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The Best Waffle Shop Brand Names and Name Ideas for Waffle Shops

Waffles are one of the world’s favorite treats. It doesn’t matter whether you’re enjoying them with syrup, fresh fruits, or even bacon, the best waffles are always rich and delicious! If you’ve got a passion for waffles, you may want to share it with the world by opening up your own waffle shop.

Getting into the waffle business isn’t a bad idea, as demand levels are high for waffles and they’re always popular, wherever you go. However, in order to succeed in this industry, you’ll need a catchy and engaging name that makes people want to try the waffles you provide.

We’re here to help in your search for the best waffle shop business names. In this article, we’ll look at some waffle shop business name ideas of our own, explore methods you can use to make waffle shop business name ideas for your company, and analyze real-world waffle shop business names, too.

Plus, we’ll introduce you to our very own waffle shop business name generator! With the BizNameWiz waffle shop business name generator, you can create countless waffle shop business names in the blink of an eye.

15 Delicious Waffle Shop Business Name Ideas

One of the best ways to bring people into your waffle shop is to make them hungry, so a delicious-sounding name is a super option to choose. Let’s take a look at some waffle shop business name ideas that include food-related words associated with flavor, taste, and fun food experiences.

  1. The Sugarload
  2. Syrup Kings
  3. Sweet & Savory 
  4. Waffle Heaven 
  5. The Sugar Factory 
  6. Oodles of Syrup
  7. The Syrup Bath 
  8. Toppings R Us
  9. Bacon Glaze 
  10. The Best Batter
  11. Yum Town Waffles 
  12. Oh My Waffles 
  13. What a Waffle 
  14. Fruited Waffles 
  15. The Tasty Waffle Co. 

Tips for Creating Delicious Waffle Shop Business Name Ideas

If you want your waffle shop name to be associated with tasty treats and pleasant eating experiences, it’s wise to include words like tasty, yummy, sweet, and delicious. You may also want to mention popular ingredients or waffle toppings, like syrup, bacon, eggs, fruit, and sugar.

15 Short and Catchy Waffle Shop Business Names

A lot of the best waffle shop business names in the real world are short, sweet, and easy to remember. Think about brands like Waffle House or IHOP, for example. These names are specifically made to be short so that people can remember them easily and build up brand awareness by talking about them to their friends and families. With that in mind, here are a few waffle shop business name ideas that are concise and catchy.

  1. Just Waffles   
  2. Waffle Queen   
  3. Waffle World  
  4. Waffle Palace   
  5. Hot Waffles  
  6. Waffles Worldwide  
  7. Syrup Splash  
  8. UpWaffle  
  9. WaffShop  
  10. Waffle Shack  
  11. Butter Boys  
  12. Syrup Sisters  
  13. Wafflee & Coffee 
  14. Waffle-icious
  15. Mega Waffle 

Tips for Creating Short and Catchy Waffle Shop Business Names   

To make a short and impactful waffle shop name, try to avoid using more than two words and try to blend words together, if you can. It’s best to avoid using conjunctions or unnecessary extra words like “and” and “the”, but you can add a symbol like “&” if you need to.

15 Super Waffle Shop Business Name Ideas for Waffle Trucks

Another kind of waffle shop business you might like to create is a waffle truck. Trucks offer an affordable way for entrepreneurs on limited budgets to break into the waffle world and share their waffle recipes with lots of people in different locations. Here are some super ideas for waffle truck names.

  1. Waffles on Wheels
  2. Wheelz Waffles
  3. Waffle Riders 
  4. The Syrup Truck 
  5. Waffles in Motion 
  6. The Batter Mobile
  7. Waffles While You Work 
  8. Truck O’ Toppings 
  9. Waffle Road 
  10. Anytime Waffles 
  11. Rapid Waffles 
  12. Waffle Delivery 
  13. Wonder Waffles 
  14. Big Wheel Batter  
  15. The Waffle Wagon

Tips for Creating Super Waffle Shop Business Name Ideas for Waffle Trucks

If your business is based in a truck, you may want to highlight this fact by using words and phrases like wheels, on-the-go, in motion, and truck, too. However, remember that your business might evolve in the future and could move into a more fixed location over time, so you need to pick a name that will still be valid and relevant as your business changes and grows.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Want A Waffle
  • Waffle Squaffle
  • Way Out Waffles
  • Wonderful Waffles
  • World Of Waffles
  • Waffle World
  • Waffles Wanted
  • Wayside Waffles
  • The Waffle Shop
  • Waddle Waffles
  • The Waffle Co.
  • Waffle Kitchen
  • Grandma Waffle
  • House of Waffle
  • Tasty Waffle
  • Waffle House
  • Waffle Castle
  • Land of Waffle
  • Waffleldorado
  • Big Waffle
  • MyWaffle
  • WaffleLy
  • Waffler
  • Ben Waffleck
  • Just Eat Waffel
  • Don’t Waffle
  • Go Waffle
  • Waffle office
  • Just Waffles
  • Pass The Syrup
  • Waffle Iron
  • Waffle Me In
  • Waffle Shop
  • Waffling
  • Waffle Street
  • Swert Waffle
  • Honeylike Waffles
  • Waffleresort
  • Sotasty Waffles
  • Sweetwaffles
  • Crunchy Waffles
  • Waffle’S Nest
  • Wafflings
  • Tastiest Waffles
  • Wafflelust

The Best Real-World Waffle Shop Business Names

We’ve looked at some of our own imaginary waffle shop business name ideas, but now let’s take a look at some real waffle shop business names and see what makes them work so well and how they have helped to create some of the biggest waffle brands in the business.

Brown Sugar Kitchen

How Brown Sugar Kitchen Got Its Name

Brown Sugar Kitchen is the name of a waffle shop and breakfast diner based in Oakland, California. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on sweet treats and indulgences.    

Why Brown Sugar Kitchen Is A Great Waffle Shop Business Name

Brown Sugar Kitchen is a really pleasant name to hear and say out loud. It’s evocative, too, making people think of the sweetness of brown sugar and all of the delicious things that can be made with it. This sort of name makes people feel hungry, so it works really well for waffle shops and similar businesses that want to get people through the doors.

Bruges Waffles & Frites

How Bruges Waffles & Frites Got Its Name

Bruges Waffles & Frites is the name of a waffle shop based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The shop was founded by a Belgian man named Pierre Vandamme who wanted to play on his Belgian roots by creating an authentically Belgian name, referring to his place of birth – Bruges – and including the French word for fries, “Frites”.   

Why Bruges Waffles & Frites Is A Great Waffle Shop Business Name

Bruges Waffles & Frites works really well as a waffle shop name because Belgian waffles are known for being some of the best in the world, so as soon as people see the word “Bruges” and notice the French vibe in this name, they will be drawn to it. The name also has a real story behind it, along with a sense of authority and honesty, which are also very appealing qualities.


How Milktooth Got Its Name 

Milktooth is a popular waffle shop and restaurant based in Indianapolis. Founded by Chef Jonathan Brooks, this establishment is known for its creative waffle batter mixes and waffle toppings.      

Why Milktooth Is A Great Waffle Shop Business Name

Milktooth is a really unique and original name for a waffle shop. It makes people think of childhood and all the comforts and carefree enjoyments that go along with it, like sitting down in front of a big plate of tasty waffles. Due to its unique nature, this name really stands out and is easy for people to remember.

Most Successful Waffle Shop Business Names

Waffle House

How Waffle House Got Its Name

Waffle House is one of the biggest waffle shop chains in the United States, with over 2,000 locations nationwide. The brand was founded in 1955 and was simply named to tell people that this is the place to be if you want waffles.  

Why Waffle House Is A Great Waffle Shop Business Name

Waffle House is a really simple waffle shop business name, but it’s become an iconic part of the waffle shop industry, proving that simple names can sometimes be the most effective.

Royal Waffle King

How Royal Waffle King Got Its Name

Royal Waffle King is the name of a popular chain of waffle shop locations that has been around since 1986, with locations in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and North Carolina.    

Why Royal Waffle King Is A Great Waffle Shop Business Name

Just like Waffle House, Royal Waffle King is a relatively simple name, but it’s also a powerful one. Using words like “Royal” and “King” is a great way to show that your business aims to be one of the best around and can offer the highest levels of food and service quality.

Waffle Champion

How Waffle Champion Got Its Name

Waffle Champion is the name of a very popular waffle shop based in Oklahoma. The brand’s name was chosen to suggest that it is the No. 1 name in the area for waffles.    

Why Waffle Champion Is A Great Waffle Shop Business Name

There are lots of waffle shop names that include words like “Champion” or “King” or “Best” in order to show that they’re better than the rest, and Waffle Champion is a successful example of that.

Tips for Creating Your Own Waffle Shop Business Name

Trigger a Sensory Response 

When coming up with waffle shop business name ideas, it’s really important to think about your audience. Try to put yourself in their position and think about how they might react to certain words, phrases, and ideas. Your goal is to make them hungry and to encourage them to step inside your waffle shop, take a seat, and order some of your delicious waffles. Using words that are associated with food, like milk, sugar, syrup, and delicious will work well to trigger that kind of sensory response in your customers.

Make Your Brand Sound Like the Best

There are tons of waffle shops out there nowadays, especially in big city locations. This means that the average person walking down the street can take their pick from a lot of different options whenever they get in the mood for some waffles. So, you need to give them a reason to pick your brand over all the others. One way to do this is to use words that are associated with quality, like best, king, royal, or authentic. Another method you could consider is picking a really unique or even unusual name to stand out, like Milktooth and Brown Sugar Kitchen.

Get a Second Opinion

As stated above, the opinion of customers is really important when it comes to determining how effective your chosen waffle shop name really is. And sometimes, you might think that you’ve found the perfect name, but your customers might have a totally different opinion. That’s why it’s always a good idea to test your name out by contacting some friends and family members and asking them what they think and feel about the name. Their feedback could be really valuable to your business.

Think About Toppings

There are all kinds of toppings we can put on waffles. Some people love them with a simple dusting of sugar, while others like big stacks of fresh berries or even fried chicken and bacon. Names of toppings and ingredients are really effective at making people crave waffles, so you may want to consider mentioning one or two of your favorites in your waffle shop name. Names like Oodles of Syrup and Bacon Glaze, for example, can be really great for getting people into your shop.

Simplify the Process with Our Waffle Shop Business Name Generator 

It can be very boring and time-consuming to sit around and brainstorm waffle shop business name ideas on your own. The waffle shop business name generator from BizNameWiz can make the process much faster and simpler, and it’s able to give you hundreds of waffle shop business names in a matter of seconds, so make sure to use it while thinking of names. To use the waffle shop business name generator, all you have to do is type a word into the box provided and then click on the Generate button.


We hope that this guide has given you some useful tips, techniques, and ideas that will help you find the perfect name for your new waffle shop. Try to focus on picking a name that really makes people want to eat waffles, and remember to use the waffle shop business name generator to generate lots of ideas if you’re struggling to think of any.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the best names that are already being used for waffle shop locations across the US and beyond include Waffle House, Waffle Champion, Milktooth, Brown Sugar Kitchen, and Bruges Waffles & Frites.

The key to naming a waffle shop business is to try and find a name that is catchy, evocative, and appealing to the average passer-by. Try to use words that make people feel hungry, as well as words that tell people why they should choose your business over all the other waffle shops and diners in the area.

Yes, the BizNameWiz Waffle Shop business name generator is completely free for all to use. Give it a try today and see how many amazing names our waffle shop business name generator can make for you.
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