If there is something that you firmly believe in, adding it to your business name may be a way of attracting clients that are into the same things as you.

Something else to incorporate into your vape business name could be related to your level of service. You could name your company “Quick Fast Vapes” or “Speedy Vape” if you offer a high-quality repair service to your clients.

Here is a list of some descriptive vape business names you can use for your company:

  • Super Smart Vape Store
  • Affordable Vapes
  • Hitech Vapes
  • The Vape Factory
  • 101 Vapes
  • The Vape Juice Refill Spot
  • Everything Vape
  • Vapes and More
  • Modern Vape Store
  • Vintage Vapes
  • Cartridge City
  • Advanced Vapes
  • How to Vape 
  • Creative Vape Designs
  • Vape Collectors

Say, for example, you want to create your own descriptive vape business name, you initially require a list of suitable descriptive keywords. You can locate them in various online thesauruses and dictionaries. 

First, find out what describes your business in five words, and then write them down. Then add another 10 different expressions that can be used by searching through a thesaurus or dictionary. You should have a significantly long list of suitable words you can now utilize.

The next step is to arrange the above words to make them sound catchy or suitable to your business. Below is listed some of the ways to make your vape business name sound more appealing to the public:

  1. Try to use alliterations as they make names sound very memorable and smooth. You can arrange the words you have so that they form alliterations. 
  2. Rhythmic sounds can be used to make words sound more smooth and playful.

Once you are ready to start naming your vape business, it’s time to get the tools required for the process. You will need a pen and paper or word processor, an online thesaurus and dictionary, and our vape business name generator to show you a list of available domains and make the naming procedure faster.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Vape City
  • Vapor Pour
  • Vapor Ready
  • Great Vape
  • Vape Victory
  • Vape Escape
  • Evape
  • Smokeless
  • Smokeless Support
  • Magic Dragon
  • Dragon Vapes
  • Big City Ecigs
  • Vaporizing
  • Vapeology
  • Vape Venture
  • VapeX
  • VapeQ
  • King Of Vape
  • Vape Guru
  • Vape Samurai
  • VapeMan
  • Vapita
  • GroovVape
  • Vape Street
  • Vape Park
  • Vape Galaxy
  • Vape Planet
  • Time to Vape
  • BeVape
  • IVape
  • Smokey’Svape
  • Artisinalpuff
  • Mode’S Vape
  • Vertigo Vape
  • Supervape
  • Kush Kingdom
  • Magicvapes
  • Sumekvape
  • Summitvape
  • Cloud Vape
  • Mistyvape
  • Syvape
  • Marcellivape
  • Cannapuff Vape
  • Omegapuff

Best Real Brand Business Names for a Vape Company

A few businesses come to mind when thinking of successful vape shop companies. One of them is a company called Evolution Vape, which is a business servicing the South African market. The name is well thought out and represents the journey that vapers have been on through the existence of these devices. 

Evolution Vape has become a well-known brand by offering exceptional customer service, a speedy delivery service, and a range of vapes plus accessories to choose from. The name came to be through the evolutionary process of vaping devices and the company’s community.

Another example of a company that has done well in the vaping industry is This business serves a worldwide clientele, and the name is plain and simple (we wonder how much the owner paid for this domain). It offers starter kits, vape juice, replacement tanks, and spare parts for a range of vaping devices. There is also free shipping on product orders over $75, so you can end up saving a lot when you purchase from this business. got its name from the word that represents the act of drawing in smoke from one of these devices. It is a name so directly related to the niche that it would be hard not to check out the site if it interests you.

The above business is a prime example of an exact and unique vape business name that can make a company stand out. If your name is catchy or even one word, it may be an excellent way for customers to start noticing your company. 

You can use our vape business name generator to speed up the process and verify the domain availability of your desired name.

Most Successful Vape Businesses


Smok is a brand founded in 2012 and is owned by IVPS Technology Co Limited. It has a diverse range of products that vaping communities worldwide love. The company’s development and research team have had some of the greatest successes in the past, including being the first to release a variable wattage vape device.

Even today, Smok’s innovative work carries on, covering many different tanks and vape mods to suit all types of vapers. It’s difficult not to be satisfied with the performance of its vape products, although many old-school vapers criticize the company for selling overpriced goods. 


The Vaporesso brand was founded in 2015, making you think they are relatively new compared to other vape companies, but that is far from the truth. In 2006, SMOORE, Vaporesso’s parent company and one of the biggest vape companies on the Hong Kong stock market, opened its doors.

Recent news has seen Vaporesso making leaps and bounds in the industry with the incredible performance of its patented Omni Board Mini PCB. This board allows devices to fire at 0.001 times and is being released with the company’s latest range of products. 

Geek Vape 

On a mission to become the most reputable vape company worldwide, Geekvape was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Shenzen, China. The business aims to bring a healthier life to the public, positively impact society, and listen to different users to improve its products. 

Geekvape is socially connected with over 2 million active users who are confident in life and creative at work. The company serves over 30 million customers globally and is easily one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Additional Helpful Things to Keep in Mind

When struggling to come up with vape business names, it is essential to remember that your chosen name has probably already been used. That means you need to become creative with the words associated with your business. 

By switching up one or two words, you can create a unique and catchy name that will make people want to use your company. If you have hit a mental block and cannot develop a name, using a service like our vape business names generator may be the best option.

Switch up one or two words!

It’s also essential to always sell genuine and authentic vapes at your shop, especially if you want to keep customer retention at its highest. Another thing to consider is watching what competitors are doing and trying to do better. Even if that means you take a small cut on profits or delay establishing your company while testing your strategy or vaping business name.


No matter the size of your vaping business, you will need a name before you open your doors to the public. Using the information in this article, you can find the perfect name that suits your company and attracts the customers you require.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming your vape shop doesn't need to be challenging; you need to consider your business ethics and what you want your vape business name to represent. Take your time to select the words that suit your company carefully, and you will not be sorry with the results.

Many nicknames are given to people who vape or the act of vaping itself. Below is listed some of the most come street names for a vaping device:

  • E-cigarettes
  • Vape sticks
  • E-Cigs
  • Vape pens
  • E-hookah

Depending on where you are located, it can cost between $15,000 to $50,000 to open a vape business. You need to look at the size of the store and the location to get a better idea of the rental costs.

Opening one in a small town in Middle America will cost significantly less than opening in a major city like New York. If you plan to open a franchise, you can add $5,000 to $10,000 to your expenses.
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