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The Best Vegan Business Names

Producing a list of possible names for your vegan business can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, there’s a free tool you can use to automate most of the ideation process. With BizNameWiz vegan business name generator, you can look into thousands of unique pizza business names with just a click or a tap from your device. 

BizNameWiz has helped thousands of entrepreneurs set up the perfect name for their businesses. Its vegan business name generator can produce name suggestions that will stick to the minds of your potential customers. If you are interested in taking advantage of this tool, this guide is for you.

15 Awesome Vegan Business Name Ideas For Your Vegan Diner

Naming a vegan business is no easy task. It requires a lot of creativity, research, and analysis. The vegan diet is one of the hottest trends today, especially for health-conscious customers. Using food-related terms to describe your business is one of the best starting points. 

Below are some vegan business names that you may want to appraise:

  • Vegan’s Meeting Place
  • Vegetarian
  • Eats Organic
  • Nutri Eats
  • Green Resto
  • Nature’s Diet
  • Herbivore’s Diner
  • Eden’s Garden
  • Bountiful Eats
  • Eat Your Veggies
  • Try Vegan
  • Green Kitchen
  • Live Life Diner
  • Plant Appetite
  • Vegan Bar

Things To Consider When Creating Vegan Business Name Ideas For Vegan Diner

When making a list for your vegan business name, it’s essential to understand your market. Hence, read more about a typical vegan diet and pay close attention to the common words used in those materials. You may also use words like “veggies” or “plant-based” to ensure that vegans and your other clientele understand what you are offering.  

It is essential to understand your market!

15 Astonishing Vegan Business Names For Home-based Vegan Stores

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur in the vegan space, chances are your whole operation is done at home. If you are competing with other renowned businesses in your area, then the name of your business is more crucial. Whether you market your vegan food online or in a physical store, your business name is your ticket to attracting more customers.

You can use the following vegan business names as inspiration for your home-based vegan stores:

  • Green Home Meals
  • Hot Vegan Meals
  • Plant-based 2 Go
  • Veggies R Us
  • Fresh Produce
  • No to Meat
  • We’re Organic
  • Green Appetite
  • Local Vegan Cuisine
  • Farmer’s Hut
  • Backyard Garden
  • Green Thumbs Up
  • JJ’s Fresh Veggies
  • Salad Bowl
  • Green Platter

Tips for Creating Vegan Business Name Ideas For Home-based Vegan Stores

Using words such as “produce” and “salad” can help your clients narrow down your selling of food. If you deliver your products in a specific area only, add the location or city name. This way, people get that your store is nearby and receive their deliveries in minutes. Moreover, some customers prefer home-cooked vegan meals, so make sure to add “home-based” in the business name. 

15 Stunning Vegan Business Name Ideas For Vegan Diet Meal Plans

One of the emerging trends in the vegan space is offering vegan diet meal plans to people who are into plant-based diets. These businesses usually prepare and deliver meals that cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner to people who rarely have the time to cook. 

If this is the kind of enterprise that you are looking to start, here are some vegan business names you can look into:

  • 24/7 Vegan
  • Vegan’s Plate
  • Farm to Platter
  • Greener Lifestyle
  • Nature’s Bounty 
  • Vegan’s Agora
  • Meat-Free Meals
  • The Green Choice
  • Chef Plant-Based
  • Vegan Cook
  • Dietician’s Meals
  • We Cook Organic
  • Chicago’s Green House
  • Think Vegan
  • Healthy Lunch Boxes  

Recommendations For Producing Great Vegan Name Ideas for Vegan Diet Meal Plans

When producing a list of possible names for your vegan diet meal plan business, it’s essential to keep it short and straightforward. You don’t need to put in jargon or words that might confuse your customers. Don’t forget to mention words like “healthy” or “meat-free” so people can manage their expectations once they receive their orders.

It is essential to keep it short and straightforward.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Only Nature
  • Purest Nature
  • Purest Form
  • Vegan Venture
  • Vegan Diet
  • Strictly Vegan
  • Vegan Only
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Very Vegan
  • Vegan Victory
  • Vegan Values
  • Valued Vegan
  • Animal Free
  • Animal Allies
  • Just Vegan
  • MeatFree
  • OrganicLeaves
  • Veganly
  • CowFriends
  • Vegetari
  • Foodnetic
  • FutureFood
  • NextFood
  • Foodline
  • VeganZone
  • Vegan Palace
  • Pearl Vegan
  • Health Vegan
  • Health Food
  • VeganThink
  • Only Nature
  • Viva Vegan
  • Vegan Vida
  • Nature’s Own
  • From Nature
  • Pure Nature
  • Pure Vegan
  • Vegan Voices
  • Vegan Vets
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Team Vegan
  • Vegan Team
  • Pure Vegan
  • Integral Vegan
  • From the Earth

Best Real-World Vegan Business Names

The Vegan Vine

How The Vegan Vine Got Its Name
This family-owned winery in California has changed from animal products to plant-based ingredients in its wine production process. They offer Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay that are more than a decade old. The vegan business name is simple and self-explanatory.

Why The Vegan Vine Is A Great Vegan Business Name
The Vegan Vine name works because it doesn’t beat around the bush. The name is straightforward and its main ingredient, grapes, is one of the most recognizable vine plants. Meanwhile, the word “the” at the beginning signals that they are widely known as the pioneers of such a movement.


How Veganized Got Its Name
Veganized diner in New Brunswick, New Jersey, is known for its plant-based sandwiches and wraps. They even have delicious Philly flatbread and oyster mushroom sandwiches. This cafe opened in 2015 and got its name from the root word vegan and added with the suffix “ized,” which roughly translates to make into.

Why The Vegan Vine Is A Great Vegan Business Name
You’ve got to hand it to whoever thought of such a vegan business name. It’s direct, concise, and is easy on the ears. Additionally, you can easily remember it since it’s just a three-syllable word. The owner can easily add other words to the brand name to acquire a web address.


How Hippeas Got Its Name
This brand of organic chickpea snacks offers a healthy alternative that you can buy online or in your local supermarket. They are gluten-free and come in various flavors, such as white cheddar, barbecue, and sriracha. Hippeas is a combination of two words, hip, and peas.

Why Hippeas Is A Great Vegan Business Name
Their brand name is quite catchy since it cleverly put together two terms that best define their products. Hippeas also sounds like the word “hippie,” which in turn calls out to its free-spirited customers. The business or brand name is only two syllables long and is easy to remember.

Most Successful Vegan Business Names

Beyond Meat

How Beyond Meat Got Its Name
Their plant-based patties are among the hottest products ever to hit the vegan market. These patties are used in many dishes, not just hamburgers, that require an alternative protein source. Beyond Meat’s goal was to combat climate change and other environmental issues when it was founded. Thus, there’s advocacy behind their products that goes beyond alternative-meat consumption.

Why Beyond Meat Is A Good Vegan Business Name
Many vegans support movements not just about what they put on their plates. As such, Beyond Vegan can connect with this particular group and present itself as a brand that they can trust. Moreover, their products are also reasonably-priced and have great flavors.


How Quorn Got Its Name
Quorn may sound like the popular nu-metal band of the ’90s, but it’s a brand of meatless grounds. Their mycoprotein is an alternative to animal meat and is grown in vats of glucose. Quorn was taken after a village in Leicestershire, England.

Why Quorn Is A Good Vegan Business Name
The word sounds like corn, one of the most common crops worldwide. It’s short and easy to memorize, and you may think it’s a creative spin to the maize plant. In reality, it’s an actual location in Europe.


How Oatly Got Its Name
Oatly is a preferred oat-based alternative to dairy milk, ice cream, and yogurt by many vegans. It was founded in 1994 and is now a hundred million business. You can even catch their products in many Starbucks locations. Oatly means “like-oat,” which shows how their vegan products resemble natural oats.

Why Oatly Is A Good Vegan Business Name
The brand name is brief and only has a couple of syllables. Hence, it’s easy to pronounce and remember. Furthermore, since it’s only a short word, its text can easily fit in any packaging, especially from a slim cartoon box.

Tips For Creating Your Vegan Business Name

Use Food-Related, Vegan Terms 

Vegan businesses are booming nowadays, especially since there’s a lot of demand for plan-based products from health-conscious individuals. However, it’s still considered a niche compared to the vast food industry. Part of the challenge of naming your vegan business is differentiating your store from other cuisine or food specialties on the market. 

Hence, you can use “platter” or “kitchen” to compliment the root word– vegan. Furthermore, most vegan foods are regarded as healthy, so you can also use terms that pertain to well-being and even fitness. Keep the name simple and limit it to only three words if possible. 

Short Syllable Words Are Better

It’s preferable to keep your vegan company’s name to three syllables or fewer when naming it.

They’re easy to memorize and read. Hence, even if it’s been a few days or weeks since they encountered your business or product, your consumers will still likely remember it. 

Short Syllable Words Are Better!

Furthermore, the store name should preferably be no more than three words long, as it requires brevity for rapid recall. If you’re going to add a person’s name to a shop name, make sure it’s brief and distinct. Instead of the full name, you can use short nicknames. For example, why not use Jaz’s instead of Jasmine’s? This way, you retain a sense of ownership without compromising the brand’s overall value. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Playful and Creative

The worst name for a company is a generic one without personality. If you don’t want to make this mistake, try using playful words. Business owners who wish to appeal to younger customers must know the language they use, especially over the Internet. For example, a person who loves food is usually called a “foodie.”

Another way to be creative with naming your vegan business is to use alliteration and rhythm. Restaurant names like “Be Vegan” and “Voracious Vegan” have a significant impact because of these two techniques. 

Learn From The Largest Vegan Brands

Researching the most popular vegan brands globally and how they named their businesses is one of the better starting points for you to take. For example, Vitasoy is a renowned beverage company that produces high-protein soy-based drinks. They combined the Latin word Vita, which means life, and soy, the main ingredient for most products.

BeLeaf is another excellent example of a brand that has captured both the imagination and interests of its customers. The brand’s name almost sounds like advocacy rather than a business entity. It’s a great name since it’s short and tells you the essential thing about their vegan business– they are plant-based. 

Employ Vegetables and Fruits In Your Business Name

Vegetables and fruits are the most common ingredients in most vegan diets. As such, you can use your favorite fruit or vegetable in your business name. Not only are people most likely familiar with them, but they can also help your customers distinguish your store from other diners. 

Some of the most creative vegan business names we found on the Internet are Avocado Aficionado, The Land of Kale, and Peas Be With U. Notice that the terms are pretty refreshing since ordinary people use vegan ingredients to eat. 


Choosing a name for your vegan business can be difficult, especially if you want something distinctive that your clients will not forget. Everything is a lot easier if you are imaginative and have people who can assist you in coming up with the appropriate name. If your shortlist of vegan business names is still insufficient, you can always try the free BizNameWiz Name Generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vegan is quite a broad term. Some vegans simply don’t consume food with animal-derived ingredients. However, some don’t use clothing or other products from animals. Some of the loose terms you can use to replace vegan are vegetarian, fruitarian, and herbivore.

Before going to the local authorities to register your firm, be sure there aren't any other enterprises with the same name. If the business name you desire is already taken and you can't register it, try tweaking it a little by changing a letter or word. Doing so eliminates the likelihood that your potential consumers will confuse you with another pizza business with a similar name.

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