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Best Vintage Business Name Ideas

A vintage business should have a cool, retro name that represents the vintage items sold to customers. Nowadays, people have grown to love old fashion, homeware and fine art pieces. Buying an item that contains so much history just seems exhilarating to some people. That’s why it’s important to highlight these valuable antiques in your business name. 

But don’t stress about creating the perfect retro name – we are here to guide you through it. The vintage business name generator is a great website to use when gathering fun ideas. Just keep on reading to find out how to use our generator for creating amazing vintage names.

One-Word Vintage Business Name Ideas

Do you want customers to remember your business? Well, of course the answer is yes. One-word names are often catchy and memorable, as they get the point across straight away. There’s no need for long words or complicated phrases that don’t relate to your business.

To create a simple name, you need to think of root words associated with ‘vintage’. I used the words ‘old’, ‘antique’, ‘retro’ and ‘treasure’. Then I simply typed those into the vintage business name generator and chose the names that sounded best! 

  • Treasurable                              
  • Retrotastic                              
  • Antiquecog 
  • Retroworks                               
  • Antiqueara                             
  • Oldomatic 
  • Antiquelaza                              
  • OldVibes                                 
  • Treasuredo 
  • Oldprism                                  
  • Treasurescape                        
  • RetroPad 
  • Treasurefluent                         
  • Retrodeck                              
  • Antiqueex 

Tips For Creating One-Word Vintage Business Names

Before finding a name, you need to click the ‘one word’ option in the filters. This will show you only one-word names related to your business. You can also choose ‘luxury’, ‘home’ and ‘fashion’ from the industry list, depending on what vintage items you sell. 

If you can’t find many good names, you can combine words that relate to your vintage business. For example, I combined ‘old’ and ‘vibes to create ‘OldVibes’. Customers would look at this name and understand the business’ products have old, antique vibes.

Fashion Vintage Business Name Ideas

Selling vintage fashion is a popular way to bring back retro clothes that were popular in the 70’s or 80’s. Some customers usually like to wear old fashion pieces that feel and look the same as they did over 40 years ago. The best way to showcase this fashion is to create an eye-catching vintage business name. Your business name should also represent your passion for fashion. 

I used some of the same root words from earlier and included ‘fashion’ and ‘clothes’ to make it more relevant. The vintage business name generator is great for showing names that relate to your keywords. Below you will find some good examples of vintage fashion business names!

  • Retro Icon                                   
  • Class Clothes                            
  • Vintage Originals 
  • Clothing Divine                           
  • Vintage Restore                         
  • Fashion Kit
  • Vintage Panther                          
  • Fashion Passion                        
  • Retro Rebels
  • Fashion Parade                          
  • Retro Urge                                  
  • Ageless Clothes
  • Retro Upgrade                           
  • Clothing Origins                         
  • Vintage Lace

Tips For Creating Fashion Vintage Business Names

You need to think of words related to ‘fashion’ and pop those into the vintage business name generator. Try to include as many as you can to view accurate results. Some other words associated with fashion are ‘style’, ‘range’, ‘dress’ and ‘costumes’. Make sure you select the ‘fashion’ option from the industry list to see pages of vintage fashion business names.If you want to enhance your business names, you can also use rhyming words. For example, I used ‘Fashion Passion’ to create a nice, flowing name that easily rolls off the tongue. 

Homeware Vintage Business Name Ideas

If you’re passionate about selling vintage homeware, you can create a name that represents the products you sell. For example, if you mainly showcase china sets, you might name your business ‘Retro China’. The most important thing about business names is to not only state your business’ purpose, but to tell customers how passionate you are about antique pieces. 

You can find words associated with ‘homeware’ and pop those into the vintage business name generator. I used the words ‘retro’, ‘furnish’, ‘china’ and ‘sets’. Then I chose names that sounded the best for your vintage homeware business. 

  • Retro Craft                                    
  • Retro Trove                            
  • Retro Decorations
  • Furnish Atlantis                            
  • Super Furnishing                    
  • Vintage Cove
  • Vintage Threads                           
  • Vintage Portraits                    
  • China Tops
  • China Cave                                  
  • Custom China                        
  • Timeless Sets
  • Grand Sets                                 
  • Era of Sets                             
  • Retro Realm 

Tips For Creating Homeware Vintage Business Names

You can use literary techniques when creating names for your vintage business. Alliterative phrases might be a good place to start if you don’t want full rhyming words. For example, ‘Retro Realm’ is an alliterative name that will attract customers to your products. Another good name that uses alliteration is ‘China Cove’, which clearly states the type of homeware you sell. 

It’s worth experimenting with the filters on the vintage business name generator to find some unique results. Simply click on the ‘rhyming’ filter to view rhyming names, or use the ‘insert keyword’ to have your root words at the beginning or end of the name. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Old School
  • Old Gold
  • Golden Oldies
  • Vintage Finds
  • Modern Vintage
  • Vintage Age
  • Well Aged
  • Time Treasures
  • Time On A Dime
  • Time And Dime
  • Time Finds
  • Ticking Time
  • Vintage Style
  • Creative Vintage
  • Vintage Flair
  • OldLand
  • VintageLand
  • Vintage Castle
  • Vintage Palace
  • Vintage House
  • Antiquely
  • RetroShop
  • RetroWind
  • RetroStyle
  • VintageStyle
  • Retro Luxury
  • VintageWorld
  • VintageBuy
  • RetroBuy
  • VintageLovers
  • Vintage Hits
  • Vintager
  • Doctor Vintage
  • Mr. Vintage
  • Mr. Retro
  • Ageless Appeal
  • Antique Cache
  • Appeal Dots
  • Stickerfan
  • Softprints
  • Iconic Signs
  • Glowprints
  • Synth Prints
  • Pro Prints
  • Bannerman

Best Real-World Vintage Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Strangeness and Charm

How Strangeness and Charm Got Its Name
Rebecca opened Strangeness and Charm in 2008 to honor her concerns about climate change. She wants to sell vintage clothes, instead of investing in fashion that deals with child/slave lavour. This business’ goal is to “tread gently on earth” while still expressing love for clothes.

Why Strangeness and Charm Is A Catchy Business Name
This name captures the uniqueness of selling vintage items. ‘Strangeness’ is a good example of rare, unique finds. ‘Charm’ describes the nostalgic feeling of purchasing items from over 40 years ago. Customers would gravitate towards this name for its evocative nature.

Serotonin Vintage

How Serotonin Vintage Got Its Name
Serotonin Vintage was established in 2016 on London’s Brick Lane. They have vintage designer clothes and accessories that are popular with customers. This business believes their vibes match “Sid and Nancy meeting Cher Horowitz”.

Why Serotonin Vintage Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘serotonin’ refers to the biological function in our brains that generates happiness. This would make people think about the feeling they might get when walking into this vintage store. Combining this with ‘vintage’ directly tells customers that it’s ‘the place to be’.

Crystal Palace Antiques

How Crystal Palace Antiques Got Its Name
Crystal Palace Antiques is located in a Victorian warehouse that has four floors. They specialize in vintage furniture, lighting objects from Georgian and Victorian times. This business has “prices to suit every pocket and pieces to suit every vision”.

Why Crystal Palace Antiques Is A Catchy Business Name
‘Crystal Palace’ has positive connotations that clearly state how divine the Victorian warehouse is. People often associate ‘palace’ with a huge building that portrays a sense of royalty. Combining this with ‘antiques’ makes a great vintage business name.

Most Successful Vintage Businesses


How Decades Got Its Name
Cameron Silver founded Decades in 1997 to sell “pre-loved vintage, neo-vintage and contemporary designer clothing”. They are located in California and work with top stylists and celebrities. They also want to give new life to luxury clothing items and accessories.

Why Decades Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘decades’ refers to the clothing that existed every ten years. This tells customers what to expect in the vintage business. Using a one-word business name is also memorable for customers and has a catchy vibe to it.

Time’s Up Vintage

How Time’s Up Vintage Got Its Name
Jesper Richardy created Time’s Up Vintage to transform the boutique “with different finds from all corners of the globe”. They have rare vintage designer pieces and unique finds with a focus on “quality, cut and fabric”. Time’s Up Vintage is located in Copenhagen.

Why Time’s Up Vintage Is A Catchy Business Name
Adding ‘time’ to the business name already tells customers this may be related to original or vintage antiques. ‘Time’s Up’ is almost a common phrase that people would recognise if they saw it. Using familiar words will often resonate with customers.

Stella’s Vintage Finds

How Stella’s Vintage Finds Got Its Name
Jean Doxtater founded this business in 2014 to showcase her passion for “finding, recruiting and selling vintage”. She works in a warehouse on Grand Island and has successful ebay stores. Some of her vintage items are collectables and furniture.

Why Stella’s Vintage Finds Is A Catchy Business Name
‘Stella’ may reference the slang word ‘stellar’, which means something is cool or fancy. Combining that with ‘vintage finds’ suggests these antiques are interesting and would catch the attention of customers. Slang words are a good way of modernizing a business name.

3 Effective Tips For Creating Your Vintage Business Name

Many people plan their business name in different ways. For example, someone might prefer to work on computers and another person could document the naming process on physical documents. You should choose a planning structure that best fits your style. Planning is also good for documenting creative ideas that might help you create new business names in the future. Just make sure to get your planning gear ready before you begin! 

Learning some of our tips will help you create the perfect name for your vintage business. You can use the vintage business name generator when following our guide. The most important thing to remember for this process is to just have fun and explore new, engaging concepts.

Tip One: Research And Visit Successful Vintage Businesses

Researching vintage businesses should give you a better understanding of their success. You can evaluate the names and note down ideas that inspire you. This research is all about studying the businesses and how they represent their services through the name. For example, ‘Retro Kingdom’ clearly suggests what this business is all about. If you like the word ‘retro’, consider using it for your own business name. Remember – the internet is your best friend!

Going to see these places in person might also give you further inspiration. This isn’t a necessary step, but it’s especially helpful for understanding their vibes. Is the nature of their store represented in the name? Does the name highlight the type of vintage products they sell? Answering these questions should help you study their name on a deeper level. 

Tip Two: Understand Your Target Audience And Selling Point

A target audience is a group of people who are most likely to buy your products. These people might have a passion for vintage products or prefer browsing in person. Understanding your target audience is important for creating a name. For example, if your target audience is older adults, you might use a name that includes slang words from the 80s or 90s. Some good name examples are ‘Stellar Goodies’. Just research some slang words from that generation! 

A unique selling point is an aspect of your business that makes you different from competitors. Why would people buy your vintage products? How do you provide unique services? Take the time to think about your unique selling point before deciding on a name. For example, if you sell cheaper vintage clothing, you might have a name like ‘Retro Bargains’. You can think of relevant root words and pop those into the vintage business name generator. 

Tip Three: Use Literary Techniques In Your Business Name

Literary devices are important for strengthening your business name. Some literary devices are half-rhymes, full rhymes, alliteration, metaphors and imagery. You can use these to enhance words or create lyrically pleasing sounds that will attract customers. For example, if you wanted to have a metaphorical name, you might use something like ‘Vintage Tigers’ or ‘Retro Memories’. Consider researching businesses that use literary techniques in their name.


Overall, you should create a name that describes the vintage products you sell. Customers will feel intrigued by your vintage items if they understand how unique they are. You can make the name sound exciting by using literary devices (like alliteration or rhymes) to enhance the words. Just use the vintage business name generator to find original and fun business names! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to grow your audience if you want to have a successful vintage business. Consider finding vintage social media pages and reaching out to them for support. Maybe ask them questions about reaching relevant audiences or creating your own vintage website.

Using the root words ‘retro’, ‘vintage’, ‘old’ and ‘origins’ will help you create a good vintage business name. Some examples of these names are ‘Vintage Palace’, ‘Retro Finds’ and ‘Lovely Origins’. You can find these names on the vintage business name generator.

There are only a few steps you need to take in the naming process. Just think of words associated with ‘vintage’ and pop those into the vintage business name generator. Then search through the pages to find names that are suitable for your business.
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